Dec 24, 2015

The Destructive Federal Reserve Economy

via The Thinking Housewife

Why can’t most families live on one income anymore? Because the Federal Reserve System is economic plunder. Inflation is a tax. The median house was worth about $58,000 in 1960 in 2000 dollars. It is close to $200,000 now. Inflation of this type is caused by increases in the money supply, not by increased demand and natural growth. No nation in history has taken on fiat currency, which is the creation of money out of nothing, without having its economy destroyed. Credit cards, the overworked family, skyrocketing national debt, a shrinking birth rate cover up the reality.

This video was made in 2011, but it is as relevant today as ever. Pay particular attention close to the end where the discussion turns to the likelihood of a North American currency and then a single global currency, both of which will be part of the scam and the economic rape of private central banking.

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