Jul 6, 2015

Is the EU 'Racist?:' Implicitly White Themes in EU Ideology & Propaganda

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As a rule, Eurocrats and European elites more generally are implacably hostile to nationalists, deeming them “fascists” and “racists.” Ironically, the EU itself has been accused of “racism” on occasion. That was the case with this video promoting the enlargement of the EU with the argument that Europeans East and West should unite to protect themselves against Asian, Muslim and African powers. Certainly, given Europeans’ rapidly collapsing power in the world and the continuing demographic explosion of non-Europeans, this argument is not unconvincing.

The video’s “racism” is not merely the product of bureaucratic incompetence or of the Left’s infamous proclivity for witch hunts. The hint is in the name: the European Union. The EU is perhaps the ultimate example of what Professor Kevin MacDonald calls “implicit whiteness,” even if such racialist implications might horrify Eurocrats and mainstream EU-philes.

This is a paradox: The EU is at once obviously implicitly white, yet explicitly founded on the rejection of European ethnic identity and interests in general. Indeed, the EU is openly committed to censoring and persecuting those who would critically study the history of the Second World War, scientifically examine racial (that is, genetic) differences between human populations, or explicitly defend the interests of indigenous Europeans.[1]

Yet, whatever our overlords might wish, one cannot simply legislate out of existence the visceral, evolutionary-determined preference for one’s kin (not without attacking our very genetic code, at any rate, and perhaps it will come to that). The biologically-ingrained nature of ethnocentrism is no doubt why European elites have often appealed to ethnocentric arguments to sell the EU.

Indeed, implicit whiteness and ethnocentrism are always evident in European public opinion, even if ethnic and racial consciousness is not explicit or verbalized. For example, public opinion in European countries almost always prefers EU migrants to largely Afro-Islamic non-EU migrants. European citizens have also been intensely hostile to Turkey joining the Union. Austrian and French activists (such as Anne Kling) have been particularly successful, effectively indefinitely blocking the prospect despite the ardent wishes of Brussels and Ankara. By a ruse of history, only understandable in terms of deep-rooted, centuries-old ethno-civilizational dynamics, the political borders of the EU today effectively match the old religious one between Christendom and Islam, and between the European and Turko-Semitic worlds.

Implicit whiteness is also evident whenever the EU appeals to common European history and culture in its propaganda (classical music, Enlightenment ideals . . .), a heritage which necessarily excludes Africans and Middle Easterners (as in this video, notwithstanding the Albanians and Turks). Some EU propaganda even has a refreshingly archeofuturist feel, as with this video showcasing the new euro bills’ featuring of the Greek mythological figure Europa.[2]

The EU’s pretension of emancipating the Old Continent from the United States’ tutelage and of fighting international financial speculation has also made Eurocrats vulnerable to accusations of anti-Americanism and, naturally, anti-Semitism. In the 1992 poster above (“Faire l’Europe c’est faire le poids“) the French Socialists sold European integration on power-political, anti-American, and anti-Japanese grounds. To paraphrase: “Us Continental Euros had better band together against those Asiatics and Anglo-Saxons.” One EU-funded comic, perhaps drawing from Hergé’s tradition, has even been accused of anti-Semitism by one Anglo-Zionist politician, deeming it akin to “some caricature from the Völkischer Beobachter.”


Implicit whiteness is also apparent in the EU’s typically “SWPL” intense moralism and egalitarianism. The Union’s officials are on an eternal, aspirational quest to achieve not mere equality of opportunity but equality of outcomes for the various victim groups du jour: women, Roma, migrants, non-European minorities, etc. One video promoting women in the sciences was ironically so patronizing it was deemed “sexist” and pulled. The idea that sexual dimorphism might lead to different ideal social roles for men and women is inconceivable (the EU officially wants at least 40% women in all corporate boards across the continent and has considered making such targets binding, never mind that women continue be relatively uninterested in STEM studies and massively overrepresented in the humanities, education, and healthcare). Everything is to be “nice” and taken care of, a Europe safe for the Eloi.

I have been struck at how similar appear to be the psychological sources for multiculturalism and EU-philia: Sacrifice more, show your good will some more, have faith, and all will fall into place. There is that same moralistic aversion to recognizing, let alone thinking hard about, the ethno-national fact. In this too, the EU appears to be marked by a typically Northwest European moralism.

The European Union, deeply flawed as it is, represents a legitimate expression of European civilization, albeit in a late decadent and partially distorted form. The EU answers to 28 elected national governments who to a certain extent do represent the aspirations and contradictions of their peoples. The Union’s ideology and propaganda, in attempting to provide a positive vision of the future and a justification for its power,  tells us something about the state of being of contemporary European elites and peoples. What does it tell us? That European elites – despite their obsession with money-chasing and blindness to ethnic realities – cannot help but appeal, if only implicitly, to European ethnic interests and culture, to the blood and spirit of our people.


But do European elites really believe the EU could survive – with its moralism, its “consensus,” its SWPL niceness – if the indigenous inhabitants of Europe were replaced by Africans and Muslims?[3] Do they really think “the Eloi” will survive long then? European elites’ decadence, I believe, is chiefly due the sickness of our culture. If, as Keynes said, politicians are “the slaves of some defunct economist,” they are today in virtually all areas the unconscious servants of the culture of critique.

Implicit whiteness is always highly comforting for White Advocates as it betrays ethnic Europeans’ displaced ethnocentrism, their will-to-life, even if our ruling elites succeed in diverting or neutralizing it. Indeed, the omnipresent coercion necessary to suppress ethnocentrism, a basic evolved psychological impulse, can only lead to severe neurosis, no doubt contributing to the tragically-misplaced fury of the Dylan Storm Roofs and Anders Behring Breiviks of the world. But this ethnocentrism is there, waiting to be tapped by an enlightened elite and constructively harnessed for the common good.


1. The EU’s legal foundations in effect lock in the values and assumptions of a particular moment in European history – the postwar years of continental trauma, of joint Soviet-American occupation, and of the steady rise to hegemony of the culture of critique (transmitted through the tremendous reach of (Jewish-)American culture and through local figures such as Jürgen Habermas in Germany, Bernard-Henri Lévy in France, and Simon Schama in Great Britain).
EU founding documents and legislation make no reference to the interests, rights, and culture of indigenous Europeans as such. Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights states:
Any discrimination based on any ground such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation shall be prohibited.
Given that most human traits, mental or otherwise, are estimated to be about 50% heritable, the commitment to non-discrimination on grounds of “genetic features” seems problematic to say the least.
In 2008, EU governments explicitly committed themselves to criminalizing “hate speech” or “publicly condoning, denying or grossly trivializing crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes,” including the claims of the 1945 Nuremberg Military Tribunal. The EU’s notional commitment to freedom of speech is subordinate to preventing indigenous Europeans from explicitly defending their interests or from questioning the assumptions of 1945: In both cases, Europe’s self-styled liberal democracies are not only allowed, but expected, to suppress such thoughts and speech through censorship and legal persecution.
2. Unfortunately, too often the EU’s aesthetic starkly embodies the cultural poverty of so-called “multicultural” regimes (the same is true of the literal travesty that is the Eurovision song contest). Every ethno-national group’s authentic, vibrant culture and symbols must be suppressed in order to accommodate the sensitivities of every other group. Instead, only an insipid, deracinated, and corporate/bureaucratic monoculture remains over all ethnic groups, fitting none.
This is evident in the Euro currency itself: The 100 franc bill’s Eugène Delacroix, the 1,000 Mark bill’s brothers Grimm, and countless other symbols of Europe’s cultural and historic achievements were simply deleted, replaced by a common set of bills showcasing only . . . imaginary bridges and buildings. If Europe’s common currency is to survive, let us hope that more enlightened leaders will seek to inspire our people every day with the faces of our European heroes: Homer and Plato, Charles Martel and Saint Louis, Godfrey de Bouillon and El Cid, Magellan and Galileo, Vlad Țepeș and Jan Sobiesky, Darwin and Nietzsche, to name only a few.
3. Incidentally, Latin American, African, and Arab countries have been attempting to form EU-style unions for decades, with meager results.

