Dec 7, 2015

Is "Political Correctness" Now a Religion?: False Pastor Tells White, and Whites Only, to "repent" for Their Racism

via White GeNOcide Project

In Chicago, Pastor Daniel Hill got on a platform in front of a mostly Black crowd, and led them in a “prayer of repentance” on the behalf of his “White brethren“.
During his “prayer” he said:
God, If I may be so bold as a White male to confess on behalf of my White brethren and sisters for the history we have brought to this moment today

…[A] history of holding our people, our color, our kind as the epitome of most valuable and of devaluing so many other people; devaluing so many black lives. And none of us wants to say it out loud, but we show it in the ways that our systems play out every day in our country.
Could Political Correctness actually be a religion?

Think about it:

Social Scientists are like the Priests, because they tell everyone what to do, and they say they will lead us to salvation.

Martin Luther King is the God, and “anti-racist” activists are the angels.

Hitler is the devil, and Nazis are his little minions.

White people are the sinners and “Whiteness” is the sin.

“Diversity” is the path to salvation, and “Mixing the races” (but only in White countries) is Heaven.

One thing we can say for sure, is that their agenda has White Genocide at its core – and they push this “make Whites the minority” ideology with a religious zealousness.

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