Sep 1, 2015

Eyes on Wise: A Call to Action - Help Us Protest Tim Wise at Marshall University

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Influential Antarian Jew, makes his living
by promoting White Genocide
Comrades, this is a call to action to once again stand up and organize against Tim Wise at one of his upcoming speeches at the “Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion” being held on September 11th at the campus of Marshall University. Their event will kick off at 8 AM and last until 3:30 PM, our goal is to stand and oppose the anti-White and anti-Christian workshops being held and then oppose the keynote speaker Tim Wise.

Our protest will begin at 10:30 am outside of the building holding the event and last about an hour, the exact meeting location to be released closer to the event date. We have the opportunity to once again show that the anti-White and anti-Christian hate-filled rhetoric of Tim Wise will not be spewed without opposition.

This “Diversity and Inclusion” conference is being sponsored by a large number of schools, all of them dedicated to advancing an agenda to socially and demographically replace the European population of America and force a radical agenda of Marxist “Social Justice” down the throats of students. Of course, the conference isn’t confident enough that it can fill the seats without some form of bribery, so students will be offered college credit to sit through seven and a half hours of anti-White speeches, workshops, and seminars.

But hey, at least they get a continental breakfast out of the deal.

The official website of the diversity conference statesThe Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion is pleased to announce that the conference attendees are eligible to receive CEU and University Credit.” These majority White student bodies are being corralled by their Leftist professors to work against their own self-interest, an especially disgusting display of the vile liberalism found within the ivory tower of American academia.

A group of nearly a dozen universities and departments are coming together to put on this conference. The list includes;
  • Ashland Community & Technical College
  • Lindsey Wilson College
  • Marshall Health
  • Marshall University School of Pharmacy
  • Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine
  • Morehead State University-Ashland/Morehead State University
  • Mountwest Community & Technical College
  • Ohio University Southern/Ohio University
  • Shawnee State University
All of these colleges are complicit in promoting a political agenda that supports attacking White culture, traditional values, and religious beliefs.

Sodomite delfin bautista having eyeliner put on before a drag show earlier this year
Sodomite delfin bautista having
eyeliner put on before a drag show
earlier this year
One of the workshops being held is entitled “Sacred and Sexy Intersectionality:  Engaging Religion, Gender, and Sexuality on and off campus.” The presenter is “delfin bautista,” who is the Director of the LGBT Center at Ohio University-Athens. His profile at Ohio University-Athens is truly a sight to behold.

It reads,
delfin identifies as trans*, specifically as Two-Spirit or genderqueer.  delfin is a social worker and queer feminist theologian who is passionate about engaging the intersections of religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and social justice–creating spaces were individuals and communities are both safe and challenged to wrestle through questions around identity and expression.  delfin has a Master in Divinity as well as a Master of Social Work.   delfin’s background includes:  chaplaincy, HIV/AIDS case management, LGBTQ advocacy, and trauma therapy.  delfin enjoys cooking, eating, laughing, writing, photography, eating more, and spending time with familia.  delfin is excited join the effort of finding ways to queer up Ohio University, Athens, and Ohio!
Mr. bautista has “preferred pronouns” of “they, them, we, our, us” and does not capitalize the first letters in his first and last name for some inexplicable Social Justice Warrior reason. Mr. Bautista is the perfect example of how degeneracy, modernity, and a spiritually sick society can result in creating a truly horrifying perversion of the image of God’s creation.

delfin rejected his Traditional Catholic upbringing to embrace the full spectrum of the degeneracy of the homosexual movement. The fact that Mr. Bautista is allowed around impressionable young people is simply another symptom of a dying civilization, a mark of shame upon the State of Ohio and its university system. While every society has its eccentrics and deviants, ours stands alone in according them status and privilege, not only tolerating them influencing our youth but actively goading them into his orbit.

One of the “accomplishments” of Mr. Bautista is pushing forward a policy in which the biological reality of gender is thrown out the window with students being able to self-identify how they choose. This is at a public university being funded by taxpayer dollars, but a far-Left agenda is in full swing at campuses subsidized by a population that is primarily against both the homosexual movement and radical Leftist ideologies.

A report on allowing students to not use their legal name at Ohio University said,
The preferred name and pronoun policy, which was approved June 4, will allow all OU students to state their preferred names and select their preferred pronouns in their Student Portal, said Delfin Bautista, director of the LGBT Center. This name and pronoun will then show up on professors’ class rosters, advising lists and anywhere a student ID card is swiped. …’Hopefully, what this will create is there may be faculty who may never know the legal name of a student,” Bautista said. ‘They may have Rachel in class, and Rachel has always been Rachel, but they may never know that Rachel’s legal name is Richard.’”
An interview Mr. Bautista gave with the Ohio University Compass said “We’re going to trek forward and be present. We’re certainly not going to back away from any challenges.” Given that he and his sodomite “partner” identify as Catholics and Mr. Bautista focuses his work to be a “queer theologian,” it is clear that his end goal is attacking the Church and the foundations of Western civilization.

Bautista organized homosexual activism at the University of Notre Dame, picketed against the Vatican embassy in 2009, and has organized homosexual organization at the Catholic National Youth Day in Rio. Bautista saidI was taking a step of publicly calling out the Church and the church on its teachings and practices based on discrimination, contradiction, and severe misunderstanding of sexuality, gender, and Christianity.”

His goal appears to be to redefine Traditional Christianity and attack those with religious convictions that oppose his sinful and degenerate lifestyle. Mr. Bautista has written a series of posts titled “Queering Catholicism” among other downright heretical positions denigrating the position of the Theotokos as the Mother of God and he even attempts to make the Theotokos into some sort of Social Justice Warrior by stating she was “marginalized because of gender, class, and neighborhood” and that somehow the Queen of Heaven helped him in his acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle by being “an inspiration for me in learning how to embrace life.” It is clear that Mr. Bautista’s positions is to work to promote a homosexual agenda in Catholic doctrine.

delfin is smart enough to attempt to use subversion to advance his agenda, stating in an interview “going into Notre Dame ranting how G-d is queer and trans, Jesus bisexual, and the Virgin Mary a feminist along with calling out discrepancies in church teaching and misuse of church power/authority…though this could be a lot of fun, it will also create barriers where conversations are not possible and where the encounter of mutual presence is not created.

His worldview is anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, and anti-Tradition but he wants to use his position as an educator to undermine and redefine centuries of Christian doctrine and the building blocks of Western civilization. The fact that delfin bautista is speaking at a public university that is partially funded by taxpayer dollars should be reason for protest enough, but that is not the only workshop being held at the Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion.

Even Leftists like LBJ knew that poor folks in Appalachia need help more than crazy far-Leftists
Even Leftists like LBJ knew that poor folks in Appalachia need help more than crazy far-Leftists

We must remember that areas like West Virginia and Ohio have been hit hard not just by the 2008 recession but the closing down and outsourcing of industry for the past several decades. Hard working family men are having their pockets picked by government bureaucrats who would rather promote homosexuality and anti-White policies than fix the crumbling roads, bridges and schools of the area.

These traitorous political leeches care more about approval from the mainstream media and far-Left activists than actually being stewards of their constituents who are in dire need of having their tax dollars put into rebuilding infrastructure, industry and programs to help the poor. We need to also take a stand against the political class who has once again sold out the common man and put themselves in bed with the forces that are actually looking to weaken and break down the families and communities of the people who put them into office.

