Nov 6, 2015

Greg Johnson's White Nationalism: Our Differences and Their Differences

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Greg Johnson has posted on White Nationalism and has made some useful comments.  For example:

Blacks, Arabs, and South Asians in Europe do not see Frenchmen, Englishmen, and Germans. They simply see white men. And we simply see blacks and browns. Our differences do not matter to them, and their differences do not matter to us. As racial tensions increase in Europe, our people will realize that they are not being attacked as Frenchmen or Germans, but simply as white men. And when Europeans resist ethnic displacement, they will increasingly regard their race as their nation and their skin as their uniform. The sooner we see ourselves as white people, united by common enemies and challenges, sharing a common origin and a common destiny, the sooner we will be equal to the tasks facing us.

That is very similar to what Francis Parker Yockey wrote in Imperium:

The touching of this racial-frontier case of the Negro however, shows to Europe a very important fact — that race-difference between white men, which means Western men, is vanishingly small in view of their common mission of actualizing a High Culture. In Europe, where hitherto the race difference between, say, Frenchman and Italian has been magnified to great dimensions, there has been no sufficient reminder of the race-differences outside the Western Civilization. Adequate instruction along this line would apparently have to take the form of occupation of all Europe, instead of only part of it, by Negroes from America and Africa, by Mongols and Turkestani from the Russian Empire.

One must be careful. Just because non-Whites don’t care about our differences, do not mean they are not important to us, and vice versa. For example, when I have talked to non-Whites (usually Asians) about race, what Greg Johnson and Francis Parker Yockey wrote rings true. For example, Chinese from China that I’ve interacted with for the most part do not recognize, do not understand, and do not care about, ethnic/sub-racial differences among Europeans.  I’ve seen Chinamen confuse the identities of White individuals of startling different ages, heights, physical appearances, ethnic backgrounds with the nonchalant: “all you Whites look the same to me.” On the other hand, differences between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans that seem trivial to us loom large and important to them.  Just as those differences are important to them but relatively inconsequential to us, so are our differences important to us while of little interest to them. So – and if you read Johnson’s whole essay you see he agrees with this – differences that exist between European ethnies are important (to us at least), and should be preserved.

However, the main point of Johnson and Yockey stands. While our internal differences are important and should not be forgotten, they are not existential, nor are they disjunctive in the same sense that the “West Against the Rest” Europe/non-Europe difference is disjunctive as a result of the combination of both biological and cultural factors working in synergy.

In this sense, the attitude of non-Europe to Europe is instructive and useful. While we strive to preserve our internal diversity, our position as a hated minority of the world’s population, a threatened and endangered minority, means that we must also strive for unity along with our diversity. We should be White Men first, and then (fill in the blank of the more narrow group) second.  The two mindsets can be completely compatible, in the same sense as someone can be both an autonomous individual as well as a member of a family, or both a member of a family and a member of an ethnic group.  Can we be both a White and a member of the broader human race? Yes, we can, one the race is secure and once other races accept that Whites are no longer the doormats of the Earth, once they have been humbled in their anti-White hubris and have ended their genocidal animus toward the White Man. Until then though, respect can be given only to those who give back in return – and that should hold both within the race as well as between races.

A Charge to Become

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Over the Halloween weekend, the National Policy Institute hosted its conference entitled “Become Who We Are,” in a city that is not-so-affectionately referred to as “the belly of the beast.” In the seat of American imperial power in Washington, D.C., an elite collection of the self-aware European diaspora came together to discuss issues affecting our growing movement, to hear enlightening presentations from its leaders, and to get to know one another in preparation of building regional and local networks.

But what does the title mean? Are we not already “who we are?” The phrase is immediately borrowed from Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, in which the eponymous character remembers, alone on a mountaintop, how he counseled himself to “become what you are!” The eminent 19th century German philosopher and himself a student of the Greek language, however, borrowed this from Pindar of Thebes, one of the Nine Lyric Poets, in the Ancient’s second “Pythian Ode.” In it, Pindar advises the victorious chariot racer Hieron to “Learn and become what you are.” As the conference’s keynote speaker thundered this weekend: before we can do, we must first know.

In fact, looking back on my arrival at the weekend’s first event —a luxurious three-course dinner along with an open bar—my first impressions from the fellow guests were that everyone surrounding me was highly educated. Security stood like a statue outside our completely-booked room, and I saw a number of additional chairs brought in. I never felt crowded though, and leaned in as I caught up with old comrades or introduced myself to friendly newcomers over White Russians. Richard Spencer smiled and nodded as I remarked that a packed venue was a good problem to have. As he addressed the guests, he highlighted how many present were Millennials.

The following morning I walked to the conference with a number of other young men, most of whom were attending one of these events for the first time. As we neared the National Press Club, I eagerly scouted out if I could distinguish any of the local vagrants as bothersome Antifa. I know, I know, that task is virtually impossible, though I did begin to see some gaze at us with mouths agape. I stared back as I entered, wondering if they even cared to move. One eventually followed and said “Hey!” as the doors closed behind us. Not the most exciting entrance, but I did hear some others were sprayed with silly string. The horror.
To make up for being let down by those who would deem themselves our opponents, I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Kevin MacDonald speak in person for the first time. His topic was the Origins of the White Man. What struck me most about MacDonald’s talk were not the prehistoric origins of our people, but how our healthy and subconscious instincts for self-preservation are suppressed by conscious puritanical moral ideals of universalism. MacDonald argued that we are (or at least many of us are) by nature egalitarian as this was a useful instinct in societies of warrior bands or Männerbunde. This instinct can itself be suppressed in the future by a newly hegemonic and conscious ideal of group interests that are morally valid. Taking to heart the lesson that we are a moral people and that our cause can and must be portrayed as such is perhaps the most important point that was made the entire weekend.

Richard Spencer was next in his well-prepared “Political Theology” speech, in which he argued that people are now being exposed to the truth, or “red-pilled”, not just by us, but reality. The present circumstances are so obviously against the interests of Europeans that it can no longer be ignored. This makes our message all the more potent and harder to obscure by our enemies. Spencer, much like fellow traveler Alex Kurtagić, believes that an alternative dream to the one offered by the Left must be offered in order for us to reach the top of the mountain. Who we are now is not nearly enough. What we can possibly become is the only thing we will settle for. Like the first speaker, Spencer offers a message that must be accepted if this movement is to ever grow, let alone attain power: Pragmatism is unrealistic; idealism is the only thing that will bring us success.

Professor Keith Preston followed with a cutting criticism of identity within the American system. People must be a subject of the state, they can identify with their job, and they can identify with what they consume. Preston is rooted in National Anarchist circles, and like Jack Donovan, he is independent of the movement but adds important contributions that are always interesting. What stands out to me as an Identitarian, however, are the racial exceptions to these rules. Yes, a man can identify as a student or an engineer, for example, but there are also plenty of student or engineering associations that are based around racial and ethnic lines, so long as these are not White student unions or White engineering associations. Such identities are allowed because the political losers have so much to give up to the political winners that this transfer of wealth, status, and power is explained away as trivial. Indeed, you only have to look at the undue moral authority groups like Black Lives Matter have within the poisoned mainstream to witness how untouchable they can be. Bernie Sanders infamously surrendered without a fight to that group at a rally of his a few months ago, and stood by as his actual supporters were labeled as “liberal white supremacists.” Hillary Clinton herself waited some time before finally ejecting Black Lives Matter protestors from her own rally.

Lunch was served, and attorney Sam Dickson spoke on Southern identity and the recent attacks it has suffered at the hands of its enemies in the media and government since the deplorable shooting committed by Dylann Roof. Instead of laying the blame on the murderer where it belongs, the Left’s attack on all of Southern identity in response to the shootings is reawakening or stirring it up more than ever.