The Metapolitics of America

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Radix Editor's Note: This article was originally published on July 4, 2014.

The Fourth of July is the centerpiece of American nationalism and identity . . . even if few remember what exactly they are celebrating.

But even in their comical ignorance, Americans seem sure that there's an ultimate meaning to the Fourth: Freedom! . . . from . . . uhh . . . the South . . . er . . . the Nazis? . . . or whatever.

America, it is assumed, achieved independence from some sort of big, bad traditionalist oppressor.

Many nation-states celebrate "independence days," which usually mark important or unlikely military victories over invaders or imperial powers. As memory gets mixed with myth, these events are imagined as popular liberations. Mexico's "Cinco de Mayo," which might soon displace the Fourth in prominence in the United States, is emblematic in this respect.

But the Fourth of July—as well as France's Bastille Day of July 14—are holidays of an entirely different character (whatever surface similarities they might share with others).

America and France are the twin "proposition nations" of the Western occident. (This sibling rivalry explains much about the popularity of France-bashing and l'antiamericanisme in opposing countries.) Their "national" days are unique in the world in that they celebrate historical events that were cast, at their very inceptions, as liberal advancements for all humankind.

Today, of course, every nation-state on earth—from Nigeria to North Korea—mouthes some sort of "human rights" mumbo-jumbo. But the U.S. and France are exceptional in that they emerged as direct ideological expressions of the Enlightenment, and occurred at a critical moment in its history. One hundred years after the death of Spinoza, the French and American Revolutions marked the point at which Enlightenment values left the realm of philosophy (and what could be called the 17th-century "radical fringe") and entered the realm of state-making and geopolitics. Both Revolutions would, in turn, occur some 125 years before the Great War definitively ended the Old Order. Every state thereafter would be "American," the vestiges of aristocracy and monarchy persisting only as tourist attractions.

"The Rights of Man" . . . "the pursuit of happiness" . . . "inalienable rights . . . endowed by our Creator" . . . The great slogans and myths of 1776 and 1789 have a quaint ring to them today. They hail from an older phase of the Left, and thus have become, as it were, "conservative."

These platitudes function like dogma and form the unexamined basis of political action and speech. This is most obvious through a familiar political shorthand; in the words of Congressman Paul Ryan, America is "more than just a place . . . America is an idea." (As geography is thrown out the window, so is race, people, culture, history, and more.) Ryan's meme is reiterated across the spectrum—from a rock star's urgings that Americans be "one" with the world, to the inaugural addresses of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Much of political discourse in America involves politicians accusing rivals of not believing in the American dogma hard enough.

To be an American is to be committed to liberty, equality, and individual autonomy—perhaps even to have left one's home and people in the name of such principles. America's highest ideal is, in a way, an anti-ideal—that the state shall not express a people's spirit and history, a source of wisdom or tradition, or a vision of something greater, more dominant and powerful than an individual. The character of America is imagined as an endless tabula rasa or Etch-a-Sketch; it gets written on, but always returns to zero.

The “Founding Fathers,” as they are know, are revered not so much as martial heroes but as the wise designers of the world's greatest legal mechanism. There seems to be no parallel in other Occidental cultures to the reverence of the Supreme Court, as a set of nine Talmudic Judges who, depending on your persuasion, will either divine the Constitution's One True Law or else view it as a living will.

Other countries might have negative national consciousnesses. Germans, for instance, have internalized de-Nazification. But Germans remain, despite it all, self-consciously German. Americans, on the contrary, are nothing . . . they're always starting over . . . they like to tell themselves they have an unbounded future, but only at the cost of never having a past.

One can be an American and also be Roman Catholic . . . a Muslim . . . a Buddhist . . . or a trans-gendered performance artist. American society is, indeed, encouraged to fragment into as many pieces as possible. So long as no identity, ideal, or meaning predominates over others; so long as every identity ultimately wants the same.

Religion in America, particularly Protestant Christianity, has rarely opposed this anti-identity; at critical moments, it has reenforced it. There is a "storybook" history to the many fanatics, who, choosing to abandon their homes and cultures, sought to create a "new Israel" in the New World. What we call “tradition,” they called “corruption" and "poison."

One could imagine an alternative reality in which American religious institutions had opposed the 1776 Revolution (or at least had been highly skeptical of it), urging loyalty to mother country and mother church. Instead, the 18th-century pulpit was a place of revolutionary fervor. Jefferson’s Independence Declaration had resonated with—and was, indeed, continuous with—a whole series of "compact" beginnings for Christian Americans, who in a spirit of Hebraic separatism, desired to break with Europe.

The Europeans had been Germans . . . Gauls . . . Russians . . . Lombards . . . Britons before they were Christians. In their national consciousnesses, they could remember conversion experiences. Americans, on the contrary, were Christians before they were Americans.

One could counter that the American dogma is all rhetorical—that the Founders, some of the wealthiest men on the continent at the time, sought to secure an aristocratic order, that American society has been informed by ethnic, political, and monetary agendas, etc.

But to understand America, one must understand its outcome—that there are certain impulses and implications that only become clear later on (ironically, when the entity has reached its end point). Today, the United States has achieved the most robust and most popular civic religion that explicitly denies its racial, historical, and civilizational identity. This spiritual negation is more devastating than the displacement of the founding stock through mass immigration.

Our perspective is of living in America, without being of it. As we escape America's assumptions, we can look upon the entity objectively.

A century and a half ago, Alexander Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederate States of America, was faced with the prospect of the victory or annihilation of his nation and fledgling state in what is now referred to as the American Civil War.

In his greatest address, “The Cornerstone of the Confederacy,” he did not speak (mendaciously) about "states rights" or any kind of Constitutional legality. He instead cut to the heart of the social order he was opposing. He stressed that the Confederacy was based on the conclusion that Thomas Jefferson was wrong; the "cornerstone" of the new state was the "physical, philosophical, and moral truth" of human inequality.

Ours, too, should be a declaration of difference and distance—"We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created unequal." In the wake of the old world, this will be our proposition.

What Motivates Internet 'Racists?'

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An Interview with the Mods of Reddit's Notorious /r/CoonTown

Democracy makes life feel like sitting in a movie theater: we, the audience, see others on stage and must then raise a thumb or lower it as if we were Roman imperators at the the gladiator stage. One of the actors, our media, simplifies and streamlines news into a series of simple categories, portrayed as caricatures. Among their favorites, the “racist” — especially on the internet — plays best.

But who are these internet racists? For the most part, like marginalized minority groups, they are muted in the mainstream media. We hear about them, and see that their comments have been deleted from blogs and newspapers, but few people ask them why they do what they do and why. To rectify this, I headed over to the notorious/infamous Reddit hive of racism /r/CoonTown and asked the moderators (or “mods”) there for a few words, which they were generous to oblige.

Did you have an “awakening”? Was it solely to race, or to other factors like environmental collapse, economic collapse, social collapse or leadership failure?
Suspook: Hi, we go back a long time from IRC [#anus].

