Dec 1, 2015

Towards a Central European Union?

via Alternative Right

The Slavonic Epic by Alphonse Mucha
In my recent piece arguing that European ethnonationalists ought to think seriously about secession, especially in the face of Germany’s reckless immigration policy, I regret that I was not more explicit about one point: the idea of a Central European Union.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at least understands, and is willing to say so publicly, that Germany’s immigration policy is an existential threat to the European people. The governments of The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland (where the governing center-Right party was recently defeated at the polls by a more Right-wing party) seem to agree. That is a start, but words must be followed by action, and for that to happen, ethnonationalists in those countries need to force the issue.

I recommend this simple platform: Demand that their governments withdraw their nations from the Schengen agreement unless the EU agrees to a whites-only immigration policy. And given the demographic damage that has already occurred in many Western European countries, it must be made clear that even if they remain in the Schengen zone, they will not accept non-white immigrants from other Schengen states. This ultimatum will almost certainly be rejected, and in that case, they must be prepared to leave and form their own Union.

I would say that they should request that Germany be expelled from the EU, due to that country’s recent offenses against the European people—it is (just barely) possible that the austerity-plagued nations of southern Europe might join them in that stand. That might be a tad dangerous down-the-road though; the Germans tend to lash-out violently when they think their neighbors have wronged them.

The kind of nationalist sentiments that fill internet forums
in the Anglosphere, fill stadiums in Eastern Europe

I realize that these four central European nations are not major immigration destinations, but if they remain attached to the rest of the EU, a slow drip, drip of racial change is all but certain. Leaving the EU may have painful economic ramifications, but it is not as though there will be people starving in the streets. Remaining within the EU however, is a national death sentence.

And perhaps there is a fifth country that would join this Central European Union: Saxony. From Der Spiegel:
"Tatjana Festerling, a candidate representing the Pegida movement who scored almost 10 percent of the vote in Dresden mayoral elections in June (note: the city of Dresden lies within Saxony), recently claimed at a demonstration recently, 'We're already at war.' On Monday of this week, she described Merkel as the most dangerous woman in Europe and called for a 'Säxit,' Saxony's secession from Germany."
The Free State of Saxony, the region of Germany that has most fiercely opposed Mutti Merkel’s efforts to elect a new people, conveniently, shares borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. With the highest birth-rate in Germany, perhaps the Saxons will prove more willing to endure the temporary economic pain of secession for the sake of their descendants. And maybe the example of the Saxons would inspire the conservative Bavarians to make their own independence claim.

Protestant and Atheist/Agnostic ethnonationalists could move to Saxony, and Catholic ones could move to Bavaria; if German ethnonationalists concentrated their numbers in those states, they would probably be a majority there already.

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