Apr 29, 2015

A Gentle Introduction to White Nationalism, Part I

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Author’s note: If you stumble upon this while reading your favorite websites, then this article is not for you. You may enjoy it, but you are not the target audience. I wrote this piece for the conservatives out there who are feeling frustrated and disempowered by their inability to gain any traction in government, and perhaps even for disaffected liberals, disillusioned by the Ferguson riots, and other, similar, events.

And I’m asking for your help. If you have friends who are open to new ideas, and with whom you feel comfortable speaking to about your beliefs, then please share this article with them. We live and die by our numbers, and there are many people who would benefit from joining our community. Share this with your trusted friends and family. Introduce them to a new way of thinking about the world.


I am going to be asking a lot of you in this article, and honestly, I’m not sure you are up to the task. I want you to read what I have to say, and I want you to postpone judgment until after you’ve read it and thought about it for a few good hours. Afterwards, feel free to call me whatever you want. And trust me, you are going to want to call me a lot of bad things. Nazi, skinhead, racist, bigot, homophobe--all those words are going to cross your mind. You are going to be offended, and that’s expected. All I ask for is about ten minutes of your time, and that you think about what I have to say. After that, let the insults fly. After all, I probably deserve those nasty monikers, because I’m going to discuss something that you don’t see talked about very often--only decried and derided. I’m going to offer an explanation of and argument for White Nationalism, and after this little essay is over and done with, I believe you will have a newfound respect for it, even if you disagree with everything I have to say. It is even possible, farfetched though it may seem, that you may come to call yourself a White Nationalist.

So, let’s start at the beginning. When I use the words, “White Nationalism,” what comes to mind? Probably skinheads, swastika tattoos, and jackboots. Maybe some heavy metal, if you are into that kind of music. Oh, and Klan rallies. Let’s not forget those. We all know those goofy ghost costumes with the pointed hats. Well, I’ve got some news for you. Only a tiny, tiny minority of White Nationalists actually wear those kind of clothes or associate with those kind of people. In fact, of that minority, probably half of them are FBI plants. I stay as far as possible from those types as I can. They are kooks.

At any rate, it’s tempting to stereotype things. The world is a complicated place, and it’s natural to gloss over what we don’t know well. And why would you know much about White Nationalism? It’s not the kind of thing that you think about very often, so it’s only natural you would hold only a cartoon view of it.

I don’t mean that as an insult, either. We parody those we disagree with. Sometimes I picture progressive activists as incontinent, AIDS riddled homosexuals. Other times I see the typical, big business conservative as some sort of modern day robber baron, drinking wine distilled from the miserable tears of child laborers.

But we both know that those are caricatures of the real thing. It’s easy to forget that there are real people behind these political philosophies. They each have their intellectual heavyweights, their good points, as well as their bad points. And as a movement, they both have their fair share of bad apples. But they are all people, even though sometimes we want to strangle them for their politics. At the end of the day though (despite what we tell ourselves), they are still human.

Yet you’ve learned to see past politics, and I have, too. Even though it’s hard sometimes. I have liberal and conservative friends, and I’m hoping that, afterwards, you would be willing to count me as a friend. Or, at the very least, not some sort of bogeyman Nazi. A guy you could go out for a drink with, or at least be willing to agree to disagree with. Basically, a person. Just like you.

And that’s what I am. I go to work everyday, and sometimes I don’t want to go, but I do anyway. For breakfast, I usually have plain Greek yogurt (it’s very high in protein!), but sometimes if I get up early enough I make an omelet. I have people who mean the world to me, and who I’d hate to see anything bad happen to. I even have a little dog. She’s turning fourteen soon. And it kills me watching her lose her eyesight, and I cherish every passing second with her. I curse that our pets can only make part of the journey with us.

So, I’m human. I love things, and feel things and all that other stuff. I’m also a White Nationalist. Not of the kooky skinhead variety, but just a guy who is concerned. And now that you see that I’m not a monster, I want to share some of my beliefs with you.

The first thing you need to understand is that White Nationalists don’t agree on everything, but we agree on a lot. Consider this sort of the “Mere” White Nationalism spiel, like C.S. Lewis’ famous book, Mere Christianity. He recognized that there were quite a few different sects of Christianity, so he didn’t talk about what made Christians different, but rather what united them. That’s what I want to talk about--what unites White Nationalists. And, honestly, the answer is going to surprise you. It’s not hatred of different people or cultures, or anything like that. What unites White Nationalists is love. You heard me right--love. What do we love? Well, you might think the answer is White people, but that’s not really true. I mean, what’s so great about White people? Definitely not their ability to dance.

So it’s not love of White people that draws us together. Rather, it’s love of what White people produced--Western civilization. I suspect you love Western civilization, too, even if you don’t want to admit it. We believe that there are certain things that makes the West great. We don’t agree on all of them, but I’ll name a few that you probably are partial to yourself: representative government, a fair trial by jury, constitutional republics, and free enterprise. We think that these things, along with others, are traits that make the West unique, and are what allowed the West to really become the dominant power in the world today.

But, there’s a catch. And I’m going to say something that you are going to immediately disagree with, but I don’t want you to start voicing objections yet. Just listen. We also believe that there is a racial component to Western civilization.

Racial? That’s kind of an ugly word, and I know, but there really isn’t a euphemism for it. We believe that these institutions that made the West great have a lot to do with the people who started them in the first place. And those people were White. What I’m saying is that you can’t have Western civilization without White people, and that White people have a genetic proclivity to create civilizations that are fundamentally Western in character.

That’s a fairly controversial statement, I get that. But, if we go by comparison, this idea will make a lot more sense. The easiest--and saddest--example is Africa. If we go to almost anywhere in Africa, we see that the native Africans produce and seem to prefer an anarchic form of rule, where power struggles and fights for resources are settled through violent action. And, if we go to the US cities that have a large African American population, we see the same problems in Africa cropping up here, albeit on a smaller scale.

The differences between the other groups are similar, although less extreme. For example, it’s often been said that there is a strong emphasis on conformity in the Asiatic cultures, and South America has shown to have a strong preference for socialist governments.

This isn’t racist; it’s merely observation. Different peoples and cultures produce the living environments in which they are most comfortable. Where you and I likely disagree, though, is the whole nature versus nurture debate. White Nationalists believe that nature is a very big deal, and that many of our political and ideological differences are not purely rational, but largely biological. And there is very compelling evidence for this, and scientists are beginning to find genetic predispositions to conservative and liberal mindsets, and I haven’t said anything about differences relating to race and IQ. And if these differences exist, then it matters very much who your parents were, and what part of the world you’re from. We don’t care about skin color, but we do care about genetic profile.

I wish this were not the case. In the perfect world, everyone would want safe, healthy communities where we could raise our kids and not worry about letting them stay out late at night. However, I’ve slowly been forced to come to the conclusion that different people want different things, and have different values. I face these realities every day as the number of crime-ridden barrios increase, and as horror stories of black violence stream endlessly from places like Detroit, or Ferguson.

But, please do read the links that I provided. You don’t have to agree, but just know that there is a lot evidence out there to suggest that what I’m saying is true. Once you understand where I’m coming from, then a host of other White Nationalist issues will make sense.

