Dec 11, 2015

They're Exploiting Your Manufactured Guilt for Their Agenda

via BNP News

BNP Editor's Note: The following letter has been sent into BNP news from a supporter after a relative of his told him that he must show more sympathy towards asylum seekers.

Dear Auntie Sarah,

The reason I am writing this is because I may get angry when discussing such subjects face to face with you because I feel so strongly about them and don't want to get angry when talking with you. This is a response to you saying that "I'm not a caring person any more," and "where is my Christian compassion?

Because I say, no immigrants or refugees should be allowed in the UK because we are full up.

I would like to know where your Christian compassion and caring side has gone for the native British population? Which is now totally divided in many parts of our country.

You used to be so compassionate and such a lovely caring person for other people but it seems to have gone. You have been manipulated into thinking flooding your own country with thousands of Muslim illegal economic migrants (once a refugee leaves a safe country they become an economic migrant) who happen to be nearly all male is a caring thing to do when it is actually the total opposite if you take into account the lives of the ordinary British people.

As you are aware there is a rape epidemic in Western Europe because of Muslim immigration.

Rotherham was just the tip of the iceberg even when speaking of England alone. Muslim culture and traditions do not and don't want to understand ours.
Let's just say only 400 of these Muslim so-called "refugees" were to be housed in your street! They will need a Mosque, everything becomes halal, some of the female residents get raped or even gang raped, some of them are extreme and demand their wives to wear the full face coverings.

Don't you consider the feelings of those poor working class British peoples' feelings who will ultimately have to endure and live with what you think our government should do?

All the housing prices will go down in the area. Working class wages will go down as well. There will be a divide in the community and none of their men or women if there is any women will marry Christian's unless they convert to Islam.

The local church may be converted into a Mosque and many of them will go off to fight against the British Army.

More people who were born in this country join up to fight for Islamic State than for the British Army year on year, this proves that they will never be British because if they were they would join the British Army and not Islamic State.

They may be British in a civic sense but they are not in an ethnic sense and ethnicity is what makes a country and its flag hence they choose to fight against our flag.

We are now a divided society in many parts of our once Great Britain. Think about your Grandchildren's future. How can letting in thousands (millions over the last 10 years) of Africans and Muslims be a caring thing to do? Because there is no end in sight?

Is it caring if you believe in Cultural Marxist ideology and you believe Christianity must be dismantled.

Islam is banned in Japan and it is illegal to import the Koran to Japan. I wonder why?

When I say something is "Marxist" what I really mean is.....politically correct.
There are two kinds of Marxism....economic Marxism and cultural Marxism. The Soviet Union was both cultural Marxism and economic Marxism as one. Everyone and the people behind communism all now know that economic Marxism will never work, i.e., like what we are now seeing in China.

However in the west and the developed world the Marxists have continued the struggle to dominate the world with Cultural Marxism which is commonly known as political correctness.

The main targets of the cultural Marxists of what they want to destroy are Christianity, the family unit (i.e. same sex marriage) the Nation state (flag) Royalty and the strong healthy indigenous heterosexual male (i.e. back of the queue for everything).

This is done to make society and the people weak so as to conquer and rule over it. Cultural Marxism and political correctness are the same thing. Cultural Marxists welcome third world immigration in the disguise of "refugees" because it divides the society of the Nation in order to dominate it.

They exploit peoples' guilt in order to get the support they need to do such destructive acts (destroying the nation).

The main vehicles used to brain wash the population of today with this guilt is main stream TV and news papers.

Jesus was a refugee in his neighbouring nation of Egypt but returned to his homeland like all refugees should do.

The Church of England is completely PC and is being totally exploited regarding this subject. They should now be called the Church of Islam because they know Muslims will outnumber Christian's in the next thirty or so years just on birth rates alone and they still insist we must take in thousands of Muslim so called "refugees" even if it means giving up our Churches for them to live in and worship in.

We have 9000 homeless military veterans on the streets of the UK not including the hundreds of thousands of other British people homeless.

Where are the Church of England and government for those people? It's like a competition for who can be the most welcoming to the refugees driven by the cultural Marxist guilt trip.

The word "racist" which is an impossible concept was invented by Trotsky in the Russian revolution in order to divide society and rule over it. Most of the Church of England clergy are very keen on pushing this impossible concept of stopping "racism" yet when Trotsky and his merry men came across any Priests or Vickers in the Russian revolution they would execute them on the spot when captured.

All TV and media (BBC, SKY) are totally PC and push this guilt trip 24/7/365 in order to destroy a strong society i.e. religion etc.

There is no problem with some individual Muslims but there is with a group of Muslims if you are not a Muslim, as thousands of ethnic English children found out all because of the PC disaster inflicted onto the UK.

It's like something out of the Soviet Union where people were too scared to speak out even though they knew what was happening including high ranking Police officers and high ranking council officials.

At the moment the PC fascists are demanding that children no longer use the term him or her so we can all mould in to one big blob! These people are trying to destroy our society, culture and ethnic identity in order to rule over us.

Where is it all going to end?

Thousands of the non Muslim ethnic prison population are converting to extreme Islam on mass in British jails because they have been given a false British identity and are confused about where their loyalties lie. They haven't been told that they are civic British citizens and that there is a difference between them and ethnic English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh people which one has to be to make someone totally British.

The EU is a Cultural Marxist (PC) unelected dictatorship (fascist) and if it is not stopped it will destroy all nation states, all religion, all democracy, the family unit, the British legal system, individuality etc and even the term male and female.

Money is not more important than these things.

The Christian Syrian refugees can go to Armenia which is a Christian country with a similar ethnic population and is close by to Syria, or can go to Israel.

As you know when I spoke to you on the phone I had wrote this letter before the Paris attacks.

How telling is that, that this has happened just as I was finalising this letter to you. I hope this will finally show you that you are being used and exploited in order to destroy your own country.

Love from

Your nephew


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