Aug 6, 2015

White Student Fights Back against Texas Christian University


In modern post-America, all it takes to be “racist” is—be a White male. It’s a lesson Harry Vincent of Texas Christian University learned the hard way after he sent out a half dozen tweets and triggered a hysterical female acquaintance on (of course) Tumblr. And as the U.S. is no longer a free country, the childish whining of an aspiring parasite who wasn’t even a student at TCU led Vincent to be sentenced to Soviet-style “diversity training classes,” community service, and suspension from school activities.

Vincent had . . . expressed his views on politics on his Twitter account and Facebook. These included Politically Incorrect sentiments such as criticizing “hoodrat criminals” in Baltimore for their reliance on welfare, stating that Islam is “not a religion of peace,” and making a joke about being reincarnated as a “beaner” [TCU Student Kicked Off Campus Over Twitter Use, by Blake Neff, Daily Caller, July 29, 2015].

That last comment was the most “offensive” thing Vincent said; impolite, but hardly worse than “gringo.” More importantly, it was not used as an insult in this context and was uttered with far less malign intent than saying something like “The White race is the cancer of human history.” Certainly, Vincent said nothing that could be construed as offensive by the standards of Twitter.

However, “Kelsey,” a former middle school (!) acquaintance of Vincent, took offense to Vincent’s opinions, leading to an online confrontation. Specifically, Vincent alleges “Kelsey” stated, “9/11/2001 was the best thing that’s happened to America” before deleting the tweet [TCU student suspended for social media posts speaks out – exclusive interview, by Ashley Rae Goldenberg, Media Research Center, July 31, 2015].

We don’t know if this is true because we don’t have a copy of the alleged tweet and “Kelsey” has since locked her Twitter account.

But an anonymous source did provide with some of “Kelsey’s” prior tweets. As is typical of an SJW, she appears to be an unstable woman possessed by a virulent and openly expressed hatred for Whites.





Unfortunately for Harry Vincent, anti-White hatred isn’t just permitted, but encouraged. Thus, with no shame, “Kelsey” took to her Tumblr page with various screenshots of Vincent’s apparently unacceptable comments. She screeched, “This [expletive] has been posting racist and disgusting comments on Twitter/Facebook…you can email TCU and tell them that he’s shedding a bad light on their university.” [Tumblr Post, 19MaybeLess]

According to the Media Research Center, there were over 2,000 reposts on Tumblr but the university only reported receiving “over 20” complaints, hardly something for even a Mom and Pop store to worry about. Nonetheless, TCU replied to the random denizens of cyberspace who made the complaints and charged Vincent with the Orwellian offenses of “Infliction of Bodily or Emotional Harm” and “Disorderly Conduct” [Notice of Allegations from TCU, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, July 28, 2015].

Needless to say, not only was “Kelsey” obviously not “harmed” by Vincent’s tweets physically, she wasn’t harmed emotionally. In fact, like most of the perpetually offended, she seems delighted at the events that have occurred and eager to sic a digital lynch mob on her perceived enemy.

It’s also hard to argue that a brief exchange on Twitter constitutes “disorderly conduct.” By this standard, practically every student at a private college in America could be punished.

Nonetheless, Glory Z. Robinson, the TCU Associate Dean of Campus Life (a department which can be reached at or at 817-257-7926), told Vincent he needed to write a letter of apology over his comments lest he receive punishment.

(Google suggests that Ms. Robinson was born “Gloria Zamarripa Robinson”–Robinson being her married name–giving her a personal motive on the anti-Hispanic slur front.)

Once Robinson received the letter, Vincent was dutifully informed he had been found guilty of these nebulous charges. In a Kafkaesque twist, his guilt was partially determined because of the letter he had been ordered to provide. [Texas Christian University Suspended Student for Saying Dumb Things on Facebook, by Robby Soave, Reason, July 29, 2015].

Besides mandatory diversity training, community service, and suspension from school activities (including, significantly, Greek Life), Vincent was barred from visiting residence halls, sporting events or the university Recreation Center. To complete the Soviet treatment, he was also told to meet with a psychiatrist—presumably because anyone who doubts Islam is an inherently peaceful religion is obviously crazy [Findings and Sanctions Letter from TCU, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, July 28, 2015].

Needless to say, Vincent’s appeal was also denied [Letter Upholding Findings and Sanctions, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, July 28, 2015].
Yet this typical PC lynching is deviating from the script:
  • Vincent has not gone into gone into the prescribed apologetic cringe. Indeed, he has kept his dignity and waged a counter-offensive.
Vincent did apologize for some of his statements, arguing that as someone from the East Coast he didn’t understand “beaner” was perceived as harmful. But he is otherwise standing firm, even saying he will not return to TCU if the sanctions are not removed because
“I cannot fund an institution that does not allow me to exercise my constitutional rights. It’s just absurd. I would have such a problem paying the large sum of money that it costs to go there and then not be able to say what I want to say.”
[TCU, student at odds over comments on social media, by DeAnna Boyd, Fort-Worth Star Telegram, July 30, 2015].
Vincent’s father is also supporting him. He ruefully commented that the entire experience has taught him “more than he could have gained from a year in college” but “I don’t think anyone should have to have this experience the way he did and the way he was treated” [Controversial tweets ignore free speech battle at Texas Christian University, by Jeff Mosier, GovTech Social, August 3, 2015].
  • TCU is also getting far more pushback and criticism than if it had simply ignored emails from random Tumblr degenerates—including some from Conservatism Inc.
As Todd Starnes from Fox News put it: “It sounds to me like Harry Vincent is guilty of being a Christian Conservative white guy—and on a university campus that’s a crime worthy of [the] death penalty” [TCU student punished for criticizing Islam, Baltimore riots, August 3, 2015].

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has also spoken against TCU’s actions, reminding the school’s Chancellor that though the private school is not necessarily bound by the First Amendment, it does promise students freedom of speech in the Student Handbook. Furthermore, says FIRE, “TCU’s treatment of Vincent also raises serious due process concerns” [Letter from FIRE to TCU Chancellor Boschini, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, July 28, 2015].

Hopefully, FIRE will be able to take action and force TCU to reverse its decision.

Yet the deeper injustice is why Vincent received any punishment at all when openly hateful individuals aren’t just tolerated by American universities but rewarded. A few examples:
The difference between these cases: universities pay no price for going after Whites like Harry Vincent, whereas tenured radicals can summon minority mobs to defend anyone who criticizes them.

Campus politics, like all politics, isn’t about principles but power. TCU is going after Harry Vincent because, even as a supposedly “Christian” university, it is infested with Cultural Marxists and calculates that Leftist activists on Tumblr can cause more trouble for it than conservative Americans.

Vincent told Fox News’ Todd Starnes that the only reason he got into this mess is because he reacted so strongly to “Kelsey’s” anti-American insults (she attacked the Armed Services and wrote that the U.S. deserved 9/11): “Any red-blooded American’s blood would have boiled at the sight of what she wrote… I let my anger get the best of me.”

Now, ironically, his best hope—and indeed America’s—is that the righteous moral anger of ordinary but red-blooded citizens changes the equation and prove TCU’s PC calculation wrong.

The Logic of Racial Justice Rhetoric, Part 2

via TradYouth

Part 1

The first half of my essay . . . I examined American racial politics from the Leftist perspective that I had held dearly for pretty much my entire life. I’m posting my second and final installment here to confirm that I’ve left the Left in favor of TradYouth’s consistent and principled identitarian perspective.

How does a committed antifa ideologue flip within the course of a few hours? Easily, actually. I just went on a brief stroll and confronted the naked contradictions, flagrant double-standards, and metapolitical power dynamics of the position I’ve been pushing for all these years and realized that it’s all bullshit.

Basically, I’ve just been anti-White this whole time. It’s clear to me, now. If Whites try to help minorities, they’re White Saviors. If they try to avoid helping minorities, they’re Segregationists. If Whites try to ignore the whole thing, they’re being Colorblind. Even if Whites try to politely ask what they’re supposed to do given the fact that every single option is vilified, we scold them to “step up, step back” and allot their question time to non-Whites.