Dickson recounted his experiences of running into groups that identify as Southern but have no honor or dignity. Obese men in overalls and unkempt beards playing banjos do nothing but replace Southern pride with disgrace. Clearly, such men who seize onto caricatures of the South are forgetting any authentic heritage their ancestors left them. They instead adopt self-images conjured up by the same people who are now campaigning to remove the Confederate flag from all areas of public life. Avoiding such traps is of paramount importance in any political movement, but especially ones such as ours where we do not have fair access or coverage by the larger media. From what I can tell, the biggest challenge Confederate flag supporters present our movement is that the majority are attached to the current dispensation, more so than many other groups. Convincing the subculture of Confederates and its parent culture of traditional American masculinity to move on from the current system and think radically may actually be a bigger challenge than converting liberals.
Roman Bernard, one of two speakers from France, most likely surprised many in the audience initially when he looked with optimism to the European Union. The international institution is among the most anti-White European organizations on the planet, yet Bernard emphasized that nothing happens in the EU without consent from its member states. It is possible that the EU could be surreptitiously deviated from its present course into a path that favors the interests of European Man.

In order however to accomplish this Herculean task, I imagine another one must be completed: convincing the populist or nationalist political parties that are most likely to support our message of taking our side to start taking each other’s side as well. European Parliament political groupings of nationalist parties have historically proven unsteady on their feet. A track record of cooperation across national boundaries is a necessity before pro-Europeans can successfully engage an elite international organization that already has a firm anti-white identity.

One Frenchman followed another with the keynote speaker, Guillaume Faye, giving his optimistically-titled talk, “Why We Will Win.” Faye’s enthusiasm and passion was definitely an inspiration, according to one attendee asking a question following the presentation. He argued that the attacks of non-Whites against Whites in our own countries are becoming impossible to ignore or for the current governments to handle and explain away. As Greg Johnson has pointed out, those who are fighting us are already working at full capacity. One break in the dam could unleash unstoppable white waters that would wash out the present system. Faye believes like we all do instinctively that we are better than our enemies. Spencer argued as much in a recent podcast, saying plainly that if we merely had the right ideas, the problems facing our people could be solved practically overnight. Islam is not a threat to a self-confident civilization.

A live podcast followed, featuring Spencer, Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio, Lana Lokteff or Radio 3Fourteen, and Mike Enoff of The Right Stuff in sunglasses that would fit right in on the red carpet. Conversation was light and began with an expressed disappointment in the meager display of riffraff outside the building, and winded on towards more serious reflections. Questions from the audience were a sizable portion of the panel discussion, and it is fully anticipated that including talks of this format will become a mainstay at our events.

The conference broke for two hours, returning to the National Press Club room used earlier this February for the evening portion in a more relaxed setting. A light dinner was available along with wine, beer, cocktails, and mixed drinks. After some time unwinding from the day’s events, Spencer addressed the crowd as a Cuckservative in what could be called the best Lindsey Graham impression I have ever seen and heard. A text message alerted our Cuckservative-in-Chief that two of his adopted Haitian children had let loose on a murderous rampage at an Apple store, and the world was a number of Geniuses shorter.

He yielded the floor to Jack Donovan, and a hush fell over the men and women circled around him. The lessons he imparted to us would aid us to think tribally. While we can sympathize with strangers, we must not shed tears for them. In looking at who is us, barbarians cannot think of criminals as a type of person, but as a designation by the State. Should we become powerful enough, the State could designate us all criminals. I wondered, would that stop us? It could certainly be a blow to a movement that is clearly made up of high-status individuals. It would not be a blow to a movement that derives its status from its own members and those it hopes to reach.

Donovan’s words sounded like an ancient wisdom shared over a campfire in a northerly encampment, in the hopes that they would strengthen the students gathered for the many trials to come. He reminded us of our own ancestors’ strength and raised our cheers as he reminded us that all people have done horrible things, and those we descend from are not any more evil just because they were better at it than all the rest. If we are to be barbarians, we must loot and plunder, to take what is ours. “Let me be a friend to my friend; but I will be an enemy to my enemy, and pounce on him like a wolf, treading every crooked path.” In doing so, we must offer no apologies, no arguments, and no explanations. Such things belong within the tribe.

Live music by Robert Taylor followed, with much of the crowd singing along and listening intently while others allowed it to serve as a lively backdrop to their conversations. As our time at the Press Club came to a close, we left as a group and were greeted in the street by a few Antifa protestors. I recall only seeing a handful, with one shouting something in a peculiar accent that one usually only hears among mentally troubled group homes. One light-skinned, lanky man wearing a mask could not even be bothered to raise his voice as he muttered “white supremacist.” Spencer confronted one face-to-face as the conference-goers streamed by. After I was a few blocks away, I saw several police cars arrive, and I heard later that one female Antifa was hauled away kicking and screaming. All in all, any costs they attempted to impose on us for our gathering were mild in effect and pathetic in attempt.

Naturally, the fellowship and drinking continued in dozens of smaller groups across various bars and hotels. I had a splendid conversation with an artist from New York who was about to go on his first hunting trip, and I recommended to him the wonderful documentary hosted by Roger Scruton, “Why Beauty Matters.” Eventually, it was time to retire.

The last event was the brunch the next morning. After most had finished eating, Spencer took feedback from the room. A number of suggestions were offered, among them including workshops at future conferences centered on particular topics. Such topics could be strategies for approaching potential allies for our cause. A common theme was that we must continue moving in the direction of being not just an intellectual movement but a cultural one. Sam Dickson emphasized the importance of folk music in building camaraderie. As someone who does not have much experience with folk music, I can still vouch for its power as I have personally witnessed it become the life of the party, pulling me in with its passion and authenticity. We committed to each hosting our own local gatherings, even if that meant beginning with just a few people.

As I left D.C. for home, the memories racing through my head kept pointing to the same conclusions for the weekend: growth, maturity, and success. I have gotten something out of every conference I have been to, and while this event stands on the shoulders of giants, I cannot help but say that this was the best conference of ours that I have experienced. Speakers and attendees did not have to wait for me to say it to express the same sentiment themselves. Such is the inevitable result of highly-motivated and talented people, mostly young, gathering for a common and just purpose.

The trajectory of NPI events is also self-evident. Beginning in a modest room of the Ronald Reagan Building, moving to a larger and more elegant room at the National Press Club this past February, and finally transitioning to The Press Club’s largest hall this Halloween, steady growth has rewarded the diligent efforts of the conference’s speakers and the many men and women that have contributed along the way. The challenge we acknowledged lay before us was to take this spark and light others around the country, transforming excitement into persistent momentum as we widen and deepen our networks and sharpen our talents. Indeed, that is a challenge for every single man and woman reading this, so that when we look back on our deeds as we clawed and scratched our way to the top of the mountain, we may know that we worthed ourselves of the heights we were destined to attain. We might then say on our way, as Pindar said, “O my soul, do not aspire to immortal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible.”

Degenerate Neanderthals?

