Nov 18, 2015

Trump Rally in Beaumont, Texas: Pounding Home the Anti-Immigration Theme

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My family drove over from Houston to attend a Trump rally in Beaumont, Texas on Saturday, his first after the Paris shootings.  I’ve never seen him push the envelope like he did.

First, he made a comment about the French attacks, saying essentially, “if they, if our people had guns, this wouldn’t have happened.”  “Our people” here is referring to the French victims—perhaps hinting to the audience that he sees the French victims as White like us and that the problems France faces are the same facing Whites around the world. Phrases like “our people” uttered by a White person and including Whites in other countries indicate a transnational sense of White identity and are anathema to the social justice/cultural Marxist crowd.

Second, he brought out four families, all White, whose relatives were murdered by illegal aliens.  Trump is essentially running a live action road show with the content of an American Renaissance article, the ones that became so tiresome and depressing, chronicling non-White misbehavior.  Trump, however, just repeats these themes over and over.
It’s plausible that someone of Trump’s personality could be successful without pushing the immigration issue so hard, which makes a case for it being a genuine conviction for him.  All in all, a very surreal experience.  Trump tells these hugely parenthetical stories, and then will jump back and pick up the conversation thread from twenty minutes ago, all with no notes and all with keeping the language on a fourth-grade level.  He may be the most talented public speaker alive today.

He continued hammering his theme of Eisenhower and Operation Wetback.  Trump is pushing the talking points White Nationalists have been making for 20+ years.

Here’s a video of the speech:

"#Equality" & "Modern Educayshun"

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#Equality - A short film by Neel Kolhatkar

The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of our increasingly reactionary culture bred by social media and political correctness.

Anne Applebaum’s Own Private Narrative Collapse

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Antarian Jew, Anne Applebaum
Anne Applebaum is a true Jew’s Jew. She’s an intelligence insider, a policy decider, one of the most visible and open of the insidious cocktail clique who run the Western world. When Roman Polanski was arrested, she not only did her duty to the tribe by attempting to exonerate the child rapist in the court of public opinion, she relied on her deep network of political connections to guarantee that he didn’t face justice. Lately, her hobbies have included attempting to drag NATO into an all-out world war over the Ukraine and coughing up blood libel against the German people, tub-thumping over the Holocaust.

She published a Slate article on the thirteenth entitled, ironically, “Syria’s Refugee Crisis Is Now a European Emergency.” She wasn’t speaking of the Parisian emergency we’re all familiar with, as that happened immediately after she hit “Post.” She was using the word “emergency” in the original Yiddish sense; a situation which could potentially be bad for the Jews. Her basic message is that if Europe’s leaders don’t act very rapidly to control the immigrant influx, the whole thing’s going to come unraveled and land squarely in the Far Right’s lap.

Anne probably didn’t realize that she had mere hours to spare between depressing “Post” on her message to Europe’s leaders and her nightmare coming true. Europe’s honeymoon with its arranged marriage to Middle Eastern immigrants is over, and it’s a matter of how–not if–Europe rebels against the immivasion. I love that line of reasoning we’re hearing from the cocktail clique, about how folks like myself must be licking our chops about this. I’m not licking my chops all that hard, because I know that the next step has been well-established, and it doesn’t look good at all yet for the identitarians and anti-semites.

It’s time for Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and an array of anti-Islamic Zionist “civic nationalist” politicians to absorb and redirect the popular outcry. Applebaum and pals would rather not rely on the very daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen himself to save their hides from being made into lampshades, but they have only themselves to blame. Applebaum and pals drove the German people into such a moral fervor of self-abuse over imperiling Europe’s Jews the first time around that they’ve done gone and imperiled Europe’s Jews all over again with this hysterical overcompensation.

Angela Merkel has achieved for the German people what their previous chancellor only dreamed of, paving the way for a full and final rejection of Jewish power in the Western world…by loving them to death; literally.