It’s like the witch trial dunk test where if she floated, she was confirmed to be a witch and killed by other means, and if she sank then she wasn’t a witch after all. It’s no surprise that this Anti-White Panic has the character of a witch hunt, as the movement is spearheaded largely by the direct lineal and ideological descendants of the East Coast Puritan stock Anglo-American elite.

Sure, we watch Wes Anderson films and appropriate Buddhism now instead of reading the Bible and practicing Congregationalism. But it’s pretty much the same performance with a new target of our in-group altruism enforcement gone haywire. Witches. Communists. Satanic child abusers. Guys putting razor blades in the Halloween candy. White racists. You get the picture.

So, after the stroll in which I had my epiphany that anti-racism is anti-white, I went back and re-read my own article.
Despite his efforts to dress up his espoused politics in compassionate language, the substance of TYN’s platform is consistent with traditional fascism. For example, its opposition to both Marxism and capitalisma doctrine sometimes referred to as the Third Positionhas been common to fascist political parties ever since Hitler christened his National Socialist vanguard.
I’m not sure what point I was trying to make here. After all, is opposition to both capitalism and Marxism really so unreasonable? Haven’t both proven deeply problematic in practice? If we’re to oppose “fascism” (defined by myself as Third Positionist opposition to both Marxism and capitalism), then I reckon I should go on record opposing vegetarianism and pro-worker, pro-family socialist economic policies . . . because Hitler.
Does Matt Heimbach really care about the quality of education on offer to Black kids in Detroit? Probably not. But if his rhetoric is impressive enough to sway his college professor, it will undoubtedly find currency among poor and uneducated whites in rural Tennessee.
Even when I was trying so mightily to be academic and objective in my analysis, I couldn’t help but reflexively take a swipe at ignorant White Trash. It dawned on me when I asked why I compulsively denigrate the white underclass that I’m actually playing out my own class insecurities through my racial politics. My anti-White posturing was just a way to distinguish myself in social and subcultural terms from the White working class which literally can’t financially afford to maintain the posture.

Here I was this whole time, engaging in a petit bourgeoisie attack on the proletariat of my own people, encrypting my elitist class warfare in the language of racial justice.

I remember that South Park episode where all the ugly and stupid White working people were all like, “THEY TOOK OUR JERBS!!!” I find that scene amusing because it’s funny to me when an alien and foreign group of workers takes jobs from the workers who are White, because I reflexively despise the white working class. I even spent nearly an hour searching around on Google Image for poorly dressed Whites with poor diet and dental hygiene to include in my essay.
Is it reasonable to imagine that a white ally could have intervened at some point in Dylann Roof’s development and talked him out of the mentality that inspired the cold-blooded murder of nine Black worshippers? Or might it be that, among white people, race consciousness itself is the problem?
Is it reasonable to imagine that granting Whites a legitimate political voice for their grievances might reduce the amount of illegitimate acts committed in political desperation? Could it perhaps be unsustainable for us Leftists to pull off this dubious political sleight of hand where every identity group but one is allowed and encouraged to celebrate its heritage and identity, and strive for a better future for themselves and their future generations?

Is the cognitive dissonance at the heart of my (former) antifa worldview impossible to sustain indefinitely?
Roof’s reach was always limited, thanks to his isolation and reliance upon the “lone wolf” tactic. But that is precisely why Matt Heimbach’s social orientation makes him such a worrisome figure. He is an organizer. His apparent knowledge of anti-racist jargon suggests he has studied the discourse of social justice activists and learned to pervert it, to great effect.
Father Charles Coughlin, SJW
Father Charles Coughlin, SJW
I did some research on the origins of “social justice” activism and discovered, to my chagrin, that the real origin of the “social justice” movement in America is Father Coughlin, a passionate Catholic priest who spoke up for the working folks of all races in America against the Jewish oligarchs and cannibal capitalists who are at the root of social injustice.
In light of that, I apologize to Matthew Heimbach, whose shtick is pretty much that original social justice message, while ours is the perverted message twisted around to attack the wrong group of people: working class Whites.
I warned about the emergence of “reactionary propaganda dressed up in identity politics” the last time I wrote about racial justice rhetoric, adding that ”the terminology of privilege, allyship, appropriation, and so on, has proven sufficiently malleable to be used against people advocating for human rights.” At the time, I didn’t even consider that white nationalists would get in on the hustle.
See what I did there? I asserted, with no evidence, that my side is the side arguing for human rights. I just kind of slipped that in there, without supporting it. I just sort of insisted that Heimbach has evil motives which are distinct from his stated motives. He’s White and working class, so even when he’s technically correct and not hurting anybody, being White and working class is still pretty gross.
In part two, we’ll cut through the platitudes and analyze racial justice in historical context. We’ll examine the ever-shifting structure of white supremacism, from its origins in colonial Jamestown to the fall of Jim Crow. Once we identify the content of race relations in the United States, we can sweep aside the petty squabbling over their form and begin the work of formulating a concrete strategy to end racism forever.
I was originally going to type up some fruity Leftist boilerplate about how the phantom menace of White Supremacism is still super dangerous and requires more energy and resources invested in accusing traditional White families of being racist. A few hours after my epiphany, I started to panic about my sudden and drastic shift in beliefs and reached for my bookshelf, cracking open my copy of Understanding Power: The Indispensable Noam Chomsky.

Much to my surprise, even Chomsky confirmed exactly what Heimbach has been trying to tell me, that I’m looking at this problem entirely upside-down!
See, capitalism is not fundamentally racist — it can exploit racism for its purposes, but racism isn’t built into it. Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. I mean, they may be functional for a period, like if you want a super exploited workforce or something, but those situations are kind of anomalous. Over the long term, you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist — just because its anti-human.
The history of colonialism and race relations in the West falls perfectly into the model Chomsky describes. Early on, Blacks and colonial subjects were the targets of supremacist ideology because the capitalist elites relied on that ideology to excuse their abuse of them as a super exploited workforce. As market factors evolved and economies developed, those anomalous circumstances have given way to what we have now, with the capitalists being fanatically anti-racist…because they’re anti-human!

McDonald’s! Monsanto! Halliburton! The Chamber of Commerce! The GOP! Even Waffle House, Inc. is committed at this point to an explicitly and overtly “anti-racist” agenda. It’s like realizing that Soylent Green is people, only I realized that anti-racism is anti-White, and that the other races will be humiliated and destroyed shortly after the vampire squid of corporate greed destroys the White race.

This whole time, I’ve been fanatically opposed to identity, nuclear families, and religious traditionalism, failing to realize that faith, family, and folk are the only three forces capable of guaranteeing that basic morality, human rights, free expression, and self-determination succeed against the inhuman and inhumane pursuit of shareholder value by stock market technical analysis algorithms which calculate every aspect of humanity other than their capacity to improve shareholder performance as inefficiencies to be eliminated.

I stand prepared to take orders from Matthew Heimbach, America’s authentic social justice warrior. A truly just future is one in which all the races are allowed and invited to feel pride, to master their own destinies, and to thrive in their own safe spaces. If I don’t include White people in that declaration, then I’m the real racist. I encourage the rest of my “anti-fascist” brothers and sisters to wake up, take a shower, and become allies of the Traditionalist Youth Network.

Review of Stephen A. McNallen’s "Asatru: A Native European Spirituality"

via Counter-Currents

The Good Preacher

Steve McNallen is a serious character. A former U.S. Army Ranger, he has hitchhiked across the Sahara Desert and traveled to such exotic locales as Tibet and Burma, usually to report on military conflicts. His articles have appeared in Soldier of Fortune magazine (a periodical that fascinated me when I was a teenager, especially the classified ads in the back). McNallen has also worked as a jailer, a juvenile corrections officer, and has served in the National Guard (he was witness to the Rodney King riots back in 1992). Oh, and he taught math and science for six years in an American high school, using his summer vacations like Indiana Jones, setting off on foreign adventures.