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There are a couple of new papers out on how utterly fucked-up Neanderthals must have been, The Genetic Cost of Neanderthal Introgression by Kelley Harris and Rasmus Nielsen, and The Strength of Selection Against Neanderthal Introgression, by Ivan Juric, Simon Aeschbacher, and Graham Coop. The basic idea is the same in both: the effective population size of Neanderthals was considerably lower than that of anatomically modern humans (which makes sense, considering glaciation), and this had negative consequences. Theory says that selection is less effective in small populations: mutations with small negative effects (s < 1/2N) are not much noticed by selection and accumulate. Judging from the Neanderthal genomes we have sequenced, their effective (neutral) population size was about a tenth of modern humans. The first paper concludes that Neanderthals must have had much lower fitness than AMH: They say "Under an additive model, a recessive model, or anything in between, the severe reduction in fitness of Neanderthals would have doomed them to quick extinction if they had been competing for the same niche with humans under conditions of reproductive isolation. " Of course, one problem with this conclusion is that we know it is not correct. The projected Neanderthal excess genetic load would have accumulated over several hundred thousand years: it wouldn't have been much smaller 120,000 years ago (the Eemian) than it was ~50,000 years ago, when we displaced them. Modern humans in the Levant (Qafzeh/Shkul) ran into Neanderthals back in the Eemian – but they didn't win then : later Neanderthals seem to have reoccupied that area, and moderns don't seem to have developed the ability to displace Neanderthals until much later, some 50-60,000 years after their original contact with Neanderthals. Like they imply, if Neanderthals were that genetically screwed up, something like Florida panthers, we could have knocked them over with a feather – but it didn't happen. Presumably we would also see skeletal abnormalities, lots of them, in later Neanderthals – but I don't think we do.

Part of the problem is that the model is probably too simple. There is an argument, which makes sense to me, that suggest that small-N populations do better than you would think, because as the average population fitness gets farther from the optimum, strongly beneficial compensatory mutations become more and more possible. And the effective population size for generating those beneficial compensatory mutations is not the same as the neutral effective population size, which is dominated by the low points (probably glacial maxima) – it's much larger, closer to the average population size, instead of the harmonic mean.

In addition, I don't have much confidence in our models of the distribution of mutational effects, or our models of the way in which the effects of deleterious mutations add up.

Both papers talk about the likely genetic burden that Eurasians picked up from that Neanderthal admixture. Since East Asians have a somewhat higher level of Neanderthal admixture than people in Europe or the Middle East (~20% more) then they must have even more toxic Neanderthal genes, and Africans the least. This echoes earlier papers that have argued that population history (out-of-Africa bottleneck, Neanderthal admixture, etc) must have increased genetic load in Eurasians.

Evidently extra genetic load has anti-intuitive effects.

ChemSex: The West Slips Even Further Into the Abyss

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Sarah Knapton, a science editor for The Telegraph, warns that, “An alarming new craze for lengthy drug-fuelled sex sessions, which can last for days a time, could lead to a rise in HIV and hepatitis.” The article is neither sensationalist nor moralistic, and takes pains to clarify that it’s a statistically relevant phenomenon that’s actually a thing rather than, say, a fever dream concocted from a few anecdotes by right-wing fundies. Several mainstream media outlets are reporting on it, with corroboration from multiple respected research journals and public health professionals.
The practice, dubbed ‘chemsex’ has been reported by more than 60 per cent of people visiting some clinics in London and involves people taking drugs like crystal meth before embarking on 72 hour sex binges with multiple partners.
The study she cites carefully lists the drugs typically relied upon to keep all the folks in the orgy going at it for several days straight. The drugs ingested include, but are not necessarily limited to: “mephedrone, γ-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), γ-butyrolactone (GBL), and crystallised methamphetamine. These drugs are often used in combination to facilitate sexual sessions lasting several hours or days with multiple sexual partners.”
“Chemsex is a rapidly emerging pattern of drug use, not just amongst men who have sex with men as often assumed, but heterosexual patients as well,” said Dr Richard Ma of the Royal College of GPs’ Sex Drugs Group.
“Taking recreational drugs during sex can lead to a number of potentially harmful side effects including facilitating the spread of common STIs and HIV, but also serious mental health problems, such as anxiety, psychoses and suicidal tendencies.
The article takes pains to repeatedly insist that it’s not only male homosexuals getting mixed up in this stuff, but a touch of common sense and a cursory review of the raw research cited, including “Illicit drug use in sexual settings (‘chemsex’) and HIV/STI transmission risk behaviour among gay men in south London: findings from a qualitative study,” confirms that it’s pretty much a gay subcultural thing, as outlined in Erik Striker’s recent article for our site.
In an editorial in the British Medical Journal experts warned that the growing popularity of ‘chemsex’ may be putting users at risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as serious mental health problems through drug dependence.
They are also at greater risk of overdosing, being hospitalised, losing consciousness, having panic attacks or convulsions, and becoming the victim of sexual assault.
I don’t know if “risk” is the right word for what’s going on here. A man who snorts enough meth to stay up for three straight days and gobbles enough GHB to tolerate the unspeakable pain of repeated and aggressive sodomization by multiple anonymous partners isn’t really “risking” disease and drug dependency.

What next? “Leaping in front of oncoming trains may increase mortality risk.”
Although widespread data is lacking, Antidote, a specialist drugs service for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community in London, around 64 per cent of attendees seeking reported using chemsex drugs in 2013-14. Around three quarters reporting injecting drug use.
While I accept that most likely a minority subset of homosexuals and sexual paraphiliacs are this frightfully self-destructive, the myth that this whole thing is some irrelevant marginalized fringe within an otherwise family-friendly LGBTQ subculture isn’t holding up to empirical review. It’s an actual thing and it’s an actual problem. A statistically meaningful subset of the homosexuals who are supposedly as lovably innocuous as the characters on Will & Grace are snorting meth and poz’ing one another for longer than it takes to watch the entire Will & Grace box set series.
Jamie Willis, one of the report authors from the charity London Friend said: “Traditionally chemsex, as we now understand it, has been associated with the ‘men having sex with men’ population but historically the LGBT community have been seen as early indicators of new trends.
A society in which cultural trends tend to radiate from drug-fueled and diseased orgies is a society which would do well to begin reflecting on its first principles. Or perhaps be burned to the ground, the earth salted, and the names of its citizens stricken from the book of life? Just kidding, …sorta. My position is controversial, unpopular, and alienating to many folks in the New Right. Many believe we should focus exclusively on identity and strive to keep up with popular culture, synthesizing our racial advocacy with the latest trends.
“At present I am not aware of any research into chemsex use in heterosexual communities, however like most drug trends it seems likely chemsex will not remain exclusive to men who have sex with men in future.”
I’ve always had a generally tolerant disposition, and I joke in private that while on paper I’m a traditionalist radical, my actual instincts are to be open-minded, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and to respect peoples’ private decisions and private lives. But there comes a point when enough is enough, when private degeneracy becomes so outrageous and extreme that it threatens public life, that a line must necessarily be drawn in the sand.

For me, identitarianism means holistically fighting against the degradation and destruction of my people. The struggle to push back invaders and roll back White Genocide is inseparable from the struggle to revive the vitality and virtue of our extended family of kindred folk. We must consistently choose life, even if the trendsetters are choosing death.

Ultimately, if we were a healthy people with big loving families and the right priorities, things like border control wouldn’t even be problems. Just a century ago, the border was Mexico’s problem, with waves of settlers steadily encroaching on their lands and communities, because we weren’t yet a socially and sexually defective nation. Trends are what got us into this mess, and identitarians who strive to keep up with current social trends will follow those trends into the abyss.

The problem can indeed be framed in religious terms, and what’s being reported in clinical and matter-of-fact language in our popular press does eerily parallel the darkest chapters of sacred texts. When both ancient biblical stories and dispassionate atheist medical professionals are warning about the same lethal problem, it’s probably time to acknowledge and address the problem. If God’s not around to strike down a people who accept and tolerate this madness, natural processes and less poz’d peoples will continue to do his work for him.

