Dec 2, 2015

The Necessity of Leaving Paleoconservatism Behind

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The paleocon heritage of White identitarians in America is unmistakable and unshakable. While a rapidly emergent generation of Millennials is arriving which is largely divorced from that political tradition, the leadership and money remain firmly planted in 20th Century practices and patterns of thinking. These sorts of things take time, and plenty of prominent figures from a paleocon background are either keeping up with the paradigm shifts or allowing space for them.

The root problem with paleoconservatism lies in a parallax between their motives and their ideologies. They were largely motivated by the same instinctive and visceral forces that we are; faith, family, and folk. Their ideological framework was; however, a mercantile/masonic toolkit. They strove to justify their identitarian objectives in the language and logic of finance, liberty, and equality, ….with mixed results. Eventually, the unprincipled exceptions to the Enlightenment principles get ironed out and you have yourself an enemy of the tribe in the service of global finance, decadent license, and steamrolling egalitarianism.

The devolution of the Ron Paul movement into the Rand Paul sideshow is the most recent and simple example of this phenomenon playing out. It’s ideological cuckoldry and it will keep happening as long as the root of our ideology is intrinsically liberal. We cry out for state’s rights to defend segregation, and they rely on that state sovereignty to spearhead gay marriage. We cry out for smaller government in order to choke off interracial wealth redistribution, and they empty out the prisons and cut out the pensions to shrink the government. We cry out against the police state, so they stop policing minority gang activity.

Heads, liberals win; tails, paleocons lose.

A backlink caught my attention this evening because it concisely demonstrates every single reason to move forward from the paleocon worldview in order to achieve our identitarian and traditionalist goals. The site is Breaking All The Rules. I would argue that the site actually breaks all but one of the rules; the rule against Whites thinking tribally.

To give you an idea, even this conspiracy theorist’s positive review of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion takes pains to refrain from framing matters in tribal terms. It can’t violate Enlightenment principles, after all. We mustn’t think in petty, vulgar, folkish terms, after all. Actually resisting Jews as Jews is something the paleocon can’t ever bring himself to fully do. It’s kind of like the landscape of first-person shooter video games. There’s an invisible boundary that’s outside the scope of the game that you’re simply not allowed to cross.

You can see it. Sartre obviously sees the tribal mechanics undergirding everything going on, but he can’t go there.
Immediate charges of anti-Semitism prove the lack of sincerity and scholarly dishonesty from the gatekeepers of the satanic global New World Order. Even an elementary understanding of historic events and Realpolitik realize that condemning an entire race, religion or ethnic group for the transgressions of evil elements in any tribe is fundamentally ludicrous on face value.
The whole point of (disputed) authorship of the protocols is inverted by Sartre to not only absolve the Jewish people of collective accountability but to posit that they are themselves hapless victims.
Not all globalists are Jewish and certainly not all Jews are Zionists.
Nothing uniquely Jewish going on here, folks. Move along. After all, some gentiles are involved and some Jews are not involved. It’s just a random coalition of sinister people with no patterns of ethnic and tribal identity. As I’ve said before, David Icke’s reptilian space lizard hypothesis is more plausible than this Alex Jones rainbow conspiracy model. After all, I can’t readily disprove the lizard people. I can, however, easily confirm that human beings of very different ethnic and religious identities can’t co-conspire for extended periods of time without tribal rivalries and factionalism boiling over.

Conspiracies do occur, and I often conspire from time to time myself. But the most parsimonious explanation for the pervasively global and intergenerational pattern we observe lies in the work of behavioral psychologist Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique and Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion. That second one is far less popular, but I believe it’s a nice companion to MacDonald’s work, vividly illustrating how the Jewish mythology, folklore, and traditions inculcate Jewish youths with the subversive and resentful behavioral patterns which drive their adult political work.

Yes, all Jews. Judaism’s religious and racial aspects are dimensions of a cohesive and singular tribal phenomenon. The behavioral patterns which are inseparable from their heritage and identity are incompatible with inclusion. Period. If we don’t figure out how to socially and politically exclude them, they’ll continue to corrode and corrupt our society because that’s what they’re inclined to do; subvert and pervert host societies. Some do it in smaller ways, with sarcastic jabs about the local Christmas play. Some do it on a geopolitical scale, with George Soros’ jabs at sovereign regimes. But they’re all jabbing.

Turn down the lights and turn up some Clint Mansell to set the mood for Sartre’s latest Breaking All the Rules post, “Globalist Lockdown is Here to Stay.”
The theater that has become the international political scene is entering its last act. As the actors play out their specific roles and read from the script that was written for them by the mega elites, the general audience in the crowd do not know to clap or hiss the production. All the absurd instances that rip apart the last vestige of civilized culture are ready for the final imposition of the Illuminati system for total control. The few brave souls that remain in the struggle for combating the evil forces of globalism are the prime target for elimination.
Note the hopelessness of this narrative. These “Illuminati” are allegedly all-powerful. The masses are clueless and despicable “sheeple” who are, according to the site’s tagline, “stuck on stupid!” And now the mega-elites are coming for their foremost nemeses, the “few brave souls” who remain paleocon conspiracy theorists. We’re very fortunate that this political model is flawed, as it’s self-admittedly hopeless. Our enemies are not all-powerful, the masses aren’t endlessly stupid (even if they certainly seem so at times!), and the critical mega-trends are all turning in our direction.