Steve McNallen is also the man principally responsible for the revival of Asatru in North America. He gives us a brief overview of his life, written with typical modesty and understatement, in this wonderful new book, several years in the making. McNallen tells us that he decided to follow the gods of his ancestors while he was in college “in either 1968 or 1969” (p. 61).

I like the honesty of this. A lot of men, if they were uncertain which year it was, would have just picked one, perhaps even giving a specific date: e.g., “Walpurgisnacht 1969!” But McNallen is not concerned to make an impression, or create an image for himself. His sincerity, earnestness, and lack of pretension have a great deal to do with why he has become a genuine religious leader.

Steve McNallen
When I first met McNallen I thought “this man is a born preacher.” I come from a long line of Methodists, and some of my ancestors were clergy. One was a “circuit rider,” a preacher assigned to travel around the countryside (usually on horseback) ministering to settlers and establishing congregations. My use of the term “preacher” is not pejorative. I share the faith of my very distant ancestors, not the more recent ones — but I honor them all. And being a preacher is an honorable profession.

A good preacher has the ability to form people into a genuine community through appealing to their better nature. No easy task. And a good preacher establishes his authority not through his book learning or some seal of approval from a Council of Elders, but rather through the force of his personality. Just what that consists in is a complex issue. Partly, it’s a simple matter of “good character.” Aristotle said that one of the necessary conditions of being an effective speaker is that the audience must perceive the speaker as having good character. Otherwise they will not be convinced by what he says, no matter how cogent his arguments are.

However, “force of personality” also involves strength of conviction. A good preacher is someone whose faith is so strong that others believe because he believes. Privately, they may suffer doubts. But just being in the presence of a good preacher, a man with real strength of conviction, is often enough to bolster them. And I do not necessarily mean listening to him preach. A good preacher communicates his faith and sincerity in his every act, even in the way he moves across a room or eats a meal.

I experienced McNallen’s force of personality for the first time one evening several years ago on a beach in California. I was one of about 25 people who gathered together around a bonfire to participate in a blot led by McNallen. It was truly a mixed crowd, running the gamut from university professors to skinheads. I had driven there with McNallen and his wife Sheila, on the way picking up a cake at a local supermarket. My job was to ride shotgun and serve as navigator, directing McNallen to the beach. He was in an extraordinarily good mood and as I gave him each direction (“turn left here . . .” etc.) he responded in crisp military fashion: “Roger that!”

I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out. I am a lone wolf by nature, and Asatru for me has always been a pretty solitary affair. On those occasions when I participated in rituals with others it usually felt like we were LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). In other words, I felt a bit silly. But on the beach something strange and uncanny happened. It was a constellation of factors. One was the natural setting: fall on a northern California beach, nighttime, waves crashing, bonfire crackling and roaring. But the key factor was McNallen. As he spoke, mead horn in his hand, Asatru came alive for me (and, I think, everyone else) in a way it never had before.

I am a philosopher, and that means that my life is mostly about theory. And this is true of my relation to Asatru: theory, to the neglect of practice (though, to be clear, not the total neglect). A few hours prior to heading for the beach, McNallen had asked me what rituals I perform. I confessed to him that I performed few rituals, and very seldom. He seemed disappointed, and I felt slightly ashamed. Such is the power of a good preacher! I had encountered the same disappointment with others on revealing to them my neglect of ritual, and my standard response had been to quip “I’m a Protestant” (i.e., as opposed to a “Catholic” follower of Asatru, who needs rituals and candles and incense). But I knew I couldn’t be so glib with McNallen.

When he led that blot on the beach I felt a real sense of connection to my ancestors, and to the gods. It was a transformative experience. However, it wasn’t a “mystical experience”: I didn’t feel suddenly at one with all things, or that the Being of beings had been revealed to me. No, it was something more basic than this: it was a religious experience. And a key part of this was the presence of others. As I said, it was a constellation of factors. There was the natural setting, and McNallen’s charisma, and the truth that came through his words. But in addition there was an absolutely essential component, without which this religious experience would not have been possible: others — others like me.

A few years ago I wrote a controversial article titled “Asatru and the Political” (it’s included in my recent book What is a Rune? And Other Essays). The major point of the piece was that since Asatru is a folk religion, born of the spirit of European people, we followers of Asatru must take an interest in the survival and flourishing of the race that gave rise to it. In short, I argued that commitment to Asatru entails what is sometimes called today “white nationalism” (not the same thing, as I explain in the essay, as “white supremacism”). In Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, McNallen makes essentially the same point (without using the term “white nationalism”). I hasten to add that McNallen was making such arguments long before I was — a point to which I will return later.


In any case, in that same essay I argued that every religion is really a way in which a people confronts itself, for every religion is an expression of a people’s spirit, born of the encounter between a distinct ethnic group, with its own inherent (i.e., genetic) characteristics and a place. What I did not emphasize is a corollary point: that religion is inherently communal. It is often asserted that the word “religion” comes from a root meaning “to bind,” and on this basis it has been speculated that “religion” means “to bind together.” If this is correct (and no one really knows), two interpretations are possible. The first is that religion binds or connects individuals to the divine (sort of like the literal meaning of “yoga,” as that which yokes us to the divine). The second is that religion binds us together in a community.

Anthropologists and sociologists favor the latter interpretation, with some going so far as to suggest that the “purpose” of religion is really nothing more than making communities cohesive. This is a vulgar, flat-souled notion that I discuss elsewhere (see my essay “The Stones Cry Out,” also in What is a Rune?). The truth is that religion binds together a community, through binding it to the divine. Both of the interpretations just mentioned are correct. Through religion, I achieve connection with the gods — but that is only possible through connection with others who have the same aim, and worship the same gods.

Religion is not the only way of making some “connection” to the divine. Mysticism is another way. So are philosophy and theology. Even art and poetry are means. But these can all be solitary activities. We may want an audience for our poetry (or our philosophy), but we don’t need one in order for poetry (or philosophy) to occur.

For religion to “occur” we need others. There can be no such thing as a private religion. Elsewhere I have discussed at length my commitment to Odinism (see “What is Odinism?” in Tyr Volume 4). Odinism is the path of one who follows Odin — really of one who seeks to become him. It is not about “worshipping” Odin, and it is not a religion. It would be accurate to call Odinism (as I define it[1]) a cult within Asatru. Though by its very nature it is a cult arguably best suited for lone individuals (at least, that’s how it is for me): a cult whose “cells” consist of isolated individuals. Until that night on the beach in California, Odinism really was Asatru for me. It was when the blot had ended that I realized my error.

What happened when the blot ended? There was silence. We ate our cake and sat around the bonfire, speaking in hushed tones. There was a kind of electricity in the air, and I think I speak for everyone there when I say that I felt lifted out of myself. I felt connected. Connected to the divine but also — and this is very unusual for me — connected to the others. I felt part of a religious community. It was then that I realized that my Odinism, while entirely legitimate, was not enough.

Imagine the absurdity of a Christian theologian who said that the practice of theology was sufficient unto itself and that he had no need of belonging to a church. But this was exactly my own position: an Odinist, a Germanic neo-pagan philosopher who never practiced his neo-paganism. And by “practice” here I mean practice with others. I was an irreligious neo-pagan. A Protestant indeed.

Of course, there’s an Odinic response to this — or one that seems plausibly Odinic: “Odin is the lone wanderer, he does not need others. If you aspire to be Odin, you do not need blots and such.” But there are two problems here. First, Odin clearly needed the company of the other gods: he returned to them from his wanderings again and again. The second problem is that while there is a part of me that is Odin, and my Odinism is the cultivation of this (again, see my essay in Tyr #4), it is only a part of me. I am still a man, and man is a social animal. And the supreme, most elevated and sublime aspect of his sociability is his religiosity. My experience on the beach didn’t teach me that I ought to come together with others and practice Asatru; it taught me that I needed to, but hadn’t been aware of the need.

