Jul 23, 2015

When the Lie Is the Law and the Truth Is a Crime

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. . . by John Kaminski

When I first heard that ex-Gen. Wesley Clark was calling for the indefinite detainment of people who disagreed with the policies of the U.S. government, I immediately called my travel agent. OK, they don’t have travel agents anymore, but he imagines he’s one. If the government was going to arrest everyone who opposed what it was doing, I would definitely need to hightail it out of here.

Then I actually heard the actual statement by Clark, and calmed down a little. He was talking about Muslims shooting off guns in the United States and killing Americans, so at that point I felt a little better about the remark he made. And if he wanted to include undocumented illegal aliens who rape and kill Americans, I would feel better about it still.

Even better yet would the death penalty for all dual citizens of any country, because dual citizenship is treason by definition.

What made me queasy initially about the Clark remark was when I first heard of it,  Clark was proposing everybody opposed to U.S. government policies should be put in jail and held indefinitely, and if that is ever going to be imposed on the American people, I’d be out of this country in a day and half because I am definitely opposed to U.S. government policies, and I already know that our megalomaniac president has already written an executive order claiming he can arrest anyone he wants and kill them if he likes without ever offering an explanation.

So America as we have known is definitely a thing of the past. The U.S. is now the 21st century version of the Soviet Union, with Jews running everything, just like in the days of the gulags. America has its own gulags now. They’re called FEMA camps.

Now, America is just a bloodthirsty war machine looking to steal everyone’s valuables, including those of its own citizens.

But the whole gist of what the estimable ex-Gen. Clark was saying was wrong. (Despite his Wasp name, Clark is descended from a long line of rabbis; he also commanded the incineration of the Branch Davidians at Waco.)

Except for visitors from other countries who are here for a short period of time, everybody who is in America permanently should be an American, no matter where they’re from. If someone is an American who is working against American interests, they should be kicked out, not put in jail (Jonathan Pollard excepted; he should never get out; in fact, he should still be executed).

Which leads us to a broader view of the whole question of who it is actually working against American interests.

The people who oppose the policies of the U.S. government should be left alone and listened to for the legitimate criticism they have. The people who create and implement the policies of the U.S. government are the ones who should be put in jail, for the incalculable crimes they have committed against the American people and the peoples of the world.

The U.S. government is a bunch of crazed, Jewish-controlled mass murderers who are even willing to rob and kill their own fellow countrymen for a modest profit. Every cop in America should be fired for not blowing the whistle on these psychopaths. The people running the U.S. government have slowly sabotaged the American republic throughout the 20th century, and currently are pillaging the world — no, not for the benefit of the American people, but to send tribute to their masters in Israel, who plan on the destroying the U.S. once they have destroyed all their immediate neighbors in the Middle East.

The entire Bush administration should be put in jail for letting 9/11 happen, then lying about it, then lying some more to create wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that never needed to happen. What are the penalties for the mass murder of a million people for reasons that today are easily provable as premeditated? Bush and his twisted flunkies should suffer the worst possible penalties. Instead, his sinister baby brother is running for president. As a signer of the notorious PNAC document, Jeb Bush should also be in jail.

If Wesley Clark wanted to put me jail for saying that, he would be proving what I have been saying for a long time. If you try to tell the truth in this upside down world today, they put you in jail; whereas, if you’re willing to lie about current events and assist in the needless deaths of many hundreds of thousands of people, you’re liable to get very, very rich.

Your choices today are to believe the government’s fairy tales or be imprisoned indefinitely. This is the Wesley Clark way, no doubt enthusiastically endorsed by our illegal alien homo president Barack Obama, whose entire administration should also be put in jail for multiple  cases of mass murder and funneling millions to his friends for no particular reason (I know, everybody does it).

Even though Americans have been propagandized to believe Muslims are trying to take over the world (which like most other religions, they actually might be trying to do), the truth of the matter is that they have plenty to complain about concerning the criminal campaign of the United States and Israel to destabilize and ravage all Islamic countries throughout the world.

You only have to consider the wreckage of nations that have been attacked by the Jewish war machine to realize Muslim counterattacks, no matter how symbolic they might be, are utterly justified. Would that Americans themselves have the moxie to oppose their corrupt government as bravely as those who are willing to risk everything to protest the criminal carnage that most Americans willingly ignore.

You only have to realize that Muslims were falsely blamed for 9/11, and understand who was really responsible for it.

Think of all the dead innocents in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere that have been caused by this bogus War on Terror, when the terror itself is generated by U.S. war machine directed by Jew psychopaths, and most Americans pretend it’s not even happening.

And Wesley Clark, who has done his share of unconscionable murdering in both Serbia and Texas, has the nerve to say those who oppose this homicidal rampage that has the whole world intimidated by fear, that they should be jailed indefinitely or worse, well, that’s what America has become, not America at all, only the newest version of the Jewish Soviet Union, in which the new gulags are called FEMA camps, and where the protections of the Constitution, which were once the envy of the world, are now just a long forgotten fantasy.

Hear more about Wesley Clark’s recommendation to put truth tellers in prison and other atrocities of the New World Order on Clayton Douglas’s Free American show at

“We’re in danger from the very people we are trying to warn,” because they refuse to believe that Jews control America and are busily working to destroy it.”

Review of 'For My Legionaries'

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Corneliu Codreanu with his wife, Elena Ilinoiu
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
For My Legionaries
Introduction by Kerry Bolton; Historical Overview by Lucian Tudor; with new appendices and photographs.

London: Black House Publishing, 2015

Both George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World made competing predictions about the dystopian control of the human spirit. In many ways, the post-WWII world was one in which the Soviet regime attempted Orwell’s more direct and punitive strategy, while the Atlanticist regime attempted Huxley’s chocolate factory of distractions and temptations.

Huxley’s dark vision prevailed, and we live in a world of entertainment, gamification, pharmaceutical enhancement, and self-gratification perhaps beyond what even Huxley feared. America’s Jewish publishing industry has pointedly chosen to avoid publishing Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s damning 200 Years Together, . . . and Americans are too distracted to care.

When an American envisions the censorship of ideas, he imagines Nazis burning piles of books or Soviet dissidents surreptitiously passing around their samizdat screeds. We rarely envision the more effective and efficient form of censorship we Americans were subjected to in the 20th century, wherein a Jewish and liberal capitalist elite controlled our society’s academic and cultural chokepoints so decisively that the American mind never pondered dissent in the first place.

The Internet has definitively broken the monopoly on the American mind, though it’s taken decades for the consequences to manifest. It will take generations for the American mind to fully thaw from its deep freeze in the lifeless and narrow spectrum of ideologies which had been permitted by our oligarchs.

I vividly remember reading Corneliu Codreanu’s For My Legionaries in a poorly translated PDF file, devoid of historical or philosophical context. It is only through having read René Guénon and Julius Evola beforehand that I was capable of fathoming such a radical departure from the Modern worldview. Here was a firsthand tale of a man who eschewed all earthly comforts and pleasures in pursuit of an ideal transcending himself, completely sublimating his will to the service of his faith, family, and folk.

For My Legionaries is the single most important book in my own development, as it breathed life into the Radical Traditionalist abstractions spelled out in more academic terms by Guénon and Evola. Codreanu’s life and work may have been cut tragically short, and the Romanian nation he offered his life for may have suffered unspeakable humiliations under the heels of Jewish Bolshevism and cannibal capitalism. But when one lives a truly symbolic life, one earns an eternal life in the perennial struggle for that ideal, and Codreanu’s fight carries on in the hearts and minds of every man and woman inspired by his words and deeds.

