Dec 24, 2015

A Car Ride Gone Wrong: Was Lakeisha Holloway Targeting White People?

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Summary: If it comes out she was targeting white people in her automobile blitzkrieg in Las Vegas, will journalists telling us "she had turned her life around" applaud her actions?

Plain and simple. 

The media won't release a motive in the "car ride down Las Vegas Boulevard gone wrong" incident that saw Lakeisha Holloway - a homeless black mother - mow down 37 people (killing one). [Police “Uncomfortable” About Revealing Motive of Las Vegas Strip Killer, Prison Planet, 12-21-15]

Instead, we get hilarious, over-the-top journalism (sic) from outlets such as the Las Vegas Sun that detail how hard her life and how much adversity she overcame, almost condoning her "car ride down Las Vegas Boulevard gone wrong" as an attack on the white privilege she was denied in Portland, Oregon. [Woman accused of Las Vegas Strip crash had improved her life, Las Vegas Sun, 12-22-15]:
It was not long ago that the woman accused of crashing her car into pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip seemed to have turned her life around. 
After a rough childhood that included a period of homelessness in high school, Lakeisha Holloway had become an award-winning high school graduate and caring mother. 
Several years ago, Holloway, a graduate of an alternative high school, received an award for overcoming adversity from the nonprofit Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, which helps at-risk youths with education and job training. 
In 2012, she told The Skanner, a newspaper that covers Portland's African-American community, that she was homeless during her freshman year in high school. 
Court records show she was charged in Oregon in 2011 with operating a vehicle without driving privileges and driving uninsured. She was convicted in March 2012. 
Holloway's cousin, Lashay Hardaway, told The Oregonian newspaper that Holloway worked hard to provide for her daughter. 
"She's just always thinking about her daughter or the next thing she needs to take care of," Hardaway said, adding that her cousin was a working mother who "makes good money."
Oh, but it gets better. [Las Vegas hit-run suspect was lauded for turning life around, CNN, 12-22-15]:
Just three years ago, Holloway spoke of how her life was taking a turn for the better. 
"Boy, have I come a long ways," Holloway said in a 2012 video by the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, which helps at-risk youth with education and career training. 
"I was a scared little girl who knew that there was more to life outside of crime, drug addiction, lower income, alcoholism, being undereducated -- all of which I grew up being familiar with." 
Thanks to the nonprofit, she went from homelessness to a job with the federal government and "living the grand life." 
Homeless again 
Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said it's not clear what may have caused Holloway to "snap." 
"We believe that she had some disassociation with the father of her child," the sheriff said, 
He said investigators think Holloway had been in Las Vegas for about a week, homeless and living in her car. 
But a family representative told CNN that Holloway wasn't homeless, had a job and comes from a loving family. The representative declined to comment on what could have prompted the incident. 
The sheriff said police don't know what "caused her to snap and/or whether it was planned previously." 
Holloway told authorities that before the crash, she had been trying to rest or sleep in her car with her daughter, but kept getting run off by security at the places wherever she stopped, according to her arrest report. 
She wound up on the Strip, "a place she did not want to be," the police statement read. Police said she told them she wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Wouldn't it be better if she had turned her car around and not driven off of Las Vegas Boulevard into pedestrians instead of journalists praising her for turning her life around?

So, a careful reading of the Las Vegas Sun and CNN journalism (sic) would lead one to believe the media is working overtime to paint Lakeisha Holloway as the victim, instead of the terrorist she most certainly represents.

Look, if police are "uncomfortable" releasing a motive for this black female's actions in the "car ride down Las Vegas Boulevard gone wrong" incident, it should be simple enough to deduce why Lakeisha decided jump the curb in her automobile and target pedestrians in Sin City: she was targeting white people.

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