Croatia Under Siege: Migrants vs. Mad Germans

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Jean J.A Lecomte du Nouy 
(“The White Slave”, 1888, oil)
The Afro-Asian and Middle Eastern mass migration to Europe, falsely labeled by the mainstream media as the “refugee crisis,” is being examined from all angles. Why use the word ‘refugee’ if the majority of migrants passing through Croatia are men between 20 and 40 years of age? Unlike the present where hordes of non-Whites are welcomed with open arms, genuine refugees at the end of World War II had no luck of finding a welcoming culture despite being White. Let’s start with the alphabetical “K” letter in the description of the topography of death. Real refugees were German civilians in early 1945 who were fleeing the Bolshevik troops and Tito’s commissars south of Königsberg (Kaliningrad) and east of Constant; and then west of Karlovac; and then further west to their mass execution fields at Kočevski Rog. For hundreds of thousands of Croatian refugees, at their first station of the cross in Klagenfurt, in May 1945,  the English troops did not wait with “Golden ale,” nor were there American women like those in Salzburg or in Linz with boxes of Hershey’s chocolate. They were quickly dispatched by those liberal Anglo-American democrats into the jaws of Communism.

Just as every terrorist describes himself for the public eye as a freedom fighter, so every current African and Middle Eastern migrant squatting on Croatian roads or trekking through the mud in Slovenia likes to present himself as a martyr fleeing persecution. And what kind of a terrible persecution do these “refugees” flee? None of those Arab or African migrants gives the slightest thought to requesting asylum in wealthy and neighboring Israel, let alone demand the emirs or sheiks for a magic carpet ride into rich Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. All migrants, without exception, want to go Germany, a country still branded by many as the world source of primeval cosmic evils.

Most migrants love the welcome by the progeny of their former White masters — the children and grandchildren of fascist and racist settlers and all the demons conjured up by the antifascist demonology. Not a single migrant wishes to build his political paradise at home with his colored masters.

This raises an educational question: are people from Africa and the Middle East really capable of building a functional state? If they were, they would stay at home and would not go to Europe. And if they are not, instead of taking up residence in white gardens of their new White masters, why not invite again the White masters to their dark vilayets?  Despite numerous theories of anti-colonialism that have been spinning around in Western universities for decades, and despite the fact that the continent of Africa has been depleted by now of its English and French Whites, most migrants keep dreaming of going to the allegedly callous and definitely racist White West only. A classic example is today’s South Africa which in 1992 rid itself of its alleged White villains, only to face shortly thereafter the highest crime rate in the world. Another classic example is the neighboring Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, once the breadbasket of Africa, and supposedly a free country today, which, after turning into a basket case of bankruptcy, needs to import food today The most classic example is the state of Haiti, near the island of Cuba, which as far back as 1804 was first to free itself from slavery by killing all of its White French masters. Today, despite its proximity to the richest country in the world, Haiti ranks among the poorest countries in the world. Much closer to Europe, in 1962, Algeria ethnically cleansed 1.2 million Christian white French, with a little help of their non-aligned communist Yugoslav friends. Today however, every young Algerian dreams of moving to France. Once upon a time Algeria was the granary of France; today, in spite of huge sources of oil, Algeria imports food and exports the highest percentage of ISIL terrorists.

Croatian multicultural media pontiffs pontificate with faked altruistic effusions in order to draw self-serving logical conclusions. Many Croatian politicians, both left and right, along with Croatian media stars, are trying to outbid each other with signs of compassion for migrants by using the buzzword “humanitarian catastrophe,” as if Croatia is supposed to become the major Good Samaritan hub for all would-be world migrants. Well, if the Croatian politicians are that eager to show their badges of charity and moral righteousness, then they should first consider accommodating thousands of Croatian homeless, or provide free transportation to tens of thousands of Croatian high school students. They should also grant citizenship and compensation to the families of 200,000 Croatian-German refugees whose villas, apartments and farms were taken over by Croatian and Serbian communists and their secret service UDBA  snitches in 1945.

There are various theories in Croatia on the migrant onslaught on Europe. The Croatian government is being blamed for letting the migrants trespass into the country.  Yet the Croatian government is only following the rules set by the Commissars of the European Union. Croatia had craved being part of the EU in its long campaign for membership from 2000 to 2013. However, it does not seem to have occurred to any government of Croatia — past or present — that the year 1992 was in fact the year of the creation of yet another multinational counterfeit entity which, like ex-Yugoslavia, will sooner or later also end up in a war of all against all. The migration chaos today, especially in regard to the fictitious easternmost Schengen borders, which officially run across the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey, is just an additional sign that the whole of the EU construct, right from its inception, has been an artificial entity with no political will and with no ability of independent decision making. Given its membership in the EU, even under ideal circumstances, Croatia as a White enclave could not withstand the pressure of tens of millions of non-European migrants already residing in Europe.

Seen from the daily political, technical and logistic perspective, the guilty party for the uncontrolled migrant waves across the Balkans into Croatia is the Schengen Agreement. Greece lets migrants pass through its territory around the clock. With its 1.2 million foreigners residing, working, or loafing in the country, Greece had already experienced all the charms of a thousand and one nights of Afro-Oriental diversity. Why should a financially comatose Greece feed an additional half a million Afro-Asian migrants? And tomorrow an extra million?

Runners and Fire-setters

Neither has neighboring Turkey, further to the east, forgotten its golden Ottoman times, when over the period of three hundred years it played the role of the main mover and shaker of refugees—from Budapest to Thessaloniki, and all along the entire Mediterranean. Why should Turkey feed now in its camps 2 million migrants when sending them to the EU can earn it handsome money from Germany and provide it with an additional springboard for the return of its failed imperial dreams? The Turks have not forgotten their humiliating defeat at the gates of Vienna 1683, nor the escape from Budapest in 1686, nor their forced eviction from Belgrade in 1717. Hardly can the Turkish politicians forget the heavy-handed Catholic slap in their face administered by Prince Eugene of Savoy in 1697 in a besieged and Islamized town of Sarajevo.  For their old Oriental rampages, stretching from the Croat region of Lika and further north to the nearby Austrian Tyrol and Carinthia, the Turks once hired domestic goons, Albanian mercenaries and gipsy scavengers. In the Austrian Carinthia they are still remembered as dreaded “runners and fire setters” (Renner und Brenner), just as their future communist successors in May of 1945. Today, however, the Turks can reach more elegantly the Austrian borders by schlepping millions of weeping “refugees.” And finally, why is the supposedly Croatian and Serbian word for robbery (pljačka) of Albanian origin?

Seen from the ideological and historical point of view, the largest share of the blame for the migrant chaos must be borne by the German government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her statements reflect the deep-seated German political neurosis, as well as the German historical psychodrama going back to 1945, i.e., the year when the Allies leveled Germany to the ground. However, with its tributary message on the need for “welcoming non-European refugees,” the German government is sending to the world the image of a Germany being just one great Oktoberfest hall with striking Bavarian women in colorful dirndls perched on the border crossings with their legs spread wide awaiting African and Asian migrants. Little matters what really Merkel and her leftist sidekick, the Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (once married to a Turkish woman) privately think of multiculturalism. What counts is that they are both destroying Germany, along with the rest of Europe, with the naive faith of do-gooders. Long ago the anti-liberal and anticommunist thinker, economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto wrote that “Whoever decides to become a lamb, will find a wolf to eat him.”  The German political sheep really thinks that the world will morally exonerate Germany if it only continues spraying itself with antifascist ashes. Pareto also noted, more than a century ago, that when liberal society is in disarray, its politicians are more concerned with racial purity of their dogs than with their own racial purity. The German government, along with the large number of luminaries from EU member states, cannot grasp the kind of images the migrants turn in their heads. And these images are different from their own.

