Nov 20, 2015

Wrong Response, Wrong Enemy, Wrong Reason

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Remember the time you got tricked into fighting a neighbor because of a malicious third party who hated both you and the person you fought?  That petty and unnecessary squabble isn’t any different than what’s happening in Paris right now.

The scores of dead and wounded from Paris’s Jihadist attacks are going to be put up by the Zionists as the French equivalent of our 9/11.  The French are going to be tricked into starting another war in the Middle East, and it won’t do a thing to solve the real problem of how and why a Paris night club was shot-up by Middle Eastern terrorists.

Billionaire Jew George Soros is on the record saying that international borders are a nuisance and a problem, and I’m going out on a limb here to guess that he’s also one of the major players who is directly financing the human trafficking from the Middle East to Europe.

Every single news story about this bleeding-heart “humanitarian crisis” has only talked about the immivaders’ struggle and what they have to deal with when they arrive in Europe.  Shame on us for refusing to roll out the red carpet to some thousands and thousands of people who inexplicably showed up on our doorstep, right?  Wrong.  The real story here is that the news outlets aren’t telling is how these immivaders showed up on our doorstep.

The major talking points about these people are that they’re educated professionals who are quietly wealthy and are trying to escape persecution in Syria.  Tell me another one.  The last person who tried to hock me that line said that these people were paying something in the neighborhood of $5,000 USD for travel to Europe.  Really?  Where the hell are they getting the money from?  I don’t know any average Joe or Jane in America who could raise $5,000 for anything.  A startling number of Americans don’t even have that much money in savings and I’m supposed to believe that THOUSANDS of Syrian refugees do?

But, we’re getting off topic now.  The point here is that there are many helping hands (conspiring merchant hands? I think so…) between Europe and Syria and there is zero coverage about who these people are and why they’re helping.  We wouldn’t have this immivasion crisis right now if there weren’t many helping hands and that’s our terminal objective.

If France or the USA eagerly jumps into another war in the Middle East it will be the wrong response for the wrong reason against the wrong opponent.  If we fight because our people are being slaughtered by terrorists but not because our leaders purposefully imported them at the Jew’s behest then we cannot adequately solve this problem.  Our struggle at home is to keep the immivaders out, but our war must be against the International Jew and wherever we find him plotting our destruction.

The final outcome of this immivasion and our response to imported terrorists is not for us to start up another ten-year war in the Middle East.  That makes a lot of damn sense, right?  The people who are flooding Europe (and the USA, too) are ostensibly fleeing from war, so what kind of loony-tunes sense does it make to start another war by which we not only create more refugees whom we will undoubtedly have to deal with but also to send our young men to fight against?

Don’t let yourself get caught up too much in the anti-Islam mania.  Yes, we need to strongly reject having these totally alien and foreign people forcefully introduced to our communities, but we must also strongly reject what it is that has brought them here in the first place.  Let’s play a game:  Europa vs Middle East, who wins?  THE JEW WINS.  That’s the point here.  The Jew has brewed up some more violence against Europa and is sitting back laughing when we lash out against everyone except the people who put us in this very predicament.  No, what we need is not more anti-Islam mania, but some more good old-fashioned anti-Semitism.

Starting another war in the Middle East only benefits the Jew.  The International Jew whipped up two of us neighborhood kids into a fighting frenzy because he wants to be the only kid on the street.

When the Middle Eastern terrorist causes violence and war in our communities and whets his appetite for blood it must be dealt with by a harsher measure.  Interfaith vigils, singing Imagine and preaching about tolerance and acceptance does not stop terrorism, it only placates the people from doing what is necessary: rebellion and independent use of martial force for community protection.

The Paris attacks are not our responsibility and neither should we beget another “war for freedumb” because of something that happened after the French imported terrorists.  What were they thinking?  Every person with a modicum of awareness said, “Hey, that’s a snake.  If you try to pick up the snake it will bite you.”  And then French leaders said, “Nonsense!  I have my Multiculti snake oil to protect me!”  And then the whole world witnessed the all too predicable failure of Multiculti snake oil: it doesn’t work and will sooner kill than save you from the one-hundred-and-one obscure ailments it claims to prevent.

We are not allies with the Middle East by faith, blood or other fellowship, and neither should we be.  Europa does have a problem in the Middle East, but it’s not Islam.  The Eternal Jew continues to be the international actor who creates one after another conflict for us to waste our lifeblood.  Christians and Muslims in the Middle East do not need to be our enemy, and while “ally” might be too strong of a word for a mutual understanding, we are fighting the same enemy: Deadly Jewish schemes designed for our mutual destruction.  Let America, Europe and the Middle East fight the deadly Jewish schemes from our own barricades and on our own respective fronts; we do not want or need disruptions from foreigners on our side of the barricade.

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