Dec 15, 2015

German Schoolchildren Are Race-Rioting against Invasion

via TradYouth

The Mirror is reporting an uncomfortable development. An East German middle school erupted in a godawful race riot which sent several children to the hospital. Reportedly, ethnically Germany schoolchildren went berserk without provocation, sending several Middle Eastern schoolgirls to the hospital with serious injuries.
Rioting teenage children attacked and seriously injured refugee classmates invited into their school in Germany.
Police in Leipzig said a mob of German children, aged 13 and 14, attacked the refugees.
They spat on them, threw sticks and stones, punched, kicked and, in one instance, slammed a door shut on a victim’s head.
I’m mindful that we’re only receiving one side of the story. We’re only receiving one side of the story on the incident itself and on the atmosphere at the school leading up to the incident. Witnesses described the incident as Lord of the Flies, the novel we were all assigned in school in which children stranded on an island descend into barbarism, cruelty, and desperation in the absence of adult guidance and civilization. With Merkel at the helm, there’s certainly an absence of adult guidance and civilization.

Germany has been so vigilant against the bogeyman of “neo-Nazism” that they failed to anticipate the crisis erupting in the places most acutely affected by this dereliction of stewardship: the nation’s public schools. The globalists are working to outlaw and suppress nationalist ideals by banning the NPD and imposing totalitarian controls on free expression. They’re operating under the false premise that ethnic conflict is an artificial ideology injected into children rather than an organic and natural phenomenon which will erupt under predictable conditions.

They’re currently on a witch hunt to figure out the politics of the parents, and the state will most likely kidnap their children if they find any evidence of pride in or defense of their German heritage.
At least one of the attackers comes from a neo-Nazi family, it has been reported.
Hopefully a voice will emerge from among the children or their families with the courage to tell the complete story. I’m doubtful, though. The globalists are simply too powerful for these working class children and their parents to defy. The elites’ White Genocide project is transitioning from a cool and gradual administrative displacement phenomenon into a heated and aggressive genocide. Each attempt to fight back, even if it’s by mere children, will be all the more confirmation of the blood libel guilt of the German people and predication for further displacement, replacement, and dispossession.

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