Dec 7, 2015

The Will to Freakery

via Alternative Right

Eventually the day will come when the people outside the machines will switch off the people inside the machines. When that day comes, those inside the machines will be living in their little self-defined bubbles, with their self-referential morality – mutually supported by their carefully selected in-group of fellow freaks and degenerates, brought together by the power of the internet to give them the illusion of normalcy.

But the people outside the machines will see them for what they are, abominations, who, by gathering together in the blinkered darkness of cyberspace, thought that normalcy was freakish, and their freakery normal.

This is what the Left has become – a support system for cloistered freakery. All that is up is down, all that is in is out; inversion and perversion, and reality denied – because for every freak, pervert, and weirdo, there are always other freaks, perverts, and weirdos, who can be brought together by a click of a mouse to share in the aberration and support it. The great crime of the internet is that it gave such creatures a sense of normalcy, and the Left, in lieu of an actual revolutionary underclass, has embraced all such manifestations as the long-promised revolutionary proletariat.

Only in such a world would “Disney Women in Crossover Same-Sex Relationships Are Totally Adorable” be possible. This is the latest piece of pus dribbling from the psychic wound that is Tumblrista culture, a dank world of selfies, blogs, and social media platforms inhabited by genderfreaks – and the "normies who love them."

Green armpits: may not actually exist IRL.
But these freaks don’t just wish to be left alone. As "Disney Women in Crossover Same-Sex Relationships" reveals, they look out on the mainstream culture with a conquering eye, and reinterpret it to suit their own misshapen psyches.

One is almost forced to admire their “will to power” in twisting Disney into the mangled form that they prefer, where the differences between sexual partners are racial and the similarities gender, rather than the norm where the differences are gender and the similarities racial.

Every one of these “reinterpretations” of Disney princess romance feature two women of a different ethnicity – apparently White-on-White lesbianism is just too straight for these people.

But such distortion can only live and breathe, and exert a gradual, corrupting influence on the wider society, because it is rooted in the dank world of the internet and watered by the inverting tendencies of Leftist morality.

A culture this sick, however, will never be able to slither too far from its diseased portals, and when the day comes – as it inevitably will – the people outside the machines will switch off the people inside the machines, and empty these abominations onto the dry, hard ground like the contents of so many specimen jars from a cabinet of curiosities.

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