Dec 1, 2015

Merkelzilla Attacks

via Western Spring

Angela is asleep in bed having a terrible nightmare, the same one that has visited her repeatedly ever since she was a small girl. Gas chambers, death ovens, Jewish soap, lampshades made of skin, human experimentation, unprecedented evil on earth committed in the name of her country and people by her country and people.

She will always remember that day in school, scalded into her consciousness as permanently as any physical burn could ever be. The stories told by her teacher and the movies she was shown would haunt her forever, but more, they would come to define her life.

Ever since that day Angela Merkel, the present German Chancellor and most powerful person in Europe has known exactly how to determine right from wrong.

Past generations of Germans knew the Christian version of good and evil. God and Jesus, were the ultimate good and the deeds of Jesus’ life were their definitions of virtuous living – charity, mercy, neighbourly love, chastity, restraint, hard work etc. The devil and his demons were the ultimate evil – corrupters, tricksters, sexual deviants, sloths and murderers.

These definitions have been challenged since the enlightenment and especially so by 20th Century science and atheism. What was left was a vacuum in which there was no concrete definition of good or evil – ‘it’s all relative’ … ‘kinda just your opinion, man’.

But vacuums tend to be filled and what filled this vacuum was a new narrative of good and evil, one based on the cataclysmic events of WWII. The devil and his demons were re-imagined as Hitler and his SS – their deeds were the definitions of new evil.

In the second half of the 20th Century, Hollywood has brought these ideas alive in countless movies where Nazi prison camps are portrayed as more ghastly than the descriptions given of hell by even the fieriest, most ‘fire and brimstone’ of Presbyterian ministers, and the men of the SS as more inhuman, lustful and savage than the demons of a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

As one of a great many people emotionally overwhelmed with such powerful propaganda, Angela Merkel has set out, with an angelic zeal, to be a good person and to do good in the world. There is however one slight problem, Angela’s conditioned perceptions of good and evil are a travesty of the truth and her responses Pavlovian in nature.

So what is Angela’s new good?

To Angela, the Nazis were the epitome of evil, and their total opposite therefore, must be the epitome of good. Thus, she has defined the new good, in which virtue is to be found in the opposite of all things Nazi:
    • Where Hitler once praised the German people and gloried in them, Angel Merkel now berates them and accuses them of evil
    • Where Hitler once sought to put his own people first, Angela now puts them last
    • Where Hitler once wanted a more German world, Angela now wants a world in which Germany does not exist at all
    • Where Hitler once pledged to regain the lands lost to his people in World War One, Angela now invites the entire third world to occupy German soil
    • Where Nazis saw themselves as a master race of superior mortals, Angela sees the German people as servants who must cow-tow to the foreigner; to coddle and pet them like bunnies

Godzilla was a monster conjured in the minds of the Japanese, to represent the nuclear bombs that ripped two of their great cities apart in 1945, but now we Europeans must wrestle with a new monster: Merkelzilla, a manifestation of pathologically insane ‘liberalism’ which is ripping our cities apart.

Angela Merkel is perhaps the most extreme such manifestation, but similar monstrosities already abound, spreading their destruction in every town and city of every European country.

Surely the name Angela Merkel will be remembered down aeons of history as one of the greatest traitors of all time. Like the corrupt Ephialtes who led the Persian army through a secret back door into Greece thereby betraying their Spartan compatriots.

The good news is that we Europeans have a tradition of slaying monsters and is seems like the German people are preparing themselves for battle.

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