Basically, what we are afraid of is demographic death. We think that Western civilization is beautiful and worth preserving (and therefore, so are White people), and when we look at the trends, we feel very alarmed. We look at declining birth rates in first world countries, and we wonder about our future. After all, most first world countries are White, and these trends, combined with massive immigration from the non-White world, means that White people have a very real existential threat. By our way of thinking, what with the importance of nature over nurture, you can see why we believe that Western civilization itself is at stake. You don’t have to agree, just accept that what we are saying is logical under the framework which we are operating. Feel free to reject the framework, but concede that we are rational, even if you later conclude that we are misguided.

I’ve asked a lot of you here, and you’ve been gracious enough to read through to the end. It is not often that you come into contact with something as reviled and hated as a White Nationalist, and I’m hoping by now you feel that our positions are understandable, even if you disagree. Now that you know the fundamentals of why we feel the way we do, I want to talk about how White Nationalists, specifically American ones, feel about the current political situation, and what exactly it is that we want. You may find yourself surprised by how much you agree with what I have to say. But, that’s for later. We will speak again soon.

Christianity and the Ethnic Suicide of the West

via The Occidental Observer

Several comments on my post “What’s wrong with the Swedes?” mention Christianity as a problem in the dispossession of Whites. I agree that Christianity is part of the problem, but I think there are several difficulties with supposing that it is a root cause of the problem.
  • First and foremost, Christianity was the religion of the West during its expansion around the world. A century ago, with the exception of China, Japan, Siam, Korea, Ethiopia, and Liberia, the rest of the planet was dominated by Christian Europeans. Christianity was at least consistent with this incredible expansion and with the very large increase in the European population that occurred during this period of expansion. If anything, the decline of the West has co-occurred with the decline of religion among Western elites. If the world had stayed the way it was in 1960, no one would be talking about the suicide of the West.
  • Christianity has been many things throughout the centuries—an ideology of ethnic defense during the Iberian Reconquista, a pillar of exploitative monarchies and aristocracies in Europe and Latin America, a force for ethnic defense against usurious exploitation of peasants by ethnic outsiders at times during the Middle Ages, supporting slavery and segregation in the American South and apartheid in South Africa. And there are also the Puritans, Quakers and several other Protestant sects that figure so prominently in my account. Christianity has not had a consistent message of ethnic suicide or moral universalism. People on both sides of the slave trade in 17th–18th-century Britain were Christian. Both sides of the American Civil War were Christian.
  • Throughout history, Christianity has been quite adept at rendering unto Caesar—accommodating to the powers that be. In the U.S. and I suppose elsewhere in the West, Christians had much more influence on culture prior to the 1960s and the rise of the secular left — e.g., spearheading the successful drive to rein in Hollywood depictions of sex and Christianity beginning in the 1920s. But all that ended with the cultural revolution of the 1960s which was certainly not Christian in inspiration. Right now, the powers that be are the secular, multi-cultural, pro-non-White-immigration left, and one of their main goals is the eradication of public displays of Christianity and traditional Christian views on marriage and the family. Christianity itself has been corrupted by the secular left, most obviously in the case of the Second Vatican Council but also including the mainline Protestant sects. The Church had stood for cultural conservatism and had been a bulwark against Jewish influence for centuries.
  • The contemporary zeitgeist of the left is not fundamentally Christian. If anything, it is hostile to Christianity. The driving force of the left is decidedly secular, and the only areas where Christian views are welcomed into the mainstream (e.g., Christian Zionism and adopting non-Whites, but not abortion, gay marriage, or a public culture of Christianity) is where their beliefs coincide with those of the secular left. Right now in America, the Whites who are most Christian are behaving in an implicitly White manner in voting Republican and expressing concerns about illegal immigration. (And I strongly suspect that they are implicitly opposed to legal immigration and would have no hesitation voting for a candidate who proposed restrictions on legal immigration or ending it entirely.) On the other hand, secular Whites are more likely to be politically liberal and vote Democrat, the party of the non-White coalition. For example, in the recent senatorial election in Louisiana, a hotbed of Christian religious conservatism, only 18 percent of Whites voted Democrat, while only 5% of Blacks voted Republican. The figures would be very different for the predominantly non-religious Whites in the San Francisco Bay region. The increasing polarization in American politics based on race, not religious ideology; secular Whites are least likely to vote along with the White majority.
  • I very much doubt that people like Ms. Wilkström are guided by their religious beliefs. Across Europe, only 5-6% of Europeans are actively connected to their religious tradition. Throughout Europe, this has been a top-down revolution promoted by secular elites on the left. Many of the ethnically European among these elites are at best culturally Christian but do not take their religion seriously or have strong connection to their religious traditions. Christianity is not the guiding force behind the policies of the EU. Certainly some forms of ethno-masochism are motivated by Christianity, such as the family that adopted the 8 Africans (although in my experience plenty of non-religious Whites have also adopted non-White children), but here again we see a version of Christianity that is entirely acceptable and even approved by the real powers that be; imagine what would happen if this family owned a business that refused to cater a gay wedding because they took Leviticus seriously. Certainly, the Swedish university students who are so eager to be submerged with diversity are not being inundated with Christianity in their studies, but rather with cultural Marxism. The question is why they are so eager to adopt an ideology of ethnic suicide.
  • If Christianity is thought to be to be a Levantine import and hence foreign to the ethnic and cultural proclivities of Europeans, it’s worth noting that moral universalism and proneness to guilt and ethno-masochism are certainly not aspects of the cultures of the Levant. Rather, cultures of the Middle East tend to break down into closed ethnic enclaves, as in Syria now and throughout the region, despite often (but certainly not always) adopting a common religious veneer. Historically, Christianity did indeed originate in the fourth century as a non-ethnic ideology capable of broad appeal in the polyethnic Roman Empire. The Church Fathers often complained about the biological fixation of the Jews with their concern for biological descent from Abraham (see previous link). If anything, Europeans need to be more like the peoples of the Levant with their concern for ethnic kinship and empathy restricted to ingroup members. For example, within traditional Jewish culture there is no tradition of universalist ethics or for empathy with suffering non-Jews. Christianity, as it developed in Europe, is a European invention.
  • The problem is clearly worse in the north of Europe—Sweden is a paradigmatic case. As an evolutionist and given the recent population genetic data and the northern European ethnic origins of the main movements toward moral universalism in America and UK, I think the case can be made for an underlying ethnic component.
  • Nevertheless, I am certainly not denying a role for cultural forces. As I note, the anti-White revolution is massively incentivized, so the self-interest of Whites — professors, religious leaders, politicians, media figures, and corporate honchos — coincides with going along with the program of White dispossession. It is clearly also the case that Whites throughout the West are being brain-washed because of the control of the moral, intellectual, and economic high ground by elites hostile to the traditional Christian cultures of Europe and the West. That’s why I emphasize the power of messages aimed at the cortex in inhibiting tendencies (e.g., ethnocentrism) based in the lower brain centers (see here). But the central component of these brain washing messages in the contemporary West is not Christianity. Indeed, the messages are very likely to inculcate guilt about the Christian past as exclusionary, aggressive (the involvement of Christianity in colonialism, slavery, the Crusades, ethnic cleansing of native peoples, etc.) and hostile to non-Christian minorities (paradigmatically, the Jews and Blacks).
  • Cultural forces are also important in explaining why ethnic suicide is a pan-European phenomenon. As I noted in the first part of my talk, the revolution has been top-down—promoted by elites in politics, the media, and the academic world, with a major role for Jews with their traditional hostility toward the peoples and cultures of Europe. At TOO and in The Culture of Critique, we have repeatedly provided evidence that throughout the West (e.g., Sweden, France, Australia, the K., the U.S.) the organized Jewish community and individual influential Jews have been a necessary condition (not sufficient) in successfully promoting immigration, multiculturalism, and the idea that Western nations ought to be proposition nations—i.e., nations dedicated only to certain abstract conceptions of universal human rights rather than having any ethnic basis. For a variety of reasons, from taking advantage of the incentives that are now built into the system to pathological altruism, many non-Jews have been actively complicit in this project.
  • Understanding why particular countries are going along with this project is difficult and requires a detailed analysis for each country. For example, are the Croatian people, the Greeks, the Hungarians or even the U.K. eagerly accepting African immigrants and eagerly embracing multiculturalism, or are the policies of their government dictated by their membership in the EU and by elites within these countries whose self-interest coincides with adopting the ideology of multiculturalism and ethnic suicide? I think the latter.
  • Finally, I am not saying that Christianity is the way forward. As far as I can see, all Christian sects are either corrupted or misguided at this time on the subject of race, and race is the key issue. It is true that, as noted above, quite a few serious Christians are behaving in an implicitly White manner, but it is very doubtful that at the end of the day that will be enough.