Codreanu was defeated rather early on, betrayed by both the corrupt monarchy and cowardly clergy who infested the symbolic institutions of Monarchy and Church that he stood for against the evils of democracy and atheism. Therein lies perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from Codreanu’s tragic life; be wary of the individuals and institutions which are whited sepulchers of identity and tradition: cowardly, conniving, and corrupt vipers in crowns and cassocks.

As James O’Meara accurately noted in his previous review, “The Death Team,” For My Legionaries isn’t necessarily the most straightforward or well-organized read. This is to be expected, as Codreanu was a street fighter and a leader of men rather than an academic. There was much lost on me in my first reading. Fortunately, Black House Publishing’s exhaustive inclusion of a Historical Background and an expanded Appendix which chronicles the man’s betrayal, murder, and legacy allowed me to understood what I was reading more fully this time around.

Even if you’ve already read it, the improvements and additions to the original are an excellent excuse to enjoy it again.

For My Legionaries, by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

For My Legionaries has finally received the treatment it deserves. The hardcover illustration of Italian artist Guido Reni’s The Archangel Michael masterfully captures the romantic ideal of spiritual warfare at the heart of Codreanu’s life and work. While I’m eternally grateful to whoever bothered to translate and release the sketchy PDF I originally pirated, the typesetting, editing, and footnotes provided in this edition are up to the professional standard that this classic deserves.

Contextual photographs are peppered throughout this edition, breathing intimacy and life into this historical account of an exotic and distant time and place. New Right luminary Kerry Bolton‘s foreword, “A Martyr’s Life,” helps explain how distinct this man was from the other political actors of his day:

The Legionary lived as an ascetic warrior-monk, fasting three days a week, praying, practicing celibacy, and working freely for the people. If the Life of Christ was the figure by which the Legionary strived to emulate, so too his Martyrdom was readily accepted, and that was the culmination of the life of Codreanu.

Last week, while entertaining some New Right company, conversation turned to a familiar subject, the subject of “practical politics.” My friend insisted that we need to set our sights on embracing the more entrenched elements of Modernity like democracy, individualism, and secularism in pursuit of our identitarian objectives. I conceded that while there’s definitely the necessity of working within the institutions and systems we’re entangled in, my struggle for Identity is propelled by and a parcel part of an overarching struggle for a transcendent vision which is fundamentally anti-democratic, anti-individual, and integrally spiritual.

He grinned and accused me of being “LARPy.” I grinned even more widely, reached over to my coffee table, held up my crisp new copy of For My Legionaries, and replied, “No. I’m a Legionary.”

What Really Happened at Sandy Hook?

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On the morning of December 14, 2012, 20 young children and six adults were murdered in a shooting spree by a gunman at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. As most of you know from the official account, the gunman was 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the emotionally troubled, homeschooled son of a gun-toting Republican mother with whom he lived alone and whom he also allegedly killed that day. Lanza’s frightening and bizarre photograph appeared in news outlets throughout the country for months after the event, which was the second deadliest shooting by a single person in U.S. history. He reportedly committed suicide at the school.

There are many anomalous details of this massacre, which so traumatized the entire nation. None of the children who died were evacuated from the school for medical treatment. They were immediately pronounced dead at the scene by police, not a doctor. Very few emergency personnel were permitted in the building. Although Lanza, who allegedly had Asperger’s Syndrome, was reported to be so clumsy by his father that he couldn’t even tie his own shoes, he proved to be an expert rifle marksman that day. The FBI took the unusual step of classifying information regarding the massacre; it did not classify details of the Columbine massacre and other school shootings. The state police did not issue its full report until 11 months later. Death certificates, autopsy reports and photographs of the dead children have never been released to the public. In the wake of the tragedy, Connecticut passed a law allowing police to deny death records to the public in homicide cases.

Both the school, which was in decrepit shape before the massacre, and the Lanza home have since been demolished entirely. Newtown received $50 million from the state to rebuild the school.

Most odd of all was the behavior of the parents of the dead children, who have collectively reaped many millions in donations and have traveled around the country promoting gun control. Some smiled and even laughed on camera in the days immediately following the tragedy. Some of the parents, it has since been revealed, have political and theatrical backgrounds. Francine and David Wheeler, the parents of Benjamin Wheeler, both have confirmed acting experience. After the massacre, Francine appeared on national TV during a presidential address to plead for gun control. She previously performed as an actress in children’s theater and worked as personal assistant to Democratic National Committee fundraising chairwoman, Maureen White.

The school nurse, who was in the building during this horrifying event, smiled during interviews with news reporters. A resident of the town who was interviewed can be seen holding his daughter firmly around the neck as he speaks, as if he is trying to restrain her. A neighbor who allegedly sheltered children the day of the massacre was caught rehearsing his lines on camera and gave blatantly conflicting stories to reporters.

These and other facts have led to “conspiracy theories” about Sandy Hook, an event which prompted the adoption of new gun control measures and recommendations for mandatory mental health screening for all American children and for heightened school surveillance. As more time has passed, these theories have become more and more compelling.

Until I viewed this two-hour video, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook,” a documentary compiled by independent journalists, I did not realize the scope of the case of those who say that Sandy Hook was a massive fraud perpetrated on the American public. I highly recommend it. It raises important questions and concerns that cannot be easily dismissed.

Honkies Be Trippin’

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“The Internet is a good filter. It’s a good way to find men who share some of your values. However, your friends on message boards and on social networking sites, scattered all over the world, are not going to be there for you when the proverbial shit hits the fan.” ~ Jack Donovan

Here’s my view of the Felicity Sharpe controversy, because, well, like all North Carolinians this summer, I’m not afraid to wade into shark-infested waters:

Last week sometime, I read an article on Trad Youth by an Australian named Felicity Sharpe.  It laid out her journey from Judaism into Christianity, then into an identitarian philosophy.  Matt Parrott, seemingly eager to establish an international presence for Trad Youth, allowed Felicity to start a local chapter in Australia.  Then, out of the blue (at least, it seemed that way to me) disgruntled Australian nationalists began venting on Trad Youth’s Facebook page, Trad Youth made a post that Sharpe was officially out, and Parrott disappeared from social media.

…the heck happened?

I texted with a distraught Matt Parrott the next morning.  Whatever his fault in this (and I respect all parties involved enough to admit I don’t have enough information to judge one way or the other), the guy is hurting and told me he plans to take a break from activism for awhile.

A ridiculously beautiful nationalist in Australia assured me that she and other local nationalists warned Parrott against associating with Sharpe, who, as it turns out, may have had ulterior motives.  The evidence seems to indicate that she planned on gaining status in Trad Youth to subvert the organization somehow.  Plus, she’s plain crazy, and who needs that?

I don’t know why Parrott chose not to listen to our Australian friends.  Knowing Parrott, I’m confident he didn’t have anything evil in mind and didn’t set out to offend anyone.  Nevertheless, feelings were hurt and honors were slighted.  I realize that Eric Striker’s article, published soon after the drama started, accusing the Australian nationalists of ineptitude in their activism and hypocrisy in their criticism of Parrott, poured gas on the fire.

Look mates (that’s Australian lingo for “friends”): I don’t agree with Eric’s article.  God knows I’ve attended plenty of events sponsored by jews, neo-cons, and Rainbow Confederates.  What place is it of mine to judge the strategies of activists in Australia?  I’ve got enough on my hands here in the American South.  I don’t need to worry about what’s happening on another continent (even though I wish you all the best and would help you if I’m ever able).

In the end, this is kind of what Trad Youth is all about.

Modernity is an evil religion and local affinity groups, with their own identities and group dignity, will grow up around it like vines and choke it out until, like all bricks that meet vines, it crumbles around us.  And this vision is far larger than Matt Parrott.  This vision is larger than Trad Youth.  And most importantly:  this vision will continue, even if the organizations, logos, and personalities involved change.