Almost all of our supporters know how the keynote speaker of this event, Mr. Tim Wise, is the epitome of everything we stand against. Tim Wise has made a life-long career of calling himself “White” and then attacking White culture, those who organize for White political interests, and even the Christian religion. Of course Tim Wise isn’t White, he is Jewish, and is playing an elaborate con on thousands of college students every single year.

Just as it has been found that former NAACP chapter leader Rachel Dolezal was pretending to be Black to advance her community status and financial situation, Tim Wise pretends to be White in order to run a scam writing books about being White, make documentaries starring himself about being White and “White privilege” and giving lectures to colleges about the horrors of “White privilege” all while belonging to a separate ethnic, cultural, and religious community than Whites in America.

Wise’s first priority is attacking White American culture, and he frames himself as a White Savior speaking on behalf of the non-White communities he purports to defend. Black activists are beginning to see through this tribalist shell game, and are increasingly organizing and speaking for themselves without the “help” of condescending Jewish “allies” whose cardinal goal is attacking the host culture, not helping the other cultures.

One amusing episode happened when Tim Wise ranted on his Facebook about other anti-racist activists trolling his Facebook page over this exact reason. One such writer said that Wise’s rant was “demeaning to anti-racist work done by people of color” and an example of “White privilege.” Tim Wise is losing his market as being the premier champion of “anti-racism” and as communities of color become more empowered and politically organized he will hopefully be soon out of a job.

Black activists in recent rallies over the past year have asked White supporters to stay off the microphones and to not give speeches because the events were being held by the Black community, for the Black community. It is only a matter of time before the entire “anti-racist” movement gets rid of the shilling Jews in their midst and instead become pure ethnic advocates for their own people. Gradually, the non-White activists are learning the degeneracy and Jewish subversion is a threat to their own communities, too; not just Whites.

Just take one look at Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Presidential candidate who now has had rallies shut down by #BlackLivesMatter protesters. These Black advocates can stand on their own two feet and engage the political system, the very core of what nationalism is. Folks like Tim Wise and other “White allies” whether Jewish or actually White, are finding themselves in a situation where the communities they want to profit off of are seeing through their charade.

Black folks should speak for Black people, they don’t need Tim Wise swooping in to “save the day” and then of course pocket tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars a year to fund his living in a posh White neighborhood in Tennessee. For all of his claims of loving diversity, Tim Wise lives in a majority White State and in a majority White city. If White people are the epitome of evil, oppression and everything wrong with America, why doesn’t Tim Wise go live in the ghettos of Detroit, Harlem or New Orleans? Simple, he is unwilling to actually put his rhetoric into action.

We must all challenge Tim Wise because he promotes an agenda that is antithetical to the continue existence of Europeans on the North American continent. He takes our tax dollars to promote a genocidal agenda and stirs up racial hatred against Whites. In his narrative, a disabled White Iraq war veteran has more intrinsic “privilege” than that of a Black CEO or  a Hispanic Wall Street Banker. His support for massive immigration from the entire globe will soon demographically and culturally displace Europeans from the nations, America and Canada, that we pioneered and settled for our extended families.

If this propaganda is allowed to be promoted to young White students without it being challenged, more and more people will fall into the trap of cultural Marxism, the dominant creed of the “anti-racist” Left. We must discredit the lies of the Left through our writings, podcasts, and books, but we must also face down these hucksters on the streets. These are our streets, and we are taking them back from swine like Tim Wise and delfin bautista.

United, our movement can take a stand against an event that promotes homosexuality, attacks on Christianity and a program of White demographic displacement and White suicide. Come together comrades and take a stand to fight for Faith, family and folk. There is no greater Cause in which to pledge your service to. Be there at Marshall University in Huntginton West Virginia on September 11th and make it a day for the history books. Hail victory!

Blackshirt Personalities: William Joyce

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William Joyce in Blackshirt uniform
Although he is only thirty years of age, William Joyce has, in his four years association with the British Union, become one of its best-known and most attractive personalities. He has addressed meetings throughout the whole of Great Britain; meetings at which audiences only surpassed by those gathered by Mosley have listened to the new doctrine. A magnificent speaker, his perorations command attention and keep his listeners enthralled. No one can come away from his meetings without feeling stirred.

As a writer, too, he has achieved much honour within the Movement, his weekly feature in Action being among the most popular in that paper.

As Director of Propaganda of the British Union, he is responsible for the training and instruction of speakers throughout the country. He is also responsible for the direction of the Research Department at National Headquarters.

Mr Joyce gave up a distinguished academic career to devote his full time and energies to the British Union. After obtaining first-class honours in English language and literature in the University of London, he pursued post-graduate researches in philology and psychology. He is a licentiate of the College of Preceptors. For some eight years he worked as a professional tutor in languages and history at the Victoria Tutorial College.

The dynamic force of his character, the brilliance of his wit, together with his virile manner of speech, very soon make their force felt in whatever sphere he enters. Joyce has had a long experience of "Red terrorist" methods. He carries for life the scar of a violent razor attack made upon him during 1926, when he was stewarding a meeting. National Socialism with him among its pillars will sweep away the decadence of the Red submen.

Slave Trading Video Game Angers the Professionally Aggrieved

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On Sunday, users of the social medium Twitter angrily reacted to a video game from the Steam community called [Playing] History 2: Slave Trade, in which users can play as characters in the trade of slaves from Africa to the colonial West.

In the game, players decide how to best stack black bodies in the hold of a slave ship.

AA says: OK - stop right there. SOLD. I just bought the game on Steam and look forward to playing it tonight once I am done posting here.  Please continue...

Users can also play the game from the perspective of a plucky black slave boy who serves the slave ship’s captain.

FUCK!!! Play as a slave? And do what? Pick electronic cotton? My $3.74 - wasted! You know what? No ... Just the fact that such a game could be sold in the 21st century is good news. I'll just have the avatar throw himself to the sharks right before he lands in the New World. Better yet, I'll have him blow up the ship.

Can't wait for Playing History 3: Auschwitz!

Solitude: Notes on "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"

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Visitors will be surprised to learn that a Spanish edition has more detailed endnotes than the academic English translation of Nietzsche’s magnum opus.

This is because Spaniards are fed up of Catholicism. North Americans have a few centuries experimenting with Christianity. Spain has more than a millennium and a half, and our parents’ religion is on its last dying breaths there.

Andrés Sánchez-Pascual’s scholarly translation of Nietzsche’s books since the early 1970s became so popular that over the decades he has received hundreds of letters from his Spanish-speaking readers. The book’s edition of Así Habló Zaratustra that I purchased this month for example (I lost the old copies that I used to read sporadically in the 1970s and 80s) is its twentieth edition.

So fed up of Catholicism are Spain’s thinking classes that, again, the copies I bought of Karlheinz Deschner’s Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums which introduction appears in my compilation The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, were translated to Spanish for an audience unexpectedly avid of this sort of extraordinarily scholarly material (Deschner’s maximum opus has yet to be translated to English).

Another example. Manu Rodríguez, who has had a place of high honor in this site and in The Fair Race, is also an avid reader of Sánchez-Pascual’s translations of Nietzsche. Thanks to his revaluation of Christian values, Rodríguez overcame his original prejudice against National Socialism in his later posts of La Respuesta de Europa. With the exception of non-Christian geniuses like Revilo Oliver and William Pierce, I have not seen such a metamorphosis of the mind in most of the English-speaking racialists.

“Could it be possible! This old saint in his woods has not yet heard the news that God is dead!