Of course, the blot on the beach and the important realization I had there was more than three years ago. And I am still a lone Odinist, keeping an eye on Asatru from the periphery but seldom ever joining with others. Old habits die hard. There are many people who have a much stronger desire to come together with others than I do, but simply cannot because they don’t live near anyone. In one way I am not alone: many of us have been solitary cultists, for a great many years. Then there’s that other big problem: sometimes when you meet others who claim to follow Asatru you are very, very disappointed.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the AFA

But all of this seems to be changing. And primarily we have Steve McNallen to thank for it. McNallen is well aware that Asatru must be about community; that the solitary practice of Asatru is ultimately insufficient. In recent years, there have been more and more occasions for people who follow the ancestral gods to come together. More people — serious, sincere, and sane people — are being drawn to Asatru and forming local kindreds, or assemblies. McNallen’s organization, the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) has organized several events each year for a number of years now. The most successful of these have been “Winter Nights in the Poconos,” held in the fall at a camp in Pennsylvania. And, of course, the internet is helping people to find each other.

McNallen’s own experience of Asatru — which he narrates in this new book — is one that also began in isolation. As noted earlier, McNallen decided to follow the gods of his ancestors when he was in college in the late sixties, serving in the ROTC. This was the Age of Aquarius, and I was in diapers. But I was nonetheless very much aware of the “Occult Revival” when I was a small child in the early seventies. I still remember the weird shop in the strip mall, down the block from Rose’s Department Store, where (at the age of eight or so) I bought my copies of The Sorcerers Handbook and Illustrated Anthology of Sorcery, Magic and Alchemy. (However, once my mother figured out that it was also a head shop she stopped letting me go in there.) Wicca was certainly on the scene, but Asatru was nowhere to be found.

McNallen thought that he was totally alone. In desperation, he took out ads in magazines like Fate, looking for others like himself. Slowly, he formed a small group which he called the Viking Brotherhood: the first Asatru organization in the U.S. McNallen began publishing his own periodical, The Runestone, in 1971, and by the following year the Viking Brotherhood had become a tax-exempt religious organization. He told me once that at the time he and his comrades were making Thor’s hammers out of the keys from sardine cans. (Today, of course, Thor’s hammers are available with two-day Prime shipping from Amazon — largely thanks to McNallen spreading the faith.)

But almost as soon as he had launched the Viking Brotherhood, McNallen had to report for active duty as an officer in the Army. Needless to say, this severely restricted his work on behalf of Asatru. At the time, by the way, Asatru was not Asatru. McNallen did not begin using that term until 1976, after reading it in a book by Magnus Magnusson. Up until then, he had called his religion “Norse Paganism,” or sometimes “Odinism.” It is important to note that our ancestors did not have a name for their religion at all. (“Asatru” which means “true to the Aesir,” is a term coined in the 19th century.)

Names for religions have come into use as a result of the rise of universalist faiths like Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. These religions needed to call themselves something because they imparted an ideology, and sought to convert people away from their folk religions: they needed to be able to approach people and say “we represent x.” As to the names traditionally given to folk or ethic religions, typically they do not distinguish a member of the ethnic group from an adherent to the religion. The term “Hinduism” is derived from the Persian word “Hindu,” which actually just denotes the Indian people. The etymology of “Judaism” is similar, derived from a word that simply means “Jew.”

By all rights, Asatru — which is an ethnic religion — ought to be called “Germanism,” or “Teutonism,” or something like that. Though both of these are problematic choices, for a number of reasons. But “Asatru” is problematic as well (though it looks like we are stuck with it — which is fine). Imagine if Judaism changed its name to “Yahwism,” the religion of those who worship Yahweh.[2] Inevitably, along would come a gentile who felt entitled to describe himself as a “Yahwist,” because he has decided to worship Yahweh. But if “Yahwist” had the same denotation as “Jewish,” he would have to be taken aside and politely told that the Yahwists are a people, a tribe, not just a collection of believers in a particular theology. And so he cannot be a Yahwist. (Wisely, the Jews — like most Hindus — have remained aware of the ethnic identity of their religion, and are not particularly eager to embrace converts.)

Our term “Asatru” invites a similar problem. If the religion is literally being “true to the Aesir” (“true” as in being loyal to or believing in) well then why can’t a man whose ancestors came from Niger decide that he wants to be true to Odin, Freya, and Thor? McNallen came to face this problem squarely in the seventies:

It was in about 1974 that I began to realize that there was an innate connection between Germanic paganism and the Germanic people. I had resisted the idea as being somehow racist, but I could not ignore the evidence. Within a year or two I had shifted from a “universalist” to a “folkish” position — even though neither of those terms would enter our vocabulary for many years. (pp. 62-63)

It was around the time that McNallen adopted the term “Asatru,” after his discharge from the Army, that he formed the Asatru Free Assembly as successor to the Viking Brotherhood. This is not to be confused with the Asatru Folk Assembly, his present organization. As the above quotation implies, the folkishness of the “first AFA” was largely implicit, for the simple reason that McNallen was surrounded by like-minded people. The Asatru Free Assembly went from being a small group meeting in the back of an insurance agency in Berkeley, California, to a national organization. It published booklets and audio tapes, and beginning in 1980 held an annual summit, the Althing. “Guilds” formed within the first AFA, each with its own newsletter.

There was no other Asatru organization in North America until the mid-1980s. The AFA was it. But by the mid-’80s it was dying. McNallen and his wife were both holding down full-time jobs, and trying to run the AFA on the side. The ideal situation, of course, would have been if they could have turned the AFA into their full-time work. But when they tried that, soliciting financial support from AFA members, they were accused of being “money hungry.” Some people just expect something for nothing. (A problem with which the editor of this website is all too familiar.) It was an impossible situation, and eventually McNallen had to close the AFA, the remains of which morphed (with his blessing) into Valgard Murray’s Asatru Alliance.

Then came McNallen’s years of wandering, writing for Soldier of Fortune, interviewing Tibetan resistance fighters, serving in the National Guard. With characteristic frankness, he admits that while he never wavered from being true to the Aesir during this period, the collapse of the first AFA left him quite bitter. For a long time, he simply gave up on being involved (at least in a leadership capacity) with organized Asatru. What drew him back in was precisely the realization that circumstances had forced those true to the Aesir to make explicit what had been the movement’s implicit folkishness. McNallen writes:

In 1994, I saw signs that a corrupt faction was making inroads into the Germanic religious movement in the United States. Individuals and groups had emerged which denied the innate connection of Germanic religion and Germanic people, saying in effect that ancestral heritage did not matter. This error could not be allowed to become dominant. I decided to reenter the fray and throw my influence behind Asatru as it had been practiced in America since the founding of the Viking Brotherhood back in the 1970s. I formed the Asatru Folk Assembly. (pp. 65-66)

The change from “Free” to “Folk” made things pretty explicit. (And, I will add, has the further advantage of disabusing those who thought that commitment to Asatru cost nothing.) McNallen is too much of a gentleman to name names here, but the “corrupt faction” he is referring to is typified by folks (and I use the term loosely) like the ultra-PC “Ring of Troth,” who are truer to the Frankfurt School than to the Aesir. I won’t say anything else about such people here, as their attempt to turn Asatru into a universalist creed is unworthy of serious discussion.

Article Two of the Declaration of Purpose of the Asatru Folk Assembly states:

Ours is an ancestral religion, one passed down to us from our forebears from ancient times and thus tailored to our unique makeup. Its spirit is inherent in us as a people. If the People of the North ceased to exist, Asatru would likewise no longer exist. It is our will that we not only survive, but thrive, and continue our upward evolution in the direction of the Infinite. All native religions spring from the unique collective soul of a particular people. Religions are not arbitrary or accidental; body, mind and spirit are all shaped by the evolutionary history of the group and are thus interrelated. Asatru is not just what we believe, it is what we are. Therefore, the survival and welfare of the Northern European peoples as a cultural and biological group is a religious imperative for the AFA.

