Dec 7, 2015

Breeding More, …or Breeding Up?

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We’ve been hearing it for some time now, especially in the Traditionalist/Alt-Right circles: “Whites gotta have more babies!”

Of course, many of these same people who are shouting this from the hilltops rarely, if ever, have a clear-cut plan as to how we construct a framework around this fundamental idea that is so critical to our goal of restoring Tradition. And that is the main goal – to restore and maintain our traditional ways of life. And, yes, a primary focus on having more children must absolutely be firmly established.

But, at the risk of sounding too snarky, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that many of those people clamouring for this aren’t really doing their part, or have little realistic plans of doing it. What we’re hearing is a lot of emotional rhetoric, but little or no action behind it.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard of quite a few cases of people on our side of the fence who seem to be under the impression that merely spreading their seed is top priority. That is all good and well, but a specific set of values go must go hand-in-hand with that, for without a strong emphasis and ardent support for white, heterosexual marriage coupled with primary spiritual/religious loyalties solidifying that sacred institution, we will essentially be choosing quantity over quality, and, on some level, that isn’t too far from what many poor whites with families are already doing in some places. The end result is the culture of degeneracy we find ourselves in ends up raising the children more than the parents.

We hear all too often from couples who may flirt with the idea or who make excuses as to why either the time just isn’t right for them. And then there are the overly idealistic ‘volkish warrior’ single males who, if they can’t have their idealised Ostara magazine version of the perfect “Aryan” princess to breed with, they won’t have them at all. This actually reminds me somewhat of a conversation I had with a friend about Evola, who was, to my chagrin, of a similar opinion. Evola had many criticisms of NSDAP era Germany’s Lebensborn program, which he thought was alien to Tradition.

Of course, Evola never had children of his own, and, at the risk of oversimplifying his sentiments, once said that there was no point in ever having them if he couldn’t bring them up to be wholly “Roman”. His cynicism about the future of the Italian Social Republic probably had a lot to do with that. Nevertheless, I see such attitudes as weak, notwithstanding the high regard in which I hold Evola and his ideas. Indeed, we mustn’t choose quantity over quality, but, at the same time, we don’t really have all the time in the world right now, do we? In regards to our situation here in America, we all know the official 63% white thing is actually much lower since, according to this regime, that includes Hispanics and North Africans (most of whom aren’t racially or politically White).

In spite of this, the reality of breeding more and breeding up can never fully manifest properly and healthily unless we solidify that with strong traditional morals backed by spiritual/religious primary loyalties. In addition, it is also crucial that we encourage this with incentive for young married couples to have children. With so many rootless whites today feeling the deck stacked against them, it is no wonder the will to start families is so weakened.

Actions such as abolishing No-fault divorce that make divorces so bleeding easy is one thing we must strive for. We must accept that there are supreme advantages to a system centred around Tradition which establish firm barriers to divorce. Children need a father and a mother, period.

In addition to creating tax incentives for working fathers, which is listed in the Party Platform, fathers must be paid a family wage so that they can support their families while mothers receive incentive to tend to the children within the home.

These are but a few of the goals we must strive to achieve if we are to increase our birth rates. This cannot be accomplished without a solid, moral emphasis on faith and the traditional family unit.

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