When you say “awakening” I feel like that implies that someone that was once an SJW had their eyes suddenly [finally] open to how the world really works + the advantages of actually judging people in the real world. I suppose I always knew as a kid growing up in a major American city + seeing it for myself.

George_l_rockwell: I never had any huge awakening, I got to where I am now politically in a very gradual process. I used to be a left winger when I was younger, but even back then I was much more of a socially traditional left winger and I was against immigration and “black culture” at the time.

EugeneNix: Not sure if it really could be called an “awakening,” but I noticed during my teenage years the blacks acted far different than other races, and were usually the most irritating/annoying/criminal. Over time one pays attention and reads sources that our liberal overlords don’t want us to look at.

Of course, there are other issues facing us today, but that’s the most applicable one for CoonTown.

Baba_OReilly: No fork-in-the road “awakening” for me. Negroes have always turned me off. As time goes by, my distaste grows.
I understand /r/CoonTown emerged from the ruins of /r/Niggers. How were you able to keep and apparently double your audience since that time?
Suspook: The key is having your core userbase know exactly where to go once the shit hits the fan, almost like a fire drill. /r/niggers went down so they went to rniggers.com…when that was sabotaged /r/GreatApes was formed. Once the lead mod revealed his SJW leanings, EugeneNix + myself really led people to GreatApeNiggy’s new CoonTown through the use of redirects + other tactics. We have core guys like JewishNeoCon who made about 60 umbrella subs within one “Chimpire” + all the while we maintain a very active IRC channel that people know they can all come to whenever something happens so we can regroup very quickly. Reddit’s search feature can make finding us very easy also…/r/fatpeoplehate2 got about 5000 new members in a few hours before it was also banned. 
George_l_rockwell: It’s been all about making sure that we obeyed the Reddit site rules. /r/niggers broke too many rules, and we had to make sure that we would give the admins no reason to ban us.

EugeneNix: Sharp presentation, savvy moderators, and competent advertising. All we have to do is have our enemies shout loudly about us, and more people come to see what the ruckus is about.

Baba_OReilly: The key to CTs popularity is that it’s “enlightened entertainment.” The facts and statistics are hugely important, but people aren’t going to hang around long without a little “Razz-a-ma-Tazz” to make them chuckle. Let’s face it, Reddit is diversion, nothing more. If the plug was pulled on the whole thing tonight, the Grand Scheme wouldn’t even notice.
What are your feelings on black people? What are your feelings on other minority groups? What about the idea of a mixed-race society, a.k.a. diversity or multiculturalism, at all? Can it ever work?
Suspook: Diversity is disharmony. Racism is just a cause of a larger problem [read: diversity]. Diversity even transcends race at times as you can have different gangs culture clash over colors + have African Americans be seen as problematic when they decide to move to African countries [Example: Ghana]. Diversity can also run amok among religions, not just race. A muslim population in a former all non-muslim neighborhood can put pressure on delis + even fast food [check how many Taco Bell’s are completely Halal in UK now] to become strictly Halal. Muslims also will not do business in non-muslim banks + fracture the economic system there as a lot of them will just keep their money in their own homeland muslim banks. It says a lot also that leftist culture will cater to these people that they should be against [muslims + feminists/gays coexisting?…african rape statistics in foreign countries..] then again these are the same types of people who use self-hatred as a means to an end.

George_l_rockwell: I really don’t mind minorities as long as they are away from me. It’s when we all interact together in which I see the obvious flaws of multiracial societies. I have found that some minorities typically tend to be easier to interact with compared to others.

EugeneNix: I think blacks are more likely to be criminal and have lower IQs, statistically speaking. I think racial differences do exist, but blacks are the most markedly different. I think some temporary forms of “diversity” can work if it is a mostly homogeneous entity and the members not of the majority seek to assimilate themselves.

DylannStormRoof: I won’t say it can’t work. I will say that I’m tired of being on ground zero for this multiculturalism experiment. If blacks grouped up and killed each other off except for the top ~3% smartest, maybe they’d have a high IQ enough to “act white” (nigger expression for the standards of decorum whites have set) and live among us as civilians. In an ideal world, they’d be deported back to Africa except for the outlier blacks who have a high enough IQ and and are existing contributors to society, have never committed a violent crime and possess a job. Also interracial breeding would be outlawed to reduce further degeneration of the races.

Baba_OReilly: My only bone to pick is with the toxic, dysfunctional plague called the Negro race. I have no problem with any other group of people. Multiculturalism is a crock. “Different” and “good” are not synonyms.
Are you associated with any racialist groups or ideas, like White Supremacy, White Nationalism, National Socialism (Nazism) or Nationalism?
Suspook: I was only very loosely associated with the National Vanguard for a year in 2004.

EugeneNix: No, I find most of that laughable, but I’m a sympathizer of the American Renaissance faction of white nationalism. The others, the HAIL HITLER 1488 RACE WAR NOW types are fucking annoying and childish.

I think nationalism has some good ideas in it. I think it needs not be taken uber-seriously to the point where weirdness comes out of it.

Baba_OReilly: Nope. I don’t care about flags, Nazis, Hitler, KKK, jews, Stormfront, none of it. The problem is niggers and their white enablers.
On the political spectrum, where do you fall?
Suspook: Neo-Luddite/Nationalist/Iconoclastic/Ecofascist/Race Realist

George_l_rockwell: Center, to center right. Funnily enough, I’ve been banned from /r/conservative.

EugeneNix: Right-Wing.

Baba_OReilly: I’m a William F. Buckley Conservative. I’ll leave it to you to find my absorption line on the spectrum.
Why do this on Reddit? Isn’t Reddit… uhm… rather liberal, for this sort of thing? How many of your members do you think are liberal?
Suspook: We get liberals daily claiming how they cannot take it anymore + tell their stories about finally being honest with themselves/see the narrative of equality shatter before their eyes. We engage anyone to debate/argue/etc against us + we don’t ban people for much. I think it’s telling that you don’t see people actively engage us at all in a hugely leftist place, but rather you see people use throwaway accounts to support us + tell us their own personal stories due to the fact they are worried they might be attacked by their own for being traitors of some kind.

George_l_rockwell: Reddit has one of the largest userbases on the entire Internet. It would be stupid to not expose our ideas to as many people as possible. Sites like Stormfront simply fail to do that.

EugeneNix: Because it is utterly hilarious to see some effeminate, over-educated privileged white kid salivate out at us over his Starbucks wifi connection, him living in a 99% white area just furiously freaking out at the fact we exist.

I think we have a few liberal members. I believe JediMasterMaceDindu considers himself a liberal, but he’d have to say.

Baba_OReilly: I am frankly very surprised at the number of liberals on CT. I can only attribute it to their age.
In your ideal world, what would be done about your native land and its African population? Would you deport them? Reparations? Repatriation? Exile? Genocide? Or just strict racial roles and “day of the rope” for miscegenators?
Suspook: I think the world itself has a huge overpopulation problem. Compare populations of countries like Ethiopia + Nigeria to Germany in 2050. It’s alarming to say the least. Now, scientists say, the Earth is on the brink of a sixth such “mass extinction event” + it is directly being caused by humans. College degrees are already completely watered down to how many are given out when college should only be studied by the elite not the common idiot. Sterilizing felons + having a global attitude of more kids = more waste should be promoted. I think Bill Gates is totally out of line fighting diseases like malaria. One should view such diseases as natural defenses that the Earth has had for millennia just to control overpopulation/wasting natural resources/preventing the extinction of other fauna/flora in the area. I think Nationalism has its pros + cons too as it can secure borders tighter, but countries could see themselves get into population arms races. I personally feel the less people the better it is for Earth in general.
George_l_rockwell: In my ideal world, black Americans would face the option of being sent to Africa, OR mandatory sterilization and segregation.

