Dec 22, 2015

The Beauty of Class Collaboration for the Folk

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Our Message has been meeting with challenge from both sides of the aisle of late, in particular to our brother Matthew Heimbach’s strict condemnations of capitalism. They object to his appeal to the historical musical, thematic, rhetorical, and cultural efforts of our working class Southern forefathers, who were sadly swayed by communists in pursuit of justice during the Great Depression.

Those who object to our criticisms of capitalism equate any criticism of the same with Marxism, ignoring the Third Positionism we have espoused from the beginning. This position is foreign to the American context, in which an anti-capitalist is generally understood to be a pro-Marxist. But it has a long history among European Identitarians. So let’s stand up for a second and say, yes: We are dirty Unionists, from the perspective of die-hard capitalists and libertarians.

Yet our Union support extends not to the Internationale, but to the Solidarity of 1980s Poland, to the candles Catholics around the world lit in my childhood for our Catholic Brothers who were suffering persecution of their faith and denial of the fruits of their labour. We believe, fundamentally, in that truth expressed both by the Austrian Volkisch movement, and by countless popes. It’s the truth expressed by the Distributists, which gave birth to the Credit Union alternative:
“a society is healthiest when the majority of the people are able to save, and a society is not healthy when those who do the work which keeps the society running do not earn enough to feed their families and have some leisure.”
We have been at this point before in this country. We have seen the masses unemployed, and those who were employed unable to pay their rents, taxes, and bills. We have seen bloody struggle for the right to organize.But what is different in this era is something I have touched on before, in my article on the role of the sexes in our struggle: the classes have been divided, the sexes have been divided. Our folk has no unity. We are, in the words of the great British Colonial poet, Rudyard Kipling, “children whose teeth have been set on edge, by bitter bread and wine.”

Our whole lives we have been told not only that we must accept diversity, but that the divisions between rich and poor, between man and woman, are much stronger, much larger, than those which occur naturally and genetically between various peoples. They’re supposedly greater than those between different cultures with different creeds and histories. And worst of all, our unity has been stolen, our spirit of universal brotherhood has been turned into one of Universalist brotherhood, and those of us who want solidarity with our people have forgotten to express solidarity.

This is not by accident. Post-Marx Capitalist apologetics is just as much a form of class warfare and class struggle as Marxism, and they work together to destroy the society. One could even call them “Marxist Capitalism” and “Marxist Communism” respectively. Marxism is a means of establish a Strong Opposition of two Classes, with the result being mutual Destruction. Marx was a Student of Hegel, and he learned from him well. It does not matter if this is Economic, Sexual, or Ethnic Marxism. It does not even matter if it is applied from the oppressor or oppressed end of the equation. The result will always be chaos and the destruction of the social fabric.

It is time that we firmly right this great wrong! We must stand up as Traditionalists for the fundamental truth: Every Woman of our folk is a Daughter of our folk, and by right ought to be a Mother of our race as well! Men, we owe it to ourselves to take a stand against the culture of promiscuity that has been pushed on men and women alike our whole lives and say, “I refuse to participate in this not only through who I choose but through how I act”- yet how much more must all of us, men and women, stand up and say – Rich, Poor, Middle Class – we are all facing Genocide and the Suppression of our Identity and History!

We should push for Tradition, yes – but we must be quick to show compassion to those who admit their past mistakes and are willing to march into the future alongside us. I do not care that a member of my folk, man or woman, does things I do not agree with – I do not have to invite him over for poker, I do not have to ask her out on a date. What I care about is that he or she is my brother or sister of my kind, my neighbour, my kin!

And Women, you must remember that men are more than just potential mates, and support them in struggle, standing beside them, fighting for them and their rights. They are a Son, Husband, Father of one of your Sisters! You must work hard to not judge your fellow woman by her clothes or how many or how few children she has, nor your brother in struggle by how rich or poor his bank account is. Judge them by how rich or poor their heart and spirit are, how determined they are to secure a future for the children you bear!Y

Yesterday was Saint Nicholas day according to the Julian Calendar. How many of you have passed by white homeless and ignored them in the past year?

How many of you have looked down on your brother or sister within our movement, and said “I don’t like him or her” based on differences that boil down to Economic or Social class differences? Maybe it’s his accent, his neighborhood, her clothes, her admitted mistakes. If it is not an ideological divide which places them outside of the camp of Traditionalist action, it should be no divide at all, for this is your extended family.

It is time that we break these chains, and act in charity unto our own kind! We must say “I fight for all of my brothers and sisters, rich or poor, married or unmarried, young or old, it matters not, for the poorest and richest are both my kin, and we all owe it to one another to help each other, show mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and respect to one another! We are all merely digits in one ancient and living body, and we cannot let it die! ”

Let’s make this coming year the year of the Spirit of Charity. Let’s make our slogan, not only “freedom and bread”, but “bread and roses” too. For when we all stand together in unity, we will win.

Happy Saint Nicholas day, God bless and protect you all.

Victory to the European American workers! Victory to the forces of Tradition!

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