Even Applebaum herself, a world-class bullshitter among the world’s foremost race of renowned bullshitters, can’t bullshit her way out of this clusterfuck. Even a rhetorician who can make a child rapist look like the victim can’t stuff this toothpaste back in the tube.
Objectively speaking, the unprecedented, bloody terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night were not related to the European refugee crisis that has rumbled on for many months. Certainly the attacks could not have been caused by France’s acceptance of refugees because France, unlike Germany and Sweden, has not been accepting large numbers of refugees.
Objectively speaking, the object lesson here is that even a modest number of militant and radicalized young men from the killing fields of the Middle East is enough to unleash mayhem on one’s nation. Imagine what’s in store for Germany and Sweden! Another object lesson is that assimilation simply will not happen. The masterminds of the operation were the last generation’s sad sack migrants and “refugees.” While the newly arrived Syrian radicals were evidently the junior partners entrusted with the suicide bombing part of the project, the ones who aren’t blowing themselves up can be expected to mastermind their own terrorist schemes once they get more settled in.
Nor is it credible to believe that recently arrived refugees from the Syrian war were primarily responsible for organizing a complex series of attacks. People who climbed mountains or crossed the Mediterranean on rafts did not arrive in France and transform themselves immediately into armed terrorist killers.
You see what she did there? She’s incredibly intelligent, and she’s hoping you’re not. She switched it up from one sentence to the next, deliberately obfuscating the distinction between those “responsible for organizing” the attacks and the “armed terrorist killers.” It is perfectly credible to believe that the recent arrivals would be willing to dive right into the role planned for them by the ones who’ve been settled in for a while.
The actual killers knew Paris very well. At least one has already been identified as a French national, known to the police. Others drove a Belgian rental car. I don’t care how all of the other killers entered the country: This operation wasn’t planned by refugees.
You’re wrong, and you’ll choke on your words as more is discovered about the event. Even if you’re right, I don’t think I’m alone in responding that I would rather not import the sort of folks who would eagerly sign up for a pre-existing plan to slaughter hundreds of innocent civilians or who can be expected to become terrorists in a few years. These aren’t quite the thankful war-weary widows, orphans, and apolitical family men the European people signed up for.

We could go on a big sappy tangent about how these young alienated migrants who perform terrorism are sort of victims themselves of shrewd middle-aged political operatives who take no risk themselves, but I propose that we avoid facilitating that rendezvous until your brain trust figure out how to actually solve that problem.
The human brain is not rational, however, and within minutes of the news breaking—before the identity of any of the murderers was known—many, many people began making the link between the two issues.
If only we were all as smart as Anne! She gets what we fools with our goyische kopfs can’t grasp. I actually slipped up in my title of my recent article, declaring before we actually knew for sure that the terrorism was the fault of “migrants and refugees.” After a little mix-up a few years ago relating to an incident in Norway that turned out to not be the fault of migrant terrorists, I’ve tried to be more careful with my conclusions. Fortunately for me, a few hours later we had confirmation that it was indeed simply and squarely related to the influx of Arab immigrants.
At the deepest level, the refugee crisis has unsettled people because it seems that Europe has lost control of this problem.
Seems!? It seems that Europe has lost control of this problem? You and your clique have completely lost control of the situation and the narrative, and you’re just spewing nonsense at your readers in a blind panic. You’re not merely panicking because Europe’s elites have lost control of the problem, you’re shrewd enough to see around the corner, and you know that you will soon lose control of Europe’s elites altogether. This is a total narrative collapse.

Imagine, nationalist readers, how I would respond if my own narrative collapsed. Let’s say that the latest educational fad actually worked, and Detroit’s public schools started churning out gifted young rocket surgeons who were too busy with their start-ups and stable young families to be bothered with crime. Let’s say the the world’s Jews genuinely stopped hating White folks and started manning the vanguard against the myriad threats to Western Civilization. How would I react? Not being Jewish, I would probably lack the chutzpah to keep my projects going, but my arguments would be reduced to an incoherent babble of non sequitors and character attacks as I tried to make sense of it all.

