Dec 16, 2015

Establishment Media Ignore Genocide of Whites

via American Free Press

During an October 20 interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS, activist Karin Smith described a harsh reality for whites who still call South Africa home. Smith, a South African expat currently residing in Texas, offered a warning: “If changes don’t occur in South Africa, at some point there will no longer be whites in that country. They have no future. If whites don’t die of mass disease in squatter camps, they’ll be annihilated by blacks.”

Smith added: “Of South Africa’s 3.5 million whites, 1 million of them are reduced to living in squatter camps, some of which were built atop garbage dumps. These homes, if they can be called that, are without floors, roofs, or ventilation. Often, three families are forced to use a single porta-potty.”

Smith provided an example of the atrocities being committed by South Africa’s black African National Congress (ANC) government, horrors that mirror what the Israeli government has long since done to Palestinians.

“When whites at a camp called Coronation Park tried to improve their lot by growing crops and planting gardens,” Ms. Smith began, “the ANC sent in bulldozers to destroy their residences. These people were completely dispossessed, with no jobs, homes, vehicles, or schooling for their children. Right now, over 300,000 white children in South Africa receive no education. These same people have also had their guns confiscated by the police, who then in turn sell them to black criminals.”

Smith finds this lawlessness infuriating and unnecessary.

“Over the past 21 years since apartheid ended and the ANC government took over, 70,000 whites have been murdered or raped by blacks, in addition to 4,000 white farmers being slaughtered,” she said. “Typically, blacks will break into a white home and wait for them to return. When the married couple arrives, blacks will forcibly tie up the husband. When he’s no longer able to protect his family, blacks will rape and torture his wife and children. They’ll then murder either the husband or wife while making the other spouse watch. Later, black police officers file reports stating that the white man or woman ‘died of natural causes.’ ”

Smith provided more details on police complicity: “In Johannesburg, 20 blacks recently attacked a white couple and raped the woman. Police referred to this brutality as a ‘normal crime.’ On another occasion, blacks raped two wives in front of their husbands before drowning the men in a lake. It happens every single day. Tens of thousands of rapes happen every month in South Africa, and less than 50% of them are reported.”

And if this is not disturbing enough, blacks are now intentionally infecting people with deadly diseases.

“AIDS is hugely prevalent in South Africa,” she said. “Blacks mistakenly believe that a ‘cure’ for this disease can be obtained by having sex with a virgin. So, that means they have intercourse with white babies in order to allegedly get rid of their AIDS. If white victims survive being raped, they’re still condemned to a life with AIDS. What’s even worse is that all the millions of dollars from AIDS charities coming into South Africa never make it to hospitals. Instead, it’s embezzled by the government. Media outlets censor all the stories related to this subject, whereas annual South African police reports are a total lie.”

London’s Telegraph newspaper has reported on these horrible cases, noting that as many as 400,000 children are raped by blacks in South Africa annually.

When asked why whites don’t relocate out of South Africa, Smith replied: “Last November, Refugee Watch reported that 320 black Africans were given refugee status in the U.S. However, the ANC government won’t issue exit visas to whites that want to flee this overt discrimination. They’re prohibited from leaving.”

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama, whose administration seems to take great pride in its open-door police for every non-white illegal alien across the planet, denies any help to South African whites.

Smith offered this rationale: “Obama attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral and celebrated this communist criminal who was responsible for hundreds of deaths. At his 1963 trial, Mandela pleaded guilty to 156 counts of murder, yet Obama praised Mandela to the sky. Do you think Obama cares one bit about the terrible crimes being committed against whites by racist blacks?”

Neither has Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted a single finger to help South African whites. According to Ms. Smith: “Putin just signed a deal with the South Africans to build four nuclear power plants in that country. Putin was photographed shaking hands with ANC President Jacob Zuma after this nuclear deal. Zuma is the same man who sings in Parliament, ‘Bring me my machine gun to kill the Boers [whites]. It’s an incitement to murder white people.”

As for the Russian leader’s refusal to assist white South Africans, Smith reasoned: “Putin obviously doesn’t have his head in the sand about atrocities being committed against whites. Russia and China have formed an alliance to capitalize on South Africa’s minerals and wealth. They want U.S. companies like IBM, Ford, and GM, plus Germany’s VW, to pull out so that they can move in. There’s a financial element behind Putin’s silence, especially since South Africa has been accepted into their BRICS coalition.””

The decision to construct four Russian-owned nuclear power plants in South Africa is also particularly frightening, according to Ms. Smith.

“The black-controlled ANC government can’t even keep electricity and water running in their country,” she said. “Areas will go for two entire days without power. That means businesses, supermarkets, and even household refrigerators fail, while many dams are running dry.”

“Over 120 race-based laws exist in South Africa which state that all businesses must be at least 70% black, Smith continued. “How can the Russians expect to effectively run four nuclear power plants when blacks can’t even maintain their coal-powered plants? To sidestep these laws, the ANC now categorizes all Chinese as ‘blacks.’ Are they also going to label Russians as ‘black’ to let them run their power plants?””

As a final illustration of how far this nation has deteriorated, Smith concluded: “If you took a snapshot of South Africa today, you’d see student riots all over the place, blacks burning tires, overturning cars, and throwing rocks through windows. Because of all the riots, strikes, and their electricity crisis, Standard & Poor’s will soon downgrade South Africa’s bonds to junk status. When households don’t have running water for two days, blacks still blame white apartheid, which ended 21 years ago. What they fail to understand is that during apartheid, whites never outnumbered blacks. These same whites gave each black tribe their own parcel of land as a way of remaining segregated from them. It was an act of self-defense against hordes of blacks that wanted to steal the white’s wealth. What we see now is reverse racism. Whenever whites are victimized, blacks stand around and chant, ‘You’re the minority. Now it’s payback time.’”

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