Dec 18, 2015

Trudeau the Second

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A Liberal in action: notice how it voraciously
sucks up all the signalling power from this
small, frightened Sub-Saharan child
It took ten years for Canadians to have enough of Stephen Harper. His successor managed to do that in only a month. Justin Trudeau, son of the father of modern Canada, has been in power for less than two months and already he has angered the majority of Canadians. There will be no honeymoon for Vogue’s new star.

Unlike his father, who was a left wing thinker associated with Cité Libre, Justin is thought to be a shallow man, more interested in being photographed and gaining popularity than furthering an agenda. Most of his opponents, although they may deny it, thought that once ensconced in his luxurious mansion of Sussex Drive, he would not do much harm, and would be more inclined to live a socialite life rather than take actual decisions. If only they had been right!

Justin is indeed a shallow man, but, like his father, he wants Canada to actually change under his reign. He wants to leave a lasting mark. His father legalized homosexuality, opened the doors to mass immigration, made multiculturalism the state religion, implemented harsh gun regulations, resumed diplomatic relationships with China, etc, etc. And now, Junior wants his shot.

In the opening speech of the Parliament session earlier this month, he once again stated his objective to legalize marihuana. Unfortunately, right now, this is the least of our concerns. Up to now, nothing has been mentioned about his electoral promise of doubling immigration. Yes, doubling immigration! That would mean more than half a million newcomers every year. In a country populated by 35 million people, the current quotas of immigration are suicidal, doubling them would be like taking a dose of poison before jumping from a cliff. Luckily, since his election he has said nothing about it and Canadians must wish that it says that way.

Finding a new source of moral signalling, the Liberal zooms in on another small child, this one from war-torn Syria. Wisely the child's parents try to stay out of the way.
His first move once in Ottawa was to try to fulfill his promise to bring 25,000 Syrian migrants before the end of the year. Everyone, even his friends and councilors, told him that it was not difficult to achieve, but merely impossible. Still he clutched to this promise, despise all the warnings. He finally had to give up when there was only a month left before his arbitrary deadline. He would postpone his deadline, but on the other hand, he would double the numbers. So instead of 25,000 before the end of December 2015, the Canadians would have the great opportunity of welcoming 50,000 Syrians by the end of December 2016.

Still, the Paris attacks of last month made some Canadians realize that maybe those "poor and deserving" Syrians were not all that peace-loving and nice as Justin wanted them to believe. After all, civil wars, like the one in Syria, are fought by people, and if nearly everyone is moving out of the country, inevitably some of them would be fighters.

Understanding that, after the attacks, something had to be done – especially after the Canadian Border Services Agency had warned that they could not screen so many applications in such a limited time  – Justin decided to listen to his people and announced that only families with children would be accepted. But wait, wouldn’t that be homophobic?

He could not betray his father’s legacy, so he added that homosexual males would also be accepted. So then, Justin thought that everybody would be happy and feel safe and tolerant.

But wait! Who really believes that Jihadists can’t have children? If some people really believed that, the San Bernandino killers proved them wrong. And what about the homosexual males? Does anyone believe they are automatically harmless because they pretend to be gay? Salah Abdeslam who was involved in the Paris attacks used to hang out in gay bars, and anyway, if the border guards cannot check if somebody fought for the Islamic State, how can we know his sexual orientation? Aren’t gays perfectly like heteros?

Luckily, nobody bought that. Nobody except Quebec’s far left leader Françoise David. She seriously claimed that no terrorist would come to Canada because they would have to pose as refugees and terrorists do not do that… That is rich!

For the Liberal the best time to pose next to a woman
in a hijab is of course a few hours after a terrorist attack. Justin has a special app on his smart phone to help him do this.
Demographically and culturally, those 50,000 Syrians will join the 265,000 immigrants who come on our shores every year and who, for the most part, do not integrate, even less assimilate, and simply join the Canadian mosaic without ever changing their ways. If we thought that the Great Replacement was going fast, it has now sped up and the Camp of the Saints does not seem so unrealistic after all. Of course, economically, it is far from a great investment; Justin has already pledged 1.2 billion dollars, but most of the costs, like education, health care, welfare, etc, will have to be provided by different administrations: the provinces and the cities. Quebec is doing more than its share, stating that it will subsidize the salaries of employers who decide to hire those Syrians rather than homegrown Quebecers, who simply need to pay up and remain silent.

Some people have actually followed Justin in his altruistic enthusiasm. The Council for Arts has pledged to give $200,000 for free exhibits and concerts for the migrants, the town of Wakefield will provide Arabic courses in order to be more welcoming and the author Danielle Létourneau has promised to knit 25,000 woolly hats to keep the newcomers warm… Remember the reference to the Camp of the Saints?

Unfortunately for Justin, the majority is not in the same mood as him. Good feelings may have an impact on some segments of the population, but the majority of Canadians, who see their taxes increase, their services diminish, and their country change in a dramatic and permanent way do not see the tide of migrants coming on our shores as the greatest opportunity our country has ever had. 

The bad news is; this was the first month… four more years to go!

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