Forging the Traditionalist International: Uniting in St. Petersburg

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After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has spent the last generation rebuilding itself socially and spiritually to reassert itself as the defender of Christendom and the Third Rome, the heir of the Byzantine Empire. With this rediscovered purpose of supporting Tradition, Christianity, and identity; the Russian government has been leading the charge to organize and create a new bloc of nationalists, anti-globalists, and Christians to form what some could call the Traditionalist International.

The first step towards creating an official nationalist umbrella organization for Traditionalists around the globe was taken this past month with a pan-nationalist gathering in Saint Petersburg, and the implications could be huge not only in Russia and in Europe, but also here in the belly of the beast, the United States.

This is not the first time that Russia has positioned itself to be a guide and center to a political and social worldview. During the Soviet Union the Soviet government created what the world knew as the Comintern or Communist International. The purpose of the Comintern was to unite communists from around the world to work to advance communism not only in Russia, but to every nation on the planet.

The policies of the Comintern were the “overthrow of the international bourgeoisie and for the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the State.”

The goal of the Comintern was worked for through the cooperation of communist parties and movements from different countries, funding of communist activists and movements and the creating of a forum in which communists could come up with strategy, propaganda and tactics to advance the communist revolution.

Using Russian money and leadership, the Comintern and successor pan-communist organizations we able to have a large impact of both national and international politics in Europe and the world. The Communist Party USA was able to get millions of dollars a year to engage in running candidates for political office and engaging in a wide field of political activism. With funding from overseas, the CPUSA was able to become a large player in the American labor movement, three Democratic congressmen were secretly Communist Party members, their publications reached hundreds of thousands of people around the nation and the CPUSA was even able to elect communists to local and state-level positions.

Even though the CPUSA has been without large amounts of international funding and support following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the CPUSA is still able to use the foundation built over decades to push their worldview in both radical and mainstream politics. The current chairmen of the CPUSA John Bachtell wrote last year that “we we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda.” Without a doubt the CPUSA still is able to influence the Democratic Party on both a national and local level through their trained street activists and infrastructure, especially in areas like key areas like Chicago, New York and the West coast.

While the goals of international communism are the exact opposite of Traditionalism, the effectiveness of the Communist International and communist organizing in the Western world is a model of how a Russian-backed Traditionalist movement could get the training and resources needed into the hands of activists to begin changing the political discourse in our homelands.

Political knowledge and strategy are neutral, they are simply tools that can be used for any political side or faction to advance their cause. The strategy of the far-Left during the 20th century undoubtedly worked to advance the Communist worldview throughout the West, these strategies can be used to also allow Traditionalists to advance a love of Faith, family and folk to our people and rebuild our nations.

The first Russian International Conservative Forum that was held as a forum and staging ground to bring together nationalist Russians including Cossacks, Golden Dawn, the German NPD, former British National Party leader Nick Griffin, Forza Nuova and other groups to find common ground to begin building a world-wide alliance to find ways to work together to advance the goals of Faith, family and folk.

Each of these political parties and groups that came to the forum have stated objectives in their respective manifestos in retaking their nations from the influence of globalist Jewish bankers, NATO, the European Union and from cultural Leftism that has overtaken Europe in the post-war period.

This meeting in Saint Petersburg allowed nationalists and Traditionalists to share ideas with one another and lay a groundwork for friendship for future alliances, a very similar start to the beginning on the Communist International. The success of European nationalist political parties advances the interest of Europeans and also those of Russia.

To the Russians, the dissolution of NATO and the EU would stop the most obvious threat to Russian sovereignty of the 21st century. America and the EU are both working to advance the globalist agenda of destroying nations, religion and folkish culture in order to bring about a new world order of enslaved consumers that is beholden to the Jewish elite and their various lackeys that have betrayed their own people for a few shekels and pieces of silver.

The toppling of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, and many other regimes that stood against the idea of a Zionist plantation planet stand as examples of what happens if the globalists are allowed to win. The leaders of the people will be removed and in their place various puppet regimes very similar to the banana republics of South America where foreign business and banking interests control every facet of the nation.

The globalist overthrow of the Ukrainian government in an artificial AstroTurf coup shows that these forced regime changes are not limited to the Third World, they are coming to Europe and any place where a people has decided to reject the advances of the elites. If nationalists and Traditionalists do not come together to fight the common foe, our enemy will pick us off one nation at a time until no shred of organic society remains on the face of the Earth.

If nationalism fails, all people will suffer the consequences, not only select groups, …all of humanity. If Tradition fails, our children and grandchildren will inherit a world that is degenerate, secular, borderless, and empty, with only the various passions of the flesh to distract them from having lost connection to their God, their family and their people.

Nationalists in Europe are against their nations being under the boot-heel of the European Union which dictates member states’ immigration policies, social policies, and even firearm laws. There is no national sovereignty in Europe as long as the European Union remains in existence just as individual States in America have no power as long as the Federal government lords over us all.

It benefits both European nationalists and Christians to unite with Russia to achieve goals that secure the existence of our Faith, family, and folk against the rising tide of atheism and multiculturalism. As Benjamin Franklin famously said  “If we don’t hang together, by Heavens we shall hang separately” a lesson that we should remember. There is either revolution and total victory or total defeat, there is no middle ground.

To break the chains of oppression that are keeping our people down, Europeans must rally together to create a Traditionalist International. Russia has the finances and the spiritual position to be a leader in uniting various nationalist and Traditionalist factions to work to destabilize and eventually destroy the agenda of the European Union, NATO and the United States. By pushing for a new global crusade against the enemy we are beginning a Holy war to save everything that we hold dear.

Uniting under the same banner to help one another, fund one another and fight together is the future, and I hope and pray that this first meeting of nationalists in Russia will lead to a full scale alliance between the various factions of Tradition that are spread around the world. Hail the coming of the Traditionalist International and hail our victory for God will it!

Oskar Groening and the Erect Penises of Auschwitz: Trial Dissolves into Farce

via The New Observer

The “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz” trial has dissolved into a farce after Oskar Groening accused “eyewitnesses” of exaggerating, while an analysis of his own account of a “gassing at Auschwitz” has shown it to be completely inconsistent with all established “evidence”—and includes a patently bogus claim that dead male corpses  achieved erections while they were being cremated.

According to a new article published by Holocaust historian Peter Winter, author of the best-selling The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, the “outrageous—and even laughable—details of Groening’s wild delusions are apparent from a close reading of his original statement, and a comparison with all the established claims from the Holocaust Storytellers over the location of the “gas chambers” at the camp.