I would sound just like Anne Applebaum sounds right now. I would be a hot mess.
This sense has been building ever since the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, unilaterally decided to change Europe’s asylum rules in the summer. Merkel’s gesture—hugely popular in Germany at the time—immediately encouraged thousands more people to make the dangerous trip across the Mediterranean.
Note the implied accusation in her ellipses. Blaming the Germany people is a natural reflex for her. As if Europe’s Jewish and gentile elite weren’t fully behind the immivasion, as if the refugee crisis were some populist error.
Across the continent, a surge in support for far-right, anti-European or anti-immigrant political groups has already begun, in Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and France itself. The anti-EU movement in Britain is poised to benefit. So is Viktor Orban’s nationalist right government in Hungary, which successfully manipulated the refugees for its own benefit in the summer.
Y’all had one job, Anne. Don’t screw it up so bad that the people have no choice but to turn to the far right to fix it. One job. But the Jew can’t stop reaching, and the Jew’s reach is finally exceeding her grasp.
Europe now needs to restore security, stability, and confidence. France and its allies will have to show that it is possible both to maintain a tolerant society and to fight—fiercely, competently—against the institutionalized terrorism of ISIS. In the longer term, Europe needs a consistent military strategy designed not to control ISIS but to destroy it.
Mark my words, Anne will begin taking the lead in the coming months to legitimize Marine Le Pen and other kosher nationalists. She’ll also strive mightily to channel the heat and light from these exceedingly domestic problems into international warfare on Israel’s behalf.
This is not because there is any real connection between refugees and the events in Paris, but because extremists cannot be allowed to capitalize on the feeling of insecurity, or to manipulate it in order to win power.
Translation: I’m not admitting that flooding Europe with millions of people from active war zones the world over was a bad idea. It was totally a great idea. But we’ve got to roll it back because evil right-wingers are going to trick everybody into thinking that flooding Europe’s villages with ISIS militants is a bad idea.

Our job on the hard right is to keep our eyes on the prize. There’s a trolley taking off as we speak, the trolley of civic nationalist anti-Islamic “clash of civilizations” buffoonery which will be fun to ride along on. You’ll get to feel all that forward motion, the wind rushing against your face as it becomes socially acceptable to say previously taboo things about Middle Easterners in general and Islam in particular. The trolley leads to wars for Israel in the Middle East and a bunch of childish buffoonery about headwear and family courts. Only those who stay put, keeping their focus where it belongs, on immigration and the Jewish campaign of White Genocide against our nations, will see this emergency through to its conclusion: the reconquest of Europe and its Diaspora for the European peoples.

Ethno-Christology, Part 3: Jesus Christ of the Orient

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Part 1
Part 2

The faith of the Christ-God is a living paradox in the Asiatic world. Christianity has long survived in Asia’s periphery, especially in the Near East and to a lesser extent in India, but it has never thrived in Asia’s heart, the Orient.

Generally speaking , the farther east one moves across the Eurasian continent away from Constantinople to Beijing, the more mystical and relative philosophy and theology become. The absolute and ridged dynamics of evil versus good and the rationality of the Abrahamic religions fade away in the face of subjective, Vedic traditions. Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Islam naturally then fit as oil to Vedic water.

When Christianity comes to the Vedic world, it presents a monotheistic, good-evil dichotomy that is completely foreign to the natives of the Orient. Therefore when many Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Shintoists, and Confucianists are confronted by Jesus, He does not fit into their historical paradigms.

Regardless of the temporary irrelevance of Christianity in the East, other than as a means of American political elites to con conservatives into supporting a third invasion of Iraq, the coming future of Christianity is to move eastward and take root in Beijing, instead of Rome. Twenty-first-century Christianity will be dominated by the Oriental peoples, with China serving as its political sword, much like France under Charlemagne. With the demographic time bomb inevitably going to burst in Europe at present course, the demographic time bomb of Christianity bursting to take over China is also inevitable—curiously enough, almost at the same time in the mid-late twenty-first century.

Oriental Christ

Presenting Christianity to the Oriental peoples has always been a very difficult issue, given that the Christian faith has been carried by the standards of European powers. Christianity has always had a long presence in the Orient, especially China, since the mid-600s. But in the late 900s, Emperor Wuzong, in a spirit of what could be considered hyper-Chinese nativism, expelled Buddhist, Christian, and Zoroastrian teachings and initiated a massive persecution of Christians that nearly exterminated Christianity altogether in the East. Under the Mongols, interestingly enough, Christianity returned to China and much of the rest of the Orient though the free-moving economic zone of the Mongol Empire.

Christianity has always had a difficult presence in East Asia, especially China and Japan. In China, the difficulty came in Christ’s Gospel’s clashing with the words of Confucius, whose philosophy was similar to Christianity in that man worships the God of the heavens. The only problem is that for the Chinese, heaven was transcendent to earth, whereas heaven and earth are two separate entities in Christian teaching. Therefore the message of Christ turned into a force of insurrection against the Mandate of Heaven that guided the state, since Christ was the King of all kings. A similar story is true in Japan, where the Shogunates were always suspicious of Christianity because it undermined the supremacy of Shogun rule by divine authority.

