Dec 9, 2015

A Study in Contrasts

via Western Spring

So the San Bernadino shootings turn out to be the work of a couple of Moslems who were self-proclaimed jihadists. ISIL too claims that they were on Jihad. Yet it took several days for the U.S. authorities and the liberal dominated media to take them at their word and to agree, hesitantly and reluctantly, that this was an act of terrorism.

Contrast the shooting in a South Carolina church a few months ago by a young white supremacist; there was no trace of hesitation then as the entire media and political establishment rushed to judgment and condemnation. A photograph appeared of the shooter clutching a small Southern Cross flag – one of the flags of the Confederacy – and that was the signal for an all out assault on the cultural and historic heritage of the American South; Confederate flags were removed from state legislatures, court houses and universities throughout the South; statues of Confederate heroes were removed; parks and streets were renamed.

Contrast too the reaction a few years ago to the shooting (fortunately non fatal) of a US Democratic congresswoman. The perpetrator had the Christian name “Jared”. This also happens to be the Christian name of the well known race realist and proprietor of the American Renaissance website, Jared Taylor, so what better evidence was needed that the perpetrator must be a White Supremacist Nazi? Happily the shrieking media lynch mob very quickly ended up with egg on its collective face when it emerged (to be quietly reported with short paragraphs on inside pages) that the shooter was a mentally unstable young man with ties to far LEFT organisations.

Needless to say, this disproportionate reaction is not confined to the United States. I was listening to Radio 5 a day or two after the recent events in Paris when the presenter Adrian Chiles was taking calls from members of the public. One call was from a head teacher who believed, not surprisingly, that education was the answer to extremism but that it was very important not to single out Moslems for condemnation, so in his school the pupils were taught about the EDL as well as ISIL. The EDL? How many people have the EDL killed? How many women have the EDL rounded up and turned into sex slaves? Chiles didn’t see fit to challenge the caller on the evident absurdity of such an equivalence but that, I suspect, is because he didn’t see it as absurd; somehow the EDL has entered the demonology of the Left (of which the BBC is the broadcasting division) not as the rather disorganised, but harmless, protest group which it actually is but rather as if it were the English arm of the Ku Klux Klan.

Hypocrisy is hardly new of course, it is the vice which always accompanies whatever the currently prevailing virtue happens to be, and the currently prevailing virtue is political correctness. But in the end people always see through it and react against it. The surge in support for Donald Trump in the United States is, in part, an explicit reaction by ordinary Whites against the ongoing campaign of dispossession represented by the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the associated destruction of White heritage described above. In continental Europe we see the rise and rise of patriotic movements also in reaction against White dispossession; that dispossession takes a different form in Europe from that which we see in the United States, but it is just as deadly – and the reaction against it every bit as hopeful for our people.

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