Dec 16, 2015

Maxwell's Immigration Demon

via Alternative Right

Do you know about Maxwell's Demon? It's described this way in Wikipedia:
In the philosophy of thermal and statistical physics, Maxwell's demon is a thought experiment created by the physicist James Clerk Maxwell in which he suggested how the Second Law of Thermodynamics could hypothetically be violated. In the thought experiment, a demon controls a small door between two chambers of gas. As individual gas molecules approach the door, the demon quickly opens and shuts the door so that slow molecules pass into one chamber and fast molecules pass into the other chamber. Because faster molecules are hotter, the demon's behavior causes one chamber to warm up as the other cools, thus decreasing entropy and violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics. [link]
And that is of course a fantasy concocted to show how entropy works. But the immigration version of Maxwell's Demon is also a fantasy, but it's accepted as a fact across the political spectrum, from the most (heh!) 'ethical' libertarian to the ditziest liberal to the most narcissistic neocon. Maxwell's Immigration Demon is, however, as much a fantasy as its thermodynamic original.

The idea is that some combination of diligence on the part of the Feds and Ellis Island emotionalism ensures that while many foreigners are a grubby lot who must be bombed constantly to keep them in line, foreigners who cross the magic border are, due to that demon, a wonderful bunch of people, much better, in fact, than Americans, and who should be encouraged to come here and replace said inferior Americans.

Well, the Feds aren't diligent and the border isn't magic, so we have 9/11 and San Bernardino and who knows what else next. And all the Presidential candidates, with the notable exception of Trump and some relatively sensible-sounding vagueness on the subject on the part of Rand Paul, are completely on board with the "bad Muslim there, good Muslim here" principle.

This is of course not what the American people think, just what the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) tells them they should think. And the people respond to the lecturing by putting Trump at the top of the polls.

To set up what comes next, go to Boyd D. Cathey's elaboration on the subject, "A Bull in a China Shop" at The Unz Review. Following that are several comments, the most striking of which is by The Priss Factory, whose website is here.

I reproduce his comment in full here:
Jews playing on American fears to destroy the Middle East and North Africa via the War on Terror, resulting in millions of dead or traumatized lives, is okay.

Jews/homos playing on new cold war paranoia to mess up Ukraine and destroy the Russian economy is also okay. But Trump playing on American fears to tighten immigration on Muslims is eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil. Trump’s fear-mongering kills no one.

It just says Muslims should stay in their own lands.

Jews/homos’ fear-mongering led to foreign policies that destroyed millions of lives in the Middle East and Ukraine. But that is okay.

According to Jews and progs, it’s permissible to stoke American ‘patriotism’ and nationalist hysteria against foreign enemies, esp Russia, Iran, Syria, and China.

“Thou shalt fear-monger against peoples/nations hated by Jews.”

Jews and progs also encourage fear-mongering against white Americans, esp conservatives.

Fear-mongering against domestic enemies(white males) is OK if the fear-mongers are Jews, blacks, homos, feminists, browns, etc. and if the targets are white.


“Thou shalt not fear-monger against domestic groups such as Jews, homos, blacks, and immigrants.” If Muslims are OVER THERE, you can hate them all you want, fear-monger against them, and cheer their destruction, as when Israelis were slaughtering Gazans.

“We stand with Israel.”

But the minute those bad Muslims set foot on US soil, they are good Muslims, and it is ‘Islamophobic’ to suspect them. OVER HERE, they are holy minorities and ‘victims’.

Hey, there’s a ragger ‘over there’. Have white patriots kill him, and stand with Israel.

Hey, there’s a ragger ‘over here’. Give him a hug and protect him from white ‘Islamophobes’.

The wacky thing about American politics is the ‘left’ is allowed to hate the domestic ‘right’, whereas the ‘right’ isn’t allowed to hate the domestic ‘left’ and instead must only hate foreign enemies.

Jews, blacks, and minorities can hate whites, but whites can’t hate Jews, blacks, and minorities. But whites can hate foreigners, at least if Jews hate them too.

Since white rage against domestic enemies is stifled, whites channel their hatred at foreigners. And Jews even encourage this cuz Jews hate Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East too.

But when the hated foreigner suddenly sets foot on US soil, he suddenly becomes a holy immigrant(in a ‘nation of immigrants’), and whites who’d been encouraged to hate foreign Muslims must suddenly love the Muslim who has instantly changed status from foreigner to immigrant.


I'd add here only that there are plenty of politicians who are not any kind of minority completely in synch with this program, and that includes, again, practically all politicians, most especially those currently running for President.

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