Maybe it was too ambitious of Trad Youth to try and influence Australian activism? Maybe it’s best for us to focus on our own localities first, before attaining international success?

Still, no matter what, tribal vines grow anywhere in the world and they wont be stopped by anyone or anything.

Trad Youth will march on our merry way then, doing our activist thing and spitting in the eye of modernity.

See you all at the next rally…

The Intellectual Roots of the American Left’s Emerging Totalitarianism


A recent incident in Wallingford, Connecticut, not far from where I grew up, caused VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow to comment: “Cultural Marxist totalitarianism is coming to an America near you.” A complaint was lodged with the local police that “hate” merchandise— Nazi and Confederate memorabilia—was being publicly exhibited and sold at a popular flea market.

Following a police investigation, an Anti-Defamation League official named Joshua Sayles expressed the view that “It’s unfortunate that under the law people have the right to sell these things; but it doesn’t mean they should sell these things. It’s not a crime but I would call it hate…”[Wallingford police look into complaint about Nazi, Confederate items sold at flea market, by Mary Ellen Godin, Record-Journal, July 10, 2015].

Chillingly, the assistant regional director of the Connecticut ADL thus unmistakably indicated he was deeply disturbed that a “right” to deal in what he considered “hate” was still allowed. Presumably, in a more sensitive world, no one would be allowed to exhibit or sell either Nazi or Confederate memorabilia. Needless to say, no moral distinction was made between Nazi Germany and the Confederate States of America. They both stood, or so the ADL official implied, for pure “hate.”

Peter properly suggests if such hate-inspectors get their way, we will be living in a condition of almost Stalinist oppression. We might not be shipped off to gulags (yet), but the control of speech and thought that these professional sensitizers would impose would be reminiscent of the worst examples of Leftist tyranny. I say “Leftist” intentionally—because rightist or non-leftist regimes have never tried to control their subjects’ minds as systematically as the Left.

Even Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime largely lost interest in mind reconstruction. It closed up universities as an unnecessary expense by the early 1940s, left the economy in private hands except for those businesses it expropriated, and tolerated a surprisingly wide range of intellectual dissenters.(For example, Karl Jaspers, Hans-Georg Gadamer and other dissenters and critics of the Nazi regime were left untouched in their academic positions. See Die deutsche Universitatsphilosophie In der Weimarer Republik und im Dritten Reich, by Christian Tilitzki. ) Of course, this had nothing to do with being nice. It was simply that the Nazis, aggressive thugs as they were, had no interest in the worldwide indoctrination program dreamed of by the universalist, conversionary and egalitarian zealots of the true Left.

In contrast to the Nazis, the Left has regularly used every means at its disposal to reconstruct the human personality in accordance with its world vision. Perhaps even more significantly, for the last seventy years the Left has imagined itself as a brave force of resistance against a supposedly implacable but entirely fictitious and shape-shifting enemy— the great evil of “fascism.” As I document in my forthcoming book, Fascism: Career of a Concept, the Left’s eternal enemy of “fascism” is variously depicted as racism, Christian fanaticism, European nationalism, or even opposition to Israeli foreign policy.

Curiously, the post-war Italian fascist Movimento Sociale Italiano was fervently pro-Israel as well as pro-NATO. But Jewish “antifascists” can’t be bothered by such details.

The popular concept of fascism also identifies all forms of the European-wide fascist movement with Hitler, who was actually influenced far more by Stalinist totalitarianism than Mussolini’s ramshackle, not particularly repressive government. “Fascist” is arbitrarily equated with both Nazi genocide and anything the cultural Left disapproves of at the moment.

This propagandistic sleight of hand is so blatant that, unless one grasps the current political landscape, it is almost impossible to understand how it works every single time. We are looking here at interlocking political, corporate, and cultural elites when we search for who maintains the system. And there is a unifying doctrine, which for want of a better and more up-to-date name we shall have to call “Cultural Marxism.”

Cultural Marxism‘s central teachings go back genealogically to the Institute for Social Research in interwar Germany. Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer and their radical Leftist colleagues attempted to fuse Marxist economics and Freudian psychology into a critique of bourgeois society. The synthesized result had less to do with serious Marxism than with attacking “repressive” and “patriarchal” family life and offering utopian alternatives.

A major aspect of this emerging self-described “Critical Theory,” particularly after the rise of Nazism and the transfer of the Frankfurt School to the US, was describing and combatting “fascism.” This mission became integral to Critical Theory, together with a continuing crusade against anti-Semitism, which, by a certain internal logic, always accompanied the supposed fascist threat. Since the Frankfurt school theorists were mostly Jewish leftists, these facile associations suited them and their followers rather well.

However, in their interpretation, the ominous fascist threat lurked where you least expected it. Middle-class, churchgoing goyim, even those who professed to like Jews and supported women’s rights and labor unions, could not be trusted. Those who did not resolutely break from the existing order slipped easily into such evils as “latent anti-Semitism” and “pseudo-democracy.”

These psychic and social dangers were described by Horkheimer, Adorno, and others in their massive anthology The Authoritarian Personality, commissioned by the American Jewish Committee after the Second World War and published in 1950, as part of a much larger “Studies in Prejudice” project. [American Jewish Committee News, March 15, 1950.] While in the US, Adorno also created the F-Scale (F for “Fascist”) in social psychology testing, supposed to determine someone’s degree of propensity to subscribe to the hated ideology.

It’s important to remember Critical Theory isn’t a weapon of revolution. It’s a weapon of repression. And it was quickly and thoroughly Americanized. It’s ridiculous to treat it as an exotic import: it took root in American society and culture almost immediately after it was introduced.

Critical Theorists not only found a congenial home in the US, but some were even sent back to “reeducate” the Germans, who had been supposedly corrupted by their “authoritarian” families and “pseudo-democratic” experiences.

Although the Critical Theorists were mostly soft on the Communists, Cold War liberals like Seymour Martin Lipset and other contributors to Commentary stressed the usability of the Frankfurt School’s form of analysis for investigating all enemies of “liberal democracy,” including the Soviets.

The Soviet enemy, in this analysis, were defenders of patriarchal repression and “authoritarian personalities” that stood in the way of democratic progress.

Lipset was also concerned about “working class authoritarianism,” a focus very much present in the work of Adorno and Horkheimer [Political Man, by Seymour Martin Lipset, by Andrew Hacker, Commentary, June 1, 2015]. Communists, fascists and all the benighted simpletons toiling in factories potentially opposed American pluralism. Since we were engaged in a struggle to preserve our democratic, pluralist identity, we also had to be sure that young Americans were instilled with the proper attitudes about tolerance and equality.

One can find in the call for war against “un-American” prejudice beginning in the 1950s the tendency toward Leftist totalitarianism. One major change since then: the number and variety of supposed victims of “prejudice” continue to grow, together with the repressive measures that must be taken to intimidate possible dissenters.

There has also been a collapse in effective opposition to the Leftist Social Justice Warriors. Recent events in the South indicate even many descendants of Confederate soldiers are unwilling to defend their ancestral heritage against hysterical detractors.

The cultural Left, and no other political force, can put gigantic, screaming crowds into the streets in any American city on the spur of the moment. The official Right, by contrast, stays home watching Fox News.

In the absence of real opposition, the cultural-social Left is free to bully and lie as much as it wants. Media-empowered anti-anti-Semites, like ADL officials, freely equate the Confederacy with the perpetrators of the Holocaust, treating both as violent haters and sources of hate for later generations.