EugeneNix: Deport the criminal blacks for sure. Promote abortion. Promote non-blacks (preferably mostly white) to have children. Implement eugenic programs for everyone.

I don’t think miscegenation is all that bad if it’s not happening on Brazil levels, and the offspring identity with the majoritarian population. Clearly how to have a mostly homogenous USA and Europe seems to be a huge problem now, as the marxists are playing racial genocide against whites.

I think whites should remain a majority population, especially in their own ethnic homelands. It’d be crazy to implement whites only laws, but when an ethnicity is displaced by hostile foreigners, it is alarming.

Baba_OReilly: My ideal world would be that every Negro (if there were any at all) would live in Africa. Second best: utterly complete segregation.

Why do you think Reddit has not banned you yet? Do you think /r/CoonTown serves as a kind of “mascot” for Reddit’s claim of having semi-free speech, to the point where it allows them to say, “See, we’re a free society, after all we allow /r/CoonTown!”
Suspook: We are probably the best moderated subreddit on the website just because we all realize we have a huge target on us. We obey the site rules 100%. I’m only guessing on their standpoints why they don’t want to ban us, but it could be they don’t want even more negative press/negative free speech angles directed at them or they do not want 15,000 users running loose over the rest of their website. They might see CoonTown as basically a confined prison…like yeah we got all the racists on the site + we all know where they are + they only post in this one place instead of peppering comments thru their other subreddits.

George_l_rockwell: I think the admins view us as a containment subreddit. They know that if we were to be banned, literally thousands of racists would start posting their opinions on default subreddits, which would be disastrous for their public image.

EugeneNix: Your guess is as good as mine. Could be what you said, could be the feds have asked them to not ban us to “monitor” us to justify budgeting.

Baba_OReilly: CoonTown is still here because we don’t break the rules. r/fatpeoplehate did.
Why do you think white people are afraid to discuss race? Do you think this is changing? How does /r/CoonTown contribute to this situation?
Suspook: Online leftists get off to Doxxing/Calling your work to out people for it. Being taught the equality myth in school certainly doesn’t help. Honestly, I think it’s so easy for other people to scream racist/bigot/how dare you + just react emotionally to someone who can’t just respond with statistics or facts off the top of their head to actually say WHY they feel the way they do on the fly. You just don’t see responses like “13% of the population, 52% of the homicide offenders. Goodbye.”

Suspook: Technology pacifies white people more than anything too. You’ll never see them actively give a fuck about what is truly happening to America as long as they have an internet connection/phone works/check email/Netflix is up. A metaphor I use often is that it’s parallels the destruction of Rome. One Roman asks another, “Did you hear how far the Barbarians came this morning?”...The Roman replies, “Yeah, it’s looking really bad..we still on tonight for the orgy?”…”Of course!” says the first Roman. Newer + newer technology creates shorter + shorter attention spans for people that they will only care about immediate pleasure. Emotion trumps logic now especially for the Millennial generation.

When white people are accused of being a racist, even though the chances of this happening in real life are very slim, you should at least practice/rehearse exactly what you would do if suddenly confronted by journalists/media in real life so you don’t make a mistake or say something that could ruin your life/etc.

If someone gets right up to your face with a camera it can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re a naturally nonverbal type of a person. I advise everyone of you to do an exercise where you think what you would say beforehand if ever confronted to avoid becoming a deer in the headlights. Even though it’s unlikely, preparing yourself for how you would act in such a situation is key.

The best thing you could probably do is not to speak to them at all because they are gonna edit/cut the film the way so they come off looking the best.

If you DO decide to talk just use short, coherent sentences, + don’t use defensive body language. Don’t cross your arms, they WANT you on the defensive + are out to intimidate you so what you have to do is just adopt a serious look, keep your eyes straight forward [don’t look down] + intimidate them right back.

Body language is extremely important when dealing with these types. Putting your hand behind your head can work because it’s gives you an aura of control. Crossing your arms is no good because you come off as feeling intimidated or afraid.

I urge every middle class white male/female to take the short amount of time just to think about what you’d do in a confrontational situation about your views in a real life situation. Don’t be defensive about it + say what you have to say. Be prudent, but be aggressive, almost walking a line.

Either you’re gonna talk or you’re not gonna talk + 90% of the time not saying a thing is best. But, if some news reporter just ambushes you on the street trying to intimidate you, just respond by telling him something like “if you want to talk to me about my political views...make an appointment + we’ll discuss them at a more suitable setting…how would you like it if I came down to the TV station you work + ask you why you’re such an asshole liberal or why do you believe blacks + whites can get along in the complete absence of evidence?”

Every white activist should just be mentally prepared + ready no matter how little the chance is of some impromptu interview + just be ready for it + have something important to say if you say anything. Don’t ever backpedal + come off as a man not someone who is running away or weak.

You must condescend to the media + it’s actually not hard to do + it’s pretty fun. If a man is gonna come up to you + call you a “hater” or a “racist” or something then he clearly has no respect for you, so do not show any respect to him. You don’t treat people how you want to be treated, you treat people based on their behavior towards you.

EugeneNix: People are afraid to discuss race because they might have black friends they like and don’t want to hurt feelings. Mostly, however, is the indoctrination that begins in preschool, even from a young age kids are indoctrinated to be good leftists It will continue on for the rest of their life.

DylannStormRoof: Because Americans have been brainwashed, starting from the year they entered public schooling. Improving the population’s reasoning skills will be to our benefit, statistics and scientific evidence are on our side. CoonTown offers a no-holds-bar forum for racial discussion involving niggers, no matter how offensive. I could say something completely true in one of the subreddits where debate commonly takes place (such as /r/changemyview or /r/news), but I’d had to chip away at the truth of my post to make it less-offensive and less-inflammatory, where it’s no longer the truth but a politically correct bastardization, lest I be permanently exiled from participating in future discussions and my post be censored.

Baba_OReilly: Bingo! I hope CT loosens people up to the idea that you can criticize niggers as much as white people are criticized. I see CT as a tiny little catalyst for people to see the truth. That the Negro race is anathema to civilization everywhere they go.
What is “cuck” and why do people say that many mainstream white figures are cuck?
Suspook: Cuckolds are a very small minority of inadequate social lepers void of logic. There is clearly an agenda if the media is championing an individual that simply mutilated his genitals by referring Cucklyn Jenner as “her/she” while outraged that a white female had the audacity to try to pass as black. Shouldn’t actual females take offense that Cucklyn is getting called a female when he never had to deal with menstrual cycles/pressure of being a woman/etc? You can look at ESPN also for covering a 17 week sport [American Football..mostly blacks] all year round while giving minimal attention to professional hockey [mostly European + white] even while playoffs were on basketball would take priority when it comes to coverage. Bella and The Bulldogs [kid’s show] on Nick was created by someone who actually made a movie called The Cuckold and another about an interracial family. I think it’s more of a social perversion than anything because I really don’t know anyone who legitimately buys into it in real life. I could see pronouns being banned as hate speech in 20 years though.