In the modern age, now that Maoism has decimated China’s ancient identity and traditions with atheism, Christianity is making a new stunning emergence in the nation that has historically rejected it, as the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings deeper meaning and faith to a people perhaps even more wed to materialistic philosophy than the Americans.

In South Korea, Christianity is exploding and is now the single largest religion in the Republic of Korea. Much of this conversion came after the Second World War, when the United States sacrificed its blood to protect the Republic from the communists of the north. The United States then needed a powerful force on the Korean peninsula loyal to its interests and consequently, after fifty years of economic support coupled with intense missionary activity, South Korea is now Asia’s leading Christian country.

A tragically opposite story exists in Japan. After the war, the Japanese mythology of the god-emperor was over and the Japanese were searching for something new to believe in. Rather than following the advice and model of General MacArthur to convert the Japanese to Christianity, America instead gave them a different god to worship: capitalism. Granted, it helped Japan rapidly modernize so Sony, Toshiba, Honda, and Toyota could own the American economy, but Christianity has been utterly stagnant in a nation that worships the god-dollar rather than the god-emperor or the one true God.

If current conversion rates continue, the center of Christianity in the twenty-second century is going be Beijing and Seoul, rather than Rome or Westminster, with perhaps a sort of interregnum period where Moscow serves as the Third Rome. Japan’s future is uncertain, but if what happened to Rome happens to China and South Korea, a Christian Orient is quite likely. So if the West cannot resolve the Islamic question in the twenty-first century, imagine what an empowered, militarized Christian China could accomplish.

Indian Christ

According to Sacred Tradition, Christianity was introduced to India by St. Thomas the Apostle in 52 AD in Kerala; hence they are now known as St. Thomas Christians. India was already partially Christianized before Scandinavia, Russia, and the British Isles ever had significant populations of Christians.

Christ from an Indian perspective must be viewed though the Hindu worldview. According to Hindu thought, every human being possesses some element of the divine inside of him. Some people learn to manifest it more, but some do not, and it is not necessarily the duty of an ecclesiastical body or school of thought to claim a monopoly on the exact means and path to moksha (enlightenment).

Therefore, for Christians to arrive in India and claim that Jesus Christ is the one true God-Man stands in stark contrast to the pantheistic views of Hindu society. This presets a conundrum of how Hindus view Jesus. For when a Christian emerges to declare that Jesus Christ is God, the Hindu is inclined to say, “Well yes, of course.” This is a very similar dilemma that Christians encountered in their interactions with Roman and Nordic pagans, where worshiping the Christ-God was allowed next to the worship of the old gods.

To the Hindus, however, the teachings of Jesus Christ can and do resonate with Indian society. The tempered notions of Jesus as an enlightened teacher automatically give Indians an inclined ear, given the history and prevalence of many different enlightened teachers who have populated India’s historical landscape. Remember, it was India which produced the Buddha and which in turn gave us the Dali Lama. This legacy of producing deep religious figures is a major part of India’s identity.

The presence of Hinduism presents a difficult conundrum for Christian evangelization in India. By presenting Christ as God to the Hindus, the Christian is already affirming the reality of Hinduism. Only by establishing the supremacy of Christ as a chosen prophet can the Hindu come to reject Hinduism and become a Christian. However, despite these challenges and centuries where Christianity has occupied a low position in Indian society, India is becoming one of the fastest-converting Christian nations.

Arab Christ

To be an Arab Christian is to be condemned as a persecuted minority, yet such Christians are a gateway to the past. Many mainstream Arabs are Christian, and Christians have historically been in many elite positions of power, most notably in Ba’athist regimes. Yet, amongst the commoners, many still find themselves on the periphery of society, due to their loyalty to ancient historical groups. Most noteworthy of these are the Copts of Egypt, the Assyrians of Iraq and Syria, the Kurds, and the Maronites of Lebanon.

Arabs were some of the first peoples to encounter Jesus, see His miracles, and even watch Him crucified and resurrected from the dead. The growth of Christianity in the Arab world was perhaps one of the most organic growths of the Faith. There were not many great expeditions of evangelism inside the Arab world, as the Faith took off very naturally. The violent arrival of Islam onto the Arab scene has dealt a very damaging blow to the Christian identity of Arabs, but yet, to this day, many Christian Arabs are direct descendants from the first generation of Christians who walked with Christ Himself.