This is one of the most quoted passages of Nietzsche’s literature. I abandoned theism long ago. Presently I don’t believe in the existence of a personal god, let alone in the existence of the Jewish god (which would be absolutely dead in the heart of any fanatic of the 14 words if the white nationalist “movement” was not all bluff). That doesn’t mean that I’m an atheist, as Hegel and other philosophers of Classic German Idealism developed a new understanding of God: panentheistic views that I am not prepared to dismiss.

The theological issues of Zarathustra’s encounter with the old hermit aside, I’d rather say something about the soliloquy in the previous post of this fictional character, something related to the very meaning of this blogsite.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn. In the endnotes about the opening soliloquy in Nietzsche’s book, Andrés Sánchez-Pascual interpreted the term Untergehen as follows: “By sinking into his decline, like the sun, Zarathustra moves to the other side. ‘Passing to the other side’ means surpassing oneself and becoming the Overman.”

This is what nationalists have failed to do, and was the message of the last pages of my compilation The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour: white nationalism as a handy rock at the middle of a river, not as the promised land itself which is beyond the rapid waters.
That was my metaphor.

As to Nietzsche’s metaphor, we could say that today’s whites, including Christian and libertarian white nationalists, have yet to “sink themselves into their sunsets.” Some force may be with them but they’re not overmen yet; they have not surpassed themselves as Hitler’s SS men did (always keep in mind my “Where are the Syssitias?”).

The purpose of this blogsite is to prepare a few metamorphosing men, those in the process of “passing to the other side” (Übergang) from the soul’s darkest night into the coming dawn of the fair race.

I don’t claim to have reread the Zarathustra since my adolescent infatuation with Nietzsche. But these are surely the words that made a very powerful impression in my mind since my first reading:
“I teach you the Overman. Human being is something that must be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?
What is the ape to a human? A laughing stock or a painful embarrassment. And that is precisely what the human shall be to the Overman: a laughing stock or a painful embarrassment.
You have made your way from worm to human, and much in you is still worm. Once you were apes, and even now a human is still more ape than any ape.
Behold, I teach you the Overman!
The Overman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: the Overman shall be the meaning of the earth!”
The passage “…and you want to be the ebb of this great flood and would even rather go back to animals than overcome humans?” nails perfectly contemporary whites.
This is exactly what they are doing to themselves—white nationalists included, so reluctant to fight (or preparing to fight by saving precious metals before the dollar crashes). As Jack Frost has asked the clueless, feminized males of The Occidental Observer more than once, “Where’s the resistance?” to the anti-white, exterminationist System. Where are the cells for would-be soldiers that treasure William Pierce’s three books as their New Tablets?

I see none of it. And many Jew-wise nationalists are themselves etnosuicidal because they simply ignore that Christianity inverted healthy values—negative values that they themselves subscribe! Cowardice similar to this in the 19th century explains why Nietzsche’s Zarathustra gives the biblical verse an antithetical sense from the original.

Now Zarathustra looked at the people and he was amazed. Then he spoke thus: “Mankind is a rope fastened between animal and Overman – a rope over an abyss. What is great about human beings is that they are a bridge and not a purpose: what is lovable about human beings is that they are a crossing over and a going under.”
Again, this brings in mind my metaphor of the bridge. This is what I wrote in the final essay of The Fair Race: “White nationalism is only a stone at the middle of the rapid-flowing waters of a dangerous river; an over-the-water large stone that can help us in our endeavor to jump to the other side. I myself used that stone during my crossing from Christianity and Liberalism to National Socialism. In fact, I could even write such a spiritual odyssey in a text that might be titled ‘From St Francis to Himmler’.” But no American white nationalist today is prepared to wear a T-shirt of Herr Himmler, not even in the privacy of their homes.
“I love the great despisers, because they are the great venerators and arrows of longing for the other shore. I love those who do not first seek behind the stars for a reason to go under and be a sacrifice, who instead sacrifice themselves for the earth, so that the earth may one day become the Overman’s. I love the one who lives in order to know, and who wants to know so that one day the Overman may live. And so he wants his going under.” [sinking in his sunset according to Sánchez-Pascual]
This cannot contrast more with today’s white nationalists, so reluctant to sacrifice themselves as Rockwell did. They want it both ways: enjoy their homely comfort zones and try to “save” the race from the ongoing extermination.

In Ecce Homo Nietzsche wrote:
In this sense Zarathustra first calls the good “the last men”… He finds them the most harmful kind of man, because they secure their existence at the expense of truth just as they do at the expense of the future.
Do “the last men” sound like contemporary whites overwhelmed with guilt? But white nationalists are the Overman’s “last men” too. Think for example of the voices from those self-righteous, Christian and atheist nationalists who recently called a lone wolf “an evil sociopath” in Dixie, basically subscribing the meme “black lives matter.”

White- or Southern nationalism is phony, was phony and will be phony until societal collapse forces the survivors to grow a hairy pair. This is Pierce’s Diaries: “His forehead was then marked with an indelible dye, and he was turned out and could be readmitted permanently only by bringing back the head of a freshly killed Black or other non-White.”

Just for the record, about 150,000 copies of a specially durable wartime Zarathustra were distributed to the German troops during the First World War.

“A nice catch of fish Zarathustra has today! No human being did he catch, but a corpse instead!” looks like me trying to convey Nietzsche’s message to a dead race!

“I want to teach humans the meaning of their being, which is the Overman, the lightning from the dark cloud ‘human being’.”
For some unfathomable causes, this sentence from the previous section, Prologue §7, reminded me my identification with the art of the pre-Raphaelites and Maxfield Parrish (cf. my Facebook page). One of the inner realities that distances me from white nationalists is that they don’t seem to love this 14-words art (“That the beauty of…”) as much as I do.

“It dawned on me: I need companions, and living ones – not dead companions and corpses that I carry with me wherever I want.”
Just what happened to me during my experience in counter-jihad: after these guys didn’t want to hear about the Jewish problem it was like I had to get rid of their corpses—dead companions. But it also happened to me in white nationalism! After these guys didn’t want to hear about the Christian problem it was like I had to get rid of their corpses.
“It dawned on me: let Zarathustra speak not to the people, but instead to companions!”
Pierce did something similar after the catastrophe of Rockwell’s murder: instead of speaking to the masses he predicated to a smaller group of companions.
“Look at the good and the just! Whom do they hate most? The one who breaks their tablets of values, the breaker, the lawbreaker – but he is the creative one.”
Hitler was the creative one. Read his table talks.
“Companions the creative one seeks and not corpses, nor herds and believers. Fellow creators the creative one seeks, who will write new values on new tablets.”
Less than a handful visitors of this blog share the moral grammar on my New Tablets…
“Fellow creators seeks Zarathustra, fellow harvesters and fellow celebrators Zarathustra seeks: what need does he have of herds and shepherds and corpses!”
…but still no one wants to become a priest of the 14 words in a latter-day “Syssitia” (like the one Rockwell had).
“I do not want to even speak again with the people – for the last time have I spoken to a dead person.”
Occasionally I still comment at The Occidental Observer but even that has to end—with the exception of Jack Frost, the commentariat and even the authors are clueless that Christian axiology enabled the Jewish problem and the Negro problem and the Mestizo problem and even the more recent empowerment of Asia.
“I shall join the creators, the harvesters, the celebrators: I shall show them the rainbow and all the steps to the Overman.”
Hitler and Pierce showed this rainbow but who among us really follows their revaluated axiology? Most white nationalists follow the Old Tablets; atheist nationalists share also the Christian moral grammar and even the neonazis have not really broken the Tablets.
“I want to go to my goal, and I go my own way; over the hesitating and dawdling I shall leap. Thus let my going be their going under!”
This describes me…

And so Nietzsche’s literary prologue ends. Below, some snippets from the Cambridge introduction by Robert B. Pippin:

Zarathustra leaves his cave to revisit the human world because he wants both to prophesy and help hasten the advent of something like a new “attempt” on the part of mankind, a post “beyond” or “over the human” (Übermensch) aspiration. Such a goal would be free of the psychological dimensions that have led the human type into a state of some crisis (made worse by the fact that most do not think a crisis has occurred or that any new attempt is necessary).

