Dec 22, 2015

Why All White Women Are Feminists

via Renegade Tribune

Here are the top five reasons that all White women are feminists, no matter what they say.
5) They have emotions
In addition to boobs and vaginas, which are actually useful, women have yucky emotions and stuff.  They often will start crying when they are upset, and even sometimes raise their voices. It’s a disgusting quality, which men never show. White women need to get their emotions in check, and get back in the kitchen to make their men sandwiches.
4) They want to be respected
They want to be treated with respect. I know, it’s sickening. They expect men to treat them like they are actually human.  We all know that’s not the case, now don’t we? Men treating women like they are actually human is the reason this world is going to hell in a hand basket, fast! Thanks pagans.
3) They are attention whores
Whenever they create content for their people, they are simply doing it to be attention whores. Women aren’t intelligent enough to learn how to edit video, record music, create art, or radio programs, so they will pathetically try and “signal” to everyone that they are actually trying to fight against White genocide, which they are 100% responsible for in the first place.
2) They don’t like being property
They actually take issue with being treated as chattel. I mean, what the hell?  They say they are “traditionalists”, yet they actually want freedom, and rights? Ugh! Makes me sick.
1) They are rent-seeking
Previously these pesky women were trying to enter the work force, but now some actually want to be able to stay home with their children, and not work. Some will even try to find alternative ways to make an income, other than a slave job, and we absolutely CANNOT support that “rent seeking” behavior. Women need to stop being so lazy and go “rent seek” at their slave jobs, where they belong.


White women need to learn some obedience, realize their place in this world, and take an example from societies that really know how to correct the female problem, which is far more disastrous to us than the jewish problem. We would be in a much better state if this is what our women looked like...


These are some of the talking points that I see used against White women all over the internet.  Yes, some are trolls, but some are actually angry White men.

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