Dec 11, 2015

Bob versus #AntiWhite Conspiracy Theorist

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In Bob’s interview with CNN there were some revealing aspects.

The interviewer / #AntiWhite Conspiracy Theorist was desperately trying to make a connection between Bob and a killing that had happened in South Carolina. Bob flipped the tables repeatedly and brought it back to simple reality, showing up the #AntiWhite Conspiracy Theorist (#AWCT) as dubious and silly.

#AWCT: “If this kid, right, believes the same things you believe, that White America is under attack, and he pro-actively decided to go out and do something about that.”

Bob: “That’s the way you think?”

#AWCT: “I’m asking you.”

Bob: “You go shoot up” […/interrupted]

#AWCT: “Of course not; I don’t.”

Bob: “I don’t either; well then why are you asking me?”

#AWCT: “I’m asking you if you think that” […/interrupted]

Bob: “I don’t think walking into a church and shooting people is a good idea. I don’t think it’s that complicated. Is that really a complicated concept for you?”

The anti-White conspiracy theorist tried his best but he couldn’t handle Ol’ Bob.
…And of course Bob repeated our over-arching message:

“As I have said, immigration is only pushed on White countries. Everybody knows that. Not on Japan. Not on Taiwan. And the answer I usually get is ‘DUH’. But the fact is, we all know that.

“When you’re talking about Diversity, you’re ALWAYS talking about White people. Now if any other race were targeted in that way, there’d be some question about it. But you, the press, or whoever, they act like they’ve never heard of this before.”

#AWCT: “Well I just heard it, from you. So I’ll ask the question again. But you answered the question by talking about Japan and Taiwan. I’m asking you again. Do you feel the White race in the United States, to be more specific, is under attack?”

Bob: “The idea is to get rid of us. Yeah, that’s called genocide.”

…Bob’s points were so obvious and general that there was no getting around them.
Now if you observe carefully what Bob says here too:

“The reason we’re driving them NUTS: Our motto is: We’re not going to talk about any specifics until you stop acting like a MOB. The whole media, the SPLC, the whole crowd. They start shrieking like Orwell’s sheep in his Animal Farm. As soon as somebody says something they don’t like, they start screaming ‘Two legs baa-ad, four legs good’. It’s a MOB!

They’re screaming, and they’re out for money and they’re buzzards. They’re waiting for something like this to happen. Then they can start screaming about something, and that raises good money.”

…By repeatedly characterizing the anti-Whites (interviewer included), using metaphors and pointing out their motivations, it was as if the interviewer were being put into a box he couldn’t get out of. The framework for this box was built by Bob from various angles, almost always sticking to general things everybody knows, and repeatedly reinforcing it with phrases to cement it:

“everybody knows”; “you know”; “we ALL know what you’re talking about and you do too”; “you know it very well”; “everybody knows that”; “the fact is, we all know that”; “you know damn well”; “you know it very well”; “we all know”.

Bob used at least ten such cementing phrases.

The interviewer couldn’t handle it. What Bob said was undeniable and it was being reinforced.

He knew it, Bob knew it, and everybody else knew it too.

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