Dec 11, 2015

Tomorrow Is Ours

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The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those, who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” – Dante Alighieri

I do hate to jump the gun here, but I do believe we’re starting to see the first chinks in the armor, not only that of this debased empire, but the West as a whole. At the very least, fervent nationalism is seeping more and more into the mainstream consciousness.

And yes, before you even say it, we already know. We know its been said plenty of times with every seemingly perfect wave of authentic nationalism that has come along these last few decades but suffers the same setbacks time and time again.

“Tomorrow is ours”!

Well, this time, it actually might be. And, perhaps something of utmost importance–something I myself have learned this past year–at the risk of sounding overly romantic, I daresay that neutrality proves ever more detrimental to our common struggle. Those who profess dedication but in reality are nothing more than lazy critics who have nothing better to do than to wring out their doom rags over everyone else and undermine their efforts. Such behaviour is typically ignored by those who are actually out doing something. Nevertheless, it has to be said that, this time, we really are on the verge of entering a crucial point here. Let us consider the current atmosphere.

Over the weekend, in Texas, a measure that would have put secession on the ballot for that state passed the twelve-member resolution committee, but ultimately failed when it was submitted to the body of the State Republican Executive Committee. Of course, this isn’t the first time politicos in favor of severing ties have tried to push for the idea. The last time this happened, if my memory serves me right, was in 2012 just days after Obama’s reelection.

Naturally, we all knew it would fail. But that’s not the point. Let us bear in mind the grander picture here. Dwayne Stovall, a 2016 candidate who is seeking election to represent the 36th Congressional District of Texas (…and who staunchly supported the resolution for independence), said that “listening to committee members discuss the resolution was a great example of how little understanding most of us have about the federal system of government on which the U.S. Constitution is based.”

He couldn’t be more right. Few of us do. In fact, I would be so inclined to say that is one of the main things that keeps more milder, libertarian-types from abandoning their faith in the failed experiment that is America, and the reason that so many of them are incapable of pulling themselves out of the dark and seeing the forest for the trees.

But let us take care not to do the same, for, despite that setback in Texas, this is all part of something greater. We just recently had a presidential candidate who stoked outrage of astronomical proportions at a Jewish Republican Coalition forum when he snubbed them off in saying, “I don’t want your money…you want to control your own politician.” Unlike the aforementioned idea of secession, something that would inevitably create a domino effect and thereby break up the republic even more, when was the last time we heard something like THAT coming from a mainstream political voice?

The events taking place would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. But, then again, so too would the idea of someone coming along who couldn’t be and wouldn’t be bought off so easily by international Jewry. Trump’s certainly not where we’re at on the JQ, but he does evidently think for himself. Truly, to see utter snakes like Ari Fleischer and the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt cringe and fork out their tongues in disgust was realms beyond refreshing for anyone of conscious Traditionalist/Rightist thought.

But it isn’t just happening at home. Look around. For the first time, Front National in France is gaining tremendous ground in French regional elections. Islamic community centers are being ransacked, vandalized, and burned to the ground. Russia is leading the way for Tradition, defying the European Human Rights Court and adopting new laws. And just two weeks ago, Polish nationalists took to the streets of Wroclaw and burned Jewish effigies outside city hall in protest at mass immigration. “United Catholic Poland! they shouted. “Down with the EU!”

Take a good, hard look around you. For the first time in a very long this isn’t just happening in one place, or two, or three here and there. We are all in sync. This time, nationalism is truly rising; it is the future, and it is making spectacular feats. Let us not take anything from here on in for granted. And even if some colossal setback comes avalanching down and it proves not to be hour, does that mean our fervor and enthusiasm was in vain?

We may hear the usual potshots and inevitable moaning, but always remember that such cynicism always comes from a weak and selfish place. For whenever great gains are made, however great they may be, never forget that the first and harshest critics almost always come from your own side of the fence. And you don’t have to look very far, either.

Hell, you can even see it on occasion in the comments section here on this very site, and I’m certain this article will bring a few of them out. Cheers, fellas These are the times that from out of the woodwork come crawling the downers, the buzzkills, and the armchair commandos who, much like the Left, do nothing but project their own selfish, individual vision of how it all ought to be onto everyone else actually doing something.

But, again, let’s not lose sight. Ultimately, and especially for us here in North America, our goal is the unity of our people by way of grand division. We want to see this empire crumble brick by brick, wall by wall. Our delight at the aforementioned events is born first and foremost of a collective desire to witness exactly that. It has to come crashing down before we can really begin the process of building something meaningful.

If we are to suppose that we really are on the cusp of hurtling headlong into an era where nationalism will go toe-to-toe with globalism and triumph by way of balkanization of this transcontinental beast, then we must take care to commit ourselves to this noble cause and take full advantage of the lukewarm atmosphere we have found ourselves in. We must take that, make it hotter, and keep it rolling. This demands a collective effort of real dedication. That means no more half-assing from this point onward. If you even remotely care, then, please, do what you can. Do what you can within your own means, of course. But do it all the way.

To our allies, both current and potential, we greatly appreciate you. To our friends, we thank you. To our comrades, we salute you. To our enemies, you are on the losing side of history: we pity you. But to those who remain neutral, in particular, those who well understand but succumb to apathy, those who suffer and yet allow their own demons to get the best of them, languishing in limbo and drowning themselves in every mindless distraction they can find to avoid the sting , we beg you: come out now from Dante’s “hottest place in Hell” and commit yourselves.

Abandon your neutrality. Treat this hour as if it is the final one. Act as if it is this time around, because it might just be. Remember Evola:
“Be radical, have principles, be absolute, be that which the bourgeoisie calls an extremist. Give yourself without counting or calculating, don’t accept what they call ‘the reality of life’ and act in such a way that you won’t be accepted by that kind of ‘life’, never abandon the principle of struggle.”
To you we say, come home. We need you.

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