As always, the cunning of reason — or the hand of the gods — has been at work: as I noted earlier, the new AFA has wings the old AFA never possessed. If the old organization had never fallen apart, and McNallen had not lived his wilderness years, we would never have seen the birth of the Asatru Folk Assembly, and the Asatru Renaissance that it has helped bring about.

There is more to the tale of the new AFA — such as the saga of its involvement in the “Kennewick Man” controversy — but for the rest you will have to read the book.

Asatru: A Native European Spirituality fills a void. It is intended to introduce readers to Asatru — readers with no prior acquaintance. As such, it is written in a highly-accessible style. And yet there is much here that will be of interest to those already well acquainted with Asatru: the fruits of almost 50 years not just of McNallen’s experience as a leader and exponent of Asatru, but of his deep reflection upon the meaning of the religion, and its integral relation to the Northern European peoples and their spirit. There is no other book I know of that is as comprehensive and illuminating an introduction to folkish Asatru.

Why Asatru?

Before I close this review there is one more issue that I need to address. There is a tendency among those in the New Right to either embrace Asatru, or simply to tolerate it (usually on the basis that it might — repeat, might — be a useful political tool). Those who tolerate it typically think it’s a bit silly — or at least not something for them. And so a lot of my readers may find this review interesting, but conclude that McNallen’s book and the AFA are for those already converted. I’d like to encourage those folks to think about things differently.

McNallen actually takes no position on whether or not the gods “really exist.” In the AFA, one can be a “hard polytheist,” who actually believes there’s an Odin riding around out there on Sleipner, or a “soft polytheist” who thinks the gods are inflections of some ultimate Brahman-like principle — or even that they are just poetic constructs that hold up a mirror to our Northern souls. There are tricky issues here, and my own position doesn’t readily fall into any of these categories. But one thing is certain: whether or not the gods “really exist,” the gods and the myths about them most certainly do poetically mirror our Northern souls. This is the first thing I’d like New Right “sceptics” about Asatru to consider. Asatru is us.

As I put it in my essay “Asatru and the Political”:

Ásatrú is an expression of the unique spirit of the Germanic peoples. And one could also plausibly claim that the spirit of the Germanic peoples just is Ásatrú, understanding its myth and lore simply as a way in which the people projects its spirit before itself, in concrete form. And this leads me back to where I began, to the “political” point of this essay: to value Ásatrú is to value the people of Ásatrú; to value their survival, their distinctness, and their flourishing. For one cannot have the one without the other.

Here I was enjoining followers of Asatru to defend the interests of people of European ancestry. But now I am enjoining those who already believe in that cause to value Asatru. Because, you see, valuing “the people of Asatru” — European (or Northern European) people — must mean, at its most basic level, coming together with them in a community.

What Asatru offers to the New Right is a community of people of European ancestry focused around the celebration of that ancestry, and common culture. I have already discussed the progress the AFA has made in building this community — in genuinely bringing people together. McNallen writes:

We console each other in times of death, and celebrate the birth of new children. We share favorite books, career tips, and recipes. We make plans to meet down at a local pub, or to attend an event the next state over. Locally, we gather for rituals and for birthday parties, or to load a truck for someone moving to a new home. (p. 69)
The Fourth Article of the AFA’s Declaration of Purpose states that it is devoted to “The restoration of community, the banishment of alienation, and the establishment of natural and just relations among our people.” The banishment of alienation — the condition so many of us on the Right suffer from. And often it is our own doing. The idea of a community of people of European ancestry celebrating that ancestry sounds really good — but there’s all that stuff about Odin . . .

Well, I mentioned earlier that I come from a long line of Methodists. And my mother attended the local Methodist church all her life. But here’s something that will surprise you: she wasn’t particularly “religious.” Yes, she believed in God and in Heaven in some sense, and she thought that the Bible was mostly a good influence on people (though I think she never read it). But my mother thought it unbecoming to carry things to extremes. In particular she looked down on people who talked about Jesus all the time: “Jesus loves you” made her flesh crawl. She thought that people who talked that way were a bit “touched” (in the bad sense), and a bit low class.

For my mother, church was about community. It was a place where you met what she called “decent people,” and often had the satisfaction of helping each other. It was a place where people were brought together by a shared desire, to one degree or another, to orient their lives to an ideal (or at least to be seen to be doing so). And it was a place where people were brought together by common ancestry — for my mother’s church was implicitly white (a fact she would have readily admitted). Yes, some of the people there were, in her eyes, a little too “Jesusy.” And others not enough. Some took the Bible just a little too seriously, and said and did peculiar things. They were cranks. But in my mother’s eyes they were “our cranks.” She derived enormous satisfaction and comfort from her participation in that community. This was something I didn’t understand until much later in life.

So, if you are skeptical about Asatru just start here — I mean just with the kind of tentative, minimalist recommendation I’ve made in the last few paragraphs. Asatru as a community of people like you. This is actually quite a lot. More may come later. Or perhaps not. Perhaps you’ll always think that people who talk about Odin are a bit “touched.” But you’ll be with your people; with people who are aware that they are your people. As Steve McNallen says in this book, “Asatru is about roots. It’s about connections. It’s about coming home.”

You can access the AFA’s splendid new website here.

Postscript: I have just learned that the AFA is raising money to buy its own hall. You can read more about it, and donate, here.

1. I derive my understanding of Odinism from Edred Thorsson. See Edred Thorsson, Runelore: A Handbook of Esoteric Runology (York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser, 1987), 179.
2. This term actually is used by scholars, to denote the cult of Yahweh among the ancient Hebrews — the cult that eventually became Judaism.

American Roulette: No Matter Who Gets Elected, Our New President Will Kill Americans for Israel

via Darkmoon

The Lesser of Two Evils Is Still Evil

We’ve been through this before. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Because whoever becomes the next U.S. president, the one thing he or she is certain to do is kill innocent people for Israel. And the worst of it is, our next president will kill Americans for Israel, as presidents have done ever since the days Woodrow Wilson sent Americans to die in World War I, right after the Jews created the Federal Reserve and took over the U.S. for real.

Our current hypocritical homicidal mania, based on a false War on Terror that the Jewish controlled U.S. has created itself, will not cease until the Jewish objective of a world completely controlled by murderous Jews is achieved. And then the maxim that the ancient Scottish warrior Calgacus said of the Romans will be achieved: “They make a desert and they call it peace.”

There is no one on the political scene in America even remotely tempted to point out that the U.S. is morally wrong and psychologically deformed in all its activities. The long ago advice of John Quincy Adams that we should avoid foreign entanglements has been completely wiped out by savage Jews who have hijacked the country by taking control of its money supply.

America is a vampire predator that has abandoned its own founding principles and is devouring its own children, following the Judeo-Christian tradition expressed in Deuteronomy 28:56, in which mothers are required to eat their own children if they don’t follow God’s holy laws.

The ugliness of this twisted admonition is clearly visible in the serial invasions of countries Israel wants destroyed and is using its remote control U.S. forces to get this demonic job done. Its influence is even more obvious by how America is now treating its own children, by deliberately impoverishing and poisoning them, imposing defective education on them so they can never be anything more than slaves, and kidnapping not a small percentage of them as sexual playthings for the very well-to-do.

You know the very rich actually eat children, just as Deuteronomy predicted. <>

Look with horror on the array of so-called candidates to replace the artificial president we have had for the past eight years. All are pledged to continue the artificial reality that was created by 9/11, enabling kosher America to make war on the whole world. None of these candidates will forthrightly address that lie; all of them will continue the tyranny leading America down the road to a debased slavery.

The recent populist successes of Donald Trump guarantee that Hillary Clinton will be elected president of the United States in 2016. Either Trump wins the Republican nomination and Hillary wins in a landslide with votes from everyone who wants to keep getting government checks, or Trump runs as a third party candidate and steals enough votes from Jeb Bush to assure Hillary and Bill make it back to the White House to continue their criminal hijinks.