George_l_rockwell: Traditionally, a cuck is someone who allows his significant other to fornicate with another man right in front of his very eyes. Many mainstream white figures know about non white crime and how it negatively affects normal white people, and their refusal to speak out about this is comparable to a cuck who gets off to watching his girlfriend have sex with other men.

EugeneNix: Cuck is a good term for people who bend over to the left’s narrative, especially ones who are supposed to be detractors of the left.

Baba_OReilly: Cuck is short for cuckold. A cuckold is a man who will pay someone else to watch him fuck his wife. The analogy is spot on.
What is the content on /r/CoonTown like? Do you remove material that does not fit within this model?
Suspook: Headlines/news stories about up to date daily black crime, former SJWs posting stories about their own awakenings, discussions about politics, pictures of statistics, amusing images peppered in from time. I have only banned users that make death threats against blacks simply because we as a subreddit risk being banned if we allow such posts. Cucks will also post interracial porn from time to time also that I’ll delete. If someone wishes to engage us we allow it, if someone says they are black no problem. We have whites here, asians, hispanics, italians, english, irish, jews, + blacks themselves that are all regulars.

George_l_rockwell: Usually pictures and news stories of blacks, with occasional videos as well. Many of the videos are often uploaded by black people themselves.

EugeneNix: Ranges from hysterical dissent, to agent provocateurs, “I just hate black culture,” race-realists who have a racist sense of humor, to tattooed skinhead-types giving the roman salute to a picture of the Führer on their wall.

We mostly remove topics that have nothing to do with blacks, black crime, or SJW cuckoldry. Anything that follows the rules within topic comment sections is fair game.

Baba_OReilly: The content on CT ranges from funny cartoons to the absolute worst demonstrations of nigger depravity that even Satan couldn’t imagine. Take your pick!
What are you guys like in real life? If I met you on the street, would I think, “There goes a normal guy/gal,” or would I be having associations with basements, neckbeards, cumboxes and fedoras?
Suspook: I cannot speak for everyone as I have not met them in real life, but I’m normal. I travel often + enjoy drinking at bars. I’ve met many like-minded people from the internet online + it was easy going most of the time + not awkward.

George_l_rockwell: I imagine coontown is pretty diverse. I’m sure we have our basement dwellers, autists, and fedoras, but most people on this subreddit are likely just average looking people who you’d see on the street. You definitely would not tell that I was a moderator of Coontown if you passed me on the street.

EugeneNix: Normal dude, though I wouldn’t open the shoe box I’m holding.

Baba_OReilly: In real life, I am a college educated, 64 year old retired business owner (Audi repair shop). Married with a daughter on the Dean’s list in college. Clean shaven with a full head of brownish (still) hair. I live in a 15 year old, one and a half story house in an all white section of town. I drive a 16 year old Audi (in perfect shape) and my hobby is my two late sixties muscle cars.
Your forum sidebar says, “Race realism, pragmatism, and a sense of agency: the foundation of a proper society that lacks the negro plague. We are The Lion.” What is The Lion? Is this related to Nietzsche’s concept of the blonde beast? Why mention only the African-Americans, and not Hispanics, Asians and other minorities?
Suspook: I didn’t put that up, you’d have to ask whomever put that up I suppose.

George_l_rockwell: The Lion is really up to interpretation.

EugeneNix: I have no idea, I saw that video and saw some happy “white people smiling” volkisch shit and immediately X’d out of it.

It’s easier to focus on one thing and do it well. I think this way works best because it doesn’t become a WN-only circle jerk.

Baba_OReilly: I’m curious as to the notion that if I hate Negroes, that I must also hate other peoples and minorities. Listen closely to me here… I don’t hate the Vietnamese and they were trying to kill me.
Why do you think multiculturalism/diversity is so popular? What do people gain from it? How is it relevant to their lives?
Suspook: This is an excellent questions just because how it’s so promoted in the media + other European countries right now. Maybe it’s just such self hatred that everyone being the same is the only means to an end they can foresee? What possible gains are there other than a warped personal emotional satisfaction that you think you’re doing good? Certainly isn’t healthy for the environment/crime/self identity/pride. I really do not know why, but I know there is $$ in hustling it. Look how much $ Sharpton has pimping out race. Soros gave millions to the organizers of the Ferguson protests if I remember right also. I think it could be because whites become so vilified if they ever speak up against diversity/multiculturalism that they just don’t risk it. White flight cannot last forever, the earth is only so big, but hopefully it doesn’t get to that point.

George_l_rockwell: The vast majority of people in this world are what we call “lemmings”. They mindlessly go about their days, and they let their televisions do their thinking for them. Allowing for mass media and democracy was a ridiculous mistake, as it allows for those who control the mass media to shape the opinions of the vast majority of people. Most people tend to support diversity because they’ve been brainwashed all their lives to believe it. If the media told them that blacks were inferior, they would believe that blacks are inferior.

EugeneNix: The (cultural) marxists of the 50’s used incrementalism to change the political zeitgeist, and mass media pushes a narrative. Most mainstream conservatives have to take very watered down positions because they don’t want to be labeled the “r word.”

For the most part it’s people repeating happy words and phrases to themselves so they feel better about having a very safe set of beliefs.

Baba_OReilly: People are stupid. I’m here to enlighten them.
What will you do if Reddit bans this sub?
Suspook: We have had over 140 unique users in my IRC channel at one time. As long as we have our main core of users a ban won’t hurt. Before CoonTown was even in existence I knew that one day it would be banned for probably no real reason so I’ve been telling important members they should join my IRC channel whenever the ban goes down so we can discuss where to go from there.

George_l_rockwell: I’ll join the Coontown IRC

EugeneNix: Will certainly be interesting for you guys to find out ;).

Baba_OReilly: CT gets banned? LOL! The World Wide Web wasn’t even invented until I was 40. I’ll survive somehow.

Zandria Robinson: The Face of Affirmative Action in Academia

via Theden

Zandria Robinson
Former University of Memphis professor Zandria Robinson made headlines again last month for her posts on social media. Her most recent outbursts, captured by the blog SoCawlege, concerned the shooting in Charleston, SC.

In one of these tweets, she insisted that “whiteness” is equivalent to terrorism:


In another, she explains that mass shooters like Roof are simply doing what whites are “conditioned” to do:


When attempts to contact the University of Memphis about these statements were met with the announcement that Zandria Robinson no longer worked for that school, early reports surmised that she—like so many others in our polarized political landscape—had been fired for her ill-advised outbursts. But more recent information suggests that she had, in fact, been hired by a more prestigious Memphis institution instead: Rhodes College.

Rhodes College is well-aware of her online behavior. In a statement the school released about her hiring, they called her comments “sometimes provocative, controversial, debatable.”

The question of “What if the races were reversed?” should be familiar to anyone on the Right. And the answer in this case is obvious. If a white professor were to suggest that (statistically far more common) black gunmen were merely acting how their culture conditions them to act (even though, with how routinely hip hop glorifies gang violence, he would have a much stronger argument than Robinson), would his comments be called controversial and “debatable”? Or would he instead be hounded out of academia as a hateful bigot, a virulent racist, a pariah to educated society? Would he continue blithely ascending the ladder of a successful professorial career, securing an appointment at a higher-tier school? Or would he never again get a job, even at a community college?

Ironically enough, Robinson’s earlier social media tirade was on affirmative action in higher education. In that series of tweets, she threatened anyone who dared to think that blacks receive preferential treatment in academia, even if they did so “in jest.” Yet her entire career seems to consist of parroting tired Cultural Marxist talking points dressed up in just enough of the Southern black phraseology that peppers her online bio and blog to make it seem “authentic.” And despite such apparent mediocrity, she nevertheless enjoys immunity from her episodes of Twitter incontinence simply because she’s part of two designated victim classes: blacks and women. So the takeaway is that she herself is a testament to the affirmative action that she so vehemently denies.

