Nov 12, 2015

White Surviv(irl) or, Auschwitz of the Internet?

via Alternative Right

This is going to be a serious article about The Daily Stormer and much more important related issues. No, really! It is. Of course, any article about what is in fact just a troll site is going to have to struggle to be serious, but I have steeled my heart and girded my loins for that struggle.

First off, let’s deal with my previous article, as it managed to trick most people. It was—in case you hadn't realized—a deferential tribute to the actual style of The Daily Stormer. Imagine my surprise and trollish joy when not only the low-tier supporters of the Stormer, the famous troll army, but the Anglins and the chief Anglin himself reacted with the same kind of buttchappery that they try to inflict on their own targets.

As the Anglins constantly say in every article where they offer an explanation for their methodology:
"In order to get people you need a popular, simple and emotional message."
That is exactly the reason I upped the quota of what can best be called "cheap shots"—referring to Anglin’s appearance in a similar way to the way that the Stormer refers to "Kikes" and "Niggers," using outlandish graphics, and giving emotionally plausible supposition and deduction even more weight than fact. This kind of unaccountable and vituperative style is exactly what The Daily Stormer does on a daily basis.

Keep the message simple.
But in case this sounds like criticism it is not. I am merely being descriptive here and I am not even condemning that style—I greatly enjoyed using it myself in my last article and it has its attractions. It certainly had the desired effect: to troll the trolls.

I believe that various styles of writing are allowable under different circumstances: horses for courses.

My reason for using this style was not to attack Anglin for personal reasons. Whatever 'Anglin' is—a single Stakhanovite semi-White working tireless in a misguided attempt to save the White race or a group of professional trolls paid by a gang of paranoid Jews—he/it has admirable qualities. If the first case is true, then he is clearly a force of nature (or will burn to crisp within the next few weeks through overwork). If the second case is true, it would at least represent a group of people motivated by their own nationalist (or tribal) vision, using an effective troll site to discredit a competing group’s nationalism. Despite his appearance, I can even see how Anglin could even be all-White instead of a North American "Argentina is White" meme.

But on to why I decided to critique The Daily Stormer in its own style. My reasons were fourfold:
  1. The simple enjoyment that a writer gets from playing with styles.
  2. To retaliate for what was clearly an attack on NPI and – less importantly – me. I was referred to in the article, although I did not even attend Richard Spencer’s gays-n-kikes-fest (sorry, enjoying that Stormer style too much!).
  3. To raise awareness of the style in question and how it plays to a certain type of mentality in what is not necessarily a healthy way.
  4. To provoke a wider debate about much more important issues related to this petty controversy.
The last point is, of course, the most important. So, what exactly are these issues? The main one is the disjunction between online/troll reality and actual reality.

In the debate in the article comments thread, Stormer supporters constantly reminded me that the Stormer was "a great success" and that it gets "millions of hits," etc., etc. I was informed that it is much more popular than the rest of the Alt-Right put together, etc., etc. I would not quibble about any of this. My impression is that, yes, the Stormer is rather popular, even though, surprisingly, Anglin only has about 2,000 Twitter followers.

But whatever the actual degree of the Stormer’s popularity, an imortant distinction has to be made between popularity on the internet and effectiveness IRL (IRL is an often-used internet acronym for “In real life”). The question, then, is: How does the supposedly enormous online popularity of the Stormer translate into real world effectiveness?

I see zero evidence of this happening—a major red flag for me. One case I cited in my previous on-line squabble with the Stormer was their online cheerleading for Robert Randsdell’s Kentucky senate run, which, when the votes were counted, produced not even a ripple. To be brutally statistical Randsdell ended up with a grand total of 53 votes, probably all of which he would have gotten anyway (thanks Mum!). So much for the Stormer's populist pull!

Of course, you could beat this site with a similar shaped stick, as we haven't swung any elections yet or created any militias, but let’s keep this focused on the big issue of how White Nationalism in general, which has supposedly flourished on the internet, crosses the all-important barrier from on-line existence to IRL.

I think a good analogy for sites that are popular on the internet but have little real world impact are "porn sites." Luckily, Alternative Right does not have enough hits and donations to be called a "porn site." But any WN site that has millions of unique visitors and, presumably, tens of thousands of dollars in donations has an inescapable duty to break out of its internet ghetto and go IRL.