Apart from rejecting many of the “eyewitness” claims as “exaggerations,” the following has also emerged from Groening’s testimony:
  1. Groening said the Red Cross visited Auschwitz and were shown around Camp 1—despite the Holocaust Storytellers claiming that there was a “gas chamber” at the entrance gates to that camp (the one still shown to tourists today);
  1. That there was a brothel for prisoner use in Auschwitz Camp 1.
  1. That Groening freely admitted that what he knew about Auschwitz was limited to what “other people had told him.” This included his claim that the camp could “dispose” of 5000 people every 24 hours, which he specifically said other people had told him.
  1. Groening said he never saw or experienced any of the “5000 per day death process” himself, despite spending about two years at the camp.
  1. That he contracted typhus from the prisoners and nearly died from the disease.
  1. That he is reading from a script prepared for him, and cannot remember questions asked of him only a few minutes before.
  1. This prepared script is particularly relevant when it came to his account of witnessing a “gassing” at the camp, and the fact that his account is completely different to the “gassing in crematoria bunkers” told by the Holocaust Storytellers.
  1. Groening has, contrary to the English-speaking media’s reporting, said so little of significance that one of the plaintiffs in the case, alleged “survivor” Eva Kor, told the German media that “He did not really say much. I’m a little disappointed.”
The English-language coverage of the Groening trial has been subjected to strict censorship in the controlled media in Britain and America, where the editors and journalists have both cherry-picked what they want to report and have even fabricated statements and claimed that Groening has made them in court.

Ironically, the court proceedings have been much more accurately reported by the media in Germany, as exemplified, for example, by the coverage provided by the Bild newspaper.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, it is possible for English-speakers seeking accurate news from the trial to bypass the distortions of the UK and US media, and gain a better—even if still controlled—understanding of what Groening has really said, from this German-language media coverage.

Two articles in Bild in particular have covered Groening’s actual testimony in some detail, and, apart from a few sarcastic editorial insertions, have provided a completely different perspective on Groening’s “confession” than claimed by the UK and US media.

The first Bild article, titled “Das Auschwitz-Geständnis des SS-Manns Oskar Gröning” (The Auschwitz confession of SS man Oskar Groening), dated 22-04-15, contains Groening’s exact testimony regarding the “gassing” he claims to have witnessed.

The original German is first and an English translation follows:

Im Dezember 1942 musste er bei der Suche nach Häftlingen helfen, die aus dem Vernichtungslager flüchten konnten: „Irgendwie sind bei einem Transport einige Juden entwischt.“ Er wurde Zeuge einer Vergasungsaktion in einem Bauernhaus im Wald. „Das war das einzige Mal, wo ich eine Vergasung komplett beobachtet habe.“

In December 1942, he had to help in the search for prisoners who escaped from the extermination camp: “Somehow, some Jews during transportation escaped.” He witnessed a gassing in a farmhouse in the forest. “That was the only time I have seen a complete gassing operation.”

„Einer schüttete Gas in die Klappe, dann wurden die Schreie immer lauter, aber bald wieder leiser.“ Erneut habe er um Versetzung gebeten – abgelehnt. „Über den Knüppel zu springen, dann komme ich noch nach Stalingrad, das war nicht immer so einfach.“

“One guard poured gas into the opening, then the screams became louder, but soon quiet again.” Again he asked for a transfer—declined. “To clear this hurdle, I would have to go to Stalingrad, which was not always such an easy matter.”


Groening’s account differs radically from all the “eyewitnesses” and official accounts, which have claimed that the gassings were carried out in underground bunkers attached to the crematoria in Auschwitz Camp 2.

Instead, as detailed above, Groening said the gassing he witnessed took place in a “farmer’s house in the forest”—and in the middle of the night.

Firstly, although it is clear that his “gassing in a farmhouse in the middle of the nights in the forest” bears no relation to any other account, claim or eyewitness, the controlled media all over the world has blindly accepted this claim as the truth.

Holocaust Storytellers will doubtless try and claim that this “farmhouse in the forest” was one of the so-called “provisional gas chambers,” also known in Holocaust legend as the “red” and “blue” houses, or “bunker 1” and “bunker 2.”


As can be seen from the “official” map of the Auschwitz camp, which claims to show all the “gassing locations,” the “bunker 1” and “bunker 2” (g and h on the map above, circled in red) are located at the northern boundary at the western end of the Birkenau camp—and right up against the camp perimeter.

Groening’s claim that the farmhouse gassing was “hidden in the forest” is therefore clearly inconsistent even with the official Auschwitz Holocaust story.

Furthermore—and this is the most telling part—Groening’s testimony in the Luneberg courtroom appears to be little more than a written summary of his 2005 interview with Der Spiegel magazine, titled “Der Buchhalter von Auschwitz” (The Accountant of Auschwitz, 09.05.2005).

According to the coverage of the trial reported by the Abendblatt newspaper, titled “KZ-Buchhalter Gröning: “Die SS galt als zackige Truppe” (Concentration Camp Accountant Groening: ‘The SS was considered a ragged troop’ 21.04.15), it was here that it became obvious that Groening was just reading from a script prepared for him. As the Abendblatt said:

“Hier steht umgebracht”, sagt er fast irritiert mit einem kurzen Blick in das vor ihm liegende Manuskript.

“Here it says killed,” he said, almost irritated with a brief look at the manuscript before him.

In fact, it seems that most of the script from which he has been reading in court, has been extracted almost verbatim from that Spiegel interview.

 There is however one important exception to this verbatim retelling, and that is the part which deals with the “gassing in the forest” allegation.

 In the Spiegel interview, he described the “gassing” he witnessed as follows (German original in Der Spiegel first, then English translation):


Eines Nachts wird er von Trillerpfeifen aus dem Bett geholt. Juden sind ausgebrochen. Er rennt durch die Dunkelheit und kommt an ein Bauerngehöft, davor liegen Leichen. Er sieht noch, wie nackte Menschen in das Gehöft getrieben werden. Er sieht, dass ein Oberscharführer die Tür schließt, eine Gasmaske über den Kopf zieht, eine Dose öffnet, den Inhalt in eine Luke kippt. Dann hört er Schreie. Die Schreie werden zu einem Tosen, das Tosen wird zum Summen, dann ist es still.

Er geht mit einem anderen zurück zu seiner Baracke. Der andere sagt: Ich kenne eine Abkürzung. Unterwegs erzählt der andere, wie das aussieht, wenn Leichen auf Rosten verbrannt werden. Ihre Körper richten sich auf, den Männern erigiert der Penis, sagt der andere.

“One night, he is hauled out of bed by a whistle alarm. Jews have escaped. He runs through the darkness and come to a farm, in front of which lie dead bodies. He also sees naked people driven into the homestead. He sees an SS Squad Leader close the door, pull a gas mask over his head, open a can and dump the contents into a hatch. Then he hears screams. The cries become a roar, the roar becomes a buzz, and all becomes quiet.

“He returns to his barracks with another man, who tells him he knows a shortcut. On the way, he meets another man, who tells him what it looks like when the corpses are burned on grates. Their bodies are lined up, and the men’s penises are erect, he says.”

This account is clearly fantasy, particularly the part about the male corpses having erections as they are burned.

Apart from being physiologically impossible, such a claim smacks of the very worst of the hysterical lies and outrageous claims of the Holocaust Storytellers.