In Zandria Robinson’s world, she has carved her own way in a white supremacist society that is ready to oppose her and her people with deadly violence rather than cede them a spot at the table. In reality, though, she’s living proof that the leftists who run higher education will bend over backwards to accommodate people from “oppressed minorities,” regardless of how insipid are their ideas or how unprofessional their behavior.

Propaganda, Part 2

via Western Spring

Following from my first article of this series, in which I made the observation that the nationalist cause often fails to attract enough support because it fails to offer the public anything more than bad news, I shall now examine the various propaganda media at our disposal and analyse where we should go from here.

Democratic Parties

As observed by the nationalist blogger John London, our movement has two essential strands: nationalist; and post-nationalist.

Fundamentally, the difference between the two is based upon a perception of symbols: the ‘nationalist’ seeks to return our nation to the circumstances of the past, to a time when our nation was once strong; while the ‘post-nationalist’, accepting that the nation of the past no longer exists, or is irredeemably damaged, seeks to construct a new identity that transcends the past with a view to creating a better, Whiter future.

Both camps tend to regard the democratic party as a useful tool.

For ‘nationalists’, democratic participation is symbolic of Anglo-Saxon fairness and they believe our democratic institutions are merely in need of reform. Their belief is that following reform, we will be able to once again prosper as a free, independent, democratic nation. They do not understand that the democratic process and democratic ideologies such as egalitarianism, have no defence against the corrupting influence of multiculturalism — nationalists are forced into attempting to communicate with the masses using democratic language — while the mainstream parties, better able to convince the voters due to their alliance with the mass media, can misrepresent our message to a point where it becomes polemical in the minds of the brainwashed herd.

Similarly, the post-nationalist relationship with democracy is often just as flawed. Acknowledging that due to the stupidity or lack of perception the masses, a democratic nationalist party cannot win an election, many post-nationalists still hold the belief that we can use elections as a recruitment tool to build a vanguard for a revolution. In my view, this is foolish in the extreme.

By their nature, democratic parties are composed of a wide spectrum of people, most of whom are infected with the ’moderate’ beliefs of democracy: such as the belief that the general will of the population has a higher objective value than the informed and considered opinions of an educated minority; such as the need to reform the system rather than change it completely, and so on.

Rivalry between the ‘moderate democratic’ wing of a party and the ‘hard-core’ who are intent on radical change, democratic parties inevitably break apart along ideological lines, or even worse, water down their message to appease ‘moderate public opinion’, thereby taking the teeth out of the struggle and demoralizing our more dedicated, audacious elements.


Demonstrations are a far cry from listening to some dull, academic lecture at a political party meeting. They can be fun and offer an opportunity to travel the country and sometimes the world, and this in itself is attractive to some of the more adventurous elements among our people. They have a downside however: Special Branch use them as an opportunity to observe and document each attendee as a potential threat to the state. Also, despicable organisations such as Searchlight do the same thing. Demonstrations are hot.

Their effect on public consciousness can be impaired depending upon the type of people who attend them. I’ll be honest: a skinhead boot-boy might be a nice guy, but the aesthetic isn’t going to appeal to our target audience: the brightest, toughest, and most audacious members of our race. Skinhead culture died out in the 80s, and it belongs there. We need to discard that image completely.

Recently, Nick Grifford of White Independent Nation suggested that in demonstrations we mimic carnival tactics such as those employed by the Notting Hill Carnival, various Gay Pride marches, and Fathers For Justice, and I agree.

Instead of ineffectually shouting nationalist slogans at a brainwashed public, we should dress up in the traditional clothing of our ancestors and use demonstrations as a colourful and dramatic celebration of our rich heritage. The public will want to be included in such events and once involved, the political education can follow at a later date.

With planning, these types of demonstrations and the speeches afterwards could be posted all across social media and this could offer us a broad canvas to work from. If we truly are the people we think we are there is no reason why we can’t make these events so appealing that they manage to have an impact upon the public consciousness and offer us the human material we need to have a proper movement – without, of course, having to pretend we believe in democracy and all that it stands for.


As discussed in my first article, we need to offer the prospective nationalist a plan. You can’t present somebody with a barrage of bad news and then expect that person to be motivated enough to find a solution to your hideous message; it’s insane.

Meetings, are needed and I think they’re the main reason why people still cling to the idea of a democratic political party as a vehicle for our racial salvation, because all democratic parties offer the prospective nationalist the chance to meet up with and socialise with others who are also sick of multiculturalism. However, why not have such meetings without having to become immersed in the futile and demoralising process of electioneering in which your party receives a derisory vote and is defeated time and time again by the corrupt establishment puppet parties?

Jez Turner’s London Forum meetings are a massive step in the right direction, but we need more; much, much more. We also need to find a way of getting sympathetic people into these meetings and find a way of tutoring these people with the core strategies of our struggle and then offering them a position where they can utilize whatever abilities they have for our common racial good. If we continue to see the same faces all the time, what’s the point in meetings anyway? A real movement is constantly expanding; a social club stays the same.

My suggestion is that we have in our target areas, a themed demonstration every six months where we advertise our meetings and then see how many people turn up. Once there, our speeches explain our racial peril and then we have a series of speeches that offer solutions to our race’s current problems such as White enclaves, home schooling, and all-White businesses. Our efforts should be targeted at recruiting the best of the attendees into our movement — quality over quantity!

I believe we need these radical changes in our approach if we are to succeed. Already, our capital city is majority non-White and the pathologies of the Third-World are becoming more and more common on the streets of a nation that we can no longer say is ours. We have to offer our people a plan of action – embodying our truly revolutionary creed – and provide them with a path to follow that will lead them to salvation. We can do this, we must do this, but we need to understand that it isn’t going to be easy and many of us are going to have to make sacrifices.

If nothing changes we face extinction. We White people who care about our race, are the only ones who can and will do anything about it. It’s up to us, it’s all or nothing!

The Attack on Confederate Flag is Cultural Genocide!

via DavidDuke.com

The attack on the Confederate flag is spurred on by vicious racist hatred and amounts to nothing more than cultural genocide against people of European descent in the South, in America and around the world.

People of European descent are being relentlessly attacked. Our history and heroes, our values and principles are all under a relentless hatred of the Zio Media in America and around the world.

First and Foremost it must be understood that the Confederate flag is not a symbol of slavery! Those who revere it do not revere it because slavery existed in the South any more than Americans revere the American flag because it flew over states that had slavery in the North during the War.

Southerners and Patriotic Americans revere the Confederate flag and the honor of men like Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis because they are part of American history, and because they were men of honor who strove for accepted principles of freedom valued around the world.

The United States of America was founded on the principle that every people has the right to be free, to chose and determine their own government. This is exactly what the people of the South did. They felt exploited by the Capitalist bankers and Industrial robber Barons of the North who were taking economic and social policies that they believed were harming the Southern people.

The men who fought for the South such as the noble Robert E. Lee said it time and again that he believed slavery would be ended, that he was not fighting for slavery but for the freedom of the Southern people. That since they overwhelmingly voted for their independence, that they had the right to be independent just as the colonies evoked that same right.

Ninety-six to ninety-seven percent of Southerners did not have slaves and far from benefiting from slavery, Southern working men were harmed by the institution which degraded the value of their free labor.