The problem, then, that Zarathustra must address, the problem of “nihilism,” is a kind of collective failure of desire…

Nietzsche clearly thinks we cannot understand such a possibility, much less be both shamed and inspired by it, except by a literary and so “living” treatment of such an existential possibility. And Nietzsche clearly thinks he has such a chance, in the current historical context of crisis, collapse, boredom, and confusion, a chance of shaming and cajoling us away from commitments that will condemn us to a “last man” or “pale atheist” sort of existence, and of inspiring a new desire, a new “tension” of the spirit…

As noted, the problem Zarathustra confronts seems to be a failure of desire; nobody wants what he is offering, and they seem to want very little other than a rather bovine version of happiness. It is that sort of failure that proves particularly difficult to address, and that cannot be corrected by thinking up a “better argument” against such a failure.

The events that are narrated are also clearly tied to the question of what it means for Zarathustra to have a teaching, to try to impart it to an audience suffering in this unusual way, suffering from complacency or dead desire. Only at the very beginning, in the Prologue, does he try to “lecture publicly,” one might say, and this is a pretty unambiguous failure.

The reminder here of the Prologue appears to indicate that Zarathustra himself had portrayed his own teaching in a comically inadequate way, preaching to the multitudes as if people could simply begin to overcome themselves by some revolutionary act of will…

He had shifted from market place preaching to conversations with disciples in Part I, and at the end of that Part I he decides to forgo even that and to go back to his cave alone.

Farmakonisi Has Been Captured: 800 Illegal Invaders Take-Over!

via Golden Dawn, New York

When some year ago we nationalists warned that their (and their predecessors) mission was to make us strangers in our land, some thought that we were… exaggerating and labeled us… alarmists.

The time for this biter vindication has arrived! More than 800 illegal immigrants disembarked yesterday in Farmakonisi, an island which has only 20 Greek permanent residents, who are now just a small minority in their own land and are desperately asking for help!

Just one more serious reason why voting for Golden Dawn is now necessary, so that our Greece can remain Greek!

Jewish Actress, Natalie Portman, Questions Official “Holocaust” Narrative

via The Realist Report

Israeli-born actress, Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman, the famous Israeli-American dual citizen and popular Hollywood actress, has just committed the ultimate crime: she has openly stated that the Jewish “Holocaust” story “should not be used to evoke fear and paranoia, but rather it should make Jews empathetic to others who have also experienced hatred,” according to the Jewish online newspaper The Algemeiner.

Apparently, Portman did not get the memo, which explained the Jewish strategy of fraudulently and insidiously instilling, reinforcing, and perpetuating the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative in order to advance Jewish ethnic interests. Rational, honest observers of Jewish identity politics clearly recognize that the false “Holocaust” narrative is used primarily to fraudulently instill a strong sense of Jewish identity and “persecuted people” status amongst the organized Jewish community, while at the same time demonizing and pathologizing White ethnic identity and socio-political/cultural/financial interests.

Readers of this site are fully aware of the fact that the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” narrative of WWII is an entirely fabricated and false historical narrative concocted by Jewish propagandists and their puppet Allied governments (the U.S., U.K., and Soviet Union, primarily) that was manufactured prior to and during WWII, which has since been institutionalized thanks to the Nuremberg Trials and a fully complicit (and Jewish controlled) mass media.

What Portman apparently doesn’t understand is that the fake Jewish “Holocaust,” which she clearly believes is a factual historical event (of course it isn’t), is the most powerful and sacred weapon of the organized Jewish community and state of Israel. The fake “Holocaust” narrative is central to the international Jewish conspiracy of globalism, plutocracy, oligarchy, and multiculturalism – the total destruction of all nation states, racial and ethnic identities, and civilization itself in favor of a Jewish utopia of mindless, deracinated slaves ruled over by Jewish tyrants.

The Jewish “Holocaust,” according to the organized Jewish community, is incomparable with other purported genocides – it is, they claim, a unique historical event that must be constantly referenced and reinforced in order to advance their “New World Order” agenda.

Portman obviously did not get the memo from her local rabbi.

Picture 2

“Sometimes it can be subverted to fearmongering and like ‘Another Holocaust is going to happen,’” the Israeli-American star told The Independent. “We need to, of course, be aware that hatred exists, antisemitism exists against all sorts of people, not in the same way. I don’t mean to make false equivalences, we need it to serve as something that makes us empathetic to people rather than paranoid … Not used as a paranoid way of thinking that we are victims.”
Portman, who directs and stars in the film adaptation of A Tale of Love and Darkness, said the Jewish community needs to ask itself how much focus it puts on Holocaust education, over other issues.
The Black Swan star attended two Jewish schools in Washington DC, Jericho (New York) and Long Island and told The Independent she believes her schooling put too much of an emphasis on the Holocaust. She recalled a 2007 trip to Rwanda in which she learned about the genocide that took place in the country, and her dismay at discovering how such atrocities occurred as she was studying about the horrors of the Holocaust in school.
“We went to the museum there, and I was shocked that that [genocide] was going on while I was in school. We were learning only about the Holocaust and it was never mentioned and it was happening while I was in school,” she said. “That is exactly the type of problem with the way it’s taught. I think it needs to be taught, and I can’t speak for everyone because this was my personal education.”
It’s quite clear Portman was not briefed by the Jewish leaders representing her ethnic group – the only genocide that truly matters, according to them, is the purported Jewish genocide during WWII.

Mark my words: the ADL and other Jewish organizations will be hysterically denouncing Portman via press releases, media interviews, and opinion pieces in the next few days. A fellow Jew undermining the sacrosanct status of the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative is simply unacceptable to the Jewish supremacists that largely control America and the wider Western world.

Czech President, Miloš Zeman, Suggests European Army Be Deployed to Halt African Invasion

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Czech President, Miloš Zeman
The president of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, has suggested that troops should be used to secure the European Union’s borders against immigration and that a common European army could be formed to achieve this objective. He correctly notes that the failure to repulse the ongoing migrant invasion is due to a lack of will on behalf of European leaders. The EUobserver reports:
The EU could better protect itself from migrants if it had a common army, Czech president Milos Zeman said Tuesday (25 August), while the Czech finance minister, Andrej Babis, called for the closure of the Schengen area’s external borders and for Nato help.
Speaking to Czech ambassadors at Prague castle, Zeman regretted that Frontex, the EU border-control agency, has only three unarmed ships and a few armed ships to patrol the Mediterranean.
“The EU’s fundamental lack is a lack of will for a common border protection”, Zeman said. “Today, a common European army would come in handy” to address the issue, he added.
Central Europeans (see “Can the Ossis Save Europe?“), notably Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, are then taking the lead in warning against the predictable calamity that is the ongoing Afro-Islamic invasion of Europe.