Finally, it is highly significant that Groening’s Luneberg testimony on the “gassing procedure” was deliberately vague—compared with the detailed account in the Der Spiegel interview.

The “erect penises while being burned on grates” claim is the most obvious reason why this part has been edited out of Groening’s new script at Luneberg.

But another reason is clearly the “fact” that, according to the Holocaust Storytellers, the “gassed Jews” at Auschwitz were cremated in industrial-scale crematoria inside Auschwitz Camp 2, and not on “grates” in the forest.

Significantly, Groening spent at least two years at the camp—but somehow he never heard of the supposed “big gas chambers and crematoria” inside the camp, and instead claims only to have seen this mysterious “house” in the forest.

To summarize:
  1. Groening’s claim of a gassing facility “in a farmhouse in the forest” being operated in the middle of the night is completely unsubstantiated by any other evidence, even that put forward by the official Holocaust Storytellers;
  1. Groening’s claim in the 2005 Der Spiegel interview that the burning male corpses had erections while they were being cremated confirms that the entire story is an outrageous fantasy; and
  1. Groening’s claim in the 2005 Der Spiegel interview that the cremations took place on “grates in the forest at night” is in complete contradiction to the Holocaust Storytellers’ claim that the “gassing victims” were cremated in the crematoria which could “dispose of” 5000 people every day.”
  1. Groening only came forward with these bizarre claims 40 years after the end of the war—until then, he had never said a word about this mysterious, and until then, completely unknown gassing facility “in a farmhouse in the forest.”
Why then would Groening make this bizarre—and completely unsubstantiated—claim of a new, never-before-heard-of “gassing” facility in a “farmhouse in the forest?”

The only possible answer must be that he has simply imagined it after reading wild claims in this regard, and then has transposed himself into the story over time.

That this appears to be the case is apparent from the fact that he only went public with this claim for the first time in 1985—40 years after the end of the war!

All the time prior to that date, he had never said a word about this “gassing in a farmhouse in the forest” to anyone, despite being a witness in several prior court cases.

That Groening could even claim that dead male corpses could have erections as they were being burned, as part of his “evidence” about a gassing, brings into serious doubt the truthfulness of his other claims.

The “gassing in the forest” is clearly a fiction developed in his Groening’s own mind, brought on by who knows what psychological impulse.

The Bild article of 22-04-15 provides further insights into Groening’s testimony:

Am Mittwoch bestritt Gröning jedoch, an der Selektion eintreffender Juden regelmäßig beteiligt gewesen zu sein. An der Rampe in Auschwitz sei er nur dreimal im Einsatz gewesen. Nach seiner Beförderung zum SS-Unterscharführer im Jahr 1944 habe die Bewachung des Gepäcks an der Rampe nicht mehr zu seinen regulären Aufgaben gehört, sagte Gröning auf Nachfrage der Richter. Er habe nur wenige Male Kollegen vertreten und gewusst, was an der Rampe abgelaufen sei.

On Wednesday Groening however denied to have been regularly involved in the selection of incoming Jews. He had only served three times at the ramp at Auschwitz. After his promotion to Unterscharführer in 1944 to guard the baggage, he had never been the ramp as part of his regular duties, Groening told the judge. He had only been told what had transpired at the ramp from a small number of colleagues.

[Note the admission that he only knew of what happened from what he had been told by others.]

Für die ankommenden Menschen sei das mit Gewehren bewaffnete Wachkommando zuständig gewesen. Die Kapazität der Gaskammern oder auch der Krematorien war reichlich begrenzt”, sagte Gröning. Man rühmte sich, dass man in 24 Stunden 5000 Tote entsorgen könnte.“

For the incoming people, an armed guard detachment was sufficient. “The capacity of the gas chambers and the crematoria was really limited,” Groening said. “They boasted that they could kill 5,000 in 24 hours.”

[Note the “they boasted” claim—Groening never actually witnessed this, contrary to the impression created by the English-language media.]

Groening’s testimony continued, as reported by the Bild:

An seinem ersten Abend auf seiner Stube habe er gefragt, was denn in Auschwitz gemacht werde. „,Wie, das wisst ihr nicht?‘ Und dann wurde gesagt, dass die Personen, die nicht arbeiten konnten, – der Jargon war dort – entsorgt wurden.“
On his first night in his living quarters, he asked what was done in Auschwitz. “What, do you mean you do not know?” And then it was said that the people who could not work, the jargon was, “disposed of.”

[Once again, note the admission that he only knew of what happened from what he had been told by others.]

The Bild article continued:

Gröning kam in die Devisenabteilung: „Ich hab diese Tätigkeit bekommen, weil ich Bankkaufmann gelernt hatte. Ich blieb dort bis Oktober 1944, bis ich aufgrund meines letzten Versetzungsgesuches an die Front gekommen bin. Ich war mit der Erfassung und Verwertung von Geldsachen befasst.“

Groening was put into the foreign exchange department: “I was given this job because was trained as a banker. I stayed there until October 1944 until I was sent to the front because of my transfer request. My job was the collection and recovery of money.”

Groening then went into his description of the killing of a baby by an SS Guard on the ramp at Auschwitz. This story also features prominently in his 2005 Der Spiegel interview, almost verbatim.

While there is no evidence one way or another to prove or disprove Groening’s claims with regard to this incident, the fact that he could simultaneously invent stories about bodies with erect penises being burned on “grates” casts a question mark over his outrageous story of baby-bashing as well.

The next part of the Bild article contains some editorial insertions, here highlighted by italics.

The Bild’s comments inadvertently show three things:

– that the inmates of Auschwitz 1 were for the most part real criminals and not just political prisoners or Jews;

– that when he is not reading from his prepared manuscript, Groening rambles on; and
-that the prisoners in Auschwitz were given access to prostitutes (in a supposed “extermination center”!)

The Bild article continues (remember, Bild accompanying text in italics):

Dann spricht Gröning über einen Besuch des Roten Kreuzes. „Das Lager 1 bestand nur aus Berufsverbrechern, die ihre Strafe abgesessen hatten, Asozialen und Leuten der Wachturmgesellschaft.“ Damit meint er verschleppte Zeugen Jehovas. „Einmal hatte sich das Rote Kreuz zur Besichtigung angemeldet, denen wurde natürlich nur das Lager 1 gezeigt.“

Then Groening spoke of a visit by the Red Cross [to Auschwitz]. “Camp 1 [Auschwitz I] consisted of professional criminals who had served their sentence, social misfits and people of the Watchtower Society.” By this he means Jehovah’s Witnesses who had been deported. “Once the Red Cross had registered for the tour, then they were of course only shown Camp 1.”

Vor dem Besichtigungstermin seien „zehn Damen aus einem Bordell“ ins Lager 1 geschickt worden; warum, erklärt Gröning nicht. Warum er das alles überhaupt erzählt, bleibt unklar, er neigt zum Abschweifen.

Before the [Red Cross] tour stated, “ten women from a brothel” were sent to Camp 1; Groening did not explain why [this was so]. Why he was saying this at all remains unclear, as he started digressing.

Vor dem Besichtigungstermin seien „zehn Damen aus einem Bordell“ ins Lager 1 geschickt worden; warum, erklärt Gröning nicht. Warum er das alles überhaupt erzählt, bleibt unklar, er neigt zum Abschweifen.

The “ladies of the brothel” were for those [prisoners] who still were strong enough [to use them]. That it amounted to forced prostitution, Groening appears not to have known before today.