To many of these Arab and even non-Arab groups, often times being a Christian is a way to keep the ancient folkish traditions alive in the face of jihadist Islam, which seeks to undermine folkish traditions and blend all peoples into a universalist identity of the ummah. The sad reality regarding Arab Christianity is that it is on the verge of extermination. In 1948, the Holy Land was 18% Christian, and now it is only 2%. The dual problem of a rising jihadist Islam and hostile Israeli policies forces Arab Christians to either depart or stay and be persecuted. Without a vibrant Christian Europe or United States to stand as a bulwark against a rising Islamism or force the hand of Israel to be more tolerant, Christianity’s future in its home region looks bleak.

Hebrew Christ

Notwithstanding Jesus’s fulfillment of their own prophecy, Christ for the Hebrews has been one of the most difficult encounters in the Christian faith. To an extent it has already been decided, when in Matthew 27:24-25 the Jewish mob declared, “His blood be on us and on our children!” The Jews had then rejected their promised Messiah and therefore condemned themselves to spiritual exile. That being said, this does not render it impossible for Jews to become Christians.

For the Jew that becomes a Christian, he is meeting the fulfillment of the God of his ancestors that was never fully revealed to him. The prophets gave the Jews glimpses, but even the patriarchs and prophets in the Old Testament did not clearly know the Messiah, but rather believed on the promise of the Messiah. So the Hebrew that comes to Christ is receiving the fulfillment of his patrimony.

Sadly, most Hebrews stand in fulfillment of the Jewish mob’s pledge and take great pride in scorning Jesus. To the majority of Jews, Jesus is a renegade, the most dangerous false Messiah to ever curse the Jewish people. By rejecting the divinity of Jesus Christ, the breach with Christianity is complete.

When the Hebrews were exiled and began to live amongst Christians in Christian lands, the Talmud was constructed in order to provide Jews with the ways and means to be Jewish while not being in the Holy Land. This required Jews to develop a coherent doctrine regarding Jesus Christ and the Christians. The Babylonian Talmud provides this, cursing Jesus as a practitioner of witchcraft, reviling Mary as a fornicatress and whore. Though it affirms Jesus’s crucifixion, it asserts that He deserved it as a criminal who is now burning in hell in His own excrement. There is no other religion where Jesus is treated with such hostility. Though Islam does not treat Christians with much dignity, it does regard Jesus Christ as a prophet, and the Koran pays great honor to the Virgin Mother.

Jesus to the Hebrews, then, is either the greatest fulfillment of history or their greatest enemy, because Jesus Christ presently, just as He did in His era, poses the greatest threat to Jewish earthly power. The Jews have turned their history, symbols, heritage, and so forth into such an idol that they cannot and could not recognize Jesus when He came to them. Therefore Christianity becomes the most heinous of all enemies to the Jews, because it is the perversion of their faith and must consequently be treated with the greatest resistance.


Unlike European paganism, in which the paradigms of Christianity made it much easier to present the Christ as a fulfillment of Greek philosophical thought or a stronger chieftain than Odin, the Jesus of the Orient is much more confrontational. To an extent He is yet to resonate with Oriental thought patterns and folkways. He is an outside figure with an outside message, mainly identified with the political power of the white-man. This notwithstanding, in due time we can await a Christianized Orient as the Gospel goes forth.

LARPing the Caliphate

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ISIS is an interesting group. They have managed to horrify the world–except, interestingly, a large number of Muslims–yet they continue to be in a position to launch apparently stunning attacks on Paris, hold their own against various enemies in the Middle East, link up with fellow travellers, like Boko Haram in Africa, and pump out ever more shockingly violent and disgusting videos. Their latest production—gunning down children en masse—was a new masterpiece is sadistic savagery. 

The best way to understand ISIS is to remember the famous quote by Osama Bin Laden:

When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, they will naturally want to side with the strong horse.
ISIS’s goal is to play the part of the strong horse, but the reality is that ISIS is not actually strong at all.

