Nov 20, 2015

Why Is It That White Crime Is Hate but Non-White Crime Is Pride?

via EGI Notes

Did you ever notice that when Whites (rarely) commit acts of racial violence against non-Whites, it is roundly denounced as "hate," is presented as evidence of the endless and boundless perfidy of Whites, we are NEVER asked to consider if the Whites had a legitimate complaint or justification for their action, the act is used as justification to increase anti-White oppression and to pass new laws to "fight White supremacism" and "outlaw hate" - BUT - when Negroes or Muslims or other non-Whites commit racial crimes, terrorism, rioting against Whites, then this is presented as evidence of how bad Whites are for provoking the act (by White racism), this is justification for more laws and projects to favor non-Whites and oppress Whites, we are told that we need to understand the reasons for the action, we are told we need to sympathize and empathize with the perpetrators and not the victims, we are told that the major concern is "backlash" against the perpetrators, we are told that we need to reflect on how we need to change White behavior (the root cause!) as to prevent this from happening again.

That Whites are considered morally guilty for alleged crimes committed by Whites centuries ago, crimes that the Whites of today openly denounce; but when non-Whites commit horrific crimes today, and are supported by their co-ethnics today, we are told that we cannot blame the "millions of innocents for the crimes of a few."

That Whites are associated with Whites as a race when Whites are blamed for historical crimes, but never for White historical achievements (which are just from atomized individuals).

That the only race officially discriminated against by law, and which is the only race being subjected to government-sponsored genocidal race-replacement immigration, is also the only race called "privileged."
 That Yahoo is full of anti-White stories from all sorts of far-left sites, many founded and/or edited by Jews.
 That women are so navel-gazing and self-absorbed that Yahoo is full of stories written by women, such as "Why I love my 800 lb. body," or "My message to the woman who looked funny at my distorted retard baby," or "The day I stopped shaving my armpits" or any other of a myriad of inane and insipid stories that get international distribution as part "our" feminized and degenerate "Western" "culture."
 That the democratic globalist multiculturalists always want to "declare war on" and bomb racially different peoples from different civilizations, and yet "White racist haters" instead wish to negotiate with those peoples.

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