The Bild continues:

Ende 1943 erkrankte Gröning an Fleckthyphus, kam in Quarantäne in Kattowitz, sein Vater wurde einbestellt, weil man mit seinem Tod rechnete. „Und eines Tages stand mein Vater an meinem Bett. Das sind Szenen, die man nicht vergessen kann.“ Nach dem Genesungsurlaub geht es zurück nach Auschwitz.

As at the end of 1943, Groening contracted typhus and was put into quarantine in Katowice. His father was summoned because it was expected that Groening would die [from the disease]. “And one day my father stood by my bed. These are the sort of scenes that you cannot forget.” After convalescing, he went back to Auschwitz.

[It is of significance that, according to Groening’s own testimony, he contracted typhus from being at the camp. As it is now well-known, the use of Zyklon-B was precisely to exterminate typhus-bearing lice, and this was the reason for the delousing chambers at the camp, which have now been misrepresented as homicidal gas chambers—although, if Groening is to be believed, he had never heard of such a thing. The fact that a German guard could catch typhus was an indication of how serious the problem was, and also provides a rational explanation why the Germans would use the Zyklon-B insecticide at all the camps, not just Auschwitz.]

Erst im Herbst 1944 wurde er an die Front versetzt – nach der sogenannten Ungarn-Aktion im Jahr 1944, die allein für die juristische Anklage im aktuellen Prozess zählt. Damals wurden innerhalb weniger Wochen mehr als 300 000 Juden aus dem Land in das Vernichtungslager gebracht. Die meisten von ihnen wurden sofort in Gaskammern ermordet. Der Richter möchte wissen, was an der „Ungarn-Aktion“ anders war.

„Der Aufwand war größer“, sagt Gröning.

It was not until the autumn of 1944 he was sent to the front—after the so-called Hungarian Action in 1944, one alone for legal prosecution in the current process. At that time, more than 300,000 Jews were taken out of the country to the extermination camp within a few weeks. Most of them were immediately murdered in gas chambers. The judge wants to know what was different about the “Hungarian Action.”

“The effort was greater,” said Groening.

[This is only relevant because Groening has been specifically charged with participation in the claimed “extermination” of 300,000 (!) Hungarian Jews. This figure dates from the time when it was claimed that over 4 million people had been exterminated at Auschwitz, whereas today the “official” estimate has been reduced to one million—but somehow the original “6 million” figure has never been reduced accordingly.]

Groening’s testimony was met with disappointment by one of the plaintiffs in the case, alleged survivor Eva Kor. As the Bild reported:

„Er hat nicht wirklich viel gesagt. Ich bin ein wenig enttäuscht“, sagt Eva Kor, Auschwitz-Überlebende und ebenfalls Nebenklägerin.

“He did not really say much. I’m a little disappointed,” said Eva Kor, Auschwitz survivor and co-plaintiff.

On the third day of the trial, Groening expanded on some of his earlier testimony, reported once again by the Bild newspaper in an article titled “SS-Mann: Dienst an de Rampe war „nervig“ (“SS man: Duty on the ramp was ‘annoying’”).


It was during this testimony that Groening accused the “eyewitnesses” giving testimony in the courtroom of having exaggerated their descriptions:

Heute, am dritten Verhandlungstag, befragten die Anwälte der Nebenkläger Oskar Gröning. Sie wollten ihm entlocken, welche Rolle er bei den Vernichtungen gespielt hat. Er selbst hält viele Schilderungen aus Auschwitz für „übertrieben“. Außerdem wurden die ersten Zeugen gehört: Max Tibor Eisen (86) aus Toronto (Kanada), der die Hölle von Auschwitz als 15-Jähriger überlebte und William Bill Glied (85).

Today, on the third day of the trial, the lawyers interviewed the co-plaintiffs against Oskar Groening. They wanted to elicit from him the role he has played in the extrermination [process]. He said [in turn] that many descriptions of Auschwitz [as claimed by the witnesses] were “exaggerated.”

Als ein Anwalt der Nebenklage Gröning aus der Anklage vorliest, dass „die Gruppen der Ankömmlinge immer von Aufsehern umzingelt waren und eine Flucht ausgeschlossen war“ sowie beim kleinsten Widerstand geschossen wurde, sagt Gröning: „Die meisten Dinge kann ich bestätigen, manche habe ich nie erlebt. Trotzdem halte ich die Schilderungen für übertrieben.“

Groening’s advocate read out in court from the charge sheet, [quoting] that the “the groups of arrivals were always surrounded by guards and escape was impossible” and would have been shot at the slightest sign of resistance.

[In response] Groening said “Most of these things I can confirm, but others I have never experienced. Nevertheless, I think these descriptions have been exaggerated.”

Then came the part where, according to many media reports, Groening was supposed to have said that he “could not imagine Jews leaving Auschwitz alive.”

A close reading of the actual testimony, detailed in the Bild report, reveals that he in fact did not say this.

Furthermore, the fact that Groening is reading off a prepared script became obvious once again when the judge asked him a question not related to the prepared manuscript, as the Bild reported:

Frage: „Haben Sie sich damals vorstellen können, dass die Juden jemals lebend aus dem Lager rauskommen und Nachkommen haben könnten?“
Gröning zögert sehr lange, bespricht sich mit seinen Anwälten. Dann: „Jetzt habe ich leider Ihre Frage vergessen.“
Question: “Could you imagine at the time that the Jews ever could get out alive from the camp and could have descendants?”
Groening hesitated for a long time, and then conferred with his lawyers. Then [he said]: “Now I have unfortunately forgotten your question.”
Wieder bespricht er sich mit seinen Anwälten. Schließlich sagt er: „Ich konnte mir nur vorstellen, in Auschwitz 1 sind Entlassungen getätigt worden.“
Frage: „Auch Entlassungen von Juden?“
Antwort: „Nein.“
Nachfrage: „Konnten Sie sich das vorstellen?“
Gröning: „Nein, ich konnte mir das nicht vorstellen.“
Again he conferred with his lawyers. Finally, he said: “I could only imagine in Auschwitz 1 Entlassungen [English: disposals, presumably killings] were made.”
Question: “Even Entlassungen of the Jews?”
Answer: “No.”
Another question: “Could you imagine that?”
Groening: “No, I could not imagine that.”

In other words, according to this transcript in Bild, Groening actually said that he could NOT imagine Jews being killed in Auschwitz—something which is precisely the opposite of how other media outlets have reported these words.

It could be suggested that Groening was getting confused—something which in the light of his “erect corpse penises story” is actually highly likely—and that he meant to say what many media outlets claim he said—but a straight reading of his actual words do not bear this out.

Some 27 days have been set aside for the Groening court case. The evidence so far in the first week has been highly insightful—and doubtless more interesting developments will occur as time goes on.

Groening’s refusal to listen to any more testimony on Thursday April 23, 2015, for example, after being forced to hear a “survivor” rehash the “I pulled gold teeth from dead corpses” fake horror story, may yet provide for new developments as the trial goes on, Winter concluded.


Note: This groundbreaking research was carried out by Holocaust historian Peter Winter, author of the best-selling The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, which is available in print and Kindle formats.

This book has become the world’s most popular study of the entire holocaust, and deals with all the major allegations, camps, mass-murder allegations, eye-witness and survivor testimonies, trials, confessions and is being continually updated to include the very latest research and evidence.

White Survival, Evolution, and Winning the Gene Wars

via Western Spring

If we Whites are going to save ourselves from extinction and if we are going to be on the top of the heap and be happy and become the replacement model human we need to think correctly about existence and what it all means.  And, we first have to know what it means to survive as Whites.