Our bogus Conservative Establishment happily rallies to Leftist social positions. No one on the Left sounds as unhinged as “conservative” journalists like Max Boot [Furling the Confederate flag is just the start, Commentary, June 22, 2015]. Or for that matter, Jeff Jacoby [The Confederate flag is anti-American, Boston Globe, July 9, 2015]. Republican congressmen and governors have been at least as zealous as their supposedly more Leftist opposition in calling for the obliteration of Confederate symbols and names.

One also discovers from the Beltway Right press that homosexual rights, including homosexual marriage, is a basic Western value and that European leaders like Victor Orban and Vladimir Putin don’t really belong to the West because they don’t welcome gay activists into the political and educational process [The Authentic Right vs. The Neocons, by Ilana Mercer, WND, December 21, 2007].

Even the relatively isolated, belated complaints of Donald Trump about the crime caused by Third World immigration have elicited frenzied attacks on bigotry from such GOP stalwarts as Linda Chavez and Jeb Bush [Trumped Up, Townhall, July 10, 2015]. Chavez, we might note, has taken valuable time out from bashing the Confederate Battle Flag to deal with the anti-immigration bigots on the right [Linda Chavez: No defending the indefensible, Daily Local News, June 28, 2015].

The Cultural Marxist threat isn’t an epidemic coming from outside: It is raging among our make-believe conservatives, who now often sound as radical as the Frankfurt School.

The critical difference, or so I’ve been told, is that our politicians are usually not self-described socialists, whereas the Critical Theorists were. But even that distinction may no longer be important. Our government and that of other Western countries has grown enormously and now interferes in our social and commercial life far more than it did eighty years ago. Moreover, the major thrust of Cultural Marxism has never been toward the nationalization of productive forces and other classical socialist schemes. It has always been cultural—toward the smashing of bourgeois values, Christian families, gender roles, and what was viewed as a repressive political culture. Government control of the economy was merely an instrument for moving toward the social-cultural goal that the Frankfurt School set for us.

And the social goals of Cultural Marxism are portrayed as the only alternative to a dark night of “fascism” that the ADL, the SPLC, and other like organizations are ostensibly protecting us from.

Yet the specter is never banished. The “Far Right” threat always remains. And as an ever greater number of people find themselves marginalized as “haters,” the actual tyranny taking shape in America could indeed be something even worse than the fevered “fascist” nightmares of the Left’s imagination.

Oprah Winfrey Got Her Wish: Black Males Kill Elderly White Man

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John D. Hester, RIP
John Hester.

A 68-year-old white male.

A citizen of the great state of Georgia.

A proud member of the Moultrie community.




A victim of a "home invasion gone wrong."

Oprah Winfrey would be proud, as he was obviously a member of that generation of white people she believes must die before a more perfect union can be created; Barack Obama would be proud, because his administration's belief that those citizens collecting social security shouldn't be allowed to own a gun (to protect themselves from "home invasions gone wrong") has, in this story, shown its true objective. 

John Hester was a 68-year-old white male, who lived in Moultrie, Georgia, and his white privilege finally ran out. [7 teens arrested in connection with slaying, The Moultrie Observer, July 16, 2015]:
Law enforcement officials say that a gun taken in a July 5 burglary of a residence is the suspected weapon used in a slaying that night of a Norman Park man. 
Six teenagers participated in the burglary and were joined by a seventh at the time John Hester Sr. was shot at the end of the driveway of his 353 Hwy. 256 residence, according to information released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Thursday.
The seven blacks charged in the Oprah Winfrey-approved slaying of John Hester
Three of the seven teenagers arrested were members of last year’s Colquitt County Packers state champion football team. One of those three was a standout player who would have been a starting running back this year. 
In a news release, the agency released the names of the six accused in the burglary that occurred July 5 in the 100 block of Lonnie Brookard Road. Those six teenagers and a seventh teen also have been charged in the killing of Hester. 
Hester, 68, was taken to Colquitt Regional Medical Center after being shot after he apparently confronted the teens and exchanged gunfire at about 11 p.m. He was later transferred to Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, where he died at about 10 a.m. on July 6. 
Family members told police they found Hester, who had been shot outside his residence. The initial call to the Colquitt County 911 Center was made at 11:56 p.m. 
 The six charged in the burglary were arrested as part of an unrelated investigation conducted by the Norman Park Police Department and Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office, the GBI said in its Thursday news release. 
“Firearms and electronics were taken from the residence.  Law enforcement officers believe that a firearm taken during the burglary was used in the shooting of John Hester,” the release said. 
• Tykerious Raheem “Grumpy” Jones, 17, 129 Charm St. Apt. 6, Norman Park 
• Derrick Demond Phillips, 18, 4520 U.S. Hwy. 319 N. 
• Brandon Quanterrious “Brad” Wynn, 18, 4520 U.S. Hwy. 319 N. 
• Christian Savion Glover, 18, 1515 Fourth Ave. N.E. Apt. L5 
• I-Key Tumazs Pinkins, 18 429 Sunrise Ave. 
• Ty’Cameron La’Darius Hayes, 18, 1515 Fourth Ave. N.E. Apt. E3 
• Adrian Lyryan Robinson, 19 
All of those seven, with the exception of Robinson, have been charged in the unrelated burglary on Lonnie Brookard Road. 
Wynn, Pinkin and Jones were Packer football players. Jones would have been the featured running back this season.
Oh. My. God.

A high school in Georgia is going to be without its featured running back for the 2015 season!

Some Southeastern Conference (SEC) school will now have lost the ability to recruit a black athlete who otherwise would have never had the academic ability to earn admission to the university.

What a shame.

But Oprah Winfrey's ultimate goal is one step closer to fruition; Barack Obama's hope of taking arms away from otherwise defenseless elderly white people is one step closer to fruition.

The revolution of San Domingo 2.0 is upon us.

Naive Whitey: They Just Don't Get it!

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They think their testimony will make Congress "do something" to stop illegal immigration. If anything, that testimony will prompt Congress to enact amnesty and open the borders more. White folks just don't get it. 
Imagine "our" ruling elites had two options to choose from: 
1. 99.9% of the Earth's White population - men, women, and children - all Whites except for the top White elites themselves will be painfully killed, OR
2. A single Colored person experiences one microsecond of inconvenience.
You had better believe that all the elites would pick #1.  Not only would they pick #1, they'd all fight with each other for the honor of enacting it.  Imagine Merkel, McCain, Cameron, Sarkozy, Miss Lindsey, the entire political, financial, and media elites of the "West," all fighting and clawing at each other to be the first to "push the button" to enact #1, and spare the poor "person of Color" the slightest discomfort or inconvenience.
Yes, I know, you'll say this is over-the-top hyperbole.  But doesn't it capture the essence of reality? How do the elites actually behave?  Don't they consistently ignore White interests to favor Coloreds? Don't they respond to stories of illegal immigrant crime and depravity by campaigning for amnesty? Aren't they attacking Trump (a rare elite who is a bit more truth-telling than the others) for simply stating the facts on illegal alien crime?  Is the scenario outlined above really that far-fetched?

Why We Need a Troll as President

via Radix

“The trolls are winning the battle for the Internet,” sniffed Ellen Pao in the Washington Post. Pao, who resembles a younger, Asian, and more masculine version of John Kerry, was forced out of Reddit after trying to crack down on “hate speech” and encountering unexpected pushback. While many may see this as a political battle, the truth is that Reddit’s war against “offensive” groups isn’t about principles, but profit. In order to monetize the site, certain groups need to be killed off. Consumers need a “safe space” in order see ads and spend their shekels in peace. “Trolls,” in short, disrupt the smooth functioning of an exploitative system.