So either way, once again we will have a president who is not afraid to murder large numbers of people at the behest of our Israeli overseers. Of course, this is true for all the candidates who have announced, because everyone running is willing if not eager to kill for Israel and reap the rewards this inhuman behavior bestows on its immoral practitioners.

But isn’t it appalling that a Bush-Clinton election contest is a chilling reprise of the 1992 race, and when you think of how far downhill living conditions have plummeted in that period of time, anyone who thinks America is going to rebound from the plundering of the nation by Jewish interests is either one of the 14 million on the government dole, or a professor advocating sexual perversions on one of the thousands of kosher campuses throughout the country, or a crackhead!

That Americans accept the same two loser names from the election that sent the U.S. spiraling toward oblivion reveals in startling clarity just how retarded Americans actually are, and how little they know of what is actually happening in the world.

It appears I have a mindset that barely exists anymore, since I’m from a generation that grew up with some idea that quality, integrity and competence meant something. Today, kids are being raised not to be able to spell, and to aspire to either winning the lottery or profiting mightily from some illegal activity at which they won’t get caught because they paid off the right people.

They are being sexualized at an early age (no doubt for future use by the power elite) and given vaccinations that will assure they will never be fully functioning human beings. In the case of girls, this mass rape by the drug Gardasil will guarantee most of the next generation will be born defective.

I’ve heard for many years that Americans elect presidents who are perfect reflections of the typical average American. I realize this is an embarrassing indictment, but we have seen how true this has been in the sorry string of narcissistic sociopaths who have lived in the White House during most of my lifetime.

This same sadistic social strata of unemployable actors is deftly arrayed for another hilarious campaign season where each of these asinine aspirants will compete for the right to bend over and accept and implement the treasonous suggestions of the Jewish bankers.
Why Americans don’t demand their leaders act humanely and be concerned for the welfare of their fellow citizens not only verifies the proposition that presidents are merely accurate reflections of the population, but graphically demonstrates how irresponsible, undependable and corruptible Americans really are. Maybe all humans are this way, but if so, it only guarantees our future will be just as pathetic and chaotic as our past.

In almost every election I’ve witnessed since the 1960s, there has always been some dark horse champion who, early in the election season, promises to ride to the rescue of corrupt American politics and seize the White House from the two major parties. Eugene McCarthy, Pete McCloskey, John Anderson, Ross Perot. Names now long forgotten have captured the attention of Americans for a brief period of time, then faded into obscurity as the two party system that is really only one party wins the election after all the lemmings rationalize they don’t want to waste their votes and that they want to feel good by voting for the winner.

Donald Trump is now such a trivial name occupying our attention for a short period of time. But at the moment, he is a character who has stepped right out of a Philip K. Dick novel and inveigled the populace in a pink haze of seemingly relevant rhetoric, playing to xenophobia? Still, we should remember that Reagan was an actor, and so is Trump.

The media ascendance of this egotistical millionaire, as was the case with Perot in the early 1990s, is a strategic initiative meant to influence the eventual election in favor of the candidate really supported by the power elite. It a very similar situation to the election of 1912 in which ex-president Theodore Roosevelt was “persuaded” to enter the race with his Bullmoose party, thereby guaranteeing the defeat of incumbent Republican William Howard Taft and assuring the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson, “the peace candidate”, who promptly got us into World War I and supervised the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax.

As the jiggered election of 1912 led us into war and changed the nature of the United States in perpetuity by giving over control of our money to the Jewish bankers, so the election of 2016 will further change America permanently by giving over control of America’s military to Hillary Clinton, a certified murderer who not only arranged and watched the killing of an American ambassador, Christopher Stevens, who was up to his ears in illegally funneling weapons from one country the U.S. was destroying (Libya) to another country it wished to destroy (Syria), but she also supervised the assassination of her former confidante (and lover?) Vince Foster, who simply knew too much about the Clinton crime family and the string of assassinations on their behalf that have dogged them since their early Arkansas days.

Since she is totally owned by Israel, can anyone doubt that when Hillary’s finger is on the nuclear trigger that she would not eagerly push it?

But then again, many if not all of the candidates running against her would have the same attitude, particularly the evangelical Republicans like Rick Santorum or Mike Huckabee, brainlessly obedient to the Jewish war makers. So too is Jeb Bush in this category, who lists his braindead, conscienceless brother George as his leading foreign policy adviser.

George W. Bush, you must remember, lied America into (at least) two wars in which many thousands of Americans lost their lives, and millions of innocent residents of faraway countries lost their lives, too, a fact most Americans ignore. Dubya also spearheaded the coverup of 9/11, brazenly braying “They hate our freedoms” while knowing all the while it was his Israeli handlers chiefly responsible for the treasonous deaths of 3,000 unsuspecting Americans.

Most Americans don’t really realize the brutally criminal nature of American politics. Although they witness the carnage on television, they remain at a safe distance as these murders seldom come to their town and affect them personally.

At the present time we have a concerted campaign to assassinate all doctors who promote and use the cancer-curing agent GcMAF <

In our recent past we have witnessed the extermination of microbiologists who knew too much about the swine flu program meant to kill millions.

The strings of murders among people connected to presidents has grown to monstrous proportions, particularly among former lovers of Clinton and Obama.

American behavior is in the sewer, immoral and deceitful to the max, and it’s not because of their abandonment of religion, either, as John Hagee, Pope Francis and their cynical compatriots are all up to their eyeballs in treason and the rape of children.

So what’s the solution? The solution is to substantially dismantle the U.S. government, deport all the Jews, restrict immigration and repatriate many of those who have been deliberately imported to destabilize the country and ease the change into a totalitarian communist dictatorship. The key tactical maneuver is to remove the money supply from the control the privately owned Federal Reserve, to remove the control of schools and government from the centralized federal monstrosity known as the Department of Education, and to begin to restore the country free of demonic Jewish influence.

Decentralization is the answer. Our military needs to be exclusively defensive, immigration needs to be stopped in its tracks, and the federal government needs to be stripped of most of its power, because as we can see, ever since the original transfer of power from the states to Washington in the very earliest history of America, our individual rights have slowly been erased and the U.S. has been taken over by a foreign power, the international Jewish bankers that Henry Ford warned us about, who have no regard for anything but their own perverted profit.

This is not what we should be teaching our children. We are compassionate human beings, not the mindless killer robots the Jews have turned us into.

If we are to survive, they must not. And there is no presidential candidate presently now announced who recognizes any of this, so what we can expect from current circumstances is more of the same, only worse.

You are about to lose your life and your property because you would not stand up for what you have been told millions of times since Ben Franklin first uttered the words, “a republic, if you can keep it.”

Jimmy Marr on the Road with #WhiteGenocide

via Fight White Genocide

I recently came across this post by Jimmy Marr on VNN about his epic journey from Eugene, OR to Redmond, WA with “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide side-boards on his truck and tail gate. This is a fantastic piece of FWG activism.

Original post on VNN HERE.

“I drove my truck from Eugene, Oregon to Redmond, Washington with 3′ X 6′ DIACWFWG side-boards and 3′ X 5′ tailgate. I sat through two or three wrecks in bumper to bumper traffic between Olympia and Seattle. The total trip took about seven hours. I had to make three emergency stops because the tailgate, for which it was its maiden voyage, nearly fell off several times in heavy traffic. Thank god it never flew fully off. I was nervous as hell sitting on the shoulder of I-5 in bumper-to-bumper traffic up around Sea-Tac working my ass off scavenging the shoulder for materials with which to Jerry-rig it enough to make it into Redmond.

The situation was not improved by the fact that I was attired as usual in a kilt. I found climbing up and down off that flat bed without exposing myself to be quite a challenge in addition to other obvious stressors. That was on the weekend of the Gay Pride parade, which I had half intended to picket, but after all the exposure I had gotten just by making the trip, I decided not to tempt fate any further that weekend.”

