Aug 25, 2015

The Truth about "White Privilege" and Racism

via Renegade Tribune

Let’s look reality straight in the eye and break it down like this:

You worked hard your entire life, in the land of your forefathers, toward accomplishing your lifelong dream. You went year after year doing without all of the nice things that others seemed to have. You slaved away at a job that nearly drove you insane. Why? And to what end? You did it because you wanted to save your hard earned money – the recompense for your life force – so that you could purchase a piece of land and build a nice, modest home to live out the remainder of your golden years. And by now you have successfully toiled at creating a wonderfully productive vegetable garden that will sustain you with nourishment during the winter seasons. You even have some chickens and fresh eggs!

And then one day, a family of nine (observably soon to be ten) hockey puck-skinned Somalis show up at your front door. In sheer bewilderment, you ask “Can I help you?” Immediately you are informed that they have been told by the local county Office of Refugee Resettlement that your home’s unused living space has been designated for them to begin immediate occupancy.

With pure wonder mixed with growing horror, you ask by whose authority they think they are entitled to your land, to your home, and to your food. The essence of the response is that your possessions are due to the result of your White Privilege, and that your possessions must be shared with this Somali ‘refugee’ family by order of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

With a wide-eyed, opened-mouth look of befuddled disbelief, your shock is quickly replaced with anger. With as much controlled politeness as you can muster, you tell them in no uncertain terms to remove themselves off of your property immediately, or you will be forced to call the county sheriff’s office.

Your demand is answered by “No call sheriff. Sheriff on way now”.

Within seconds, the sheriff arrives – with several heavily armed deputies – and greets you at your front door. Completely stunned, official court ordered papers are produced, and you are rendered stupefied with paralyzing fear. All of the ‘conspiracy theories’ that you have been dismissing completely out of hand are now staring you straight in your face.

“How is this even possible, sheriff?” you ask. “Am I supposed to hand over all of my life’s work to these foreign invaders?”

The sheriff condescendingly informs you that you are exhibiting signs of racist behavior, and warns you of the consequences should you persist. And not believing your ears, you protest and you try to resist this insanity.

Within minutes, you find yourself handcuffed in the back seat of the sheriff’s brand new SUV, looking – for the last time – through tear-soaked eyes at your home, and at this horde of black invaders, as they enter what you thought was your safe and secure abode in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Within days, you are charged with the severest of crimes – unrepentant first degree White Privilege and aggravated felony Racism. In your fury, you curse the perpetrators who have caused this fate befallen you – the jews! And within a week, you are sentenced to life imprisonment in a work camp without parole for your crimes. And you are told that you are lucky that you avoided the death sentence for the greatest of all crimes – anti-semitism – due to a sympathetic and beneficent jewish judge who saw fit to take mercy upon you.

Ahhh, being a member of the White race these days never felt so good.

White Man Marches, White Pride Marches – the Way Forward

via Western Spring

During the last month two controversial marches have taken place, one tabled as a ‘White Man March’ in Liverpool on the 15th August, and the second, a ‘White Pride March’ in Manchester on 22nd. With both events the nationalist demonstrators were met with vastly greater counterdemonstrations resulting in their demonstrations being severely curtailed or called off, with the organisers later attracting much criticism from other nationalist groups.

The Liverpool White Man March was organised by National Action, and it was hoped that they would be able to repeat the relative success of a similar event staged earlier this year in Newcastle. In Liverpool however, the march had been advertised long in advance and on the day it was clear that left-wing groups and so-called anti-fascist groups had used that period of notice in which to assemble a much larger number of counter-demonstrators than National Action had expected.

Video footage of the event features mainly scenes of small groups of National Action activists penned in on all sides, having been met at Liverpool’s Lime Street railway station by a large police contingent and a howling mob of left-wing demonstrators. It appears that the police failed to control the counter-demonstration, allowing counter-demonstrators to flood into the station arrivals hall effectively bringing the station to a halt, trapping the National Action demonstrators and preventing them from getting out and to their planned destination. Other small National Action contingents were similarly confronted by large mobs of counter-demonstrators at other public transport entry points to the city, and eventually the planned march was cancelled at the insistence of the police.

At the Manchester demonstration last weekend, demonstrators were drawn from the National Front and a number of other nationalist groups, allegedly including Combat18 and the Infidels. Again the demonstrators were met by a much larger contingent of left-wing counter-demonstrators and eventually after much shouting, pushing and shoving, the demonstrators were escorted out of the city by the police.

Despite the evident courage of the nationalist demonstrators, especially the National Action activists at Liverpool who faced the greatest imminent threat of violence from a very hostile mob, and despite the sense of camaraderie that will no doubt have been felt within the groups concerned as a result of their shared encounter with danger, both of these events have been hailed in the mass media as victories for the left-wing counter-demonstrators and as humiliating defeats for the White nationalists. It is therefore difficult in any objective sense to find anything really positive in what took place at either event from the perspective of advancing the interests of White people.

