Dec 15, 2015

Peter Sutherland – “The Father of Globalization?”

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If ever there was an internationalist tour de force on steroids salivating as he anticipates the total ethnic destruction of Europe and the West to pave the way for the globalists’ wet dream utopia, it is surely Peter Denis Sutherland, a 69 year-old Irish international businessman.

His resumé in serving in a whole host of business and political roles, much of them revolving around globalization, is virtually too vast to list. Only a fairly brief summary can be given.

To begin with, he is credited with being “the father of globalization”. How’s that for starters?

And how predictable that he should be a staunch advocate of liberal immigration policies and mass immigration into the European Union, arguing that opposition to mass immigration and globalisation is “morally indefensible”.

Earlier this year, Sutherland was trotting out the same old wearisome, cliched rhetoric we’ve all heard from other Europe-destroyers about Europe not taking in enough immigrants.

In summary, the man has “white genocide” written all over him.
  • I am absolutely an internationalist”
  • I am a strong believer in European integration as the taming of nationalism,”
  • The European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine any sense of our homogeneity and difference from others”
  • It’s impossible . . . that . . . homogeneity . . . can survive”
  • She [Angela Merkel] has repositioned Germany as a moral leader in Europe.”

Most recent appointments

Sutherland’s most recent appointments of office have been as the United Nations Special Representative for Migration, in addition to the President of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC).

Further still, Sutherland continues to serve as an Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (since 2010), in addition to serving as the honorary President of the European Policy Centre, a Brussels-based independent think tank (since 2012).

Prior to these appointments, Sutherland served as chairman of Goldman Sachs as recently as June 2015, as well as on a committee of the Bilderberg Group until May 2014, and was Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (Europe) between 2001–2010.

Furthermore, between 2006–2009, he served as vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists.

Past appointments

Not only has Sutherland served as EU Commissioner and head of the World Trade Organization (WTO), he has always been serving as a member of this or that board for this or that organization, even serving on three different boards simultaneously during one period.

In addition to this, in early 2010 he finished a 13-year stint as chairman of BP, Europe’s largest oil company.

Sutherland, whatever position he turns up in, seems to exert quite an energetic and aggressive drive in furthering his interests in both his own personal business affairs and his internationalist agenda.

Upon reading through the Wikipedia article on Sutherland regarding the extensive appointments and positions the man has occupied, in addition to the personal associations he has had with numerous international figures, it truly dawns upon one just how extensive and interconnected this whole internationalist web of evil actually is.

And this web of evil wants you all gone, white man and white woman. Make no mistake about it. Your services will soon no longer be required. The “No Vacancies” sign is now staring you right in the face in your very own lands.

Health status

As stated at the outset of this article, Sutherland is getting on in years at 69 years of age. In addition to this, he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2009, undergoing surgery in addition to a post-surgical bout of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
It is quite difficult to ascertain even an approximate prognosis from this limited information. Generally speaking, all three approaches (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) are used in the management of this condition, with chemotherapy being used to prevent subsequent spread of tumour cells (i.e. metastases).

Views on immigration

As stated earlier, Sutherland is a forceful advocate for mass immigration into the EU.

A summary of Sutherland’s opinions on immigration, together with some quotes, are as follows:
  • EU states should relax restrictions on low-skilled migrants
  • Migration is crucial for economic growth, regardless of what indigenous Europeans think
  • EU countries must cooperate on migration policy together rather than formulate their own individual policies
  • Multiculturalism is both inevitable and desirable
  • The ageing / declining native population in Germany and southern EU states was the “key argument” for immigration
  • “Immigration challenge: Europe’s politicians should accept diverse social communities . . . Europe faces an immigration predicament. Mainstream politicians, held hostage by xenophobic parties, adopt anti-immigrant rhetoric to win over a fearful public, while the foreign-born are increasingly marginalized in schools, cities and at the workplace. Yet, despite high unemployment across much of the Continent, too many employers lack the workers they need. Engineers, doctors and nurses are in short supply; so, too, are farmhands and health aides. And Europe can never have enough entrepreneurs, whose ideas drive economies and create jobs”
  • “Last year, during the Arab revolutions, the EU missed a historic opportunity to begin weaving together the two sides of the Mediterranean.”
  • Sutherland stated that opposition to greater globalisation is “morally indefensible”
So, this is what it is like to peer into the mind of a super-hardcore internationalist, the very “father of globalization” himself.

One thing Sutherland did get right, however, is the ageing and declining population of native Europeans in various parts of the EU. This is something we are all aware of, however, but something which still deserves high priority.

The Jew-centric globalization cabal Sutherland is a part of is little more than a mass-extinction event, hurtling through space towards its intended target, without the slightest level of interest or concern about the millennia-worth of cultural, historical and genetic accomplishment that it intends to wipe right off the map of Europe and the West.

This is their unforgivable crime.

The window of opportunity may be shrinking before us, and white genocidalists such as Soros and Sutherland may be determined, but so are we, and we have everything to fight for.

Besides the desire for more and more material wealth and more and more power, these wretched beings can never be satisfied. In the end they own nothing. Just a hole that can never be filled. Just a needle being driven into the same scarred-up vein over and over again. They might wear suits and might have more than enough of life’s trappings, but it’s never enough.

They believe in nothing. They can never be one of us, they can never be a part of our species.

Just a few more years of lingering on before the twilight of life takes back what had always belonged to it. Just like all of us: empty-handed when we enter this life, and empty-handed when we depart from it. Already, these pitiful specimens and many of their ilk have one foot in the grave.
A former colleague of Sutherland supports his political stance, but said if mass immigration goes wrong, the people responsible for it, like Sutherland, can always escape to Switzerland in a gated community for the rich.”
– White Genocide Project
Well, I suppose he always could flee to Switzerland, but I’m sure that if some friendly folks from Eurabia wanted to drop in for a courtesy visit just to make sure that he and his family were settling in alright, they could always find where Switzerland was on the map. The name rings a bell . . .

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