Is there any evidence that the global elites are especially interested in his faction? I’m not suggesting that they consider our own faction much of a threat yet, either, mind you. His contention made some sense in the nineties with Janet Reno’s aggressive fixation on militia types, but I subscribe to the major think tank publication mailing lists and the general impression is that they’ve pretty much moved on to more powerful and proximate threats than paleocon radicals.
The stupidity that has taken over the mindsets of the compliant proves that most people do not deserve to be free. Since the willingness to accept despotism is so prevalent, what can stop the imposition of the most repressive oppression that is unfolding before our eyes daily?
The problem with being for classical liberal values is that you’re regularly confronted with the reality of the human condition. Humans need boundaries and rules, and humans organize themselves in hierarchies. Most people aren’t visionaries, leaders, or rebels, and society probably couldn’t function if that were the case. Like their coin-flip corollaries, Marxists, Alex Jones types get angry at humanity itself for not fitting into their ideological model.

Most humans aren’t politically erudite, an alarming problem for believers in democracy. Personally, I think a world where everybody cares and thinks deeply about politics would be infuriating.  Dance instructors have no more obligation to get to the bottom of the globalist agenda than I have an obligation to master the flamenco.
Optimism in a future better for the next generation has been so discredited that only a fool would argue that the proponents of individual liberty are winning.
In a sense, he’s right. Only a fool would argue that the proponents of individual liberty are winning. But that’s no reason to cease being optimistic. It sucks for paleocons, but the socialist and nationalist revolt against international socialism promises a better future for the next generation than the anarcho-tyranny these libertarian types would have delivered. The human experience is integrally tribal, and those who refuse to play the game will lose by default.

Don’t forfeit. Figure out who your tribe is, draw up a flag, and get in the game. People get confused about this. They don’t understand the relationship between objects and ideals, and imagine that they belong to some illusory “freedom” identity or “Christianity” identity or whatever. By all means, pick a tribe with the right ideals. It doesn’t necessarily even have to be mono-racial. I’m partial to my racial heritage and my primordial tribe is indeed defined in part by its European ancestry, but plenty of cohesive tribes are racially diverse.
The vast majority has been so completely indoctrinated into accepting a perverted version of reality that with every new incident of cooked up terror, the default response is to go into a panic mode and demand additional security protection.
A reliable old saw of the conspiracy theorist community is that all of the mass killings and terrorist attacks going on are carefully orchestrated in order to convince people to give up their guns and trust the government more. If there actually is an Illuminati and that is the model they’re working on, perhaps I could be invited to speak at their next Eyes Wide Shut conference to inform them that their target audience reflexively trusts the government to protect them less and clings to their guns all the more the scarier things get on the nightly news.

The world’s a scary place where people periodically blow stuff up and frightening things happen. The only crisis actors are the conspiracy theorists themselves, acting like the crises are all centrally orchestrated rather than the natural product of a human condition. It’s been fraught with conflict and violence from the beginning and will continue to be until the end.

There are indeed conspiratorial things going on. ISIS is working with state actors, including NATO, to some degree. Bin Laden was one of NATO’s proxies during the Cold War. But the whole mess is far more complicated, conflicted, and nuanced than the conspiratorial mindset can tolerate.
Invasion from Middle East and African barbarians, who have no intention to assimilate, adopt or accept Western culture and civilized law, is the height of madness.
Civic nationalism? Check. If only the invaders would don lederhosen and endorse liberty, equality, and fraternity while displacing and replacing Europeans from their ancestral homelands!

Finally, he dismisses our own core message…
Once upon a time, the viewpoint expressed by the Traditionalist Youth Network might be seen as valid.
“Every century has a battle between different worldviews and the battle of the 21st century is globalism versus nationalism. Nationalism and the creation of organic communities that respect the dignity of every person and our Traditions is something we should all we willing to fight for. This struggle is global, for the rights and dignity of every ethnic and cultural group to have a right to self-determination. For us in America, our only hope is to use our political organization to break free from America and her globalist masters.”
Conversely, the very essence of the nation state that is under the control of a globalist power that transcends national borders is the blunt reality that faces the planet. As long as this fact is ignored or denied, the actual behavior of the browbeaten population will never add to a solution.
Like many, he refuses to accept that nationalism can be and typically is an international phenomenon. Concluding that ethnic nationalism can’t interface with the globalist problem because it straddles multiple nations relies on the presumption that the nationalism is parochial nationalism. This is as asinine as insisting that people shouldn’t embrace family values because families only consist of a handful of people. Families add up to communities, communities add up to nations, and traditional nations allied together can take on the world.
The technocratic governance ignores the natural law and is not bound by constitutional restraints.
Muh Constitution.
Globalists are the singular demons in service of the Luciferian evil spirit.
Globalists, Illuminati, Luciferians. For the love of God, can you please take a break from writing polemics until you can clearly and consistently name who the people are who we’re supposed to be rebelling against? Let’s say I did fully follow your line of thinking. We’ve got ourselves a Luciferian cabal of some kind which must be defeated. Who and where are they? How do we defeat them?

Wait. That’s right. You insist that “they” can’t be defeated anyway. Never mind.
Refusal to acknowledge this certainty is the primary reason why Americans are stuck on stupid.
Americans are “stuck on stupid” because they’ve had it beaten into their heads that they must not under any circumstances think racially and tribally. Whites (and only Whites) are told that they must only think in universal political abstractions. A large and growing subset of American are starting to wake up, but you’re still…stuck on stupid.

You’re a smart guy, and you hate neocons and globalists. So you’re cool in my book, Sartre. But you’re still following some of the rules imposed by the mega-elites. You can’t defeat them as long as you can’t name who they are. You can’t defeat them as long as you argue and operate within their anti-tribal and anti-traditional ideologies. Break those rules you’ve imposed on yourself. Ditch all this classical liberalism garbage. Then join us in the simple and direct struggle for our faiths, families, and folks.

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