The article goes on:
Collective action
Czech authorities recently floated the idea of using the army to secure the country’s borders.
“The defence ministry is ready to allocate a maximum of 2,600 soldiers in case of further requests from the police”, defence minister Martin Stropnicky said on Friday.
The Czech republic is on the way between Hungary, where more than 100,000 migrants have arrived so far this year, and Germany, their main destination.
It is itself expecting up to 7,000 asylum seekers next year, according to a defence ministry report revealed by the CTK press agency earlier this month.
Interior minister Milan Chovanec said he would seek about €40 million of extra spending next year to face migrant arrivals.
On Tuesday, the Czech prime minister, Bohuslav Sobotka also called on Europe to take collective action to protect Schengen area’s external borders, especially in Italy, Greece, and Macedonia.
“The migrant crisis is a pan-European problem. It is a challenge that we cannot run away from. There is now a great deal at stake. Among others the future of the Schengen border-free zone”, he said.
European authorities actually securing our Old Continent’s borders against foreign invasion? Now that’s an EU we might be able to get behind.
Giant camp
His finance minister, businessman Andrej Babis, went further and asked for Nato help.
“The question is whether Macedonian or Bulgarian armies don’t need Nato help”, he told reporters, pointing to the fact that, Greece, their neighbour, is isolated from the rest of the Schengen area.
On Tuesday, Bulgaria announced it was sending 25 soldiers and armoured vehicles to help monitor the four border-crossings with Macedonia.
Babis also said that Schengen’s external border should be “immediately” closed and called on the EU to warn migrants’ countries of origin that it would take no more.
“It must say: You cannot come to us to be unemployed and take immediately social benefits”, he said.
He added the EU should create a giant camp where economic migrants would be sorted from people in need of protection, especially women and children. (my emphasis)
But of course left-wing Western Europeans are demanding that the EU impose migrant quotas on recalcitrant Central European nations: “In an interview to Austrian radio O1, Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann criticised the Czech government, and also Poland and Baltic states, for refusing European quotas of refugees.”

My impression is Zeman is a Central European anti-communist conservative who, by virtue of this background, is extremely pro-American and anti-Islamic (basically neoconservative-aligned). That would explain his unusually politically incorrect statements on migrants and Islam’s incompatibility with Western civilization.

What Zeman does not seem to realize, is that the United States has, since World War II, become the chief force bringing Afro-Muslims into Europe: the apologia of  “multiculturalism”[1] and the cult of the Holocaust, siding with Muslim Bosnians and Kosovars against Christian Serbs in the former Yugoslavia, pushing for Turkey’s membership of the EU (and thus unlimited immigration from that still-growing nation of almost 80 million), and the destabilization of the Middle East – with the destruction of the Arab nations of Iraq, Libya, and Syria – which has produced so many Europe-bound refugees and torn down effective bulwarks against sub-Saharan African migrants. On this, Zeman could profitably read Jean-Marie Le Pen on  the corrupted America’s destructive role in Europe:
The problem of immigration is made more complicated by the fact that a large part of this immigration is Muslim and that the Muslim world is largely influenced by extremist ideas, warlike interpretations of the Koran. Yet we have to observe that concerning Europe, the Americans have taken the side of the Muslims, of Bosniaks and Kosovars against Christian Orthodox Serbs. They are pushing incidentally for Turkey, 95% Muslim, to enter the European Union. There are political ulterior motives whose results, I am forced to observe, are hostile to the survival of Europe.
Is this deliberate on the part of certain American circles, who eliminate thus a dangerous rival, or is it short-sightedness? I do not know, not knowing their hearts and minds. But I see that even President Obama is starting to hesitate on the choices that have been made. The operations undertaken in the Middle East have been disastrous, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria. The higher interests of Israel, to which the United States is very close, have certainly played an important role in the decisions that were taken. That Israel struggles for its survival and power, that’s to be expected. It is therefore in its interests for the Arab countries to be split. For Tel Aviv, three Iraqs are preferable to one! Or three Syrias rather than one! All the same American policing of the region has been disastrous.
The fact is that the cultural masters of America are hell-bent upon destroying European nations as cohesive, homogeneous entities, and replacing them with tense, fragile, multiethnic populations prone to civil war (à la Yugoslavia, Ukraine . . .) and, ultimately — whether this outcome be consciously sought or not — the reduction of indigenous Europeans to vulnerable minorities in their own homelands.

In any event, a common European military force to police our borders against Afro-Islamic invasion is something which, I suspect, many nationalists could get behind. And, for that at least, Zeman can be saluted.


[1]Kevin B. MacDonald, The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements (1st books library: 2002).

Is Feminism an Extremist Ideology?

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Kiran Gandhi’s recent stunt is the latest in a long list of feminist attention whoring shenanigans. My personal theory is that she knew she couldn’t win the marathon and hence resorted to pulling such a cheap stunt. Despite the various shocking behaviours that feminists resort to from time to time, seldom do we hear the word feminism associated with the word extremism. The mainstream media fawns upon the gimmicks of femen and the Emma Sulkowiczs of this world. While we do hear the phrase “radical feminism” bandied about occasionally, we must bear in mind that the term “radical” does not have the same negative connotation as the word “extremist.” Extremists are dangerous in the eyes of society whereas radicals are either misunderstood at best, or fruity at worst. In this post I wish to make the case that feminism is an extremist ideology by comparing its character to that of radical Islam.

False rape accusations and attention seeking stunts will make you a messiah in the eyes of the mainstream media.

False rape accusations and attention seeking stunts will make you a messiah in the eyes of the leftist mainstream media.

What separates an extremist from a moderate? The key word in answering this question is equilibrium. Moderates are able to situate their ideology within a social environment without attempting to dominate it. The moderate’s goal is to harmonize his ideology with the surrounding environment even if it results in diluting the ideology. Moderate Muslims, for example, will argue for the full and equal rights of their non Muslim neighbours even if it means practicing a diluted Islam and making their society technically less Islamic. Islamists, on the other hand, are unable to attain this equilibrium. Where the moderate Muslim will draw a line and say that beyond this point Islam becomes ugly, the Islamist/Wahabi sincerely believes that a society can never get enough Islam.

Many Muslims will admit (loathe as they are to do so) that beyond a certain point, Islam becomes regressive and dangerous. Islamic extremists see no such line because to their eyes, Islam is intrinsically good. How can you get enough of something that is intrinsically good? Of the three Abrahamic faiths, Islam lends itself to extremism more readily than do Christianity and Judaism. Christianity is concerned with the afterlife while Judaism is concerned with tribal self interest. Islam’s shariah is focused on a utopian vision here on Earth. I believe this is why Islamic extremists are so fervent in their fanaticism. How could anybody not want Utopia? Many of us do not see extremists as idealists that have gone off the rails but that is precisely what they are. We in the West see idealists as gentle and naive thinkers but seldom acknowledge that idealism is often the path to extremism.

What does all of this have to do with feminism? Like Islamists, feminists are unable to achieve the equilibrium I’ve described above. I have not met a single feminist (online and offline) that has admitted that beyond a certain point, feminism becomes very ugly. Since feminists are also chasing a utopian delusion like their Islamist counterparts, they believe that a society can never get enough feminism. I’ve often heard many feminists complain that radical feminists are giving feminism a “bad name.” This is merely a defense mechanism to lull society into a state of complacency since women still require the participation of men in undermining the latter’s social and legal rights. This clever damage control maneuver in no way invalidates the observation that there is little ideological incompatibility between feminism and its radical counterpart.