An appropriate way to think of them is as enhanced cosplayers, acting out a role much bigger than they are—bronies on steroids with Koranic stylings, if you like. Instead of the mighty stallion of the collective Arab consciousness or folk memory, they are, in effect, a shop-soiled and luridly customized version of My Little Pony.

Their power is not positive but mainly negative. ISIS would not exist on the ground if the great powers and the medium-sized powers of the Middle East could line up their ducks. They have only been able to carve out their little caliphate because all the other powers with their pokers in the Middle-Eastern fire—Israel, Turkey, Iran, the Gulf States, the EU, Russia, and America—have created a kind of long-running and rather messy stalemate.

When these various powers manage to hammer out a rough deal, we can expect it to be sealed by the quick extinction of ISIS, and its substitution by Sunni Arab organizations more amenable to Western and world sensibilities.

But when that happens, ISIS will already have served its purpose—to have improved the long-term position of Iraq and Syria’s Sunni Arabs. Any deal in Syria will inevitably have to involve a lot more participation of the country’s Sunnis in government. This is clear from even from the rhetoric of Assad’s main supporter, Russia. Likewise, any deal in Iraq will have to include a degree of autonomy for that country’s Sunni Arab minority—possibly something analogous to the local autonomy that the Kurds in Iraq already have.

But while things remain unresolved, ISIS will continue to larp as the proverbial strong horse, acting like an alpha even when they are much nearer the other end of the alphabet. Videos of children on fire and homosexuals flying off high buildings, and other actions horrifying to the tender sensibilities of the mollycoddled West, will continue to seep out into the porous and viral media or the Internet age and mix with more traditional news reports of terrorist atrocities like Paris, making ISIS’s little pony look like a mighty beast and even one of the horses that carry the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

All this is possible simply because ISIS have their own little “safe space” created by the interstices and disjunctions between the competing interests of several powers. If either side or sides of this stand-off were dominant, ISIS could simply not exist. If the pro-Assad group–mainly Russia, Iran, Shiite Iraq, and Hezbollah—were dominant, ISIS would soon be wiped out. But even if the Gulf States, Turkey, Israel, and America got their way, ISIS would also have to go, as those powers would require a more moderate Sunni face to front their new regime in Syria. Either way, ISIS would not survive. The way to think of ISIS, therefore, is as an entity growing out of the combined shadows and disagreements of all of these powers.

And while they continue to exist in this shadowland, they will continue to play the strong horse. The attack on Paris was a perfect way of doing this. Just eight men, a few Kalashnikovs, and some explosives were involved, yet they were able to create a massive media footprint and have an enormous global psychological impact. The fact that they were attacking extremely soft targets in what is in effect a partial or future Islamic country is neither here nor there.

In the shock utterances of reporters and the mass uploading of hundreds of millions of French flag filters to Facebook, the impressionable masses of the Muslim world, both in their old homelands and new ones across the West, would have smelled the sweat and heard the snorting of Bin Laden’s strong horse—even if behind the curtain it was just the Islamic world’s version of My Little Pony.

Symbols of the German Volk Continue

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The Third Reich may not exist anymore but the symbols of the German Volk continue. The astute reader will notice that the symbols of the German soldier of the Brothers' Wars continue, for they are deeply embeded in the German Collective Unconscious, the Blood Memory. The traitors who currently rule Deutschland cannot eliminate them.

Every 4.8 Seconds a White Woman or Girl Is Raped by Muslims in Europe

via Counter-Currents

Memes have power. Statistics have power. Which of us have not heard the statistic, bandied around universities, that 1 in 3 female college students will be sexually assaulted? Whether or not that statistic is accurate, it is a demonstration of the great ability of “sticky” facts and figures to permeate and influence the public discourse.

In this day and age of instant communication, such “stickiness” is a tool of unbelievable power for movements able to harness it. As a case in point closer to home, we recently saw a similar example of “stickiness” in the rise of the term “Cuckservative.” The cultivation of such memes allows for a spotlight to be shone on issues and questions of significance within a movement or struggle.

This is important, for the stakes could not be higher in our own struggle. We seek not just to prevent the collapse of Western Civilization, and the death of our heritage and culture, but to protect the very lives of our most vulnerable members. We are in an existential war with opponents who think nothing of raping our children, attacking our elderly, and blowing up our innocents (as we just saw in Paris). Compounding this, we are beset by groups of individuals within our ranks who are doing everything they can to speed up this process of destruction and enslavement.