White World Hospice

If the German government and possibly tomorrow the Croatian government are so keen to turn Europe into a humanitarian hospice for all the misery of the world, then it would be more humane, and of course cheaper, to have Germany send ships and airplanes to the Eastern Mediterranean and pick up right on the spot the migrants encamped in Turkey and have them housed afterwards in Germany, or in hotels along the Dubrovnik Riviera. This would save Germany and other member states a lot of money and unnecessary infighting. German and European multiculturalists would then learn the real truth behind the story that “migrants will generate pensions for the departing European geriatric cases, while culturally enriching the whole of Europe.” In the ocean of its redemptive illusions, the German political class continues to extend invitations to African and Asian migrants, causing thus additional mutual inter-ethnic frictions and further destabilizing the whole of Europe.

In an additional national-masochistic stunt, Germany has recently passed the law stipulating the deportation of “fake asylum seekers “ — a code word designating mostly the Kosovars, Albanians and gypsies from Serbia. And how on earth would Germany do that? The decision to ship back the so-called fake “economic” migrants by loading them on the planes would require the German police to strap them first with iron chains to the airline seats, put iron muzzles on their faces lest they start biting the aircraft crew, and have the well-armed German special forces escort them to their country of origin. Wishful thinking about false refugees in Germany voluntarily departing back to their homes, even if cajoled with hefty German alms, mirrors extreme political credulity or, in the case of Germany, reflects the standard postwar paranoid and self-censoring mind. Here we go again with Germany, a land becoming tomorrow the world’s cesspool for thousands of terrorists with genuine European migrants asking themselves in turn: “Krauts are turning us back while taking Negros and Muzzies in.” The new German law will further strengthen the terrorist temptation, regardless whether it appears under the name of Wahhabism or Salafism. In addition, the new German legal decision will enhance interethnic envy and hatred among migrants themselves and will inevitably spill over on the peoples in the Balkans, setting the stage for a new, large racial, ethnic and religious conflict all over Europe. One is not born a terrorist; one becomes a terrorist.

Today’s Europe, and particularly its panic-stricken Germany with its historical burden of World War II, exited history long time ago, rejecting any notion of the political, in the belief that it will  be henceforth respected by friend and foe alike.  German repentance does not mean, however, that the friend and the foe would honor the German philanthropic move. Exactly the opposite will happen. More and more people, both White Europeans and non-Europeans have started hating Germany. Germany’s surreal gesture of kindness to the “Other” does not mean that the Other will respond in kind. The Other always thinks differently. No need also to speculate about the bright future for Croatia. The new, the old, the former, or the present Croatian governments will have to behave in accordance with the decrees of the American proconsuls and the EU Commissioners and shout in unison that “there is no alternative to the EU, no alternative to NATO,” just as their biological and ideological predecessors hollered until 1990 that “there is no alternative to Yugoslavia.”

A long time ago Germany, just like all EU countries, set the precedent for the mass arrival of millions of non-EU migrants. In fact the precedent had been broken by the mid 70’s of the preceding century with the adoption of the legislation on the migrants’  “family reunion.” Housing one million migrants from Africa and Asia this year in Europe implies the mandatory accommodation for 50 million more Afro-Asians waiting for their turn to enter Europe. This is just the beginning.

The Stupid Party Elevates Paul Ryan

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The late conservative columnist, Sam Francis, once quipped that the Democrat Party is the Evil Party and the Republican Party is the Stupid Party. This cannot be repeated often enough. The Republican Party has repeatedly demonstrated that it has no idea what is best for its continued viability and the people who actually vote for it.

The persistent problem with the Republican Party is that every election cycle it pitches to the besieged middle class in Middle America and then goes to Washington and does the bidding of donor class fat cats. The flyover country middle class has continued to go along with this game because in our alleged “two party” system at least the Republican Party pretends to like them. The Democrat Party on the other hand, which is historically supposed to be the party of the working man, long ago gave up the pretense of actually caring about the economic interests of or even liking flyover country yokels. Instead Democrats by and large see such yokels as a major part of the problem due to their Bible-clinging and gun-toting ways and status as bearers of some mystical privilege. But the masses can only be expected to put up with this dynamic for so long before they’ve had enough and demand change. This appears to be happening, yet the Republican Establishment scratches its collective head in befuddlement. “Why are the plebs so angry?”

What the success of the Donald Trump campaign should clearly demonstrate to the GOP leadership and its elected representatives if they are paying attention or care is that average Republican voters are not really motivated by the prospect of cuts in the marginal income tax rates of the rich. They believe the middle class is under siege from well-connected corporatists above and a permanent underclass below, and that the federal government works for the interests of both of these and against their own, and about this they are manifestly correct.

So how does the Republican Party respond to this disconnect? It elevates to the House Speakership a man, Paul Ryan, who is a virtual caricature of all that is wrong with the GOP, and I might add, it does so with the acquiescence of a lot of the “Freedom Caucus.” What? Was the Monopoly Man not available?

Donald Trump is resonating with the flyover base, much to the chagrin of the Establishment and their lackeys in the “conservative” punditocracy, on two issues in particular, immigration and trade. Both are near and dear to the heart of the base because both address two of the main things that have caused middle class fortunes to stagnate, economic globalization and the mass importation of cheap labor, both illegal and legal.

In the midst of this rebellion in the heartland, the Republican Party keepers of the flame insisted on anointing Paul Ryan as Speaker, after their original choice crashed and burned, but Ryan could not be more wrong on these two issues at the heart of the base’s uprising.

Ryan is a hard core amnesty supporter. By Republican standards he is an “extremist” on the issue. He also supports virtual open borders with regard to legal immigration, a policy that not only would perpetuate the problems of unemployment, underemployment and stagnant wages that already plague us, but would guarantee that the Republican Party will become a permanent minority party, virtually irrelevant on the national stage, within a few election cycles. Talk about the Stupid Party. Many of them appear to not be able to do basic math.

On globalist managed trade deals (To call them free trade deals is a scandalous misuse of language.), Ryan is again the worst of the worst. Ryan is not just a casual supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the legislative gimmickry of fast track that enabled it. He co-authored (along with faux populist Sen. Ted Cruz, I might add) a blatant piece of apologia for fast track and the TPP in the Power Elite … err I mean … Wall Street Journal before said power elite ramrodded the fast track abomination through Congress. Way to represent the peeps there, GOP.

What this shameful Ryan spectacle once again demonstrates is that the Republican Party is worse than worthless when it comes to representing the interests of the majority of people who actually vote for it. It’s recent history (since the ’60s +/-) has been to serve as a sort of safety valve to diffuse periodic fits of anger from the masses when they wake up and realize they are getting screwed. People of good will may differ on whether this means the Republican Party needs to be reformed or scrapped and replaced, but what should be obvious to all who are not beholden to the donor class is that the current situation is intolerable. I suspect that for now the one most helped by the Ryan debacle is Donald Trump.

Homeless Jack on Arman’s Teachings, Divinity, and the Ubermenschen

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“Man is something that shall be overcome. Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman – a rope over an abyss. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”— Friedrich NietzscheThus Spoke Zarathustra

Arman says we Whites are being tested, man.  It seems the whole non-White world is moving to White nations to replace our White populations and pollute our gene pools. Many deceived and weak Whites are going to go extinct. I mean they will miscegenate and become non-White baby factories. The sacred and rare White sperm and White eggs will be used by non-Whites to eradicate Whites by being used to make non-White children. Evil is afoot in the world and it is being sold as good.