Now we are seeing a similar phenomenon in politics, as at least for now, the trolls are winning the battle for the Presidency. A newly released poll shows Donald Trump remains the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President. The mainstream press is divided on whether to dismiss The Donald or hysterically attack him. Either way, Trump is not backing down, even refusing to apologize after attacking John McCain’s record in Vietnam.

More than Ron Paul ever was, Trump is the candidate of the Internet. He can be credited with the first “doxxing” of a political opponent in history, as Trump retaliated against mincing catamite Lindsey Graham by releasing his phone number in front of a campaign rally.

He can’t be called a skilled politician, as Trump blunders wildly from one unforced error to another, from tweeting out pictures of SS re-enactors (unless that was a huge dog whistle) to pictures of murderers. He told an audience of evangelicals in Iowa he had never asked God for forgiveness. His campaign seems completely disorganized, and there is no follow up with potential volunteers and supporters. Even his comments on immigration may have been utterly accidental and spontaneous.

And yet he continues to gain support because, unlike every other politician in the United States, and certainly every other politician on the American Right, Trump never apologizes. He keeps attacking. He has penetrated the OODA loop of the political process, forcing the press, his Republican primary opponents, and even the activist Left to constantly react to his latest broadside, never allowing himself to be put on the defensive. And the crowd loves it.

In truth, this posture allows Trump to get away with ideological deviations no other Republican would be permitted. Trump has never been particularly conservative and was a generous donor to both Republicans and Democrats. In terms of his stated positions, Trump has at various times defended gun control, socialized healthcare, and abortion, and has wobbled on amnesty. Libertarians and limited government conservatives point out that, as a real-estate developer, Trump aggressively used eminent domain. On paper, Trump is to the left of Jeb Bush.

To this, there can be only one response—I don’t care. Nor should anyone else. The current American system makes questions about a politician’s “true” positions or beliefs utterly irrelevant. From Barack Obama defending traditional marriage because of his “faith,” George W. Bush and his “humble” foreign policy, or Rand Paul posturing as a border hawk, an amnesty advocate, and a hawk again, the nature of our system practically disallows any political leader from taking a principled stance. Democracy asks us to be mind-readers, supporting politicians based on hints, intuition, and symbolic gestures rather than plain statements of where someone stands.

The politician qua politician is a nullity, defined by subordinating his personality to his ambition, “playing the game” in the immortal words of Jack Hunter. But the conservative movement has been “playing the game” for a half century, and all it has to show for it is a Third World embarrassment far more degraded than any Soviet occupied puppet state emanating from the fever dreams of a 1950s John Bircher.

Since the Republican Party’s crushing victory in the 2014 midterms, gay marriage has been mandated nationwide, Congress funded Barack Obama’s unilateral mass amnesty, the Confederate flag has come down, and the only piece of legislation that has been passed is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a bill seemingly designed to confirm the liberal stereotype of Republicans as corporate shills. The failure of the conservative movement to do anything other than perpetuate its own existence is so complete, transparent, and obvious that it is impossible to take their hatred of Trump seriously. They are angry not because he is a “liberal” or not “credible,” but because he is openly revealing their irrelevance.

Since Donald Trump entered the race, the Overton Window has shifted so that there is serious discussion of banning sanctuary cities, putting America first when it comes to trade, and, while we’re at it, discussing the open secret that John McCain may have been a collaborator in Vietnam. And Trump accomplished this not by “playing the game” but by treating the press and other Republicans with open contempt, performing an end run around the “Cathedral” (or the Synagogue, if you prefer) of interlocking institutions that manage acceptable opinion.

More importantly, only Donald Trump could have done this. Only someone with outrageous wealth, direct access to the “megaphone,” and utter contempt for the governing consensus could even achieve the modest level of support Trump has been able to garner. There is no other figure in America other than Donald Trump who meets those characteristics.

For a moment, consider the hysterical economic retribution directed against Trump by both private and public institutions for the obviously true comment that Mexico is not sending its best people to the United States. And then consider that even now, figures such as Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn calmly collect massive salaries from prominent and respected institutions without so much as an inconvenience. The double standard and the redefinition of “extremism” is breathtaking. Like Trump, one literally has to be a billionaire to point it out and not face personal destruction.

Trump also has direct access to the mass American public. With his millions of Twitter followers and his reputation as a “celebrity” and not just a businessman, he has direct access to the hoi polloi. The Beltway Right is belatedly trying to stop him, but they set themselves up for this by trying to appeal to him when he was simply a celebrity. Al Cardenas, the racially conscious Latino who ran the American Conservative Union until 2014, may have driven Ann Coulter out of the respectable right and CPAC, but he continued to provide Trump a platform because of the resulting media attention and (one assumes) money. He’s regretting that now.

Back when people watched The Simpsons, a flashback episode featured a young Homer telling his father about his dream of one day becoming President. Grandpa Simpson responded, “This is the greatest country in the world! We’ve got a whole system set up to prevent people like you from ever becoming President!”

Similarly, the current American system is deliberately and carefully constructed to prevent anyone with White racial or even national consciousness from even approaching the levers of power. Trump is so startling not because he’s “right wing” (he’s not), “racist” (he isn’t), anti-Zionist (you joke), or even because he has interesting ideas. Donald Trump is the only person who seems to regard the United States of America as a real country possessing a national interest that he would pursue. This alone separates him from every other Republican and Democrat in the field, with the possible exception of Jim Webb when he is drunk and alone.

Will Trump win? Probably not, and it’s even too early to speculate about him winning the nomination. Yet the odds against him aren’t significantly greater than those facing any other Republican. Trump would have a better chance of turning out the White working class vote than Marco Rubio or the great Establishment hope, Jeb Bush, and his winning message of “Americans need to work longer hours.”

However, if by some utterly unprecedented series of events we saw the Trumpputsch, we could expect action only on immigration and trade. Though Trump occasionally provides amusement with his comments about “the blacks,” there’s no evidence Trump would do anything about racial preferences, Section 8 housing, or restoring the right to free association. A Trump foreign policy would most likely lead to more unsustainable American involvement abroad and would probably be worse than Obama’s, Trump’s promises of a bro-mance with Vladimir Putin notwithstanding.  Even if Trump did something to limit immigration, as Richard Spencer has repeatedly said, it’s too late to really matter.

Yet Trump is worth supporting. He is worth supporting because we need a troll. We need someone who can expose the system that rules us as the malevolent and worthless entity it is. We need someone who can break open public debate. We need someone who can expose and heighten the contradictions within the system. And we need someone who can call out the press, the politicians, and the pseudo-intellectuals as the empty shells they are. The fact that Trump himself is part of this same farce is utterly irrelevant.

Those who accuse him of being a “clown” or saying he’s not “serious” need to look at the alternatives. What are we supposed to regard as trustworthy?
The selfless public service of Hillary Clinton?
The support of the American worker by mass immigration supporting Bernie Sanders?
The deep seated love of country of Jeb Bush?
The ideological consistency and principled dedication of Rand Paul?

The decades of success from “the movement conservatives?”

Donald Trump is far less of a clown than a figure like Kevin Williamson, who writes articles for NRO about how Bernie Sanders is a dangerous nationalist, how Republicans are the party of civil rights, and how Detroit was ruined by “unions.”

The survival of the current political, economic, and cultural system is a death sentence for the European-American population. A government that goes out of its way to import populations because they will dispossess and harm the European-American population of this government is evil. Call it nihilism or call it cynicism, but anything that keeps the system functioning as it is constitutes complicity with evil and just about anything that disrupts it should be supported.

Trump creates an opening to disrupt that system. He’s already opened up debate. And if you are going to bother with electoral politics at all, he’s the only one who even has the potential to create a positive change.

