Nov 9, 2015

White Rights Advocate Banned from UK for Speaking the Truth to Jewish Power

via Civil Liberty

The Tory home secretary Theresa May has banned an American nationalist tourist from speaking at a private meeting in the north west of England, following pressure from political opponents.

The Community Security Trust, a Jewish paramilitary organisation, with close links to Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence service, and the security services of the US and the UK, was instrumental in the Home Office's decision and welcomed the announcement to ban American student Matthew Heimbach. The decision to ban Mr Heimbach was also supported by the pro-Labour Hope Not Hate 'anti-racist' campaign group, a close political ally of the CST, which works intimately with the pro-war/Israel first Blairite wing of the Labour party and has received state funding for its work in the past. The deputy director of Hope not Hate is Ruth Smeeth, a vehemently pro-Israel Labour MP, who was outed recently as a CIA intelligence source.

In contrast, Matthew Heimbach, is an active member of the League of the South, a secessionist organisation that advocates the peaceful establishment of independent homelands for both white Europeans and non-whites within America, in order to remedy the increasing racial and religious disorder within the United States itself. The twenty-four year-old American student is also critical of globalism, and the role of Israel in world affairs, and blames Jewish plutocrats, within the United States and Europe, for driving forward the destabilising globalist agenda across the world. He received the letter from the Home Office last week telling him he is banned from the entering the UK after his politically incorrect views were revealed.

The letter, dated October the 30th, 2015, said that: "The Home Secretary has the power to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good or if their exclusion is justified on public policy grounds. Coming to the UK is a privilege and one that we refuse to extend to those who seek to subvert the shared values of our society."

Mark Gardner
Despite her enthusiasm for the exclusion of this American tourist, Theresa May is the hapless Tory Home Secretary responsible for the collapse of Britain's border controls with unprecedented immigration levels, from both within the EU and beyond, including tens of thousands of Muslims, and other migrants, who also struggle with the "shared values of our society." Ironically, she recently made a speech demanding that police forces across England and Wales recruit more non-white officers to reflect the increasing diversity of the country.

Mark Gardner, the CST's director of communication, said: "Heimbach's extremism and antisemitism is clear cut. We thank the Home Office for having heard our concerns and for their decision in this case."

He confirmed: "CST discussed Heimbach with anti-racist groups in Britain and America before alerting the Home Office to his proposed visit here."

Bizarrely, the CST is a registered charity, founded in 1994, by ex-con, Gerald Ronson, a Jewish millionaire who has a conviction for fraud and a long history of involvement with 'anti-racist' groups, including those that advocated violence, who, seemingly, seek to impose their values on anyone who doesn't support the UK's failing multicultural society.

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