But, not all Whites will miscegenate.  Arman says the mentally strong Whites, the truly selected ones–the ones with the desirable and holy so-called “White racist genes”– will resist and will remain White, while the weak and impure Whites will turn their family lines non-White.  Millions of Whites will disappear this way as they devolve and are absorbed into the non-White masses.  It is a White Holocaust, man.  Gas chambers, firing squads and marching armies aren’t needed to destroy millions of Whites.  All that is needed is to have Whites miscegenate by having our lands overrun with non-Whites.  Give it a few years and formerly White nations will turn non-White.  Nations with lots of white skinned, blue eyed, blond haired Whites will become, in just a few years, lands with lots of brown skinned, brown eyed, dark haired non-Whites.

The Selected

But, all is not lost. There is good news. Arman says that Whites have been selected to be the next step for mankind and that the best of us are already in that zone. We are the ones from whom the full ubermenschen will come.  But, he says that it will be from the genetically purer among us that the new ones will emerge.  All Whites are presumed to have the potential until they prove that they don’t.  This is so because white skin is one of the essential markers and characteristics to have the potential and is a sign of selection as are the other specifically White features.  But, there are invisible parts of the DNA code that exist within our bodies that are often only seen in the actions we take in our lives and the choices we make.

Arman says there are already some of the new ones among us now but they are not yet fully pure.  I may be one. You may be one.  That’s the way evolution usually works, man, small incremental changes first with this one and then with this other one and if the changes give survival advantages to those with them, the changes can spread in the population.

Already, we are seeing rapid evolution among Whites and it has been reported that White heads are getting longer or taller.  Why?  Because our brains are growing and they need more space in our skulls.  And, we can’t expand our skulls side to side, because our White women’s pelvic bones are not evolving fast enough to safely birth children with larger skulls unless those skulls are larger north to south instead of east to west. There’s other changes also, but I’ll tell you about those later.

Let me back up on this stuff, man, and set the stage.  Arman says that like all peoples we have unique features in our DNA Code.  And, in Whites the unique features are part of our selection and  they allow the Divine to communicate with us on a DNA level and we with Him.White People 

The purer we are the more open is this line of communication.  If we are not pure, and I mean genetically and also spiritually, then we are blocked from this communication.  Also, if we are around non-Whites, their DNA causes interference or static in our communications.  Now, the communications are often very, very subtle so don’t be concerned if you are not hearing the voice of the Divine or seeing visions.  It comes as inspiration, thoughts, guidance, and you can’t often tell if these are from your own mind or from the Divine. You might dismiss these things as your gut feelings or intuition.  Don’t dismiss them. Listen to them.

Do say a few words of thanks in the morning and night, even if you do not believe, man. You are connected in the quantum to the Divine, whether you believe it or not.

Our DNA also communicates with others of our kind on a sub-conscious level .  We are in tune with others of our kind.  It is part of this spooky action at a distance that they talk about in physics. 

The Divine

But what of the Divine?  We believe He is completely natural, not supernatural. We don’t know much about Him and calling it Him may mislead some, but our language seems to work best when we sometimes use the fiction of anthropomorphism–just be aware of that–and realize that He is not really a He and has no human characteristics and no body as we define it.White Mother and Children 

I’m a life-long skeptic and I long ago rejected the fairy tale religions because they made no sense to me. And, until I started understanding what Arman teaches I didn’t get it.  My reason rejected anything that was not as I see things in my everyday life.  Then, my eyes got opened to the reality that everything in existence depends on ever smaller and smaller parts until we get to where matter comes into existence at the subatomic level and where reality is real and makes our everyday reality but has different natural laws and rules that modern science is only now discovering.  And, it is this stuff way down deep and small that makes all of existence.

No, our reality is not an illusion as some religions teach; our reality is real, a tree is a tree, a rock is a rock, a human is a human, but it is built on the ever smaller and the dynamic underpinning–the scaffold–of existence where matter comes into being.

What Arman teaches makes sense to me.  He says that with our modern scientific knowledge, especially in the areas of physics and evolution and DNA along with concepts and terms from how computers and the internet work and quantum theory and some other stuff,  we can start understanding how an  entity–which can be called the Divine or God or the First Cause or by other names–can really exist, and this doesn’t require a belief in fairy tales, and how this entity can exist without a body and which exists in a quantum reality and can be here and there at the same time and can have intelligence without a brain of flesh and blood  like we’re used to and can have a personality and a will and a purpose, and how this entity can be as real as we are and not supernatural but a part of the natural as we are.

I’m going to say it again, man, in case you missed it.  We think this entity, this thing that may be called God is completely natural. He’s like  light, or electricity, or forces, or waves, or vibrations, or subatomic particles–we don’t know for sure–He’s ineffable. But it’s okay for us to wonder and make informed guesses. There’s no harm in that. We are rational and intelligent beings and we have every right to question and seek real, rational and scientific answers about such things.  And, if we find that our ideas are wrong–because science proves them wrong–we can change them.

So, anyway, we think He is there in the scaffolding that makes up our existence.  We don’t know if He is the scaffolding, or is part of it, or within it, but we believe that’s where He exists.

We see Him in all of nature and existence–in the smallest things in existence and in the things before matter and also in the largest things in existence. See, I sometimes think of him as being like uncounted trillions of lights blinking on and off and spinning and turning and expanding into the nothingness. Arman says that’s probably about as good an explanation as any. So, we envision the Divine as being a something that exists everywhere–in a blade of grass, in a molecule of air, in everything– which has a will to be and to be more and that He puts a spark within all living things that is stronger and more conscious in some than in others but that it exists  not only in living beings but in all matter.

Happy White People 3Let me just say that  I think we live in great times, man, even with or maybe because of the testing that is being done to us. We’re in a struggle for our survival, existence, expansion and evolution.  And, now we’re being knocked out of our sleep like state by DNA codes unlike ours.

Now, we must adapt and we must evolve. Now, we must get off the couch and become an active people again. Now we must breed more like ourselves.  Now, we must become barbarians again. Now we must become mentally and physically strong. Now, we will move higher while shedding the weak ones among us.  Now, our evolution is being kick started. Now, we will move faster to become closer with the Divine as ubermenschen.  But, we have to make it happen.  There is no free ride in nature.

Let me leave you with this thought again. Today, we have knowledge of various scientific principles and facts that no one knew about just a few years ago and we have the language and concepts from various fields including computer science and engineering to be able to realize that information and will and intelligence don’t require the physical blood and flesh brains that we have and that there can be all of this carried in non-living minerals and in subatomic particles and waves etc.  That is the Divine.  That is what is behind and under all.  I believe in this, man.

I believe Whites have been selected. I believe that our highest destiny is to evolve into a new species incapable of bearing children with other types of humans and that we are here to do good and save mankind from extinction through us and by us as we have been selected and have the adaptations and survival advantages that will allow us–some of us–the purer among us–to become the new mankind that replaces the old mankind just as the old mankind replaced earlier forms going all the way back to the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life.

Arman says that our God is the god that the gods of others would worship if their gods were real, and we have His spark burning bright within our DNA code.

The God of the Metaphysicians

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Even as regards those truths about God which human reason could have discovered, it was necessary that man should be taught by a divine revelation; because the truth about God such as reason could discover, would only be known by a few, and that after a long time, and with the admixture of many errors.  (Summa Theologiae I.1.1)
Any “dualism”, whether of the theological order like that attributed to the Manicheans, or of the philosophical order like that of Descartes, is a radically false conception. ~Rene Guenon
It is said that St Jerome was severely chastised for preferring to read the pagan philosophers rather than Sacred Scriptures. So it is with some caution that I turn to the pagans, not to commend them, but rather because such writings have been a great part of my own personal equation. In particular, I am interested in those systems that assume the intelligibility of the world through thought. These have been known as “Absolute Idealism” or “Monism”. We prefer the first term, not always used in the strict sense; moreover, they have more of a “family resemblance” and not a totally common teaching. In short, it represents the Platonic thread in philosophy rather than the Aristotelean. Joseph Marechal, in Studies of the Psychology of the Mystics, compares it to a strict monotheism as the foundation of a certain type of mysticism.