Start with the idea that the only reason anything at all matters is because you exist. If you didn’t exist, nothing could possibly matter to you.

So, existence is important because you exist.  From this, we can say that your continued existence is important and that your instinct for self-preservation is your most important instinct since it helps you to continue to exist.

But does self-preservation just mean to keep the person you see in the mirror alive?  That’s part of it, but there’s more, and this is what many people seem to forget or never knew–self-preservation also means to keep your DNA code* pure, alive and moving forward both in an improvement sense and in time.   This means having many children who are pure White** just like you.  Remember, as a White, you are a branching off from non-White humans.  You are different.  And, maintaining and even increasing beneficial differences from non-White humans is important if you are to survive and not be blended back in to the non-White masses.

Nature helps us survive because under the general rubric of self-preservation we have our instinct to have sex, which contains within it the instinct to reproduce, which then has within it the instinct to pass on our DNA code.  However, we don’t usually form the thought that we want sex to reproduce so we can pass on our DNA code and survive our own eventual death through our children.   Usually, we want sex  because we find it pleasurable.  But, that’s the way nature does things–it uses simple things like pleasure to make us want certain things in order for us to do the right things for our survival and, in this case, make more like ourselves to pass on our DNA code so it will survive and thrive. And, of course, nature also uses pain to make us avoid certain things.

You also have to understand that evolution is real.  Don’t try to deny it. We Whites have evolved from earlier non-White human types and all life evolved from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life. If Whites mate with non-Whites, the children of those matings are never White and such matings  sends our DNA code back toward the non-White masses and our absorption and assimilation back into these non-White masses from which we have evolved. Call it devolution.  Call it genocide. Call it a failure to survive.  Call it personal and racial extinction.

Evolution works largely through competition  (natural selection) where different types compete endlessly for dominance and for the extinction of somewhat related types that can replace them–this often means, and it means this with humans–that those other types that are similar to us that can replace us either by competing better in the niche we both occupy or because they can mate with us and destroy our particular genome, that makes us different from them, are always a threat to our existence even if they have no evil intent.

The principle here is similar to what we see with germs.  Germs don’t hate us and they have no evil intent, but their presence is a threat to our existence. With humans, the fiercest competition with our White kind comes from non-Whites. Their DNA codes are in competition with our White DNA code and strive to replace it with theirs.  Their DNA code when in contact with ours, strives to eliminate our White DNA code and make it extinct.  Their DNA code “wants” to be the only human DNA code in existence.  And, of course, our DNA code–in mentally and physically healthy Whites–“feels” the same way about non-White DNA codes.  Such is nature. We are in competition for primacy on this planet.  This is the way it must be.  This is the way of existence.  No, we can’t all harmoniously coexist. There are always winners and losers in the struggle for existence and if this were not so, existence would have to be static and there could be no evolution ever higher.  Understand this about existence and consciously get in the struggle and guide yourself ever forward and ever higher. Live intentionally White.  Be White in all ways.  Think White constantly.

This competition even happens right in our own bodies where genes for different characteristics–eye color, hair color, hair texture, body type and everything else that makes each of us the individuals we are–compete for dominance.  And, it happens between all of us as individuals as we compete with all other individuals so that our particular genome (all DNA material) is expressed and dominates other versions.

I call this natural competition the Gene Wars. And wars they are but, to repeat and to be clear, there is no evil in a universal sense in these Gene Wars and most of the battles are below our level of consciousness. Nature doesn’t care who survives or who dies off.  Nature just “wants” to have life, some life, fill all of existence with life, because life is an improvement over so-called non-life as life is minerals with consciousness, intelligence, volition, self-awareness and the ability to expand its kind.  To this end, nature gives all organisms a chance to survive by giving all living things ways to defend and expand themselves in the arena of life and nature keeps tinkering and never stops. It tinkers with you to give you an advantage, and then it tinkers with your natural enemies to give them a way to counter your advantage and then it gives you another advantage and so it goes.  It’s trial and error as nature tinkers with living flesh to find the best suited to carry life forward to fill all of existence with the life force carried in the best forms of life.

All life that we know about has a code or blueprint to make it the way it is.  This code on Earth is found in DNA and RNA. Most life that we know about, including humans, uses the DNA version but some viruses use RNA as their code carriers.  As you probably know, DNA consists of just four chemicals that are abbreviated as A,T, C, G.  These four chemicals are shuffled constantly by the fundamental evolutionary processes such as the already mentioned natural selection.  And, the shuffling never ends. Nature is a tireless and frugal engineer constantly tinkering with all forms of life, including human life.   In humans, each of us carries 46 chromosomes with around 20,000 genes that are made up of about 3 billion base pairs of the four chemicals of DNA. When we mate, the male passes on 23 of his chromosomes along with 10,000 of his genes and about a billion combinations of the four DNA letters that he carries and the female does the same. When these combine (sperm + egg) a new life starts forming and nine months latter a new human emerges who is a product of the DNA of the male and the female who mated.

Even in all White countries there are Gene Wars going on as nature selects the best for the available niches.  All the brother and cousin wars we know from European history?  Ultimately, those were Gene Wars.  Of course, they were never called that and they all had some sort of “rational” explanations, such as a difference in ideology or a need for more land or too narrow a view of nationalism, but when the surface is scratched you’ll find that Genes were warring with each other for expression and dominance.  And, in the case of White brothers and cousins fighting to the death, the distinctions between the Genes at war were relatively minor, but, again, that’s how evolution works.

Evolution 1

Today, we  Whites face a real danger to our continued existence and this comes from external genes and genomes that are not minor variations of our White genes and genomes but are radically different.  Today, our formerly all White lands are being invaded by hordes of non-White genes and genomes and they are waging a war for expression and dominance against our White genes and genomes.  We read about Gene Wars every day in the papers as we see Whites being attacked by non-Whites and we see it in the miscegenation that is being promoted to have Whites commit their own bedroom genocide by mating with non-Whites.  There is a culling of the White population.  Whites who are “racist” have a better chance of survival since racism is simply a heightened sense of who is us and who is not us and we generally try to stay with us and not with not us.

Have no doubt  about this, haters of Whites are manipulating easily suggestible Whites into bedroom genocide.  And, when a White has a baby with a non-White that new being will not be fully White.  It is impossible for it to be so, since it will automatically carry 23 Chromosomes carrying approximately 10,000 genes from the non-White partner and many of these will be expressed over the White genes it carries.  However, the child of such unions is often more attractive to other Whites than the child of two non-Whites.  This increases the likelihood that this mixed race child will eventually mate with a pure White and produce more mixed children.  It is a downward spiral away from White purity to impurity.  This is real impurity, not the kind that is ritually washed away in baptismal ceremonies.  This is the real original sin–it is in the genome and can only be washed away over many, many generations.

We have a higher potential destiny as a result of blind evolution taking us to the point we are at now– and this higher potential destiny’s next major step–which we must consciously and intentionally choose to take–is for us to branch off even more from non-White humans so that we will no longer be able to produce viable children with them.  When we reach this next step–and we are on the threshold right now–our evolution will increase even faster as this next step will prevent all gene flow from non-Whites to us and we will evolve along a purely White trajectory as we head to the stars and as we become the new model mankind just as present day humans are the new models who have replaced Neanderthals.

