Dec 14, 2015

This Malignant Mirage

via Alternative Right

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World-famous author Andy Nowicki generously entertains questions from the pesky, poncy, pablum-puking press concerning the paperback release of his anthology THIS MALIGNANT MIRAGE: TALES OF EROTIC RAGE AND CARNAL MELANCHOLIA (now available from via Hopeless Books).

Subjects discussed include Donald Trump's Muslim problem, angry Muslims, angry Jews, the tactical skill of employing air quotes without thus becoming an insufferable person who deserves to die, the demise of "brick and mortar" bookstores (see "airquotes"), Richard Spencer's pronunciation of "Angela Merkel," Nowicki's unsuccessful efforts to reconcile antisexualism with erotica-writing, Nowicki's unsuccessful efforts to reconcile Catholicism with erotica-writing, Nowicki's unsuccessful writing in general, and Nowicki's impending assassination.

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