It is easy to forget that up until a century again, it comprised what was properly called philosophy for educated men. Other systems of thought, e.g., materialism, naturalism, etc., are not really philosophies since they deny the primacy of thought. From Plato and Plotinus, it was revived with the German thinkers. The British then adapted their own version, e.g., with T H Green, Francis Bradley, Bosanquet, etc. A century ago, it was dominated by the Italians Benedetto Croce and Giovanni Gentile. Julius Evola, who learned German in order to study the German idealists, was also an Absolute Idealist. Even Rene Guenon, although he disdained profane philosophy, had points in common with such systems.

The neglect of Absolute Idealism has allowed inferior ideologies to take hold among the educated classes. Often, the only alternative to such ideologies are crudely expressed dogmas of the exoteric religions, which seem incredible to most educated folk. Hence, such writings have a threefold purpose for us.
  • Idealism provides an intellectually sophisticated alternative to naturalism, materialism, and modernism.
  • It is a “halfway house” between atheism and theism.
  • It provides a safeguard against anthropomorphic and other misconceptions about God. Some idealists identify the Absolute with God, while others do not.

Surprised by Joy

C S Lewis was one such person who journeyed from atheism to Absolute Idealism to theism, which he described in Surprised by Joy. The Magdalen Metaphysicals describes the intellectual climate at Oxford during Lewis’ time there.

The Vindication

A recent promoter of Absolute Idealism was Timothy Sprigge. He provides an updated defense of it in the Vindication of Absolute Idealism. In James and Bradley and the God of Metaphysics, Sprigge provides a helpful survey of rationalist and idealist philosophies. In the latter book, he outlines how such a metaphysical system might relate to religion. Unfortunately, I cannot review that chapter here. However, those who have a religious sensibility, but are turned off by the various alternatives available, may gain something from such an abstract presentation.


Following Bradley, Sprigge claims that self-realization is the goal of life. Of course, that makes sense if we interpret that in Guenon’s notion of the actualization of all of man’s possibilities, including the transcendent possibilities. Ultimately, that is, self-realization is the realization of the Self.


Sprigge defends panpsychism, which is the view that the world consists of experiences. For him, there is no dead, or unexperienced, matter, everything is alive. A more recent example, using a different argument, is Mind and Cosmos by Thomas Nagel, but a review of that book will appear separately. Thus, life, consciousness, and thought do not arise from matter, since the psyche is a fundamental component of the cosmos. Guenon makes a similar claim, since he includes life as one of the irreducible elements of the world.

Infinite Minds

In Infinite Minds: A Philosophical Cosmology, John Leslie derives a system from Plato’s idea of the Good. Hugh Rice, in God and Goodness, develops that idea more fully. He claims that the Scientific Outlook and Objective Values prove the existence of God. Rather than oppose God to Science, Rice claims that the scientific outlook requires three beliefs, which transcend the objects of scientific study:
  1. A belief in order
  2. A belief in rationality
  3. A belief in intelligibility
Then, he demonstrates that there is objective value in the world. From that, he concludes that since it is good for the world to exist, then it necessarily exists.

Leslie builds on Plato, Spinoza, Bradley, and others, to create an idealist system. Interestingly, he acknowledges the problem I mentioned at the top: how can you make such metaphysical ideas comprehensible to the modern mind?
Trying to introduce ideas like these in the twenty first century and in the West, one never knows where to start. The points I want to make could seem entirely natural to a traditionally educated Hindu, or to Hegelians such as Bradley, or to a physicist such as David Bohm, who speculated that all the parts of our universe form a collective mind of some sort; yet they can easily be dismissed as preposterous, for all kinds of powerful reasons. … One has to paint a huge picture at speed, conscious that every brushstroke can earn raised eyebrows, incredulous stares, or worse. One has to do this because the elements in the picture make sense only when seen as a whole. From which it follows, unfortunately, that whatever one begins with can look outlandish.
Leslie identifies the things in the world as “the structures of various thoughts in the divine mind”. He goes on to claim that “when God contemplates various physical possibilities in full detail they do not remain merely possible … they are genuinely real, existent, actualized, non-fictitious.”

Readers here will recognize these as Guenon’s “possibilities of manifestation”, which, in Medieval metaphysics, are ideas in the Divine Mind. So what goes around, comes around. Unfortunately, the work is marred by an inadequate understanding of metaphysical Infinity. For this, a reading of Guenon will go a long way to correct.

To get back to the main point, which is that the world exists because it is good for it to exist. This recalls Bonaventure’s journey to God, which surpasses Being to reach the Good. Bonaventure claimed that it is better for something to exist than not to exist. Here Leslie and Rice seem to be in agreement with Bonaventure.

Nevertheless, for many that proposition may not be so obvious. For example, the Buddha claimed that all life is suffering and Schopenhauer asserted that it would be better not to exist. In our own time, abortion and euthanasia are promoted on the grounds that it would be better for some lives not to exist. This topic deserves extended treatment, but in the meantime, meditate on the Wheel of Fortune Arcanum in the Tarot.

The Idealist View of Life

That is the title of a book by the Indian philosopher Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Radhakrishnan reframes Indian thought in the terms of Western systems of Absolute Idealism. He does that more thoroughly in the two volumes of Indian Philosophy, quoting Bradley, Gentile, inter alia. In the previous century, European scholars tried to grasp Hindu philosophy in Western terms. Radhakrishan turns the tables, evaluating Western philosophy in how well it corresponds to Indian thought. His student, T R V Murti, did the same for Buddhism in The Central Philosophy of Buddhism.

Guenon recommended the study of Eastern thought as the preliminary stage in the recovery of Tradition in the West. Thinkers like Radhakrishnan, Murti, Aurobindo Ghose, and others, may be a good place to start.


Obviously, there are many important topics that had to be excluded in this short survey. Some, including Marechal’s work on mysticism and Nagel’s on the philosophy of science, will appear in upcoming posts. However, there is plenty of material to get started on an understanding of the Absolute, the infinite, cosmic Order, Intelligibility, and Rationality, the Objective Value of Existence, and the goal of Self-Realization.

Storm of "Feel"

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One of these small, cute, furry creatures
is now Prime Minister of Canada
This Wednesday, November 4, 2015, Justin Trudeau became Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, replacing the Cuckservative Stephen Harper, after a landslide electoral victory. The win restored the Liberal Party to its position as the prevailing political force in Canadian politics (they’ve governed Canada for roughly 70 percent of the last century), as the electoral swing towards them was the largest-ever numerical increase in Canadian election history, with the Liberals moving up from third position before the election (36 seats) to a dominating first (184 seats). 

Trudeau, has already been labeled the "prime minister of hugs,"
 known for his omnipresent photogenic smile, which imbues him with a sense of bumpkin-like wonderment, rather than the marks of a piercing intellect  a modern ‘positive’ politician whose boyish goofiness makes it hard to call him ‘Mr. Trudeau’ rather ‘Justin’ – which, in gleeful derision, I shall now commence to do.

Justin no doubt inherited that breezy countenance as the result of a life served with a silver spoon and a political position passed down from father-to-son as name recognition and branding had more to do with this election than charisma or any other merit or policy. "Sunny ways my friends. Sunny ways," Trudeau told his enthusiastic supporters in Montreal. "This is what positive politics can do." What a dunce!