The second hallmark of an extremist ideology is that it is impossible to parody – possibly because the ideology itself is a parody to begin with. Thus if somebody attempts to parody an extremist ideology, it is impossible to tell the parody apart from the real thing. This was beautifully demonstrated by the folks at 4-chan who set the internet on fire with their “End father’s day” twitter hashtag. They flawlessly mimicked feminist rhetoric while making a series of disparaging remarks against fathers. After the hoax was revealed for what it was, feminists went into damage control mode claiming that the hoax barely fooled anybody. They have yet to explain how this hoax went viral if that were truly the case. Feminism is a parody of a social movement and end father’s day was a parody of a parody; this is why so many were fooled.

I must briefly address one other point before I conclude this post. Leftists often say that feminism isn’t a violent ideology where the underlying implication is that feminism isn’t an inherently extremist ideology. I believe this merits a brief comment. Violence, in a political context, is seldom an end in itself – it is often a means to a very specific end: coercion. Feminism doesn’t need to engage in violence because feminists have the coercive power of the state at their disposal. If a woman wishes to remove a man from his house, all she needs is one fabricated domestic assault accusation before the cops show up. If she wishes to coerce her employer, the threat of a bogus sexual harassment accusation may come in handy. A wife may freely use divorce and child support as a threatpoint against her husband. Access to the state’s coercive power enables feminists to skip the violence step altogether.

If we gauge an ideology’s peaceful intent solely by the levels of violence it engages in, we are setting the bar too low. While feminists may not engage in violence, their intent is not peaceful coexistence as they work tirelessly to disadvantage men and boys using state coercion as their lever. It is about time that we in the West realized that feminism is an extremist and intolerant ideology that is at war with culture and human civilization.

Hulk Mode: White People Are Growing Angry

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We all know comic books are products of jewish minds, but their characters have become so familiar to us that they can sometimes serve us in our discussions. One character I have identified with at times in my life is the Hulk, who I think we need a bit more of in our struggle. Let us resurrect the green god!

The Hulk only appears on rare occasions as Dr. Bruce Banner is able, for the most part, to keep his cool, suppressing his rage. Although the Hulk is an incredibly powerful force for righting wrongs, he also can cause a great deal of collateral damage as he smashes his enemies. If the Hulk is let out every time Dr. Banner stubs his toe or is insulted by some jackass, the whole world would end up being pulverized.

However, what if the Hulk is completely suppressed and all we are left with is the good doctor? We will end up becoming prey for those with the might to make “right”, unable to unleash our fury upon the creatures seeking our destruction. This is why there is  a conspiracy to kill the Hulk, or at least keep him sleeping long enough for the criminals to gain complete control. The conspiracy includes an all-out assault with vaccines, drugs, fluoride, chemtrails, the gay bomb, media manipulation, and hordes of foot soldiers.

As you may have already known, the Hulk is the animalistic, raw, uncensored side of ourselves. It is the part of us that wants to be “uncivilized” when “polite” society becomes unbearable. It is the wolf that still exists inside of the domesticated dog. Within each of us there is a threshold, where if it is reached, we snap and go ballistic. The Hulk is a modern day version of the Germanic berserker. With every attack against him, he only gets angrier, more determined, and more powerful.

Perhaps you think I am reading a bit too much into a stupid jewish cartoon? I don’t think so, and actually, this story was “culturally appropriated” from Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

With every day, and from both sides of my intelligence, the moral and the intellectual, I thus drew steadily nearer to the truth, by whose partial discovery I have been doomed to such a dreadful shipwreck: that man is not truly one, but truly two.
. . . I learned to recognise the thorough and primitive duality of man; I saw that, of the two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only because I was radically both.
Some will see this as the good and evil angels swaying one’s decisions, but I am not convinced this is the case. The Hulk is not really evil, so much as primeval. We need not reject Dr. Banner completely and be only the Hulk, or vice versa, but to reach a necessary balance between the two. Our struggle needs to involve both the intellectual and scientific Dr. Banner (or Jekyll) as well as the powerful and ferocious Hulk (Hyde). Sure, hide the hulk when needed, but always keep him ready for action, as he will surely be needed soon.

The beast is definitely not dead. In fact, he is starting to get very large and very angry. Either make friends with it or get out of the way.

What Pisses Me off about the Bryce Williams Shooting

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Vester Lee Flanagan, known professionally as Bryce Williams, was identified as the suspect in the on-air shooting that left WDBJ-TV journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward dead in Roanoke, Virginia.

The horrific on-air shooting has drawn comparisons to the Dylann Roof and the Charleston church shooting after excerpts from Flanagan's manifesto cited it as his motivation. Despite Flanagan's history of racially charged interactions and him stating that he desired to further the "race war" the media's reaction has been interesting.

The Purge and the Poets

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PA Cousteau (left), Claude Jeantet (standing),
and Lucien Rebatet
When one thinks of the French language, it is impossible not to think of the richness of its literature. Known for its theater and poetry, its classicism and romanticism, French has produced some of the world’s best authors. But like many things in France, its culture is declining. Where did this decline start? Did it start with the Cultural Marxist revolution of the 60’s? French author Léon Arnoux who recently published L’épuration et les Poètes (The Purge and the Poets) claims the origins of the decline coincide with the purges at the end of the Second World War.

When France was liberated at the end of the Second World War, a wind of vengeance swept the country. After being defeated and enduring four years under foreign rule, it was now time to settle the score. Thousands of French (estimates greatly vary; de Gaulles talks about 11,000, French Canadian historian Robert Rumilly 80,000, Robert Aron between 30,000 and 40,000) were murdered and executed while as many were imprisoned in concentration camps in a purge similar to the one that followed the French Revolution of 1789.

Whoever had collaborated in one way or another with the German foe became a prey. Any artist who had continued his work, even if it was totally apolitical, like that of Georges Simenon, the father of Maigret, was targeted. This is why French-Canadian historian Robert Rumilly said in 1949 that all those people were prosecuted solely for being anti-communist.

In September 1944, a black list was published by the imminent victors. On that list were all the authors that are now considered to be a shame to their country. Still today, in politically correct France, citing those authors is like committing social suicide. Léon Arnoux has devoted his books to those poets, men who were prosecuted, condemned, and often executed by the "liberators." In his book, which could have been titled "the damned poets," he pithily reminds us that "executed poets are always more numerous than executed bankers."

The roots of the Fourth Republic were watered
with the blood of poets like Robert Brasillach.
The list of French poets condemned by those modern Torquemadas is long. Some were recognized poets like Abel Bonnard, a member of the French Academy whose work received many awards, Robert Poulet, a Belgian, Robert Brasillach (executed), Pastor Noël Vesper (executed), Sacha Guitry and Jean-Harold Paquis (executed). Others were more famous for their political work than their poetry, like Charles Maurras and Léon Degrelle. And beside the famous names of Lucien Rebatet and Pierre Antoine Cousteau we can add a long list of less well-known poets like André Demessine (executed), a friend of Brasillach who had fought on the Eastern Front, Jean Mamy (executed), a former Freemason, Guy Crouzet, Robert le Vignan, Roland Bouvard, etc, etc. The list goes on!

All these talented writers were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness! And today they are voluntarily forgotten by a society that keeps on hammering us about the importance of remembering that era. Like Abel Bonnard said, "art is only the mirror of the dominating ideas of a society." In our politically correct world, those authors do not belong anymore.