For anyone who has not read of the events in Rotherham, and the 1,400+ 11-16 year old white girls who were gang-raped, tortured, and for all intents and purposes enslaved by Muslim immigrants in the UK, the British Government’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Exploitation In Rotherham (1997-2013)[1] should be a required first step to understanding the horror that besets us. For those, like us, whose minds and souls are already tortured by such knowledge, the most pressing questions revolve around how best to fight this war that is greeting us.


One important component of our struggle must be to awake the sleepwalking masses around us. We must serve as the vanguard to our broader culture, and one of the first steps in doing so is to spread those “sticky” facts that help the process of awakening take hold.

The statistics below are my attempt at a small contribution to this need.

The population of “Western Europe” is roughly 409 million. The list of nations that fall under the title of “Western Europe” is almost exactly those European countries with large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

According to the Swedish National Council For Crime Prevention, in Sweden, in 2013, 700 women, and 300 children, were raped by Muslims in the first 7 months of the year. They also argue that the real figures are 40%-90% higher than this, but for the sake of being conservative we will utilize the official numbers.[2]

1,000 rapes / 7 months = 142.857 rapes per month in Sweden.

Sweden’s population is 9.415 million.

409 million (the population of Western Europe) divided by 9,415,000 (the population of Sweden) is 43.44

Therefore, one could extrapolate that if rape rates hold true across Western Europe, 43.44 (the ratio of the total Western European population vs the total Swedish population) @ 142.857 (rapes per month in Sweden) = 6,205.896 white women and children raped per month by Muslims in Europe.

Divide that by 30 (days in a month) and you get 206.8632 women and girls in Europe raped every day.

Divide that by 24 (hours in a day) and you get 8.6193 per hour.

Divide 60 (60 minutes in an hour) by 8.6193 and you get 6.96 (we will round this up to 7).

Therefore, this would suggest that a white woman or girl is raped by a Muslim every 7 minutes in Europe.

However . . . these figures do not take into account the massive epidemic of grooming and gang-rape being perpetrated across the continent, most notably in the case of Rotherham.

If we extrapolate from the UK Government’s Inquiry on Rotherham, a far more terrible picture is painted.

In Rotherham 1,400 girls from the ages of 11-16 were repeatedly gang-raped and tortured over a period of 16 years.

The government’s inquiry suggests that each child was raped at least 200 times during their forced period of slavery (or, as the government calls it, “prostitution”)

1,400 girls raped 200 times = 280,000 rapes (this does not include multiple perpetrators raping a single child at once as multiple rapes)

16 years @ 365 days = 5,840 days

5,840 days @ 24 hours = 140,160 hours

140,160 hours @ 60 minutes = 8,409,600 minutes

8,409,600 minutes / 280,000 rapes = 30.034

So in Rotherham during that time a female child was raped once every 30.034 minutes

There have been documented grooming gangs and Muslim-perpetrated child rape across Western Europe. Such events are in absolutely no way limited to the UK, and seem to be equally prevalent across all European nations with large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

Rotherham’s population is 109,691

The population of Western Europe is 409,000,000

109,691 (the population of Rotherham) / 409,000,000 (the population of Western Europe) = .0002681

Rotherham’s population is .0002681 of Western Europe.

2 girls in Rotherham raped per hour (one rape every 30.034 minutes) / .0002681 = 7459.90.

Therefore, if rape rates in Rotherham were equal per capita to the rest of Europe, there would be over 7,000 European women raped by Muslims every hour.

For the sake of the argument, let’s posit that the rape rate in Rotherham was 10 times worse than what it is in Western Europe as a whole.  This seems drastically higher than what it would be in reality, not to mention the fact that all the experts involved felt that the number 1,400 was far lower than the actual number of children raped, but for the sake of the argument let’s just say the events in Rotherham were ten times worse than in Western Europe as a whole.

By such an extrapolation there would be 745.99 female children raped each hour in Europe, plus the original 8.619 women and children raped that we arrived at by extrapolating the numbers of Swedish women and children who reported being raped.

745.99 + 8.169 = 754.159

754.159/60 minutes in an hour = 12.569 European women and children raped per minute

60 seconds in a minute/12.569 = a European woman or child getting raped by Muslims once every 4.77 seconds. We will round 4.77 up to 4.8.