In an article earlier this year in which I discussed the effectiveness of nationalist demonstrations, I wrote: “Before going further, I would like to reiterate the position of Western Spring regarding street demonstrations per se:

“One of the primary strategies that we adopted at our outset was that we would pursue a policy of stealth wherever possible. This policy was adopted in recognition of the fact that few of the street demonstrations organised by ‘right-wing’ organisations over the recent past have had any direct positive impact on the minds of the public and have on the contrary generally had a negative impact.

“With the exception of some English Defence League (EDL) demonstrations and last year’s multiple, simultaneous demonstrations in Rotheram, demonstrations have tended to be very small, generally involving thirty to forty nationalist demonstrators at best, and some have consisted of fewer that ten. These demonstrations therefore have not been displays of strength, they have tended to be displays of numerical weakness and have therefore failed the first test of good street propaganda: that they should convey an impression of power through numerical strength.

“Furthermore, as a result of their lack of numerical strength, nationalist demonstrators have often been so outnumbered by the police present that the police have been able to ‘kettle’ them in conveniently out-of-the-way places, thereby obscuring the demonstrations from public view and conveying the impression that the demonstrators’ message is so heinous and despicable that they need to be kept separate from the public at large for their own protection. This impression is often further reinforced by the usual presence of leftist and ethnic minority counter-demonstrators who frequently appear to passers-by, to be outraged members of the public.

“The consequence of these limiting factors is that few members of the general public ever get to see nationalist demonstrations directly or hear what we have to say, and even when such events are reported, the news media habitually reduce their reports to disparaging statements, of the kind: ‘a small group of neo-Nazis staged a demonstration today, fights broke out, and six people were arrested’. Consequently, any potentially positive propaganda effect both directly upon members of the public witnessing the demonstrations at first hand or indirectly upon the wider public seeing reports on television is therefore largely negated.

“Even when demonstrations have been large, such as those by the EDL, they have often been poorly organised and attended by unruly, often drunken groups who use the demonstrations and the inevitable hostility they encounter from the police and from the counter-demonstrators, as an excuse to vent their pent up anger in an ill-disciplined and in a variety of often anti-social and unappealing ways – completely unaware of or indifferent to the negative propaganda impact that their behaviour consequently has.

“Lastly, because of their confrontational nature, street demonstrations provide an opportunity for our enemies in the media to gain valuable propaganda material showing nationalists in a negative light, they also provide the state with the opportunity to arrest key individuals and conduct high profile prosecutions damaging the reputations of the individuals concerned and in some cases leading to them acquiring social pariah status and losing their livelihoods.”

I went on: “… organisers … have tended to be so grateful for support of any kind that they have been reluctant to exclude disruptive elements or to turn away people whose presence at demonstrations has been counterproductive from a propaganda viewpoint. Thus we have had people attend nationalist events drunk and we have had people turn up dressed inappropriately or with ‘body modifications’ by way of extreme tattooing or piercings, such that their appearance detracts from the image we need to project.

“There have also been too many instances of individuals indulging in foul mouthed rants, or in gratuitous displays of ‘neo-Nazi’ adherence,  which have no effect upon the counter-demonstrators they are aimed at, but which do untold damage to our public image.”

In that article, I acknowledged that despite these drawbacks, there seems to be a strong desire among certain nationalist groups to continue holding demonstrations irrespective of whether or not they have any positive propaganda effect, and irrespective of whether or not they have a decidedly negative effect. I acknowledged that nationalist activists often derive a morale boost from taking part in demonstrations, from venting their defiance of the establishment publicly and this combined with the sense of camaraderie often felt provides some justification for holding demonstrations providing, steps are taken to eliminate or at least minimise as much as possible, the downsides outlined above.

As a positive initiative, we at Western Spring proposed movement wide co-operation in staging a major nationalists march or demonstration towards the end of this year, that could enable nationalists to take a major step forward with the downside risks minimised, and we offered to fund the major costs involved in staging such a large scale demonstration providing certain conditions were met, which would require the active co-operation and participation by the majority of other nationalist groups.

Unfortunately, and despite the obvious advantages that our funding would provide, little support for our initiative was forthcoming, and a number of nationalist groups have continued to organise more tiny and ineffectual, if not counterproductive, events including those described above.

As already stated, the above events have received substantial criticism from certain quarters, people who argue the futility of holding demonstrations, however I don’t believe the route to political power is, as they so often assert, through electioneering.

If electioneering conducted behind a façade of clean cut, non-extreme patriotism, was an effective route to political power: the NF would have made it in the 70s; the BNP would have made it in the first decade of this century; and UKIP would have achieved a substantial number of MPs elected to Westminster earlier this year.

The problem with electioneering within a socio-political milieu dominated by a predominantly Jewish owned and controlled mass media, is that for a nationalist party to acquire the ‘social respectability’ needed to get candidates elected in large numbers is virtually impossible.

The BNP where allowed a little success when Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were elected, and to a greater extent UKIP have been allowed considerably greater success in getting MEPs elected to the ‘talking-shop’ in Brussels, simply because the European parliament and the MEPs within it have no political power, despite their generous salaries and expense allowances. Political power within the EU rests with the European Commission and the Council of Europe, within which there is no White nationalist representation of any kind allowed, whatsoever.

There seems to be a widely held misconception that the only alternative to electioneering is ‘taking to the streets’ and vice versa, but this is not so!

