Dec 14, 2015

Is Hanukkah a Racist Holiday?

via Western Spring

If it was a holiday for non-Jewish Whites seeking to jump out of the melting pot and have their own culture and not be assimilated it would be called that.

You be the judge. Substitute Whites for Jews and imagine what anti-White bigots might be saying about it.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes of Syria, a ruler who sought to end conflict among people, tried to make his empire a peaceful place by eradicating differences among the diverse groups in his empire (sound familiar?).

This well-intentioned, or evil, ruler, depending on your point of view, wanted all people to have one religion (his religion) so that there would be no religious disputes. He also wanted all people to have one culture (his) so there would be no cultural disputes, and he wanted all people to be of one race (his) so there would be no racial disputes. His solution was to create a great melting pot (familiar concept, isn’t it?) where various minority peoples–and especially the Jews–would be assimilated into his brave new world.

A few “extremist” Jews (i.e., those who didn’t agree) said “No thanks, we like ourselves just as we are.” These grassroots “extremists,” led by Judah Maccabee, a peasant, resisted blending in, and they were hated and reviled as what we would now call “racists,” “bigots,” “extremists,” “separatists,” supremacists,” etc., and, to coin a term, “judeocentric.”

Not all Jews helped Maccabee. In fact, the elites of Jewish society favored the blending away of the Jews (much as our modern elites favor the blending away of whites) and they helped the tyrant in his attempt at assimilating Jews into non-existence.

The “extremist” Maccabees, weren’t having it and they fought against both the Syrian tyrant and their own Jewish elites. In time, the Maccabees won, and Jews who didn’t assimilate, became the only Jews, and they celebrated their victory over the forces of assimilation with Hanukkah.

So, Hanukkah was about Jews being able to have their own identity and religion as they themselves decided was right for themselves, and it was a struggle against their extinction by assimilation.

There are lessons in Hanukkah for both modern Jews and non-Jews alike.

Isn’t it time, today, for more Maccabean type of thinking? But from non-Jewish awakened Whites, this time?

The evil forces that want to blend all nations, all religions and all races together are working overtime to accomplish this and their primary target is White people and White nations.

If they can flood formerly White nations with enough non-Whites, nature will take over and the White genotype will be absorbed into the non-White genotype and Whites will go extinct. Look around where you live. Isn’t it starting to look less White? It’s not your imagination. You’re seeing genocide in action on a daily basis.

Evil is creeping in on soft feet. It is White extinction that is happening right in front of our eyes with one act of bedroom genocide at a time, and we are being told that “diversity,” “multi-culturalism,” “the rainbow of humanity,” is a good thing and that if we want to remain White, it is a bad thing.

Whites should not buy the lies and they should trust their eyes and their reason and they should struggle to stay White in all ways possible.

One can almost imagine Antiochus singing John Lennon’s song, IMAGINE.

Funny, when you hear Lennon singing this, the blending away of distinct races, nations and religions doesn’t sound evil, does it?

But, it is evil to those of us who believe that distinct races, nations and religions have a right to exist as they choose to exist and to remain separate and have their own self-identification and self-determination without interference from other races, nations and religions.

Fight the genocide and the haters by having many more White children. The more of us, the better for all of us and the greater the chance that we will survive as Whites.

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