To come back to his book, everyone proficient in French and with an interest in poetry will be delighted by the biographical notes and the poems included, most of which were written while the poets were in prison. While flipping through the pages of that short book we discover the heroic courage of these men who stared without regrets into the eyes of the executioners. This unflinching courage was described by many of these poets in their verses, like Jean-Harold Paquis (executed) who wrote, "don’t know any who cried!" Facing death, they continued to write and they transformed the grey prison of Fresnes into a creative workshop.

What would French literature have become if this elite, definitely at the right of the political spectrum, had not been annihilated? It is hard to tell whether these poets and the authors who were persecuted could have stemmed the tide of Marxism, especially since these purges mainly affected France and a few other European countries. Since the real "Marxisation" of Western culture happened later at the end of the 1960s in almost every White country, even those not affected by the purges, it may have been an inevitable result of the powerful influence of the Frankfurt School and the cultural left which overwhelmed all White societies, even in those countries which had not experienced the purge of their cultural right. The question now is whether or not we can reclaim our historic culture and overturn the malignant influence of cultural Marxism.

The Battle of Bendigo

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The anti-mosque rally in Bendigo on Saturday the 29th of August saw a stunning and unprecedented rout of the Left in Australia. For the first time in perhaps forty years, nationalists, patriots and concerned members of the community outnumbered communists – and the communists retreated.

The rally was held against a recent proposed mega-mosque and housing development in Bendigo, one of the largest country towns in Victoria and which has only 37 Muslims. The Bendigo City Council has green lighted the development, despite opposition from the local community. In order to draw attention to the issue, and help mobilise public opinion against the mosque, the United Patriots Front (UPF), a splinter from the Reclaim Australia movement, chaired the rally. Nationalist Alternative, Aussie Infidels, Patriotic Defence League of Australia, Australian Defence League and other nationalist groups attended. Representatives of Reclaim chose not to attend (although Pastor Danny Nalia did call up on the speakers – Scott Moreland – during his speech) in an official capacity.

In all my years of nationalist activism, I’ve never seen the nationalist and patriot side outnumber the communists and actually make pursuit of them; I’ve never seen the communists turn tail either. So the Bendigo rally represents a unique triumph – a total win for the nationalist side – but, having attended my fourth Reclaim-affiliated rally in a row, I’m beginning to see the drawbacks (as well as the strengths) of the Reclaim political strategy. Here in this essay, I’ll be given a description of the events of the rally and the Reclaim tactics (and strategy) with some suggestions as to how that strategy can be improved and extended.


Some comrades and I arrived at Bendigo by car around lunch time; we didn’t take the country train, as we suspected that it would be full to the brim with communists. Upon arriving, we took a walk around town to orient ourselves, and saw a few of the communist propaganda posters (‘You’ll always lose in Bendigo’) promising to rout the ‘neo-Nazis’ from Bendigo – this would be one more town where the ‘neo-Nazis’ would not be allowed to demonstrate in. In light of later events, these declarations and threats seemed ironic.

While walking down the street, we were approached by two working-class lads who introduced themselves and asked, ‘Are you here for the rally?’. We chatted for a little and learned from them they alone had around a dozen people ready to show up to the rally and defend it from the commies if need be. That news cheered us, understandably enough.

We saw that the police presence was quite large – officers would have been brought in from Melbourne city as reinforcements – and that the police had already been busy fortifying the protest area (just as they had done at the Sydney and Melbourne Reclaim demonstrations in July). Having time to kill, we stopped at a local bar. The bartender asked shrewdly, ‘Are you here for the rally?’. We responded, yes we were. The bar staff didn’t have a problem with it, of course, but by this point I wondered if we had the words ‘Out of towner’ tattooed on our foreheads for all to see.

After drinking and eating, we heard chanting in the distance, and a police siren. My comrade exclaimed, ‘That’s them [the communists] – time to go’. We got up, and I asked the other patrons at the bar to wish me luck. Once out in the street, we saw the communist marchers – numbering less than a hundred – round the corner bearing their signs and banners; shopkeepers began moving their stalls inside and bolting their doors. To the left of me, I saw around a hundred patriotic locals, waving Australian flags; to the right, the communists, with a thin line of police protecting them. I got my megaphone out of my bag (quite a few there that day on the nationalist side had equipped themselves with megaphones), dashed in front of the communist line and came face to face with members of the infamous ‘basher gang’ who had carried out all the assaults at the July rally. Without thinking, I squatted in front of the line, harangued them on my megaphone and waved at them to come over to my side and take a shot. All of this happened in the space of seconds: one moment I was drinking comfortably in a bar, the next minute, I had plunged into the eye of the storm. The police, seeing that the patriots outnumbered the communists, sent their cavalry reserves to bolster the line around the communists. Then they began pushing the nationalist back and back. The communists became somewhat frustrated at this point; they couldn’t ‘out-noise’ us because we were equipped with megaphones and sirens, and so could drown them out. After about ten minutes, the communists, unbelievably, retreated – to the jeers of the Bendigoans.

The crowd seemed somewhat aimless and directionless after that. We milled around and then the UPF contingent from Melbourne turned up. Blair made a brief announcement: we were to walk over to the town hall and wait for him to set up. All of this had thrown me somewhat off-kilter, as I fully expected that the communists would stick to their march route from the trades hall to the town hall and that, once ensconced at the latter, they would prevent the nationalists and patriots from approaching. But that wasn’t the case: the nationalist side controlled the area – including the town hall – completely.

The crowd headed off to the town hall, and then heard various speeches – by Blair, Kim Vuga, Chris Shortis, Matthew James, ex-serviceman Scott Moreland, Ralph Cinamarra and others. To see the first hour of the rally, look at:

The communists had reassembled towards the right side of the town hall, and were outnumbered around 5-to-1. A police line protected them a crowd of 400 to 500 people.

Communists hate Australia and the Australian working-classes: they expressed that hatred for both that day by doing something that they knew would enrage them – they burned the Australian flag. At this point, the speakers exhorted the crowd – which needed little in the way of encouragement – to charge the communists and stop them burning the flag. The crowd surged forward as a mass, aware of its tremendous power and, I dare say, intoxicated by it. The police, upon seeing this enormous herd bearing down, lost their nerve; they panicked and whipped out the capsicum spray. As I pushed towards the front, I saw a cloud of brown mist rise up. Then it attacked my eyes and nostrils. I was fortunate in that I didn’t receive a direct hit, but even from a distance, the spray was incapacitating. The crowd, coughing and spluttering, turned on its heels and walked back to the town hall. The speakers – including Chris Shortis – swore furiously at the communists and told the crowd not to blame the police… Luckily, one of my group had brought along some bottles of water; we splashed the faces of some of the attendees who were most seriously affected.

Incongruously, a local activist against the council took the stage and began a long and detailed speech on the background of the mosque development. The crowd felt too excited to pay much attention, and really this speaker should have been put on first or second. A local lad managed to climb up to the top of a monument outside the hall and tie some Australian flags up there; in a display of mateship, his friends helped him descend from the monument (a difficult climb). All this can be seen here:
The communists retreated – for the last time. They had abandoned the town hall, and all of Bendigo, to the nationalists. 