Those who argue that canvassing the support of the British public in a non-confrontational way is the key to acquiring public support and through that political power are correct, but this outreach and this interaction with the public does not need to be restricted to, or even primarily concerned with overt participation in the electoral process by nationalist politicians.

What we need is an organisation or a number of co-operating associations created with the specific aim of promoting the interests of White people through community activism. We need to arouse White racial consciousness and to direct it into work of a constructive rather than an inert or destructive nature:

White racial consciousness, once aroused, becomes destructive and counterproductive for our cause if we direct it into ill-considered street demonstrations that become the focus of left-wing violence and provide a wealth of negative propaganda material for our racial enemies to use against us.

Furthermore, White racial consciousness, once aroused, is wasted if we merely direct it into electioneering, which will find its expression confounded and frustrated at every step and turn as a result of institutional hostility within the mass media and the various branches of the establishment.

However, if we direct that White racial consciousness into community building and into the creation of a White masonic community that will work covertly and legally to achieve our aims, we can achieve, retain and exercise political power for the long-term benefit of our people — exercising that political power in such a way as to secure the survival, proliferation and advancement of our people.

Two White nationalist organisations have independently arrived at this conclusion and today work towards the achievement of that vision and we invite other nationalists to join us or to at least adopt that same tactic within their existing organisation. If we can recruit large numbers of White people into community associations that operate in a semi-secret, ‘masonic’ way, and to which they grow to feel they owe their primary allegiance, we can then take over the local constituency parties of the establishment political parties, ensuring that our people are adopted as their local candidates and in this way get our people elected as Labour or Conservative councillors and eventually Labour and Conservative Members of Parliament. This is the path to political power, and without which all other forms of political activism will be futile.

There will come a time when we will be close to achieving sovereign political power and when we will need to be able to marshal groups of disciplined young men and women in our streets, but that time is as yet a long way off and we while need our young people to be fit and able to defend themselves, their primary task at this time needs to be among our people — involved in community activism — building the community organisations that will provide the infrastructure to support our revolution.

White Domination of Boxing

via Caste Football

Super-Middleweight Champ, Carl Froch
Anyone that sat through the snoozefest that was the “fight of the century” has to ask themselves: “This is the best they got?” Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao put a good chunk of people to sleep with their incredibly lazy match that Mayweather won by (I think) a 1-0 score from the refs. All those millions paid to two aging, unentertaining fighters, all those people paying thousands of dollars for seats, all those poor suckers that coughed up fees for pay-per-view.

Why was any money or effort wasted on this fight? Clearly there are people that are trying to summon up glamorous memories from years ago when U.S. black fighters were winning titles and making headlines. They have hyped up a slightly talented midget (Mayweather) who’s best ability is running away from his opponent in the ring, and an exotic foreigner (Pacquiao) whose best attribute is his ability to avoid steroid testing, and tried to play it off as if it was a must-see boxing match. Even though the fighters were about as tall as junior high school boys and tipped the scale at the weight of a typical junior high school girl.

It is just another effort by the sports/media complex to continue the lie that black men are the biggest and the baddest guys around and thus be afraid Whitey, be very afraid. Keep paying out tons of welfare, and affirmative action and Section 8 housing or these bad asses are going to come get you in your comfortable suburbs.

But that lie has become painfully obvious. American blacks aren’t physically imposing, they’re fat. And American blacks are too lazy to box anymore. They’re overweight and out of shape; the few that aren’t play football. Actually if you watched the NFL Draft a lot of the fat and out of shape ones also play football. Since it’s a rule that every major (and most minor) football programs have to be majority black to overwhelmingly black, there are plenty of spots open for talentless athletes.

Thus there is no reason for a black American to climb out of bed before noon and put in effort getting in shape and then go through the arduous task of getting his head pounded for a few years to earn a shot at a title. Much easier to sit back and collect Uncle Sam’s bottomless benefits. If they feel like having a little workout, they can go out and riot a little bit, with the worst thing that can happen to them is a short stay in the local county hotel (jail).

Because boxing has completely collapsed in the U.S., it is now a European sport. Specifically Eastern European. A majority of the champs and many of the contenders above the middle weight class are from the area of the old communist European Bloc.
The White dominance of boxing was compiled nicely by some boxing fans here at Caste Football, this post by “Boxing Specialist 2″ and his comments sum it up nicely:

Wladimir Klitschko (IBF, WBO, WBA Super at heavyweight)
Ruslan Chagaev (WBA Regular at heavyweight)
Denis Lebedev (WBA at cruiserweight)
Grigory Drozd (WBC at cruiserweight)
Marco Huck (WBO at cruiserweight)
Sergey Kovalev (IBF, WBO, WBA super at light heavyweight)
Jurgen Brahmer (WBA regular at light heavyweight)
Carl Froch (IBF, WBA unified at super middleweight)
Arthur Abraham (WBO at super middleweight)
Fedor Chudinov (WBA interim at super middleweight)
Gennady Golovkin (WBC interim, WBA Super at middleweight)
Andy Lee (WBO at middleweight)
Dmitry Chudinov (WBA interim at middleweight)
Evgeny Gradovich (IBF at featherweight)
Vasyl Lomachenko (WBO at featherweight)
Scott Quigg (WBA regular at super bantamweight)
Carl Frampton (IBF at super bantamweight)
Jamie McDonnell (WBA regular at bantamweight)
Omar Narvaez (WBO at super flyweight)
Hekkie Budler (WBA at minimum weight)

In case you’re wondering that means whites have a total of 26 titles, out of a total of claimed 87 titles, which means whites hold 30% of all titles. This is more than any other race in boxing currently. Whites are dominating this sport, and honestly if you look at the trends in amateur boxing, this is only going to continue well into the future.