This is what I see TRS attempting – arranging meet-ups of like-minded people with their "Standard Pool Party" get-togethers and sending their top guys to various speaking events to network, even though they identify  to a large degree as a troll organization. Counter-Currents does this too, with more emphasis on Mr. Johnson’s speaking tours, many of them to Europe, where important connections are forged. Then, of course, there is NPI/Radix with its conferences, and TradYouth with its various street demonstrations and campus infiltration.

These are all small steps and nowhere near big enough to shake the world yet, but they are small IRL steps into real life, and light years ahead of anything that the Stormer is attempting.

TradYouth: Contesting the public
spaces instead of the dank corners.
A key concept to judge internet-based entities that proclaim an interest in the greater world is "organic logic." The internet can provide a place for the "seed" of such an entity to germinate and send out a few "viral" root stalks into the "dankness" of cyberspace, but once it grows beyond a certain size in terms of readership and donations it must somehow "break the surface" into real life.

This is its organic logic, by which it must be deemed worthy of itself or not. If it chooses to identify itself as a purely larpy organization, then it can be judged by a different and much lower standard. But if it proclaims an interest in wider reality, then online growth forces upon it a moral imperative to make the transition to the real world. If it does not, we can then conclude that it is a diseased or sinister entity, frozen in a state of perpetual infancy and neoteny, either by accident or design.

But taking tentative steps into the real world is just one way that internet nationalist sites can avoid the "mass masturbation" of being "porn sites" and actually try to spawn some IRL offspring. The other way is by generating morality, ideology, and insights that have utility for those already active IRL.

One of the weaknesses of The Daily Stormer is that it is defined very much by the American political experience. America, as has been pointed out before on our site, is a country with a comparatively large degree of freedom, but little actual democracy, the exact opposite of Europe.

While Europe lacks America’s relative freedom of expression, it has a greater degree of democracy, with the result that nationalism is in a much healthier condition there than it is in America, although far from what it needs to be to ensure the security of the European race. A healthy, intellectual, and morally rigorous Alt-Right is capable of creating narratives and ideas that can serve these IRL political trends. What The Daily Stormer does, by contrast, has zero or even extremely negative utility in this promising field of political action for our people.

Golden Dawn use this
because it's Greek.
Any European nationalist party that is achieving results has done so by turning its back on what can politely be termed "Nazi bullshit," even those parties like Golden Dawn that partly grew out of anti-leftist street gangs.

Across Europe, various street gangs and hooligans have a long tradition of totemically—not ideologically—using Nazi imagery, because it repels and frightens their opponents.

When elements from this world become more involved politically, there is a consistent trend of them ditching the Nazi paraphernalia, despite the occasional nostalgic twinge of regret. This is because it has an unvaryingly  negative effect on nationalist politics, which is why the Leftist media works overtime to frame nationalism in this way. Those organizations that accept such Leftist framing wither and die, while those that find a way of rejecting it do rather well.

The only reason that many American White nationalists don’t realize this is because there is a near zero level of IRL in North American White Nationalist politics—Randsdell's result is typical. This makes North American WNs susceptible to the rather larpy Nazi NIRL ("Not in Real Life") White Nationalism of sites like The Daily Stormer, although The Daily Stormer is not the only one.

While evincing deceptive signs of vitality in the dank-o-sphere, the kind of White Nationalism you find at the Stormer is categorically unable to flourish IRL. It is a trollish mix of cheap shots, inflexible boilerplate narratives, blindly-followed conspiracy theories, and positions that have zero moral purchase in the real world (e.g. GTKRWN).

Exposed to sunlight, it disintegrates in a hissing cloud of green smoke. The function of this troll culture is to give its readers (often low-IQ and low status types) a cheap, emotional hit—a mental "wank"—and a sense of false power and security. In other words it is to drain them of their manly essence (that porn site analogy again!) and keep them on the farm or down in the basement.

Whatever the Stormer is or thinks it is—a moot and meaningless point to be honest—the truth is that in terms of functionality, it is a means of disempowering and containing its readers in the dank world of the internet—retarding their political emergence into the real world. Its "popularity" can be likened to the crowdedness of a concentration camp. It is effectively an electronic ghetto for people divided within themselves between their anonymous online selves and their timid IRL selves, and thus fatally weakened. It is a rail yard for cattle in the process of being removed from the real world, an Auschwitz of the Internet for White Nationalists.

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