But Trudeau stood in sharp contrast to PM Stephen Harper, whose general snide demeanor and free market fixation, gave him the popular appeal of a tax consultant working to fix the mob’s books – which is essentially what Harper was. An article at had it right:
"Stephen Harper has moved beyond being the prime minister of Canada. He’s its CEO, making Canada the first democracy to tacitly embrace global corporate governance." 
Harper is as much to blame for the election results as any policy issues. Prior to the unexpected election landslide Duverger’s Law, which suggests that single-member electoral districts tend to favor a two-party system, was being applied to Canadian politics by political science majors and newspaper columnists, and being used to erroneously predict the imminent demise of the Liberal Party, to be replaced by the more left-of-center NDP. Harper himself is said to subscribe to this polarizing position:

"Duverger’s law is not merely a matter of academic theory. The leading believer in Duverger’s Law is none other than Stephen Harper. Harper’s deepest political goal was not just to defeat the Liberals politically but to eliminate them as a party. Gerry Nicholls, who worked with Harper in the 1990s in the right-wing lobby group the National Citizens Coalition, wrote in a 2011 Globe and Mail column that Harper’s  'desire to eliminate the Liberals is something he and I discussed way back in the days when we worked together at the National Citizens Coalition. His theory, as explained to me, was that conservatism would be better served in this country if Canada had a two-party system, one that pitted right against left, free enterprise against socialism, Conservatives against New Democrats. He believed that, in such a polarized political environment, a conservative-oriented party would have a huge advantage over its left-wing rival.'" (New Republic)
What this also tells us is that Harper himself saw no real distinction between the Liberals and the Conservatives, both sitting too firmly in the center to become polarizing forces of the other. When it comes to the major issues   the Keystone pipe line, the controversial national security measure Bill C-51, the TPP, and other free trade agreements  both the Liberals and the Conservatives are in widespread agreement. In fact the NDP was the only party which expressed any opposition to these positions, but you would never know it by listening to the empty-headed rhetoric of Justin: Canadians, he said, had sent a clear message that it's "time for change in this country, my friends. Real change."

Chowing out on the ethnic vote.
But the NDP, Canada’s so-called third option, has never really held considerable political power and has floundered since the death of former Party leader Jack Layton, survived by his Chinese-Canadian wife and fellow MP Olivia Chow, who is a vacuous and vain ethnic-vote-politician entrenched in Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina ‘Chinese’ ward. With her tenuous grasp on the English language, she attempted to capitalize upon the widespread sympathy for Layton’s death in an unsuccessful bid to become Toronto’s mayor. Meanwhile the NDP’s leadership role has been filled by Thomas Mulcair, imported from the Liberal Party. Last year, possibly as a response to charges of 'extremism' with regards to international trade, the NDP voted to take ‘socialism’ out of its party’s constitution, making it little more than a Liberal mirror, moving the party to the center and cancelling out the polarization of Duverger’s Law, with Muclair at the helm spouting liberal dogma:
"I've always felt that social democracy was about removing inequalities in our society, so if those battles in past generations have mostly been about working conditions and on the economic, and some on the social side, I think that one of the biggest inequalities in our society today is between generations, and that's going to be a prime battle for the next election campaign."
Harper was, if anything, a member of a specific interest group, born into the affluent WASP enclave of Leaside, Toronto, his father worked for Imperial Oil (Exxon), and when Harper moved to Alberta he worked for the major oil companies, whereby his oil links continued well into his administration, wherein he basically lobbied for oil interests such as the Keystone pipeline and the tar sands.

Harper adhered to the Anglo-Franco bourgeois counter-traditions of the Right, represented by a heterodox belief in the volatile dynamism of the free market, but sugarcoating it with faux-traditionalist touches, like restoring pictures of th
e Queen Mother in government buildings and making snide, subracist references to ‘Old Stock.’

Harper: another oily politician.
How the Right came to be regarded as the party of free market economics, i.e. classical liberalism, is one of those historically situated non sequiturs. The Tories of merry old England, who became Peel and Disraeli's 'Conservatives,' have forever tarnished the Right with the dishonor of Anglo-Franco laissez faire capitalism, a concoction brewed up from Malthus’ population theorizing, the social Darwinism of Herbert Spencer, and elements of Adam Smith, into a putrid cauldron of corporatist free market global capitalism, or "survival of the Jewiest."

In a kind of fitting twist of fate, which reveals the ultimate hollowness of much political ideology and discourse, Alberta in the 1930s was the only province or place in the world to elect a party based on C.H. Douglas’s system of Social Credit, something which greatly influenced the fascist poet Ezra Pound. The Social Credit Party in Alberta, like the Saskatchewan based Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), which would later become the NDP, ran on a populist platform of critiquing capitalism and asserting regional power, and appealed to the agrarian-based petit-bourgeois – that is small, independent farmers.  

However, when Alberta struck it rich with oil, they all but abandoned the platform of the Alberta Social Credit Party for a pro-business, laissez faire government, which itself retained some degree of regional populism – after all why should oil-rich Alberta pay for the welfare deficits of central Canada? The tables had turned and the beggar had become the lender, and their politics had changed with their material status in the world. No one will be surprised when Harper goes to work for an oil subsidiary in the next year or so.

Harper prorogated parliament twice, radically undermining parliamentary democracy and snubbing his nose at the people. His contempt was palpable, but what was it for exactly? Was it simply to pursue the objective of extracting and exporting of tar sand oil while also improving the conditions for international trade and investment for the 1-2% of Canadians who would benefit from that? Homo economicus cum laude Harper pushed through a highly criticized Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) with the Chinese last year, without Parliamentary oversight. Now, not only are our goods being produced by China, and our housing market inflated with their speculation, but our assets can be acquired by them in our own country.

An apologetic article in Macleans on the agreement, which also gives Chinese companies the right to sue Canadians if their business interests are jeopardized, makes the point that "[it] makes no sense to claim to be in favour of international trade but against international flows of capital.” But what if we are for neither, what if we support limited balanced trade, and emphasize self-sufficiency and autarky instead of offshoring and foreign debt accumulation? The article in Macleans makes clear the colonialist aspect of business with China:
"Canada runs a fairly large trade deficit with China: roughly $30 Billion per year. This means that as far as China is concerned, trade with Canada is essentially a matter of them accumulating large amounts of Canadian assets… Once you realize that capital flows are essentially the same thing as trade flows, the logic behind FIPAs become clear. Countries that are exporting goods in return for assets can reasonably expect to ask that these assets won’t be effectively expropriated by governments pandering to anti-foreign bias." 
God forbid a nation should have an ‘anti-foreign bias’ – yuck nationalism, who are you Hitler? Those "excitable nationalists and their wild imaginations"! Except that capital flows and trade flows are not "essentially the same thing." When a country like First World Canada ostensibly runs a large trade deficit with a country like China, the responsible thing to do would be to balance the trade. No one ever thought they were getting out ahead by incurring debt! Justin with his "positive politics" and Keynesian deficit spending are just going to increase the debt spiral. 

While James J. O’Meara, writing for Counter-Currents draws parallels between Justin and Donald Trump; from their hair down to their privilege, and suggests somewhat teasingly that “One suspects the word has gone out to the Canuck Cucks from their controllers in New York – Get Justin, he’s our worst nightmare: a non-aligned Kennedy." But Mr. O’Meara himself knows that this is simply not true, one look at the biggest donors of the Liberal Party will convince you otherwise, but there's always that breezy smile and all manner of hugs, kisses, and sucking up.