Also, keep in mind there are a few “borderline” whites which I didn’t include in this count, they include: Danny Garcia, Richar Abril, Jessie Vargas, Juan Reveco, David Sanchez, Jesus Cuellar, Jhonny Gonzalez. If you had included these guys, Whites would account for closer to 45% of all titles.

What’s interesting is that you’ll notice middleweight and above is absolutely dominated by Whites. We have the best fighter in *every* weight class north of middleweight. We have 3 titles in all of heavyweight, cruiserweight, light heavyweight, super middleweight, and middleweight. (Though admittedly super middle and middle are fragmented).

Golovkin will clean out middleweight and will probably have all the belts by next year, and I fully expect Kovalev and Klitschko to add the WBC titles as well. So next year, I’d expect even more white champions.

So go ahead drunk white USA boxing fans, cough up big bucks to see two fading dwarfs sleepwalk through 12 rounds, the REAL fighters are young, White and crushing the weak U.S. competition from the few blacks over 150 pounds that are willing to step in the ring with them.

And one more thing. Don’t ever again bring up Mike Tyson as some sort of boxing heavyweight god that symbolized the era when boxing was “great.” If he was in his prime now he would get CRUSHED by any number of Euro heavyweights and if he stepped in the ring with the current champ Wladimir Klitschko, he would end up like another over-rated champ: Muhammad Ali, speechless and shaking.

Join the conversation at Caste Football’s discussion forum:

Slaves to Our Programming

via Alternative Right

Alternative Right Editor's Note: The following is an except taken from an as-yet-unfinished longer work by Andy Nowicki, tentatively titled "Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, and Defiance." 

Man’s consciousness is invariably attended by what could be called his “programming.” That is to say, man is a needy creature, prompted by nature to desire, and strive for, certain outcomes and eventualities. This much, at least, is clearly and indisputably true. However we may argue about the origin of man’s needs—i.e., whether they were conferred upon him by chance or by fate, whether they are attributable to the loving intentions of a benevolent Creator, or perhaps are merely rooted in the cruel, unconscious whims of a variety of blind evolutionary mechanisms—we must finally recognize that, howsoever and whysoever they came about, our needs to a large degree demarcate our identity.

As men, we inevitably crave things, and those of us with fiercer ambitions are saddled with concomitantly greater, wider, and more expansive cravings; our needs ramify as we mature; if as little ones we desire only the basic things (food, sleep, oxygen), we soon grow to wish for more than the bare necessities; that is to say, our list of “necessities” cannot be said to be limited merely to that which we require for survival. Our needs eventually become less tangible, but no less real and scarcely less pressing. We begin to hunger and thirst for things like affirmation, praise, adulation, and status. The more we crave these qualities, the more vulnerable we become to those who have the power to confer such notions upon us. Thus man’s neediness is quite often the root of the psychic subjugation he endures at the hands of his would-be controllers.

 The history of man is indeed replete with accounts of the powerful using simultaneous blackmail and enticement—the proverbial “stick” and its complementary counterpart the “carrot”—to enhance and consolidate their psychic domination. The rulers and the ruled over can be spoken of as existing on both a macro and a micro level; anyone who seeks control over another through manipulation is an aspiring ruler; one ruler differs from another only in the scope of his aspirations. Of course, it is possible for men to have communion with one another in a manner which excludes the unsightly and unsavory specter of manipulation. However those who truly seek to possess and maintain power must eventually make use of the manipulative arts, lest they lose their grip and forfeit the fruits of their devious labors.

Of course, the desire for power in itself renders a person psychically vulnerable; thus, those aspiring to rule over others can likewise be controlled by those whom they would typically view with contempt as mere pawns and “plebes.” The intractable compulsion to keep one’s followers forever in one’s thrall, to avoid losing those treasured minions who make up one’s power base (regardless of how large or small this “base” might be) can be immensely compromising; it is through desiring to be desired, wanting to be wanted, and loving to be loved, that a person can become supremely entrapped.

