Dec 18, 2015

Ungrateful "Refugees" Return Home from Austria

via BNP News

“Austria isn’t what we expected,” complained economic migrant, Omer. “Dogs are treated better than refugees in Austria – they are given something good to eat, and something to wear.”

Omar is one of tens of thousands of economic migrants who have been encouraged to flood Europe by promises of free handouts at the expense of the European people.

“We’ve just been humiliated here,” he continued. “It was a mistake to come. People just look at us here as if we were terrorists.”

Omar is reportedly one of 257 ‘displaced persons’ from Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran who have decided that life in their home countries were not quite so bad after all, and packed their bags for the return trip.

Günter Ecker, head of Vienna’s human rights association predicts the trend will continue, explaining that most of these economic migrants been made to expect a whole raft of handouts and were subsequently dissatisfied with the free social care they were given.

“They didn’t realise that they might have to wait a year or more until their families could join them here,” continued Mr Ecker.

Pressure has mounted on Austrian chancellor, Werner Faymann, to take action on the ‘refugee crisis’ since the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) came within a whisker of toppling the Socialist Party in elections several weeks ago.

Mr Ferryman has announced a new 2.3 mile fence to be built along the Austrian-Slovenian border to deter more economic migrant hordes from travelling to the country.

Britain also faces the same threat to our safety, identity and economy as Austria and other European nations – though unfortunately, the treacherous politicians here put immigrants before the British people every time.

The BNP government would introduce a national security moratorium on Immigration – closing Britain’s borders to ALL immigration until all those already here can be processed.

There are hundreds of thousands of British people homeless, until we can find homes for the most vulnerable in our society, no more immigration into our country will be allowed.

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