Extinction is one possible fate we face if we just let nature blindly work, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We are at the point of awareness and awakening where we can and must direct our evolution and not just accept the defaults that may or may not  eliminate us.  But, it is up to us.  We must live intentionally and we must live White in every way possible and never blend back in with non-Whites.  It’s a difficult path but we will be helped by those who hate us since this will help us–those of us who so choose–to coalesce around our ideas of what we have the potential to become and we shall become a subculture even within the larger White culture and then a tribe and we shall evolve–not all Whites–but those who do will be the ancestors of the new ones to be born in the future from out of us and we will be with them in their bodies in the DNA codes that we pass on to them.  Hate from those who hate Whites is our ally.  Love from them is our enemy.  We must be despised so they do not want to be with us and so we do not want to be with them. We must be a people apart.

We may be living in the day that will spawn a creation myth for Whites alive thousands of years from now.  Will they have myths of how most Whites went extinct and blended themselves back down the evolutionary trail while just a few Whites remained pure and produced the pure Whites who eventually replaced all other humans?   Perhaps we are the Adams and Eves of all future White humans.


Please note that this article has been altered slightly in order to avoid transgressing the Draconian, so called ‘hate speech’ legislation that prevails throughout much of the Western World outside of the USA, but not to such an extent as to alter the message intended by the author.

*Note: I use “DNA code” more than “genes” because about 98% of the DNA code is not part of our 20,000 genes.  This “extra” DNA is not junk and is used for other purposes.  Nature is a frugal engineer and doesn’t make junk. Form follows function.

**I define “pure White” here as a White with two parents,  four grandparents, and eight great grandparents who are non-Jewish Whites of European extraction.

Finland: Somali Invaders Gang-Raped Young Woman at Train Station

via Elliot Lake News

Finnish police arrested five young immigrants on suspicion of having raped a young woman outside a suburban railroad station a week ago having harassed her on a train and followed/raped her after she got off . The incident has since focused public attention on integration and criminality within immigrant communities in Finland.

Blacks are the easiest converts to Islam. Islam gives them the platform to inflict suffering on the people they hate, and are envious of: the White race.

Finnish media said the five arrested boys, aged between 15 and 18, are of Somali descent. Charges are expected in a month’s time.. Here are some of the pictures taken at the scene while the eldest of the rapists was in court, the rapist had his family and friends along.

One of the rapists brought his family along. This image demonstrates what Muslim immigrants really…

Counter-Currents Radio: Interview with Arthur Jensen, Part 5

via Counter-Currents

Listen Now

Arthur Jensen
The conclusion of Marian Van Court’s 1986 interview with Arthur Jensen. Topics include: 
  • Evidence that limits to black and Hispanic scholastic achievement in the US is based largely on intelligence and not on any form of institutional racism or bias
  • The interaction of politics and objective scientific findings on educational achievement
  • The lack of empirical experimentation in introducing new social and educational programs; the idea of experimental schools
  • Jensen’s planned book projects
  • Unethical critics of Jensen’s work
  • Personal remarks on exercise and longevity

Top Jewish Leader Claims Entire Western World Culpable for 'Holocaust'

via The Realist Report

Ronald Lauder, the President of the World Jewish Congress and a key figure involved in the privatization scheme to transfer the WTC complex to Jewish billionaire Larry Silverstein prior to 9/11, recently declared that the world is "descending into the same, dangerous hell where we found ourselves before," referring of course to the alleged "persecution of the Jews" and the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative during WWII.

After essentially stating that the Jews are on the brink of another "Holocaust," Lauder went on to claim that every single European country, along with the United States, were complicit in the alleged "genocide of the Jews" at the hands of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany. The Algemeiner reports:

One of the world’s most prominent Jewish leaders warned on Sunday that just 70 years after the Holocaust, the world is “descending into the same, dangerous hell where we found ourselves before.”

Speaking at the 70th anniversary ceremony for the liberation of Bergen-Belsen at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial, Anne-Frank-Platz, Lohheide, Germany, World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald S. Lauder praised Jewish resilience following the slaughter of six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators.

“From the ashes of this terrible place, the Jewish people rose up and moved on,” he said. “But tragically,” he warned, “seventy years later, the world is not moving on; it is moving backward.”

“Today, seventy years after this camp was liberated, we hear the same antisemitic lies. Today, a Jewish boy wearing a yarmulke cannot walk down the street in Paris or London or Copenhagen without fearing for his life,” Lauder said further. “Right wing neo-Nazi groups are winning seats in Parliament in Hungary and Greece. Iranian leaders repeatedly promise to wipe Israel from the pages of time.” [...]

The WJC chief said that there were few countries that didn’t bear some culpability for the crime of the Holocaust and even singled out the United States for shutting its doors “to Jews desperately trying to leave.”

“We know the perpetrators – but they were not just Germans and Austrians. There was complicity in practically every country in Europe,” he said.

Lauder also praised Jewish contributions to society and chided antisemites for their destructive impact.

“The fact is, wherever Jews are allowed to live freely, those countries prosper,” he said. “Jews win Nobel prizes. Jews cure diseases. Jews build. They don’t tear down! Anti-Semites tear down. Anti-Semites destroy. They create nothing. They save no one.” [...]
There are several points worth making regarding Lauder's statements.

First, once again, we have a major Jewish leader representing the organized international Jewish community openly claiming that the entire Western world is complicit in the fake Jewish "Holocaust" during WWII. He is basically indicting and condemning all of Western civilization for allegedly not doing enough for the Jews prior to and during WWII, when in reality the war waged against Germany and her allies by the British, Americans, and Soviets was fought at the behest of and for organized Jewry's benefit. It was a Jewish instigated, fratricidal war against the one nation - National Socialist Germany - that was openly defying and exposing Jewish internationalism, communism, and plutocracy pushing for a "New World Order" on every front imaginable.

Lauder echoed the sentiments of Ian Kagedan, former National Director of Government Relations of B'nai Brith Canada, who wrote in a 1991 Toronto Star op-ed piece titled "Memory of the Holocaust Central to New World Order":
The Holocaust stands as Western Civilization's greatest failure. It was a natural outcome of centuries of racism and of anti-Semitism. To deny the Holocaust is to deny racism's capacity to undercut our civilization's basic values and to destroy democracy. Achieving our quest of a "new world order" depends on our learning the Holocaust's lessons.
Secondly, as I've noted before and as Kagedan's quote above just demonstrated, the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII is the linchpin of the entire "New World Order" agenda, which in reality is simply a Jewish plot to enslave the entire world politically, economically, and culturally, destroying all genuine national and racial distinctions in the process.

The "lessons of the Holocaust," which include "tolerance," "diversity," "anti-racism," and multiculturalism, are specifically designed to erode, delegitimize, and ultimately destroy White racial identity, justify multiculturalism and massive non-White immigration into the West, and end all criticism of Jews and the Jewish state (i.e., "anti-Semitism"), equating such criticism with "hate speech."

Finally, I think what terrifies the organized Jewish community most of all about Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany was not the alleged "death camps" or purported plans to "genocide the Jews," standard claims made by the "Holocaust" industry which are entirely false.

What the the organized Jewish community fears most of all about Hitler was the fact that he accurately, articulately, and boldly exposed the Jews and their destructive, parasitic, and subversive nature. Hitler's Germany made "anti-Semitism" (i.e., basic truths about Jews and their agenda) mainstream in Germany - everyone was expected to understand the Jewish problem, and most did.

More than anything else, organized Jewry fear the masses waking up to and clearly recognizing the truth about the Jews, their crimes, their insidious power and influence in the West, and their subversive, destructive overall agenda.