Those with an earnest desire to shake off subjugation must first comprehend the mindset of him who sets out to sets out to manipulate others for his own benefit, to enhance his own sense of control. The compulsion to manipulate is similar to the propensity to be manipulated in that both the victimizer and the victim are united by a shared neediness. The victimizer, in the course of exploiting his supposed “lesser,” in turn displays himself as vulnerable by the very fact that he has a compulsion to exploit others to obtain certain goods for himself; indeed, the victimizer’s drive to exploit also derives from an irresistible need, one that could almost be called an addiction. If the victim is a naïve dupe, and the victimizer is a shameless string-puller, both have compromised their independence and willfully surrendered to the demands of their “programming”; the dupe wants nothing more than to serve his exploiter, while his exploiter in turn shows himself unable to go without being served; each, in his own way, is capitulating to the dictates of his design; each is feeding the ravenous beast that hungers either for social supremacy (as in the case of the ruler) or mere social acceptance (in the case of the ruled).  The leader wants to keep his followers in his thrall, and the follower wishes to remain in the good graces of his chosen “leader”; in truth, however, both are enslaved to a common master: namely, their conspicuous compulsion to seek status and approval.

The follower wants approval, first and foremost, but he also pines for status in the sense that he desires generally to be thought well of by his fellow men; he wants to be seen to be on the winning team, as an emulator of that which is deemed fashionable and correct, as determined by his betters. The leader, on the other hand, puts his manipulative schemes into practice principally because he aims to maintain or enhance his status, yet he also wishes to have the approval, even the acclaim, of those who choose to be his lickspittle sycophants, the better to achieve victory over his rivals: namely, those other candidates for the position of power that he either holds or hopes to obtain. The “leader” and the “follower” are in one sense master and slave in respect to one another; however, in a more profound sense, they are both slaves to their “programming.”


Man, it would appear, is an easy enough creature to control, if one knows the right buttons to push and switches to flip at the opportune moments. If we are to believe some authorities, the exercise of such control has been refined to the precision and exactitude of a science. Those who are in the business of what is called “public relations”—advertisements, political campaigns, propaganda efforts, and suchlike—zero in relentlessly upon the psychic vulnerabilities of targeted groups; billions of dollars have been spent to help these uber-experts to perfect their technique. By now, we are all allegedly at their mercy; they have effectively made us their Pavlovian bitches, and mental freedom is now a sheer impossibility; the bitter dawn of the “Brave New World” has broken; we now dwell helplessly like lobotomized, lifeless-eyed mandarins, utterly at the mercy of our handlers.

I have my doubts that things are quite so dire as this, as I suspect that man is far too complicated an animal to be so thoroughly “owned” to such an extreme degree; in any case, if man is indeed “owned,” then his “owners” (being men themselves) are also perfectly capable of being dominated by the very same instruments they have used to consolidate their rule. Moreover, the fact that he sees fit to exercise control at all is an indication of their vulnerability to be controlled, as the compulsion to be a ruler is, paradoxically enough, itself a sign of psychic weakness.

Black Monday

via The West's Darkest Hour

Author's Note: Today, billions of dollars have been wiped off world markets, as I watched minutes ago on TV (see also: here). Below, a letter I sent earlier this month through regular mail to my donors. Brace yourself! Obtain precious metals now!

Dear donor,

My apologies for thanking so late about your generous contribution. Financially I am crossing through a very tough time in Mexico and I am still trying to figure out how I will be able to rise the proper funds for my projects.

Presently my idea is saving the money from the donations in silver coins, as I believe that Austrian economists are right that the American dollar will crash in this decade.

After the crash my saved coins—or little gold coins if I am able to afford them—will be worth a fortune, as the dollar will hyperinflate just like the Mark did in Weimar Germany. If I am capable to save enough coins, I will be far more resourceful to launch what in my blog, The West’s Darkest Hour, I call my “Hellstorm Project”…

I hope that concerned visitors of my blog, especially people like you, will also be prepared with due savings in precious metals before it is too late.

Freudian Photoshopping?

via Radix

Are two Republican presidential campaigns trying to tell us something?

Exhibit A

New York magazine:
A flyer put out by the Jeb Bush-supporting SuperPAC Right to Rise USA got a little overzealous promoting the candidate's diverse appeal this week. The mailer, which R2RUSA sent to 86,000 Iowans, was attempting to answer the essential question, "Why Jeb?" and featured the smiling candidate standing with his hands on his hips — except one of the hands definitely wasn't his, or white:
And if you look at his other (right) hand, you can see that it was digitally colored white as well, as the awkward supposed shadows are the same color as the black hand.

Exhibit B

The Daily Beast:
Donald Trump tweeted an image of him, the White House, cash, and soldiers—that upon closer examination are clearly Germans in World War II—overlayed with an American flag. The men, who appear to be reenactors, are wearing patches of the Waffen SS. Michael Niemerg spotted the German infiltrators on Twitter, and a few minutes later Trump deleted it. Trump's organization blamed an intern, of course.
Of course, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

But then other times. . .

And speaking of revealing photos, I never knew that one of Jeb's hobbies is ventriloquism.

Do You Believe in Our Jewish Future?

via The Realist Report

Why can’t White people make videos like this without being called “racist” or “supremacist”?

Dishonorable Mention: Anti-White Censorship and "Post Conviction Relief"

via The Occidental Observer

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.”  The Constitution of Michigan, likewise, holds free speech to be sacrosanct:  “Every person may freely speak, write, express and publish his views on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of such right; and no law shall be enacted to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech or of the press”  (Const 1963, art I, § 5).