Blair made some closing remarks and invited the attendees to join him for a drink at a local bar (where we had been drinking just before the communist march had begun). We decided to go back to Melbourne, and headed to another, less crowded bar on the way to the highway, where we stopped for a meal. Some patriots filed in afterwards, and began drinking boisterously. When the events of the day were shown on the TV news, they jeered and swore; the owner of the establishment became somewhat upset. I reflected that this must have been what Australian bars back in the 1940s were like: crude, boisterous, working-class and Australian. In this particular case, the patriots there felt strong and cocky, and why not: they had numbers on their side and undoubtedly were excited by the days events. But they behaved badly – they shouted, swore and aggravated the owners. Sad to say, the Reclaim crowd behaved in exactly the same way in the Melbourne bar at the after-rally celebration in July.


As stated before, I had attended all the Reclaim-affiliated rallies before this one. This had proved to be the most successful one so far: Shermon Burgess’ combination of Australian patriotism, anti-Islam and anti-communism had struck a chord with the locals, most of them working-class and most of them of the ‘bogan’ subculture. Here the 21st Australian equivalent of a peasant rebellion against the ruling classes seemed imminent. Events verged on anarchy, and the communist aggression and obnoxiousness along with the constant stream of invective by the speakers against Islam, the Bendigo council and the Australian liberal democratic system, served to whip the mob into a fury.

No doubt the speakers – and the mob – were intoxicated by their newfound sense of power before they charged the police line; I know I certainly was. For once, we had the upper hand over the communists, who had been persecuting nationalists and acting as the attack squad and enforcers of liberal multi-culti for at least forty years.

At the same, I had to ask myself if these ‘peasant rebellions’ were sustainable. Could nationalists ride the backs of the Australian workers towards victory? Could the mass movement – of ‘peasant rebels’ in the rural and regional areas, and in the Australian pockets remaining in the capital cities – bring the nationalists to power? Undoubtedly a national revolution against multi-culti, against Islam, against the Chinese and Indian demographic invasion and occupation of our cities, could not proceed without the working classes, the ‘peasants’, the mob, the bogans or whatever you wanted to call them. But that didn’t entail that the leaders had to be of the masses; they didn’t need to be violent, ‘bogan’, boisterous, uncouth, foul-mouthed, themselves; they didn’t need to encourage lack of respect for the law, authority and good manners; they didn’t need to pander and stoop to that level, and act (and it is an act) uneducated, anti-intellectual and the rest. As Yockey writes in Imperium, leader and led, leaders and masses, need each other, rely on each other, but stand like poles opposite to another; a distinction needs to be drawn between leader and mass – the leader cannot dissolve himself into the mass.

From looking at history, we can say that revolutions and uprisings by raffish, boisterous, anti-system and anti-establishment populists don’t work out that well. Let’s look at two examples from the past eighty years.

The first example is that of the Red Guards who, from 1966 to 1968, led the Cultural Revolution in China. These ultra-radical students, egged on by Mao who sought to harness their energies in a putsch against his political opponents, terrorised all of China – harassing, arresting, beating, torturing and killing hundreds of thousands of members of the Chinese political and social establishment, non-communist and communist. Like ISIS, they destroyed many old Chinese monuments, works of arts and cultural artefacts. China spiralled into civil war and eventually the Chinese army (the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA) put down the uprising. After Mao’s death in 1976, the Cultural Revolution faction of the Chinese Communist Party – the ‘Gang of Four’ – were thrown into jail and China returned to a state of pre-Mao somnolent calm.

At the height of the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards lived on the high. They could travel the country for free, order their elders about and bully whoever they wanted. The Red Guard way of life appealed to those young Chinese who enjoyed that sort of thing and it constituted a liberation from all restraint.

The second example is Ernst Röhm and his Brownshirts or SA (Sturmabteilungen, Storm Troops), who attempted a putsch against Hitler in 1934. After the January seizure of power by the NSDAP, the Brownshirts ran amok, kidnapping, arresting, torturing and killing communists and generally behaving like Mao’s Red Guards in China over thirty years later. In the words of the National Socialist expert Hadding Scott, they ‘made Germany look bad’. Hitler, the SS and the German army were forced to act after it became apparent that Röhm intended to launch a coup against Hitler (while retaining Hitler as a powerless figurehead). In June and July of 1934, the Röhm faction was brutally suppressed and Röhm and many of Hitler’s other political rivals were executed. The brilliant jurist Carl Schmitt hailed the Röhm purge as a return to normalcy and the restoration of law and order, writing a famous piece entitled ‘The Führer Upholds the Law’.

Both of these populist and mass-based (or rather, mob-based) movements helped the respective leaders Mao and Hitler politically. The Red Guards helped Mao shore up his power in the Chinese Communist Party long after the 1949 revolution; the Brown Shirts helped bring about the 1933 revolution (or coup-d’état or whatever you want to call it). Both of them rended the social fabric of their respective nations and both outlived their political usefulness – and were disposed of.

The moral I draw from both episodes – the Cultural Revolution and the Röhm putsch – is that if you unleash the passions of the mob, you are playing with fire and may end up getting burned.

It should be noted that the NSDAP, like all the fascist parties of Europe, marketed itself as the party of order. That is, it wanted to restore a smooth functioning – politically, socially, economically – to Germany after it took power and promised an end to social, political and economic chaos. The communists, who had done much to bring about that chaos as a means of fomenting revolution, were crushed. Himmler represents the ‘party of order’ faction of the NSDAP; after all, he created what is today called Interpol.


In order to bring about a nationalist revolution in this country, it’s not necessary for nationalists to encourage social chaos and mayhem. We don’t need rioting; we don’t need to ape the Trotskyites and indulge in ‘smash the state’ rhetoric; we don’t need to follow the path outlined in Lenin’s State and Revolution (1917). We can work within the state – the government, the armed forces, the police and the state security services – and at the same time orchestrate mass actions on the street. The NSDAP followed this ‘two pincer’ method in the rewriting of the German constitution and the according to Hitler of absolute powers after the February 1933 Reichstag fire and consequent state suppression of the communists. The Czechoslovak communists famously copied the method for their coup in February 1948.

The bottom line is this. If we nationalists are to avail ourselves of similar methods, we can’t afford to alienate the police, the state and the ordinary, conservative-minded Australians watching the disorder in Bendigo on their TV screens. The latter group regard us as being no better than the Trotskyite communists who attempted to disrupt the rally (or for that matter the rioters at the infamous anti-globalisation rally in Seattle in 1999 and subsequent anarchistic anti-globalisation protests). We can’t allowed ourselves to be portrayed as yahoos bent on causing mayhem just for the hell of it. That repels the bourgeois sections of our society who gravitate naturally to a ‘party of order’.

On that day in Bendigo, I saw both sides mouthing vulgarities and inanities (the communists, chanting obscenities over and over, seemed the more offensive, but I’m biased). The point is that we need to clean up our act somewhat. We need to a) stop swearing and vulgarity in any of our speeches and in places such as bars and restaurants; b) not incite crowds to act contrary to the wishes of law enforcement officers (even when provoked into doing so by the communists); c) work with local activists (such as the last speaker at the Bendigo rally), emphasise their work more and be a little more organised; and d) repudiate the ‘bogans’ in our ranks who are prone to using violence, harassment and bullying and who have a name, inside and outside the nationalist community, for doing so.

I don’t expect patriot rallies to be an American Renaissance conference or a Sunday school, but we could make the effort to orient ourselves a little closer to mainstream standards of respectability, politeness and decency – and respect for law and order. That will stop us from degenerating to the levels of the Red Guards and the SA. Islam and multi-culti represent chaos, and most Australians, like the Chinese after 1976 and the Germans after 1934, want a return to normalcy. For that they need a party of order.