Dec 2, 2015

Sen Leads Charge Down Cul-de-sac

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Today [actually, this past Saturday] the inaugural meeting of a new nationalist organisation will take place. An assortment of discontented nationalists from across the country have been invited to attend what has been billed as a ‘Lancashire Patriots Lunch’, in which the founder members of an organisation calling itself British Renaissance, or BritRen for short, will outline their ideas.

In a way, this event typifies all that is wrong with the wider nationalist movement at present, because the launch of BritRen is an initiative that has not been properly thought through. Its advocates have claimed that the launch of the new organisation is an initiative designed to promote nationalist unity, and yet logically, the very act of creating yet another nationalist organisation, when so many exist already, will simply divide the pool of existing nationalists even further. Where there were once, say, a dozen nationalist groups, all vying for the support of the same pool of nationalists, there will now be thirteen. But this is nothing new, as with monotonous regularity at least one new nationalist organisation seems to appear every year and in most years there are more than one.

In an interview given recently on Radio Aryan, Jack Sen, the self-appointed leader of BritRen, described his proposed new organisation as follows: “I’ve started the British Renaissance, we’re more a think tank, a counter to the Fabian Society, a nationalist think tank, looking to make sure that nationalists stay on course, we radicalize moderates in the patriotic movement and we ensure that Zionist entities do not infiltrate British nationalism.

“So what I’m trying to do is, create an organization that will help candidates who run as independents — run under the BNP — different parties, and just ensure that they stay the course and that they maintain their nationalist roots and not go to the other side and, you know, join the ranks of the EDL and the other Kosher nationalists.”

Sen & Nuttall

“My intention is to really find a way to bring nationalists together, and then see that they do not compromise their beliefs to win elections, so we want to help them at council level, at grass roots level, possibly even at parliamentary level, then run for office within their parties with donations helping them pay for leaflets, helping them on the ground, as long as we can make sure that they stay the right course, and they stay as they are, and I don’t see why we can’t do that.”

In the interview, Sen makes much of how “pathologically naïve” we British people are and he must indeed think we are utterly naïve when he speaks of the need for a new nationalist organisation to ‘police’ the candidates of existing parties, to make sure they “stay the course”, and do not “join the Kosher nationalists”, as if our whole movement is currently blighted by a great flood of nationalist candidates running off to join the EDL!

Furthermore, while for tactical reasons many nationalist candidates do shrink back from directly addressing the issue of the disproportionate Jewish involvement in the promotion of mass immigration, Jack Sen is no exception to this. While his claim to fame is that he allegedly sent thinly veiled anti-Semitic Tweets to Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger, this is not what he told the Liverpool Echo in an interview with them at the time. In an article published on the 3rd May 2015, Sen apparently denied the Tweets were his and he attempted to place the blame on one of his campaign workers. He is quoted as saying: “Although I’m temporarily suspended from UKIP, while the party elite confirm that one of my volunteers – a former Labour supporter – made the Tweet, I am still representing UKIP on the ballot.

“The person who made the Tweet has assured me that she meant no harm and I stand by her right to voice her opinion.”

“When the Tweet was made, I was in fact speaking to Sixth Form Students in Ormskirk at a scheduled event”.

In the Radio Aryan interview, Sen continues: “Right now I think the time is right for nationalists to run for council, and when you run for council, you only talk about two–three thousand constituents in your council. It’s quite easy to reach those two-three thousand people in the space of two-three months with six-seven men on the ground. And if you grab one council, you can grab two, and three, and four councils.”

Sen & BNP

To hear Sen talk, you could almost imagine that he has a wealth of experience of electoral campaigning in this country, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, when in fact he has experience of just one abortive electoral campaign with UKIP. Sen has never stood as a nationalist candidate in the UK and can therefore have little perception of what it is actually like. I am not aware that he has ever been an election agent for a nationalist candidate, nor a polling agent, nor a counting agent and if not, he obviously has no idea of the gaping potential for electoral fraud that the establishment in this country exploits in order to prevent nationalist parties from succeeding with the degree of consistency needed to eventually gain power by the ballot box.

To believe that whole councils are up for the grabbing in the way Sen suggests, is the height of naivety on his part and is insulting to the legions of nationalists who have fought doggedly over decades in an attempt to get elected, only to reap frustration and defeat at the polls.

BritRen intends leading British nationalists back down the electoral route, which most of us have already realised is closed to us. Furthermore, they intend to do so under the leadership of Jack Sen, a man notorious for making allegedly anti-Semitic Tweets, and they expect the nationalist candidates to make openly provocative public statements about organised Jewry, while all the time hoping that our Jewish owned and controlled mass media will not be unduly angered by this and will resist the urge to smear them and deluge them in vitriol.

The claimed raison d’être for his new organisation is both flawed and oxymoronic in that it exacerbates the existing state of division within the nationalist movement, and is intent on leading nationalists once more down the dead end of electoral politics in a way that is utterly stupid.

One definition of madness is to repeatedly do the same thing, while each time expecting a different result, and Jack Sen would have us all going once more through the electoral mill in which we have experienced little more than failure and demoralisation in more than one-hundred years.

British Renaissance are the answer to a problem that doesn’t exist, and they do not offer a credible plan. Their plan is the stuff of fantasy and as such is wholly preposterous and anyone involved in this initiative needs to seriously think again. We nationalists need to devote our time to acquiring the wherewithal necessary for us to seriously challenge for political power however an opportunity presents itself. Our first priority must be to acquire the Six Prerequisites, and while doing so, to organise our activists into tightly knit, militant White communities. We need to move to RevCon 1* through the acquisition of the Six Prerequisites, and once there contrive the circumstances that will deliver power into our hands. This is the way forward and we should not let ourselves be deflected from those aims.

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