I only quote the United States and Michigan Constitutions because I swore to defend both when I became a licensed Michigan attorney and an attorney admitted to practice before numerous federal courts, respectively.  It appears, however, that not all attorneys revere the freedoms enshrined in these documents to the same extent that I do.

Every year for the previous eight years, the State Bar of Michigan conducted an annual fictional short story contest for licensed Michigan attorneys, and each year the top stories were published in the Michigan Bar Journal and on the State Bar’s website.  This year, thirty-one licensed attorneys submitted such short stories for the contest, and I was one such author.  The contestants anonymously submitted their stories, and a panel of five judges selected the best ones; after the selections were made, the authors’ identities were matched with the stories and announcements of winners were made.  This way the stories were judged on merit alone.

In the August 2015 edition of the Michigan Bar Journal, it was reported that my story, Post-Conviction Relief, received an “honorable mention” for being one of the best stories submitted this year.  What was not mentioned was that my story earned fifth place and that the State Bar made a donation of three hundred dollars to a legal aid organization in my honor.

Post-Conviction Relief is a fictionalized account of violent crime ruining a formerly liberal attorney’s life, which caused that attorney to seek vigilante justice after he acquired a newfound appreciation for the Western legal tradition’s historical goal of pursuing retributive justice for criminals in contrast to modernity’s desire to rehabilitate those who commit heinous acts.  The story invoked the legal musings of Justinian, Hammurabi, Aristotle, and Kant, as well as the law of the American colonies, Anglo-Saxon law, and Nordic-Germanic law.  Additionally, the tale critiqued Michigan for not having the death penalty, which prevents justice from being realized.

Due to me having favorably invoked philosophy and substantive law that represents the legal foundation of the Occident in a story that delves into how depraved crime is especially abhorrent and harmful to law-abiding people and should be punished severely as justice requires, interlopers—as usual—whined to the State Bar.  On August 19, 2015, the State Bar published a press release on their website that captures the gist of its subject matter in its title:  “State Bar of Michigan Condemns Short Story, Withdraws Award, Ends Short Story Contest.”

The State Bar’s Executive Committee unanimously decided to condemn the fictional story that the State Bar’s press release claims is “embedded with racist cues and symbolism,” withdraw the honorable mention bestowed upon the story by the State Bar’s five judges, and outright forever cancel the short story contest that was otherwise “popular with many members.”

As I opined when interviewed by The Lansing State Journal, “If the State Bar officials are now getting their panties in a bunch over a mere fictional story, then I submit that it is probably a good idea that they cancelled the annual contest so that they are not triggered in the future by politically incorrect thought-crimes.”

In essence, the State Bar notes that my writing proficiency bested that of twenty-six of thirty other licensed attorneys, that I apparently am smart enough to sneak politically verboten messages past their learned judges, and that they would rather end the contest outright that many attorneys enjoyed than to risk a similar short story sneaking its way into receiving an award in the future.

In Post-Conviction Relief, the protagonist—a vigilante Michigan lawyer—kills a convict who murdered the protagonist’s daughter; the guilt and depravity of the convict was not at issue in the story and the race of the characters is not explicitly stated.  This story was publicly condemned by the State Bar, put an end to the State Bar’s annual short story contest, and resulted in an absolute fiasco in which major newspapers and the Associated Press wrote about the contrived controversy and leftist entities—like the Southern Poverty Law Center—saw fit to put in their own two cents.

In The Last Bullet, however, the protagonist—a Jewish-vigilante Michigan lawyer—kills in his jail cell a senile old man accused of being a Nazi war criminal; the guilt of the detainee is very much at issue in the story.  This submission, however, was not publicly condemned by the State Bar and received second place in the contest this year instead of a mere “honorable mention.”

Political correctness is rather farcical:  in our Modern Era, one apparently cannot even write about fictionalized Black-on-White crime in coded language for an organization whose members swear to uphold a legal document that codifies free speech as a right, even though one can write for the same organization about fictionalized vigilante justice being meted out to an old White man who may even be innocent of his purported crimes.

Although Post-Conviction Relief was removed from the State Bar’s website—it was struck from the record, if you will—it was republished on the website of The Occidental Observer.