Ultimately, of course, this is a sideshow. Real change will occur by building our own institutions, markets, and tribes, and fomenting revolutionary consciousness among the forgotten men of our Hollow Empire. But electoral politics will affect us, even if we try our best to ignore it and remain independent of it. It doesn’t change the nature of the struggle, but it affects our actions depending on whether Trump, Clinton, Bush, Walker, or Sanders is President.

So it is worth at least some attention. We might as well spend a few minutes supporting someone who can cause a shift in our direction, infuriate both leftists and the Beltway Right, and then get back to the serious work of building a real movement.

Don’t give Trump your money—he doesn’t need it. Spend your time on organizing among your acquaintances and friends, and donate to groups within our own movement. But when it comes to who to vote for—screw it. Vote Trump in 2016. Besides, the White House would look better plated in gold than covered in the rainbow flag.

51% of Time Magazine Readers Voted to Ban the Word 'Feminist'

via Return of Kings

Late last year, Time Magazine was forced to apologize for including “feminist” in a poll of which word readers wanted to ban. Competing against such literary luminaries as “bae” (somehow a term of endearment for a significant other or “awesome” when applied to regular nouns), “kale” (an overhyped “superfood”), “literally” (literally the most regularly misapplied word after “like”) and “yaaasssss” (for humans who descend from snakes, probably), “feminist” won by a relative landslide, receiving 51% of the votes.

How often, aside from crooked West African or Uzbek elections, does one candidate amongst a field of 15 win a majority in the first round, especially in a nationwide, moderately leftwing publication?

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media failed to cover this story like other news about feminism, relegating Time editor Nancy Gibb’s mea culpa to a relative non-event. Although CNN and a few other major outlets did cover it, it wasn’t a major headline. Why? Because it exposes two things: a) eternal attempts at feminist cultural indoctrination have failed and b) the public, even those reading a mainstream, run-of-the-mill, leftist-focused publication, sense that feminism is about supremacy, not equality.

To boot, it is extensively appropriated by the highest female echelons of society to cloak themselves in victimhood, despite them usually being born into privileged families (Lena Dunham), marrying powerful men (Michelle Obama) or sexualizing themselves silly (Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande).

The term “silent majority” has received constant criticism because of its association with Richard Nixon. Yet it describes a reality that continues to reverberate in both American and broader Western society. In this sense, whatever you have to say about Watergate, Nixon presciently addressed the relegation and vilification of a huge chunk of the American public.

Everyday people back then, like now, were harangued and looked down upon for questioning the turpitude of activists in the 1960s (replaced by SJWs in 2015), or simply denying that a phenomenally wealthy family like the Kennedys, or other rich Democratic do-gooders and celebrities, should be their moral and political beacon.

The Time voters who chose “feminist” are an exemplary example of this silent majority because they’re reading a leftist publication. As the editor’s backdown proves, the media is much more liberal than conservative, libertarian, or traditionalist. Bias from television, newspaper and online news need not only be about twisting a particular story, but rather also incorporates the range and sorts of stories that are covered in the first place.

Consequently, when you combine the media world with the universe of celebrities, huge swathes of the population are left to selectively pick enjoyment from the cultural status quo, whilst quietly repudiating many of the “causes” and “messages” shoved down their throats.

Feminist for fun (and profit)

Please clarify what male privilege I have that Lady Gaga doesn’t?

Nowadays, the mainstream media accosts us with quotidian stories about mega-wealthy female celebrities branding themselves as “feminists” and calling out the so-called male privilege of $50,000-a-year men wherever it lurks in the recesses of their (the celebrities’) minds.

The word feminist is not just overused; it is a caricature routinely employed by the privileged 1% themselves to garner attention and deflect any focus on their own inexplicable fortunes. It is a philosophy (if you can even call it that) perennially uprooted from reality and any semblance of proportionality.

Beyond celebrity feminism itself, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Co. earn $10-20 million per film, only to have the audacity to say that the system takes advantage of the poor. Instead of demanding behind the scenes (i.e. without glorifying themselves) that studio executives cut the pay checks of stars and significantly up the income of the assistants and stage workers, they take every opportunity to maintain their personal profile by calling for socialism.

The objective? To maximize their market value and attendant fame.

Is the cultural indoctrination working?

“I’m not always a socialist, but when I am, it’s usually in the context of me parading in front of a camera before my next film comes out.”

Time is a frequently informative publication, believe it or not. I acknowledge that many of the regular topics (including in recent years scribes lauding undesirable “personalities” such as Ellen Pao and Anita Sarkeesian) are slanted well to the left. But these are very often opinion pieces.

Though many opinion pieces masquerade as narrowly focused “news” stories, many other covers and columns do broaden your outlook, expand your knowledge base, and help you to link complex events and trends around the world. What’s more is that the publication exposes you to the sleight of hand tricks and other techniques employed by the left to stoke the emotions of many in the public.

The quagmire faced by the left and their recurring SJW allies is that liberal domination of the media, protected and reaffirmed by considerable “journalistic”, “activist” and other efforts, has not translated into the public constantly approving feminism. Run-of-the-mill folks may not be willing to stand up openly.

However, they can vote at the ballot box, use their computer mouse and, as the Tea Party and other (positively) reactionary groups show, rally with like-minded people when the right opportunities present themselves.

What scares liberals and SJWs more than the truth is the fear that the public isn’t buying their distortion of it.

Why 'The Donald?' Why Now?

via A. Nolen

There has been teeth-gnashing in the American media lately over the presidential hopes of billionaire real-estate developer Donald Trump. The sticking point is that Trump exploits wide-spread dissatisfaction with illegal immigration to get voters’ attention.

What’s exceptional about Trump’s platform is that the illegal immigration grievance is allowed to be aired. Discontent over how the federal government in particular encourages illegal immigration is a politically powerful issue and has been for decades. Despite the issue’s obvious political capital, nobody in the US political machine really tackles it because American elites need vast quantities of cheap labor to undermine US citizens’ economic and political clout. Illegal immigration is one of the pillars of American imperial power– the country doesn’t need it, but the elites do. So why is illegal immigration getting some airtime now?

Trump is being allowed to exploit justified illegal immigration concerns because there are deep divisions in the US establishment over how to handle Iran.

In this post, I’ll spend a little time reminding readers about what Donald Trump is, then I’ll look at Trump on Iran and conclude with observations from our spook buddies in the Twittersphere.

There is nothing about Trump’s past, nor the way he made his fortune, that suggests he is ‘conservative’ or sensitive to the struggles of most Americans. Despite this, Trump is being championed/vilified through both ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ media outlets– and especially through Twitter– as some sort of champion of the silent, ‘conservative’ majority.

Would a conservative use his daughter– or any woman– to sell condos in this way?

ivanka trump ad
Ivanka Trump on the Trump website

ivanka boobs trump tower chicago business

ivanka trump ad porn harpersbazaar
Daddy’s little girl in Harper’s Bazaar.
Back before Trump’s fall out with Univision, NBC he was a business partner to both.
If Univision manipulates people, what does that make a Univision content provider, like Donald? In fact, Trump’s tacky Miss USA pageant promotes Washington D.C. values, not American ones. Remember the ‘Miss California Controversy’ in 2009? Trump’s show chose celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, real name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., as a judge for that year’s pageant. Mr. ‘Hilton’ had a gay marriage agenda and asked the Californian contestant Carrie Prejean her “thoughts on legalizing gay marriage”. Her answer cost her the title and drew “thinly veiled disgust” from ‘Hilton’, who later called her “a dumb bitch”. What was her answer?
“I think it’s great Americans are able to choose one or the other,” she said. “We live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. And you know what in my country, in my family I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody there, but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think it should be, between a man and a woman.”
Mr. Trump’s beauty pageant penalized the leading contestant for giving a conservative answer. It’s widely believed that Ms. Prejean’s conservative politics cost her Trump’s crown.