It was not just the spiritual leader of the South, Robert E. Lee who pointed out that slavery had no part of his motivation, Abraham Lincoln himself said again and again that the war was not fought about slavery, but about his concept of the Union. Ironically, Lincoln himself in the 1850s wrote extensively that the South and that any people, just as the American people always have the right to form their own government if they so chose, it is the essence of freedom.

Southerners called the “Civil War” the “War of Northern Aggression”because they did not want war and they did not seek to subjugate the North or the whole of America, they simply wanted to go their own way, a right that should be accorded to every people who overwhelmingly choose to be free and independent.

In the years after the war, Lee and Davis were celebrated and honored by both the South and the North as honorable men who were part of the great tapestry of the American nation. Their busts and statues can be found in our nation’s capital as well as in prominent places all over the North as well where they were honored as men of principle, whose cause was lost but who became part of our storied American history.

In truth the attack on the Southern people and the heroes of Southern history is nothing more than a vicious racial attack on all Europeans everywhere. Already, even the father of America, George Washington himself has had his name taken down from schools and buildings as a slaveholder. The same is true of the noble man who wrote our Declaration of Independence and gave us our sacred Bill of Rights in our Constitution, Thomas Jefferson.

Finally, it should be said that all people now hold slavery as a despicable institution but to single out one race, one people, or one political entity for it is nothing more than hateful racism in itself. Does one need to ask why that is so?

In fact every race and tribe, every nationality, every governmental in the long sweep of history existed along slavery. Slavery may have existed the the United States of America for about 90 years and about 5 years in the entity of the Southern Confederation, but slavery has existed for at least 9,000 years in the history of mankind! If the South or for that matter the United States or the European American people much be condemned for the institution, then every race must be condemned for much longer and much more brutal examples of it.

If one people, one race, is condemned for a history which is actually universal history, that is the promotion racism and racial hatred! It is intolerant and hateful.

The sick and traitorous Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans has announced he wants to destroy one of new Orleans most beautiful, historical landmarks, the statue of Robert E. Lee at Lee’s Circle.

This attack isn’t just on Lee and the Confederacy, it is a vicious attack on every European American who respects our heritage, traditions and culture.

There is a Marxist, oppressive government coming to the United States, but there are many who are now waking to it, and will stand up legally, and peacefully, honorably and dutifully to defend our people and our precious heritage… Dr. David Duke

Dear White Christian America: I Told You So

via TradYouth

If you stand for Faith, family and
folk the globalist elite has an
answer for that . . . Big Brother
A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’” — St. Anthony the Great

If you stand for Faith, family and folk the globalist elite has an answer for that… Big Brother is watching.

The moment when you can tell someone “I told you so” is almost always a bittersweet one. In my years of public advocacy for Faith, family and folk I have often been told by conservatives, reactionaries and assorted factions in my own movement that I needed to “stop being so radical” and that I was some form of a modern-day chicken little claiming that the social, cultural and demographic sky was falling.

After the events of just the last few weeks in America, I think anyone with even the slightest interest in politics and issues of Faith can see that the sky over the American Empire truly is beginning to fall. This fall is not some Mad Max-style breakdown like the Alex Jones and survivalist types think it will be, instead we are facing a ramped up assault on all forms of Identity, heritage and Christian Tradition.

I have long said that secession is the only vehicle in which we can preserve our Identity and Faith while many have told me that reform is possible. There cannot be any reform within the American System because the very notion of America is based upon rebellion against hierarchy, the Christian Faith and national identity. While the Tsars of Russia followed a motto of “Autocracy, Orthodoxy, and nationality,” a motto of a true organic and God-fearing nation, America believes in the Enlightenment-era philosophy of “democracy, secularism and globalism.”

You cannot fix a building with a cracked foundation, and current political trends show that no political power can save or reform America. I have been saying that America is beyond redemption for years now, and hopefully you, dear readers, have come to realize that.

The enemy is bringing together hordes of lawyers, the combined international media, activists, and the full weight of the Federal government to crush Traditionalists and wipe us out, lock, stock and barrel. The end of our ability to live in the American Empire is nigh my brothers and sisters and I hate to say it, but I told you so.

The American Empire is built upon the false notion of a proposition nation, radical individualism, and a worship of money above all else. Modern Western society is a fever dream of nihilism in which any form of organic society or Traditional religious beliefs are attacked as being fringe or fundamentalist, while perversions and an endless parade of degeneracy, abortion, drug abuse, and self-worship are celebrated as precious “choices.”

Globalist elites will not make peace with those who simply wish to wish on the outskirts of American society and cling to our families, Bibles and guns. There is no room in America for us to “opt out” of the American society. The enemy smells blood in the water and is coming for everything that we hold dear. No matter what the Republicans or other reactionaries tell us, the Thought Police are headed to your door if you decide to continue living as a slave in this corrupt anti-Christ regime.

Regardless of your views on race or ethnic Identity, if you share views contrary to globalism you are in the gun sites of the globalists. If you think that your children should be taught Biblical principles at home with their family instead of being taught about sodomy and the homosexual movement, you are an enemy of the State. One such example is a family in Florida where both parents were charged “with 10 misdemeanors for what the state says equates to failing to educate their eight children” because they decided to home-school their children. Even if you just want to grow organic produce on your property with the very rain that God sends down onto your privately owned land, guess what? You are looking at jail time, just ask Gary Harrington who “has begun serving a 30-day jail sentence after he built three reservoirs on his property to collect rainwater.

Even if you are just a conservative Bible-believing Christian, you are looking at having your life and finances ruined by the System for standing up for your religious values. One such case happened just a few days ago when a Christian couple was fined $13,000 for not wanting to host a homosexual “wedding” on their property. The Gifford family was set up by homosexual activists to attempt to discredit and destroy their business. “The phone call, according to the appeal, was secretly recorded by the lesbian couple, who was apparently aware before they made the call that the Giffords did not host same-sex weddings on their property. A legal battle ensued after the lesbian couple filed a discrimination complaint  and a judge last summer ordered the Giffords to pay $10,000 to the government and $3,000 to the same-sex couple.”

In modern America, you are not allowed to hold a Christian worldview and quietly bunker down to raise your children or run a small business. The Left is actively hunting down any dissenting voices to their degenerate and satanic agenda. They will use shaming in the media, legal harassment, and “direct action” personal harassment to destroy your ability to provide for your family, lawsuits to cripple you and even get you sent to prison or soon, and law enforcement to control and break all resistance. The enemy has launched a Total War against Traditionalists of every type in America, and I hate to say it… but “I told you so.”

One such example of the globalists attempting to destroy Faith, family and folk is the current policy of following the Orwellian model of making our heroes and ancestors “unpersons.” In George Orwell’s novel 1984 dissidents were not just killed or made to disappear, any record of their very existance was wiped out of public and private record. This is the battle being waged against Confederate symbols, including veterans cemeteries and war monuments. It is not enough to demonize our culture in yearly propaganda pieces in the media, or teach false history to our children in government schools, the enemy wants total victory against Traditionalists by rewriting the past so that they can fully control the future.

The Left is attempting to make our symbols, holidays and heroes disappear because these icons of resistance to tyranny and a link to the past could inspire a revolutionary spirit among our people. To know that breaking free of the chains of the Empire is an option is something that the System cannot allow our people to know.