White People and Tribalism

via Occident Invicta

In response to Dota’s assertion that whites are mostly incapable of tribalism, commenter Steve/euroglory posted this comment:
Whites have never been tribal Dota? If they have before they aren’t naturally unable to be. You wouldn’t believe the level of anti-immigrant rhetoric in the UK now; even mainstream news reporting is often slanted that way. Somebody posted altered Nazi quotes and got like 400 upvotes on one newspaper website.
I left a rather long comment in response, which I’ll turn into one of those quick posts designed to stimulate debate. Here’s what I had say regarding white tribalism (or lack thereof):
I get where Dota is coming from, and I often harbor similar sentiments.
I think the reason for white apathy is that most white people have never been racially menaced on an individual level. I once read that three quarters of whites live in neighborhoods that are predominantly white. This is only compounded by the fact that most whites subscribe to individualism. Consequently, they don’t consciously regard themselves as a group with group interests, and often recoil at any notion of white solidarity (even if they harbor prejudices against certain groups). Shit, my Midwestern Republican grandfather – a self-described Archie Bunker type – branded me a “white supremacist” when I espoused pro-white and anti-multiculturalist views during one of our conversations.
Therefore, despite the fact that the left is easily winning the culture war and that whites as a group are on the retreat, most whites don’t really feel the ill effects of multiculturalism in their day-to-day lives.
Even in California – the state with the largest number of non-whites – most whites get by just fine; therefore, they can’t really see the writing on the wall. It also doesn’t help that Americans as a whole are distracted by cheap entertainment and a culture that preaches instant gratification. As a result, many people fail to ponder what the future holds.
However, as the economy continues to get worse and growing numbers of white people run out of places to hide, I think that heightened competition and the deteriorating standard of living for the average white person will compel whites to think in more tribal terms.
Just to be clear, I’m hardly saying that unadulterated tribalism is a good thing, and I certainly don’t want whites to revert to more barbaric behaviors such as lynching. Not only are such acts morally wrong, but history tells me that whites who act brutally towards non-whites eventually turn their guns on one another. In fact, Hitler is one of the main reasons why Europe is experiencing immigration and race problems. He’s likewise the main reason why white identity is now taboo.
Nevertheless, I do hope that whites can cultivate a sense of racial identity that promotes their interests and maintains certain boundaries – while treating non-whites in their midst with dignity. Hopefully, both extremes will be eliminated, but only time will tell.
So, what do you guys think? Will whites remain eternally wimpy, or will they begin to wake up? How much white racial consciousness is necessary, and what line separates healthy nationalism from aggressive chauvinism?

Donald Trump: A Call for Deportation

via American Renaissance

Listen Now

A discussion with Peter Brimelow about Trump’s immigration plan.

Greek Media Forced to Admit Golden Dawn Rising in Polls

via Golden Dawn, New York

Since the upcoming elections have been announced, the media in Greece, which used to report Golden Dawn in the polls as being “declining” at 2 or 3% has now not only had to admit that it’s past polling projections were fake, but also that the Golden Dawn is going to get even more votes then ever before in the new elections.

Terror and panic has spread throughout the Greek political establishment.

The degenerates,theives and traitors of Greek political life are running out of cards to play and now the “Radical Leftist” SYRIZA party has given birth to another “media darling” leftist alternative called the “left platform” or “Popular Union”.  headed by another rich leftist Panagiotis Lafazanis.

Panagiotis Lafazanis - Leader of the new "left platform"

On the surface this is supposed to be the “honest former syriza members” who were “brave enough” to oppose the memorandum, however during months of negotiations prior, none of these former SYRIZA members opposed the memorandum, in fact they even voted yes to all the preliminary drafts of it. It was only during the final stage they decided to jump ship in order to try to save their political careers for the future.

While the success of this party will never reach the level of SYRIZA last January, the intent is to salvage some of the voters and keep them believing in the promises of the “radical left” so that the only true anti-memorandum force GOLDEN DAWN does not climb further.

Maybe Street Activism Ain’t Your Cup of Tea

via TradYouth

About a week ago, HipsterRacist lobbed an unprovoked attack on me because I’m not a Truther and I don’t believe Trutherism is all that politically relevant even if it were true. Consider that Harvard researchers have exhaustively confirmed with tons of credible sources that the Jewish Lobby tricked America with fabricated intelligence into a disastrous war on Iraq which cost trillions of dollars, more American lives than were lost on 9/11, and imperiled our nation’s geopolitical security. And, yet, the smoking gun didn’t matter, because “truth” doesn’t matter the way Hipster Racist and the rest of the conspiracy theory community presume that it matters.

It doesn’t matter how many documents you have if you can’t stand your ground on the street.

At this point, well over a decade after the incident, even if the smoking gun proving that Jews did WTC were uncovered, it would amount to little more than perhaps an official apology, some prominent retirements, and a few gallons of editorial squid ink framing away the incident. Power trumps truth. Truth is important, but even then one must be agile about which truths we focus on and wage battles over. There are too many fresh new battles bubbling up in the news every week to be wasting time and energy on historical revisionism.

I teased him in the comment thread of the post he ribbed me on for implying that all the different White Advocates who disagree about the details of 9/11 are themselves in on a conspiracy to discredit White Advocacy, and he goes on to attack the entire group and all of its work because I don’t personally share his Truther hobby. Most of our members and supporters reject the official story about 9/11. Even I sorta do, believing that high-ranking Western and Israeli intelligence services were probably aware of the plot and passively allowed it to happen because the incident served their agenda.

HipsterRacist has been on a jihad on par with the one Osama Bin Laden may or may not have been on ever since I poked him, posting multiple hit pieces on our entire group within the past week to get back at me. Heck, I heartily agree with some of his charges against us. Our “Lynch [abstraction]” signs included in a protest a few years ago were in poor taste, and we’ve been working on tightening up our messaging. We’ve certainly made a few mistakes in our several years of activism, spanning dozens of pro-white events and campaigns. Other issues he raises, such as our emphasis on religiosity and traditionalism are the sorts of things that I expect intelligent folks to differ on. Whatever.