Philip Giraldi on Jewish Power: The War Inside the Beltway

via The Occidental Observer

Philip Giraldi has long been an excellent observer of the Israel Lobby and its power over the American political establishment. It strikes me that his latest column, “The War Inside the Beltway,” breaks new ground for him with his comments on the wider context of Jewish power in America.
I was watching CBS morning news last Wednesday, the day after it was announced that convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard would be released from prison in November. The “real news,” as the network describes it, recounted what Israeli officials had said about releasing Pollard, which was basically “all right, finally…but we still have to destroy Iran.” You have to hand it to the Israelis, they certainly know how to accept a bribe completely ungraciously.
That straight from the heart advice from America’s best friend and closest ally was followed almost immediately by an interview segment with former CIA Director James Woolsey. Woolsey obligingly informed the interviewer that Pollard had in fact not disclosed any classified information, completely contradicting the results of the Pentagon investigation that had been conducted after the fact. Woolsey is, for what it’s worth, a fully owned parasite hovering in a regular neocon orbit who spoke at the recent “Stop Iran” rally in New York City. He has also claimed falsely that Israel does not spy on the United States. So why would anyone sane pick Woolsey to provide commentary instead of someone who actually knew what he was talking about? To mitigate the Israeli role in spying on the U.S., of course. It had to be a deliberate decision.
Right. I forgot about Woolsey in my article on cuckservatives when I listed Randy Scheunemann, John Bolton and Frank Gaffney as cuckservatives who are part of the neocon foreign policy establishment. I am sure there are many others. Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and Fox News comes to mind. Again, the key to understanding Jewish power is that they are able to establish incredible infrastructure giving career opportunities for ambitious, unscrupulous non-Jews willing to promote Jewish interests at the expense of their own people. Giraldi’s term ‘parasite’ is particularly apt given the cuckservative meme — the term ‘cuckold’ derives from the cuckoo birds’ practice of parasitizing other species by getting them to rear its young. Woolsey et al. are willing cucks.

The link from ‘parasite’ goes a 2014 article in Counterpunch by David Macary stating “it was reported that former CIA Director James Woolsey, forced to resign during the Clinton administration for his bungling of the Aldrich Ames affair, was going around telling people that the reason Jonathan Pollard, the notorious Israeli spy, was still in prison after 29 years is because the U.S. government is anti-Semitic. In short, Pollard remains in prison because he’s a Jew.” Woolsey is a cuckservative’s cuckservative.
Make no mistake, the U.S. media and inside the beltway punditry boast about their professionalism and integrity but it all goes out the window when Israel is the topic. Many of those involved are themselves Jewish and identify as “strong Israel supporters” and for those who are not of the Tribe the understanding that criticism of Israel is a quick ticket out of town frequently prevails.
This is the flip side of Jewish power. There’s the carrot and the stick. Whereas Woolsey et al. eagerly consume the carrots, everyone in Washington is also aware of the stick: Opposing Jewish interests is career death. And after you have have your 15 minutes of being in the spotlight for calling attention to Jewish power, you can look forward to a life on the outside looking in; and you’ll probably have to sell your house and go on food stamps.
This twisting oneself into knots to deny what is clearly visible has been never as evident as during the past two weeks with the launch of the hate Iran agenda to derail President Barack Obama’s negotiated agreement relating to that country’s nuclear program. The public has been fed a steady diet of alarmist nonsense cranked out by journalists like Jennifer Rubin and Charles Krauthammer, depicting the Iranians as suicidal religious fanatics, liars and thieves, terrorists and, of course, Jew haters who also run around chanting “Death to America.”
While non-Jews are confronted with stark choices between the carrot and the stick in thinking about whether to pursue Jewish interests or the interests of their people, Jews are able to freely and overtly pursue their ethnic interests. And they do so in the elite media — Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post, and one can’t turn on Fox News without seeing Charles Krauthammer expound on behalf of his favorite country. I emphasized Krauthammer’s Jewish and Israeli identification in “Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement” (pp 40-41):
Krauthammer is a Jew and his Jewish identification and pro-Israel motivation are typical of Jewish neoconservatives, as is his obeisance to the idea that America is a proposition nation, rather than a nation founded by a particular ethnic group—an ethnocultural creation of Western Europe that should attempt to preserve this heritage. The same attitude can be seen in Irving Kristol’s comment that the U.S. is an “ideological nation” committed to defend Israel independent of national interest (see above). This ideology was the creation of leftist Jewish intellectuals attempting to rationalize a multicultural America in which European-Americans were just one of many cultural/ethnic groups.
Krauthammer is a regular columnist for the Jerusalem Post and has written extensively in support of hard-line policies in Israel and on what he interprets as a rise in age-old anti-Jewish attitudes in Europe. In 2002 Krauthammer was presented with Bar-Ilan University’s annual Guardian of Zion Award at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. His acceptance speech reveals an observant Jew who is steeped in Jewish history and the Hebrew tradition. The 1993 Oslo Accords are termed “the most catastrophic and self- inflicted wound by any state in modern history”; this disastrous policy was based on “an extreme expression of postZionistic messianism.”
Krauthammer rejected the “secular messianism” of Shimon Peres as more dangerous than the religious messianism of Gush Emunim (a prominent settler group with a message of Jewish racialism and a vision of a “Greater Israel” encompassing the lands promised to Abraham in Genesis—from the Nile to the Euphrates) or of certain followers of the Lubavitcher Rebbe because of its impact on shaping contemporary Jewish history.
So we have the typical situation of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, the Fox News cuckservatives, featuring Charles Krauthammer, the Jewish/Israeli patriot. Back to Giraldi:
The Republicans will block vote on the Iran deal to spite Obama but the process being engaged in by the Democrats who are sitting on the fence is far more excruciating to watch [JTA (8/4/2015): “3 top Jewish Democrats oppose Iran deal“]. They are being lobbied hard, sometimes directly by and even in Israel: “Some members of Congress are going on trips to Israel, with some arranged by the American Israel Education Foundation, a charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC, a deal foe.”
Again, the incredible Jewish ethnic infrastructure, just packed with carrots. And the stick always looms: If they cross the Israel Lobby they can expect a very difficult reelection campaign with very well-funded opponents.
Most of the Congressmen being quoted in the media are Jewish and are openly stating their concern for Israel while the media is uncritically accepting that as a reasonable position. Rarely does the issue of any actual American interest come up. Nor is there much discussion of the reality in the Middle East, which is that a U.S. armed and funded Israel is the regional superpower, not Iran, and that if there is a nuclear threat locally it comes from Tel Aviv.
Jewish Congressmen are free to openly assert their ethnic interests, while non-Jews assiduously avoid talking about American interests. Perish the thought! The non-Jews are cuckholded, whether Democrat or Republican. The Jews are looking after their ethnic interests. They are not cuckolded.
The reality is that we owe the Israelis nothing and the constant process of bribing them and deferring to their alleged interests so they will behave is demeaning to us as a country and also self-defeating as they couldn’t give a tinker’s damn for the American people except insofar as it is possible to take our money and otherwise exploit us.
This is, implicitly at least, a charge that Jewish Congressmen are disloyal. Any impartial observer of the US-Israel relationship over the last 50 years would have to agree that the US derives no benefit from its subservience to Israel while it pays a huge cost — a theme, for example of Mearsheimer and Walt’s The Israel Lobby. Could one possibly argue that Jewish Congressmen are honestly pursuing American interests when they promote the interests of the Jewish ethnostate, especially when American interests have been removed from the discussion because of the power of the Israel Lobby?

