Dec 21, 2015

Where Have all the "Leftist" Blogs Gone?

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Ever wonder why there are no real blogs by leftists? Perplexing, don’t you think?

Any person on the internet who identifies as a conservative and has the compulsion to write in any capacity will generally start a blog or can find one with whom to write.  And for the ones who don’t care to write there are plenty of blogs to choose from.

If you’re a liberal or an anti-racist and you’re looking for a good blog?  Good luck.  Daryle Lamont Jenkins’s One People’s Project continues to sputter along while the rest of the leftist blogs are worse than two old ladies scheming together on how to kill the neighbor’s cat.  I’ve been searching for some time now trying to find a legitimate leftist blog.  I can’t find any legitimate left-wing movement blogs, and the only ones I do find are more concerned about DoXXing and chronicling what “the Nazis” are up to than with teaching and educating anybody as to why their school of thought is correct.  What do they think they’re doing, keeping a running tally and list of grievances?  No, their entire collective argument is one messy argumentum ad bacculum: Agree with me or I’ll smash you!

And liberals will still claim to be oppressed and disenfranchised despite the fact that every major corporation supports their world view.
And liberals will still claim to be oppressed and disenfranchised despite the fact that every major corporation supports their world view

It is not the case that we have a great dearth of leftist writing.  The fact of the matter is that we have a glut of leftist writing, and that most of it comes from major news and advocacy outlets such as The Daily BeastDaily Kos, Salon, Buzzfeed, Now This News or any of another variety of click-bait social media “news” platforms.  Liberals and leftists have just as many news outlets to choose from as we do.  The difference is theirs are almost exclusively corporate entities that we would contemporarily identify as “big business” whereas ours are almost entirely long-term projects by teams of dedicated activists.  This estimate doesn’t even include every print newspaper in the country.  No matter which news outlet that a leftist turns to (except for maybe Breitbart and Fox News) can be expected to enthusiastically affirm their liberal narrative.

Where are the small-time liberal bloggers for the left?

I guess it’s unfair of me to say that there are no liberal bloggers, because there are leftists who like to self-publish.  The trouble is that most of them are confined to Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook or other social media platforms.  The ones who do write typically don’t do more than brood about perceived social inequalities, poor racial equity or the wondrous new state of The Current Year™®.  And it begs the question…  Why aren’t there any well known leftists blogs that do more than bitch and moan about “the Nazis(!)”?

The answer is that they don’t need to focus on anything except for us.  You won’t find any leftist blogs that teach their philosophy because Big Corp. and MSM are already doing it for them.  The only thing that the leftists and anti-racist communities need to do is scheme up which new overly obvious false flag, failed street fight and poorly disguised anti-white information campaign to embark upon.  The only thing that leftists need to do is attack anyone who disagrees with them.  That’s pretty fucking sad.  The only argument that leftists can make involves “check your privilege!” and throwing stones.  All they have is fear, and somehow they keep getting away with it.

But, why does anybody write in response to something?  This is like asking “why did the chicken cross the road?”.  The simple speech-act itself must be considered in conjunction with the exigency that it seeks to solve or create.  Speech-acts are performed in the public sphere so as to bring about a certain goal or condition, and so too can it be used to prevent or reverse certain goals and conditions.  More simply, we publicly speak and perform advocacy to either get what we want or to stop others from getting what they want.

The most salient exigency we’re dealing with right now has to do with Syrians, and people who claim to be Syrian, defrauding Europeans and Americans via their exceptionally generous refugee programs.  The host countries’ citizens are generally opposed to receiving immivaders, and many are starting to realize that this was a terrible and grave idea.  So, what gives?  Why are our leaders ignoring our pleas for moderation?  Simple.  Somebody is asking them to ignore us.

It’s simply uncanny in the way that every time we have a crisis that involves destroying and perverting our identity, religion or accepted social practices that there is always a Jew involved.  This “refugee crisis” is no different.  The folks over at The New Observer have noticed that every major Jewish organization in America has called for Americans to accept refugees.  No, you won’t find them advocating for Israel to accept more refugees, and in fact Israel won’t accept any refugees because they know it’s a terrible idea that will destabilize their (illegitimate) country.

This is why conservatives like us write and speak, we do not agree with what is happening and we are trying to stop it.  Have you figured out yet why liberals and anti-racists don’t write?  It’s because they agree with and support this wholesale destabilization and destruction of everything that has come to form us as Americans.  Where’s a good sedition prosecutor when you need him???  (McCarthy, we could really use your help right now…).

We on the Right can’t expect all of our supporters to be writers and authors, and neither would that be a long-term solution because the conclusion to any speech-act is to gain or exercise political power.  We speak to achieve political ends, and we need your support now more than ever.  The newly formed Traditionalist Worker Party is here to speak for the White working class and to make sure your political power is being flexed for the benefit of our people.  Amplify your voice, amplify your action.  We’re here for you.

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