But the primary thesis of his most recent hit piece, “Right in Front of Your Face,” is that street action is not merely pointless but downright counter-productive. He believes, along with most Whites, that street activism is a deeply uncool and shameful activity that’s beneath him. According to him (and most of our people unfortunately agree with his position here), people who advocate our views at public protests are all basically unsavory and narcissistic attention whores.
Often in the “White Nationalist movement” you hear certain people saying “we” need to “take it to the streets.” By this, they mean to engage in a bit of street theater called “protesting.” In this form of theater, you go out in public with a big sign and wave it around, hoping that people will look at you and your sign. The people who like to do this will tell you what they want is for people to read their sign, and agree with their “message” but if you are over the age of, say, 30, you realize that what these people really want is for people to look at *them*.
We should certainly be mindful of the need to always be improving our public activism and messaging, and to be watchful for narcissistic types who wish to make the event about themselves instead of their ideas. But politics is a public affair, and we categorically must have a robust street presence or we cease to exist. Street politics are certainly not the most important aspect of a balanced activist strategy, but they’re indispensable. All of the Internet activists and bloggers are doing great work, but there’s added value in confronting Tim Wise, in directly challenging Leftist radicals to their faces, and in intelligently participating in the timeless primate ritual of competing for territorial dominance in public spaces.

White Advocacy isn’t a conspiracy hobby, it’s a political struggle. Spreading the “truth” of our position is just one component of our struggle. It’s a critical one, but HipsterRacist doesn’t even get that right. While RamZPaul, Andrew Anglin, Paul Kersey, and numerous other identitarians are frantically scrambling to keep on top of an increasingly fruitful news cycle, HipsterRacist is stuck back in 2001. There are new conspiracies and scandals hatching every month or so.

Historical inquiry is fine and all, and historians should keep digging for the truth. But it’s decidedly more historical than political in nature, and shouldn’t be mistaken for targeted activism. As with Holocaust Revisionism, the underpants gnome logic goes that if we can spread the truth, people will care about the truth, people will be mobilized by the truth, and people will rally to our side because of the truth. Has that ever been how it works?

Unlike with 9/11, I’m pretty much a Holocaust Denier. I believe there’s a startling amount of fabrication and exaggeration that’s been demonstrated relating to the German persecution of Jewish civilians in WWII. But I don’t believe it politically matters because we don’t have the power to support our position. The Lavon Affair and USS Liberty are smoking guns, and have been exceedingly well documented, but proving they happened hasn’t achieved much for our cause.

The truth is useless if the men wielding it are powerless and politically invisible. In order for our truths to matter, we have to organize on the street. We have to build relationships of trust with normal folks at the local level. We have to physically engage the political process, demonstrate real courage, and win real fights. HipsterRacist implies that our protests are all about wasting our time protesting the antifa subculture, something we’ve never done. We challenge prominent anti-whites and stand up for white folks on contemporary issues; then the antifa show up to protest us. Organizing street resistance is profoundly difficult, but it’s important work, and we’ve been iteratively improving at managing the complete lifecycle of street action with each successive demonstration.

According to HipsterRacist, we make unsavory fools of ourselves at street actions. “I’m going to find unattractive and angry looking men and cover them harassing normal looking women.” We’ve never harassed normal looking women, and we’re even generally polite to the abnormal leftist women who show up to oppose us. At the SlutWalk Protest he’s referring to, our protesters were specifically ordered to be mild and friendly in their approach, and they remained so. He’s just making stuff up about the nature and tone of our street action.

He’s correct that the street action achieves media coverage, but his inference that we’re somehow stealing attention from well-spoken academics like Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald is false. We’re creating new attention for our cause which eventually leads people to learn more about Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald. Our campus activism has successfully created news stories about White resistance to discrimination which wouldn’t have otherwise existed, and we’ll continue doing that, because it works.

Brilliant professors and scholarly ideologues eloquently stating our position are great, and they should receive as much attention as possible, but the news cycle is something we must be actively injecting ourselves into, not a force of nature we must passively wait around for, hoping for it to include us. We must make news. Heimbach is indeed more controversial and polarizing than most other advocates, and that’s a feature, not a bug. Showmanship and boldness matter in politics, and the academics and engineers in the Truther movement would be nowhere without Alex Jones, his confrontational style, and his street confrontations.

Ultimately, HipsterRacist is guilty of what I call “exclusivism,” the notion that there’s one exclusive message which must be delivered by one exclusive faction in one exclusive manner, to the exclusion of all else. He can’t merely settle for not signing up for or supporting TradYouth because he prefers a more secular and conspiratorial tone. No. We must be stopped, because we’re supposedly ruining it for everybody else.

Exclusivism is especially insidious because it prescribes investing the majority of our time and energy in doing what he’s doing, which is attacking and defaming fellow White Advocates. Personally, I don’t think 9/11 Truth is all that useful, but I leave them be and I even respect that there’s an audience out there for whom that messaging resonates. Our religiosity gives him the creeps, and he claims to speak for everybody when he insists that the traditionalist tone gives people the creeps. Personally, I’m creeped out by conspiracy culture, its penis pills, water filters, hokey Illuminati imagery, and wild-eyed paranoid disposition.

It ain’t my cup of tea, but I’m not going to knock it out of his hand.