Just like in Orwell's 1984 in the Soviet Union if a person fell of our favor with the regime and was killed, he became an unperson.
Just like in Orwell’s 1984 in the Soviet
Union if a person fell of our favor with
the regime and was killed,
he became an unperson.
The tragedy in Charleston is being used not as an opportunity to find ways to solve racial tension and problems in America, but instead it is being used as an opportunity for the radical Left and their conservative shoe-shine boys in the Republican Party to launch a full court press against not just the symbols of White–specifically Southern–Identity.

The Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of hundreds of thousands of men who gave life and limb in the defense of their society, their families, and their Homeland. The flag is a symbol of men being willing to put it all on the line and suffer unimaginable hardship on the field of battle and in horrific prison camps for their beliefs and Traditions. The Confederate battle flag also represents the millions of Southern women and children who suffered starvation and deprivation to support the war effort to make the Southland a free nation.

The Confederate Battle Flag has flown for over one hundred and fifty years as a proud symbol of a unique people, the Southern people. I do not ask or expect other ethnic communities to give the same reverence to the flag that my people do, just as I could not properly appreciate with the proper depth the symbols of another people. However, I do feel that honoring our war dead and the values of the men who fought for Dixie should be respected and held up as paragons of Christian virtue. The Confederate soldier followed the call in John 15:13 of “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

The Traditionalist worldview toward ethnic differences is to respect each individual people expressing their history and their culture within their own communities. In a Traditionalist world, Confederate symbols would be honored and revered in the South while the feelings of White liberals in New York or San Francisco would be irrelevant.

My message to other communities is leave my extended family alone, you have your own Identity and you should follow it, not spend your time desecrating the memory of my ancestors and attempting to rewrite history.
In modern America though, there can be no tolerance for dissenting worldviews or narratives. It’s an unending march for “equality” under a globalist banner in which every people has been stripped of their past, their present, and their future. The globalists wish to steamroll Identity, history, and Tradition throughout the globe. From the dusty streets of Palestine to the shores of Cuba and here in the land of Dixie, all national and cultural Identities are under attack.

Those who believe that Conservative Inc can save us must only take a look at the current political situation to know that the reactionaries will actively work against us, not for us. The Republican Governor of South Carolina and of Alabama could not wait to jump in line with the Democrats and various outside agitator groups to win political correctness points by spitting upon the memory of the Confederate war dead. CNN reported that “Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has directed that four Confederate flags be taken down from a Confederate memorial at the state capitol. Bentley’s order comes just two days after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley asked state lawmakers to remove the flag from her state’s capitol… the move [of the flags from the memorial] will be permanent.

Conservatives were only too happy to tear down Confederate flags from veterans memorials, what makes you think they won't do that to every symbol of Faith and Tradition?
Conservatives were only too happy to tear
down Confederate flags from veterans
memorials, what makes you think they won’t
do that to every symbol of Faith and Tradition?
The majority of Southerners in a wide variety of polls have said they want the flags to remain at the various monuments to Confederate veterans throughout the South, but the conservative political class care more about their supposed “legacy” than the wishes of their constituents or their duty to uphold the gallant sacrifices of their ancestors. Throughout America, a majority of Americans accept the media narrative against the flag with “57% of Americans see the flag more as a symbol of Southern pride than as a symbol of racism” Polls, votes, and most importantly, the Truth, are irrelevant to a political class who care more about the shekels deposited in their reelection funds than standing for any sort of principles.
Taking down Confederate flags from veterans’ memorials is especially reprehensible because these flags are not political statements, they are posted at memorials specifically dedicated to the men who fought and died underneath that flag in service to the Confederacy. If there is any place the flag of an army should fly on our soil, it is at the graves and monuments of the soldiers who were willing to give their lives underneath that flag. The Confederate Battle Flag is specifically a soldier’s flag, not the flag of the Confederate government, a flag for the armed forces of the CSA. While I wholeheartedly support the Confederate ideals, even those who are opposed to the Confederacy should have some semblance of respect for these soldiers.

I believe that the graves of the soldiers of the Red Army should fly a Hammer and Sickle flag over their graves and monuments, the Indians who fought the American settlers should have tribal flags displayed, and any soldier regardless of their Cause should be given respect in death and honored the same as any other soldier who fell in service to a nation or ideology that they were willing to die for. That is a key difference between Traditionalism and globalism. Traditionalism is based in respect and dignity for all peoples and cultures while honoring history, while globalism desires to create a human population utterly reliant on consumerism and atheism where no group has any form of expression for their unique triumphs, sacrifices, and Identities.

The eye of America will never stop hunting you and your family.
The eye of America will never stop
hunting you and your family
I proudly fly my Confederate flag to honor my ancestors, right next to my Southern nationalist flag, and this is why the globalists must destroy any display of the flag even in graveyards or at monuments, any living pride in our Confederate ancestors could be enough to spark people to realize that the values of localism and secession could be the fix to our current political and social situation. Only through secession can we hope to keep the memory of our ancestors alive and bring to fruition the dream they died for.

America has become the new Babylon. The Jewish-led banking and media elite set the tune, but traitors among every ethnic group, especially Whites, are more than happy to betray their God, their Identity, and their extended family for the sake of praise, profit, and power. The government is actively persecuting those who think they can bunker down and hide from the System.

Soon our priests and pastors will be taken to jail for refusing homosexual “marriage” ceremonies in the House of the Lord, our churches will be bankrupted through endless lawsuits and cries of discrimination, our children will be carted off to government reeducation centers in the name of promoting “equality” and “social justice.” There is nowhere left to hide from the Eye of  America.

Through a centralized police State infrastructure we already know that our phone calls, emails, web searches, and even the books we check out at the local library are monitored by the American regime. The noose around the neck of White Christians who only wish to be left alone will keep tightening until people realize that we cannot coexist as citizens of a regime that hates our history, our ancestors, our people, and our Traditions.

The only path forward is secession. We must become free from the Satanic American regime that revels in its sins. America has enshrined the murder of over fifty million babies as “freedom”, the Supreme Court has called degeneracy and sin a “civil right” while they stand by and let God’s definition of marriage be mocked. The judgment coming to America will be righteous and it will be severe because as Scripture tells us in Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” We must stand up for the sanctity of life, of Biblical values, and the right of every people to have their own Traditions and Homelands, free from globalist imperialism and moral degeneracy.

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos said “Difficult times are ahead. Great trials await us. Christians will suffer great persecutions. Meanwhile, it’s obvious that people don’t understand that we’re on the verge of the end times, that the seal of the Antichrist is becoming a reality.” We are facing the end of days my brothers and sisters, so say so many of the blessed Saints. It is with this mindset we must band together to stand for the Truth, no matter what the cost.

The Left and Conservative Inc will not stop their move to control every aspect of our lives. They desire to take away our ability to educate our children, to be able to have businesses in which we have morals, take away our ability to worship our God and keep His commandments and they even strive for the total demographic destruction of unique ethnic groups.

Every century has a battle between different worldviews and the battle of the 21st century is globalism versus nationalism. Nationalism and the creation of organic communities that respect the dignity of every person and our Traditions is something we should all we willing to fight for. This struggle is global, for the rights and dignity of every ethnic and cultural group to have a right to self-determination. For us in America, our only hope is to use our political organization to break free from America and her globalist masters.

Secede to survive brothers and sisters, for if we do not; ourselves and our families will suffer under the boot-heel of a regime that hates us, hates God, and wishes to eradicate all that is good from the Earth. The enemy will not stop, they will not accept compromises or pleas, only through breaking free can we ensure our children and generations to come can live healthy lives, both physically and spiritually.

We must chart a new course for our people and for every people. Trust me on this, I’d hate to have to say “I told you so” again.