If Trump’s previous politics weren’t enough to blow the cover on this latest deception, consider that he is a New York real estate developer. NYC’s real estate business is incredibly corrupt– even the smallest construction projects need ‘fixers’, i.e. professional consultants who know who to pay off in local government to prevent harassment and ‘shake-downs’ of developers. You don’t get rich in that business without playing fast and loose with the law– just like the illegal immigrants Trump criticizes.

Trump’s business has gone bankrupt no less than four times, each time involving his gambling operations in Atlantic City, The Tackiest Place on Earth. When ordinary people like you or I go bankrupt, it makes getting subsequent loans– especially loans for the same type of project– more difficult. But Donald Trump isn’t hampered by market forces. Trump has the connections and the credit lines to insulate himself, which suggests he’s simply the promotional face of *someone else’s money*. Perhaps that’s why he’s so sensitive to criticisms of ‘his fortune’.

Whose money might Trump front for? Trump’s financial success is based around NYC and its surrounding environs… remember too big to fail? Trump’s backing probably comes from the same financial interests which pay to promote social change agendas in the USA and abroad, and which benefit so much from illegal immigration and the resultant social dysfunction.

I think that even a casual observer will recognize that Donald Trump screams “managed opposition”. So why is he being trotted out to oppose a policy which is central to the USA’s oligarchical power structure?

Trump’s political career is not about appealing to the masses, it’s about threatening a subset of American elites who back negotiating with Iran rather than crushing Iran under a jackboot. The jackboot contingent is threatening the negotiating contingent with unleashing popular discontent to push through their war agenda.

Unfortunately, the USA signed the world up for a nuclear Middle East when we decided to ignore Israel’s stockpile of nuclear weapons. Once that became our policy, it was imperative for Israel’s neighbors to arm themselves in a similar fashion if they could possibly find a way. Obama’s strategy of negotiating– i.e. influencing how Iran chooses to protect itself– is a more enlightened strategy, but there’s nothing about being an American oligarch which predisposes someone to enlightenment.

There are a significant number of American power-brokers who share the blind Realitatsflucht of those mid-century politicians who doomed the ‘Jewish State’ by poo-pooing St. John Philby’s plan for Israel which respected native Arabs’ rights. These hawks probably don’t like the reception which Bibi recently received from the Obama administration; they probably feel time is not on their side. Hence, The Hair in 2016.

This hawkish anti-Iran faction is threatening to ‘rock the boat’ by unleashing popular unrest unless their peers follow suit and support the ‘jackboot’ method of dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. However, ‘the threat of Trump’ is not a credible threat for the hawks to make. Neither the hawks nor the negotiators can afford to let popular anti-illegal immigration sentiment off its leash, which is why a narcissistic NYC property mogul/casino operator is spearheading criticism of law-breaking. When it’s time to shut Donald up, gory details from his unsavory past will be suddenly discovered by Gawker, etc. The hopes of millions of law-abiding American citizens will be consumed in Trump’s fireball of corruption and demoralization.

Much of Trump’s popular assault has been conducted through Twitter, a medium which lends itself to unsupported assertions, personal attacks and social pressure tactics which Philip Zimbardo identified as typical of mind control strategies.

Trump is a master of the sound-byte, as you can see from his attacks on the disgusting John McCain:

As regular readers may already have guessed, our usual ‘intelligence community’ buddies are at the front of the pack giving Trump media exposure. Trump’s critics employ the same demagoguery as his supporters, namely the unqualified assertions and personal attacks. If you were interested in my post on Edward Snowden and William Colby, you’ll recognize Charles Johnson and Business Insider.

Business Insider, the rag which NSA Twitter pundits could always rely on printed this July 11th 2015, Donald Trump Just Gave An Amazingly Surreal Speech in Los Vegas:
Right-leaning campaign strategist Liz Mair and the Potomac Group’s Greg Valliere both told Business Insider last week that Trump appealed to a part of the electorate that appreciates the real-estate mogul’s willingness to say what other candidates would not.
“He has supporters who hate the status quo, who like someone who says what people are thinking but won’t discuss publicly,” Valliere said.
I’d like to stress that media exposure is what’s important, not necessarily media support. If Trump truly were a threat to the establishment, the mainstream media would ignore him or failing that it would universally condemn him. Instead, Trump serves a purpose, so he’s given a microphone. On that note, here’s Benny Johnson, the ‘intelligence community’ asset who once placed a story about how much danger US operative Edward Snowden faces from US intelligence:

You’ll notice that Benny takes the cautious position on Trump that one would expect from a Jeb Bush employee, as Jeb has made a multi-lingual America his personal future. Never the less, Benny and IJReview still provide Trump with media exposure because the Bushes and Trump agree on the Iran issue.

If you’re interested in why the intelligence community needs to control all sides of public debate, please see my examination of Benny Johnson’s career: @BennyJohnson is Good at his Job and Benny’s New Job! Judging by the tone of the sources above, I’d wager that the ‘IC’ feels its interests are served by stirring up fear amongst American elites who are realistic enough to negotiate with Iran, therefore the ‘IC’ is willing to cooperate and give Trump some attention. Perhaps the ‘IC’ feels that limiting Bibi’s ambition and allowing Iran to develop some regional strength will take their ‘sandbox‘ away from them. Losing power was never part of Colby’s plan.

I don’t fault the American public for looking for candidates who promote the public’s interest, but we have to be smart about identifying the real thing. Donald Trump is not the real thing just like Ross Perot, who made his fortune on IBM’s back, wasn’t the real thing. Let’s get ugly and demand someone sincere.

Darn Those White Supremacists and Anti-Semites Anyway!

via Koinen's Korner

The Jewish media, our Jew-controlled government, and our heavily Jew-influenced public education system have been hammering into the heads of White Americans the idea that we are nothing but a bunch of evil racists determined to keep the poor oppressed black people down by exploiting our 'White privilege.'

Have you been keeping your eye on all those no-good racists, haters, and bigots running all over the place?  Have you seen what they've been up to?  (Yes, my friend, that's you I'm talking about, because as we all know, just about all White people are racists and White supremacists by definition. And as the Nazis showed us just a couple years ago, a goodly number are also Jew-haters to boot.)

Have you noticed how we racially 'supremacist' American White people have allowed ourselves to be dispossessed -- displaced as the majority race in our own country over just the past 50 years or so?  In that connection, has it occurred to you that ever since the 1960's we supremacist racial suppressors of mistreated and oppressed colored folk have let quasi-legal non-White immigrants and illegal-alien mestizo invaders come into our country by the millions, then let most of them stay here?  And even let the 'anchor babies' born to those illegals be given 'birthright citizenship,' which ultimately results in millions more of their family members being allowed entry?

Surely you have seen how the racial discriminators and exploiters among us have allowed our government to tell us who we can and cannot associate with in our organizations and even in intimate social situations, how we can talk about minorities, who we can live in proximity to and work with, and how the minorities are to be given preference over our own people in job hiring and university admissions?

Have you noticed the hugely disproportionate numbers of Negroes on television (in both the shows and the commercials) that we race-haters support by watching the shows and buying advertised products?  Have you wondered why there are so many Negroes and other non-Whites in print ads?
And how they, especially the Negroes, always seem to be portrayed as authority figures, and smarter, more clean-cut, and more righteous than the Whites they interact with?

