Nov 25, 2015

White Student Unions Are Springing-Up Everywhere!

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Dozens of White Student Unions have sprung up for college campuses across America. The mainstream media first breathlessly reported all of them as entirely legitimate student organizations, and now they’ve completely reversed. Now they’re positive that each and every one of them is a hoax by “racist trolls.” We’ve confirmed that at least a few of them are indeed associated with enrolled students at the university who are organizing or who are taking steps to organize.

And even those social media accounts which were set up by people off-campus as a parodic response to increasingly ridiculous aggression and demands from non-White students and #BlackLivesMatter thugs are attracting real support. Even the ones which are created by “racist trolls” are attracting more than just media outrage. They’re serving as lightning rods for enrolled students to express their frustration. Thousands of actual students have shown their interest, and a subset of them greater than zero are sure to use those pages as a first step towards radicalizing and organizing in defense of their rights.

The anti-Whites have pushed and shoved White kids around for so long without pushback that some kind of defensive response from them absolutely boggles them. It must be a mirage! It’s [insert_current_year]! To the extent that the project is the target of imageboard troll lulz, the universities certainly delivered.
While it is unclear who created these pages, students and administrators alike are taking them seriously.
At UC Berkeley, a protest has already been organized in response to the “UC Berkeley White Student Union” page. The event is scheduled for Nov. 30.
“This is clearly an outrage and a direct attack against PoC groups. I am in contact with various student groups including the BSU and BAMN, and we will try to get enough people to get this despicable page off of Facebook,” the protest’s event page states.
Wait. If establishing our identity-oriented group is a direct attack against PoC groups, does that mean all the other groups exist to attack Whites? I know. I know. They’ve developed a hot new rationalization for the double-standard where they explain that “racism” can only exist from races with “privilege,” privilege which can be neither proven, nor disproven, nor quantified, nor defeated. Is it because we’re the group with the most wealth? We’re not. Is it because we’re the group with the most power? We’re not. Is it because we’re the majority? What about universities, cities, regions, and countries where we’re not.

The harder they fight us, the more they confirm the obvious: anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White.

This part’s my favorite…
At the University of Illinois, it acted swiftly to have the “Illini White Student Union” page removed. A report by The Daily Illini quoted campus spokeswoman Robin Kaler as saying: “It is disturbing and cowardly that someone would create an anonymous and senseless social media page specifically designed to intimidate others, including and especially our students.”
Cowardly? Do you realize what happens to people who actually stand up and publicly defend their White identity? Indiana University actively collaborated with and encouraged the antifa radicals who threw bricks through the windows of students’ private homes. University cops refused to investigate easily resolvable and unprovoked attacks on our members. Indiana University’s official newspaper declared that we’re terrorists while colluding with those who were actually relying on terror as a political weapon. It’s a similar story with Matthew Heimbach’s work at Towson University and our other public chapters, as well.

It didn’t work. Some of the students will go public. Some of them will fight back when attacked. Some of them will win. And when they do win, they’ll inspire other White youths who are sick and tired of being bullied, insulted, disrespected, and dispossessed. It’s too late. It’s happening. The Left kept insisting on racializing absolutely everything on campus, with one singular exception; the hearts and minds of the White students. Now the agitators and protestors are getting exactly what they’ve been demanding; an inclusive conversation about race which includes all voices.

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