Giraldi then launches into a wide-ranging survey of Jewish power, noting Jewish power in the media, but focusing especially on Jewish power over the political process.
To be sure, Israel benefits enormously from its powerful fifth column inside the United States and there is already far too much deference by the federal government to what are manifestly Jewish issues. Though only 2% of the population, American Jews nevertheless wield enormous economic and political power which understandably translates into media access and influence over policies. That would be a given for how representational politics actually work under capitalism but there is something disturbing about how this plays out in practice. The Obama Administration has an Associate Director for Jewish Outreach in the White House Office of Public Engagement named Matt Nosanchuk but there is no designated outreach director to the nation’s 77 million Catholics. President Obama meets repeatedly with Jewish leaders, many of whom are hostile to his policies, but I have yet to read about him meeting with groups of Catholics or mainline Protestants. Many of them might well be supportive of what Obama is doing but there is no “outreach” office for them and no attempt to obtain their adherence to proposed programs.
The federal bureaucracy has for many years included numerous American Jews in the upper level positions relating to national security, Middle East policy and counter-terrorism. Most are responsible individuals who are serious about their commitment to impartial government service. But some are not so scrupulous. Dennis Ross, former Middle East negotiator, is not called “Israel’s lawyer” as a compliment. And there were also Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby, all of whom were actively engaged in bringing about the disastrous invasion of Iraq, intended in part to benefit Israel.
And then there are the neoconservatives to include the State Department’s Victoria Nuland [see also here] who somewhat inexplicably are advanced in their careers by Democrats as well as Republicans while having strong ties to Israel and its leaders. Does their religion or perceived ethnicity matter? It certainly does for those of them who, like the Jewish Congressmen unable to decide how to vote, cannot compartmentalize their own personal baggage when participating in the crafting of U.S. foreign policy.
Washington inexplicably gives a wealthy and militarily powerful Israel $3 billion annually for defense spending, a sum that it now wants to raise to nearly $5 billion as a bribe for good behavior, which will not in any event be forthcoming. Meanwhile, within the federal government there exist special bureaucracies and benefits that are little known to the public, created in response to narrowly construed Jewish interests. Apparently successful efforts made by Congresswomen Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to fund special health care benefits for Holocaust survivors constitute little more than a bid to create a two tiered system that provides extra financial support for a favored group. As near as I could determine, any European Jew who was not killed during the Second World War is considered a “Holocaust survivor.” Every American who has diligently paid into the Medicare trust fund should find the proposal for special benefits based on religion offensive in the extreme.
Washington’s Holocaust Museum, undeniably a political statement vis-à-vis Israel, was built using private contributions but the taxpayer covers its operating costs, $52 million in 2014, making it the most expensive museum in Washington. The State Department has a Special Adviser to the Secretary on Holocaust Issues as well as a Special Envoy for Holocoaust Issues. The two offices are headed respectively by Stuart Eizenstat and Nicholas Dean. There is also a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, a position held by Ira Forman, a former American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Political Director.
All three are senior Foreign Service Ambassador level positions with full staffs, first class travel expenses and additional funding. Foreign Service Executive Schedules top out at $203,700 plus benefits which is presumably what the trio are being paid. Eizenstat, who reports to Victoria Nuland, has had a particularly long career as a Holocaust specialist having served as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and as Bill Clinton’s Special Representative of the President and Secretary of State on Holocaust Era Issues.
As the Second World War ended seventy years ago and took place in Europe, not the United States, when does it become time for the rest of us to say “enough” regarding the Holocaust and its consequences? And why are contemporary genocides in Africa not worthy of a “Special Adviser?” And then there is combatting anti-Semitism. The increase in anti-Semitism in many countries is directly linked to actions undertaken by the Israeli government, which could itself be reasonably described as anti-Christian and anti-Muslim. Is Ambassador Forman going to address any of that? His most recent fact finding trip was to Sweden and Denmark in March where he met with “Jewish leaders.”
As often noted at TOO, Jewish power extends far beyond issues directly related to Israel, and it is gratifying to see others call attention to this. Although Giraldi is correct when he points out later in his article that surveys indicate that most American Jews favor the Iran deal, it is important to note that the wider Jewish community has also vigorously pursued its ethnic interests in other areas of policy in which there is far more of a Jewish consensus than the Iran deal: the entire program of immigration, multiculturalism, and the dispossession of White America. Positive attitudes toward immigration and America as a proposition nation with no ethnic connotations (noted above with respect to Charles Krauthammer) span the Jewish political spectrum even as American Jews vigorously cling to the idea that Israel must remain a Jewish state. These attitudes range from the numerically dominant left to the neoconservative right which, despite its relative minority status among American Jews has managed to dominate US-Israel policy.

Moreover, as also emphasized at TOO, Jewish power in the areas promoted by the left stems from the same basic institutional infrastructure that makes the Israel Lobby so powerful — vast media influence resulting from Jewish ownership of media and as providers of content, intellectual influences in the academic world, as well as political influence deriving from their ability to create a powerful infrastructure that incentivizes the anti-White revolution, the latter ultimately enabled by Jewish wealth. All these aspects of Jewish power were on display in the long Jewish battle to alter US immigration policy away from an ethnic status quo favoring Western Europe to a policy which will make Europeans a minority with a few years.

While it’s gratifying to note that many are waking up to the reality of Jewish power in the US and throughout the West, we are clearly a long way from really making a dent in that power. The Iran treaty situation is unique in that there is a president put into office as “the first Jewish president” who is the darling of the Jewish left because he is a harbinger of the much-longed-for non-White America. Obama, as an honest leftist, has pursued policies on Israel and Iran that are a breath of fresh air, but the rest of his policies are anathema to White interests; he is a hint of the political future of the US with its emergent non-White majority. The Lobby may well fail in the effort to derail the Iran deal but may well have a resurgence of power after the 2016 election. In any case, whatever the outcome of the Iran deal in Congress, it will do nothing to dislodge the forces that are dispossessing White America.

'Hulk Hogan, We Comin' For You Nigga!'

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Author's Note: Oh-so-close to the August 9th anniversary of the day Darren Wilson did his duty and put down the violent criminal Michael Brown, who was attempting to take the Ferguson Police Officer's life. If you haven't, pick up a copy of Bell Curve City. If you ordered a signed copy and haven't got a copy yet, contact immediately so you can get your copy. If you want a signed copy to read about the real story of Ferguson and St. Louis, make a donation via link to PayPal on the right-hand side for $25.00, and a signed copy is on its way to you.

"Hulk Hogan, We Comin For You Nigga!" So black wrestler Booker T famously said on live TV back in 1995. 

Well, they finally came for Hulk Hogan. Cue the latest PK at VDare:
It’s a bad week for wrestling fans, asRowdy Roddy Piper is dead, and we learned that even Hulk Hogan is no match for Political Correctness. Like a Soviet official who has fallen out of favor, Hulk Hogan (pictured right, in happier days) has been airbrushed from the history of World Wrestling Entertainment, the company he turned into a global force, and whose owner, Vince McMahon, he turned into a billionaire. Yet the WWE’s decision may prove short-sighted, as the company and its owners remain vulnerable to a Politically Correct crusade despite disavowing their most legendary superstar. 
Hogan was the breakthrough star of professional wrestling, a hero to children of the 1980s and 1990s who followed his advice to “train, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins,” so they too could be a “Hulkamaniac.” Hogan headlined the first nine Wrestlemanias, an event that serves as the WWE’s Super Bowl. He transcended professional wrestling and broke into Hollywood, most notably inRocky III, eventually becoming a symbol of Americana. Indeed, Donald Trump was introduced before 15,000 people at his recent speech in Phoenix to Hulk Hogan’s iconic ring-entrance music, Real American... 
For now though, the speed of Hogan’s fall from grace is stunning. There has been only one other WWE wrestler/performer to be effectively erased from the annals of the company: in 2007, Chris Benoit killed his son and his wife, and then committed suicide. Today, Hulk Hogan, for the crime of uttering a forbidden word in a private conversation that was leaked (possibly illegally) to the media, is receiving the same Orwellian treatment. 
It’s ominous, but strangely fitting. Professional wrestling, of course, is about illusion, and the character of “Hulk Hogan” once represented a confident and strong America to the naïve American children of the Reagan and Bush years.But now the illusion is ripped away and we see the truth. It’s not just that childhood heroes aren’t what they seemed to be. It’s that the free country that Americans venerated only decades ago no longer exists.
Read the full thing at VDare, but be sure to comment here (and share it via social media).

But know one thing: don't be surprised if Real Americans one day rise up when it all comes crashing down.