Have you observed how we White 'domestic terrorists' have let our schools, media, and government dictate how we are supposed to think, how we must behave, how we govern ourselves, and how we teach our children?

Have you even been paying attention to the way we persecutors of the downtrodden colored masses have allowed so many of the Negroes and other members of the protected colored underclass essentially get away with committing vastly disproportionate numbers of violent crimes against White people year after year in America?  And then, how we Jew-haters have tolerated the Jewish-controlled mainstream news media -- the press and television -- in their consistently covering up and even 'blacking out' all that anti-White interracial crime and the race of the perpetrators when the crimes are reported?

Do you ever even think about how and why it is that we prejudiced racial haters have let our Eurocentric popular culture become so degraded that we have elevated Negro football players to the status of virtual hero-gods in the minds of our young men (and sadly, even of far too many of our women)?  That we have come to admire, even to the point of virtually worshipping, so many Negro 'celebrities' in the entertainment business (movies, music, etc.)?  And that we thus provide them with the means to become members of an indecently wealthy superclass of publicly revered figures?

Have you asked yourself how it is that the anti-minority Whites have allowed so many of our police to be maligned, excoriated, criminally prosecuted, and even murdered just for doing their jobs by trying to control the non-White criminals among us (and especially the Negroes)?

Why is it, you might ask yourself, that all of us homophobic White bigots have let queers, lesbians, trannies, and other assorted sexual deviates take center stage, gain a normal if not admired or even exalted stature in our media and in the eyes of a lot of our younger people, and gain legal status and preferences that would be unthinkable in a healthy society?

Has it occurred to you how insane it is that we White-power criminals have promulgated so many 'politically correct' laws, regulations, and rules that forbid our talking, acting, and even thinking in healthy, normal, self-concerned, and self-protecting ways?  That we find ourselves in our real-life situations, if not arrested and then jailed or fined, risking our jobs, careers, and families by saying the most innocuous things imaginable?

Has it occurred to you for that matter that we racist nutcases have allowed low-IQ, low performance, low impulse control, and criminally predisposed Negroes to literally take over and destroy so many of our larger cities (and even some of the smaller ones)?  How we have let the illegal-alien mestizo invaders and their ubiquitous drug- and gang-related activities take over districts, cities, and entire areas?

Surely you have learned by now that we irrational White-power revolutionaries were primarily responsible for an anti-White, Marxist mulatto of questionable citizenship and other unknown or discredited credentials becoming President of the United States (twice!).

Have you ever even wondered why it is that we Whites-only madmen got rid of our racially protective laws during the last century, and how it has come to pass that we now allow, even encourage Negroes and other coloreds to fornicate with some of our more deranged and brainwashed women, thereby contaminating our gene pool and destroying our genetic heritage?

Have you ever given any thought to the fact that we minority-persecuting Whites so willingly (meekly) support the unbearable costs of (nearly impossible) education, health care, and other forms of welfare shoveled out to the Negroes and mestizos?  Do you even know about the absentee, unemployed Negro 'baby-daddies' and all the prolifically reproductive Negro 'baby-mommas' ('crack hos') who pump out their spawn as a way of jacking up their welfare receipts.

Have those of you with school-age children noticed how the racist White educators in the integrated, perverted, and degraded public education system have been forced to accommodate all the low-IQ, alien-cultured, oftentimes English-as-a-second-language and Ebonics-cursed members of the colored underclass?

Have you even been aware of the ways our racist-structured and White-privileged schools teach our White children torrents of half-truths and even out-and-out lies regarding non-White history, accomplishments, and inventions?  And all the grossly exaggerated, distorted, and flat-out untruthful anti-White propaganda about some of the less admirable aspects of our own history and accomplishments?  And false theories of racial 'sameness?'  The Jewish 'holocaust' fable (that never happened)?  And how they have utterly failed to teach our kids the truth about Jewish history, and all their malevolent and murderous anti-White deeds?  The truth about the causes of World War II and the war crimes of the Allies (and especially the Soviets)?

Are you even aware of the fact that we right-wing and fascist White people have allowed our colleges and universities, and their many Jewish professors, to teach our youngsters lies about the reality of racial differences, and the distortions of Boasian anthropology?  And even to teach them to be radical-liberal, parent-hating, and anti-family Marxists, and even anti-American revolutionaries?

When it comes to our rampant and nearly universal anti-Semitism, along with our rabid racism, have you ever wondered why we Whites have worked so hard, year in and year out, to facilitate the Jews and their colored minions in their efforts to commit racial genocide against White people?  And not only that, but to aid and abet, financially support, and willingly become complicit in encouraging others of our own people to commit racial suicide in all kinds of ways?

Have you noticed how all our anti-Semitic and racist White people in this country have allowed and even helped the Jews and Negroes produce all the savage, animalistic, 'hip-hop,' 'rap,' and other hateful anti-White so-called music, and let it be broadcast and otherwise distributed to our children, and given our children the money to buy it?  For that matter, have you noticed how, over the past hundred years, we evil anti-Semitic White Americans have let the Jews degrade and Negrify our popular culture in general, and produce, promote, and sell both 'soft' and 'hard' pornography?

And of course, it probably hasn't escaped your attention that White Americans, being as notoriously anti-Semitic as they are, have permitted the Jews to essentially take control of such things as:  our media (press, TV, music, publishing, movies); the so-called 'Federal Reserve' banking system and much of our big-time finance, brokerage, and banking; our educational system from public schools through the universities (including the N.E.A., professor positions, textbook publishing, and other teaching aids (digital and otherwise); our political process (especially elections) via lobbying and campaign contributions by a few wealthy Jews such as Adelson, Soros, and Saban and control of political exposure through media publicity; and our government (via disproportionate Jewish presence in the Federal judiciary and on the Supreme Court, Jewish pressure from the Israel Lobby, interference [corruption] of Congress and the Oval Office by lobbyists, Israeli officials and politicians).

And doesn't it seem just a bit curious that all of us terrible, anti-Semitic White Americans have put up with, even encouraged, the propagation of the Jewish 'Holohoax' lie ever since WW II?  And even allowed, and in large part paid for, all the 'Holocaust' and Anne Frank memorials and museums (indoctrination centers)?

Surely, we should consider the above recounting of misguided behavior and actions to be a kind of '40-or-so signs of a White supremacist and anti-Semite society,' should we not?  Oh, wait -- maybe not -- maybe it should, instead, give us cause to say 'a fine bunch of supremacists we are!'

In fact, just maybe, in view of all the self-destructive, racially (genetically) suicidal kinds of behavior White people have been exhibiting in recent years, the questions we should be asking are, instead:  'Do these kinds of behavior and action sound like someone exercising their White privilege?'  'Does this look like White supremacism to you?'  'Are these the things a real, hard-core racist hater would do?  The things a true bigot would do?  The things a Nazi would do (Yeah, right -- this last one being based on all the nonsensical things and outright lies the Jews have told us about German National Socialism ever since WW II)?'  And, if you are one of those people (and we all know that just about every White person in America is), maybe you should ask yourself:  'What kind of White supremacist are you, anyway?'

So, the question is:  'Are we American Whites really a bunch of hate-filled, out-of-control White supremacists and anti-Semites?'  No, no, no, Matilda -- a thousand times no! (Although, there is no question that we should be somewhat more like that than we are.)  What we are is quite the opposite.  We are weak, brainwashed, deracinated, Jew-befuddled fools, madly behaving in a way that is, in essence, a defilement of the laws of nature.  In a way that is suicidal.  We are rapidly becoming a failed subspecies of humanity.  While we truly are superior, even supreme among the races in many ways, when it comes to racial survival we have become the world's greatest cowards and losers.

It is long past time to get our act together, and time is running out.