Dec 3, 2015

One Group of Black Friends in New Orleans Produced Multiple Mass Shooters

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Suspect in Bunny Friend Massacre...
17 charges of attempted murder
Did you ever wonder what the European/Australian tourists and white Americans encountered when they sought refuge in the Superdome during and after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans? 

The grim reality of the black underclass (byproducts of a scientific experiment - conjured up by egalitarians dedicated to overthrowing civilization just to prove race doesn't exist - gone horribly wrong), subsisting merely on redistributed white tax dollars.

A scientific experiment is the wrong term... it's a holy quest for egalitarians, who have put their faith in a belief nature can be nurtured, damn the economic and moral consequences. 

But this story, out of the Upper  9th Ward in New Orleans, is the reality of what redistributed white tax dollars have gone to nurture, as the true nature of Africans in America always shines brightest when no one dares look. 

Black people opened fire on other black people in Bunny Friend Park, resulting in 17 people shot (up to 70 bullet casings were found, meaning a respectable 24 percent hit ratio was compiled) and yet because of the blacks steadfast 'no snitching' policy, only one lone suspect has been caught: a habitual black criminal continually given light-sentences by judges seemingly dedicated to the egalitarian mythos undermining whatever is left of white civilization on this continent. [Bunny Friend Park shooting suspect arrested on word of single witness, documents show,, 11-3-15]:

Joseph "Moe" Allen, the first suspect named in connection with the mass shooting that wounded 17 people at Bunny Friend Park, was arrested on the word of a single eyewitness, according to court documents obtained Monday (Nov. 30). 
Not making this up... his younger brothers, who have both plead guilty for their role in 2013 mass shooting during a Mother's Day Parade
Allen, 32, was arrested Saturday and booked with 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder. New Orleans police said Allen was the first of several suspected gunmen identified from two rival gangs who opened fire on each other despite hundreds of people gathered in the park around 6:15 p.m. on Nov. 22. 
Authorities said the large crowd had gathered for an unauthorized music video shoot in the park in the 1900 block of Gallier Street. 
An arrest warrant affidavit sworn by NOPD Detective Chad Cockerham offered few new details about New Orleans' biggest mass shooting since the Mother's Day parade attack in 2013. But it illustrates the slim level of cooperation police investigators initially were receiving from eyewitnesses in the Upper 9th Ward park. Though a crowd of at least 300 people was believed to be present, Allen's arrest was pinned in the documents to a lone witness who came forward. 
Allen had no bond set for a fugitive warrant out of Texas on an unrelated matter. The documents show that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice issued a fugitive attachment for Allen on Nov. 25 for an unspecified parole violation, and that Texas would seek to extradite Allen. 
The suspect's mother Deborah Allen told | The Times-Picayune on Sunday night that NOPD investigators had the wrong man. Her son, she insisted, was not in Louisiana at the time of the park shooting. 
"My son was in Texas, not New Orleans," she said. "You can't be in two places at the same time." 
Allen's arrest documents list two home addresses, one in the 5800 block of Tullis Drive in Algiers, the other in Houston. 
NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison initially said the shootings appeared to be gang-related and involved two groups of people firing on each other. The court documents describe NOPD officers arriving to the park "met with chaos and panic of citizens running in numerous directions across the park as well (as) throughout the surrounding streets. 
"Detective Cockerham observed citizens jumping into vehicles and accelerating their vehicles to the point where the tires of the vehicles were spinning and screeching as the vehicles left the area. ... (Cockerham) observed victims scattered across the north side of the park, lying on the ground suffering from gunshot wounds." 
Court records show that in 2002, Allen was a co-defendant in a heroin and cocaine possession case with Travis Scott, the purported leader of the Frenchmen and Derbigny gang known as FnD. 
Scott pleaded guilty last month to federal racketeering and narcotics charges. 
His brothers, Akein "Keemy" Scott and Shawn "Shizzle" Scott, entered their own guilty pleas as the gunmen in another of the city's bloodiest mass shootings: the 2013 Mother's Day parade shooting in the 7th Ward. 
Allen's criminal record stretches back more than a decade. He twice was booked with murder, in 2002 and in 2008. In both cases, prosecutors refused the charges, court records show. In early 2003, Allen was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to possessing heroin and cocaine, as well as illegally carrying a weapon. 
Seven years later, Allen was again arrested on heroin and cocaine possession charges. He pleaded guilty to the heroin charge, records show, and was sentenced in early 2012 to eight years in prison. The following year, a judge amended his sentence to recommend that he be eligible "for any and all rehabilitation, educational, and or work release programs."
So two, close-knit families of black people are responsible for two separate mass shootings in New Orleans (Joseph Allen's brothers shot 20 people in the 2013 mass shooting)? 

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. 

And it happened in Bunny Friend Park? 

For those still unconvinced of what life was like for the few white people in the Heart of Darkness Superdome setting in late August/early September 2005, just remember the quality of life black people created in Bunny Friend Park in late November 2015. [New Orleans playground shooting: bloody hats, broken glasses, up to 70 bullet casings left behind,, 11-23-15]:

Standing along the chain-link fence that surrounds Bunny Friend Park, Ryndreaka Gooseberry's eyes scanned over the remnants of last night's carnage: a blood-stained hat; sunglasses with a lens popped out, lip gloss and daiquiri cups. 
"Did you find a purse?" she asked the New Orleans police sergeant pacing back and forth by the park's baseball field Monday morning (Nov. 23). "I had it with me last night." 
Gooseberry, 29, was among hundreds of people who packed the Upper 9th Ward neighborhood park Sunday night for an after-party after the end of the Nine Times Social Aide & Pleasure Club's annual second line. 
Suddenly, she recalled, people scattered and gunfire – too much for her to count – rang out. She fell over someone in her attempt to escape, then sprang to her feet to avoid being trampled in the panic that followed. 
When the shots finally stopped, 17 people were wounded in New Orleans bloodiest mass shooting since gunfire at the 2013 Mother's Day parade left 20 injured. 
"It was just chaos," said Jessica Chisolm, 33, who heard the gunshots and stepped outside from her home next to the park to witness the aftermath. "You couldn't tell who was hurt or who wasn't." 
Literally every egalitarian myth on race was washed away by the waters of Hurricane Katrina, and yet ten years later we see the Frankenstein monster's these white enablers have allowed to proliferate, with one black family responsible for spawning the participants in two mass shootings in New Orleans leaving 37 people wounded.

Worse, in the Bunny Friend Park mass shooting, the black community is hard at work to protect the identities of the other black participants in this mass shooting.

 Now do you get why white people in the Superdome decided to band together? They had to live out the nightmare of the collapse of the egalitarian experiment in real time...

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