This means that a European woman or child is raped by Muslims every 4.8 seconds in Europe today.

This is an attempt at delineating approximately how many European women and children are raped by Muslims. Obviously this can only be arrived at through extrapolation. While some might quibble with the statistics, its bears repeating one more time that these figures are based only on the reported rapes from Sweden, which the Swedish National Council For Crime Prevention estimated to be 40%-90% below the actual number of rapes that occurred, and through using the official numbers from Rotherham, which the UK government likewise indicated as being a number far less than what actually occurred. In addition to this, the numbers from Rotherham have been extrapolated at a rate of only 10%.

1. Jay, Alexis OBE. Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Exploitation In Rotherham (1997-2013).  Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. 2014. Web (PDF). 12 Nov. 2015.
2. “Allt fler unga flickor anmäler våldtäkt”. 8 Aug. 2013. Web. 11 Nov. 2015.

Killed One-by-One: From Implicit Demographic Warfare to Explicitly Focused Personal Attacks on White People

via Majority Rights

“Hostages killed ‘one-by-one’ at Bataclan theatre.”
...some reflections on the events. It is salient that these killings were more personal and more directed at European peoples. That makes this, in an important sense, even worse, even more of an affront than 9-11. In 9-11, they went after symbols of Capitalism [World Trade Center] and the Military Industrial Complex [Pentagon] behind Liberal Democracy [Capitol building (i.e., tried to hit it, but failed, with the jet going down in Pennsylvania)]. Civilian casualties, though far more numerous, were incidental and not personally targeted.

In the case of the French attacks, however, not only did they choose to target the implicitly White culture of Eagles of Death Metal fans [at Bataclan theatre] , the implicitly White culture of football [Germany-France match], attended by the President of France, along with football’s not so implicitly White culture [of football hooligans (as Jimmy Marr noted, hooligans tend to be nationalistic)]. They also went after the implicitly White cultural area of Paris in their targeting [the haute-bourgeoisie section (as noted by Kumiko)]. But not only did they contrast from 9-11 to narrow their target to these people demographically [implicitly White], in the case of the Bataclan theatre, they focused their attack still more, targeting them, [a death metal audience (or what they may as well have thought was one)] as personally as they could [holding them hostage] and shooting them [one by one].

Poland’s New Government Rejects Migrant Quotas after Paris Attacks

via American Freedom Party

Poland’s future minister for European affairs said his government will not accept EU-mandate quotas for refugees following the terrorist attacks in France.

Konrad Szymanski, who will take the office on Monday as part of the country’s new conservative government, said his cabinet didn’t agree with their predecessors’ commitment to take a share in the refugee burden.

Now, “in the face of the tragic acts in Paris, we do not see the political possibilities to implement” the plan, he told the right-leaning news portal

Poland joins a quartet of EU members that have defied Brussels’ plan to redistribute the inflow of asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa among members of the union. Security concerns are high among the reasons touted by Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which don’t want to accept predominantly Muslim refugees on their soil.

The string of terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night killed at least 128 people. The French government considers the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) as the culprit behind the tragedy. In fact, IS claimed responsibility for the attacks, threatening more to come.

Strong Fences Make Good Neighbours

via Western Spring

People come up with all sorts of ideological reasons to try to explain conflict – “religion” is a favourite (Islam now, Christianity at various periods in the past), or nationalism, inequality, tyrannical government, whatever the bee may be in your particular bonnet. The truth is that these are mere excuses, evasions of the true causes of conflict which are ineradicable human characteristics –  fear, or greed, or envy and thus the hatred which those emotions engender.

The search for a solution to conflict after the appalling destruction of two world wars led the West into a fatal error – the mistaken assumption that conflict was due to the failure of people of different races, nations, cultures and religions to recognise each others common humanity, and that the way to get them to recognise that common humanity was to force them to mix. So borders come down, populations move across frontiers, familiar places become unfamiliar, the locals find that they can no longer get the jobs/hospital beds/school places which they thought were theirs; if they object they are insulted or punished by ruling elites which they can’t remove because democracy is a sham. This error has a name – internationalism.

Since 9/11 the dangerous nature of the error has been obvious for it has fostered the establishment in our countries of a hideous and rapidly growing malignancy which  – unless it is swiftly cut out – will do to western civilization what hideous malignancies do to the human body. Our masters are still wedded to the error and are still in denial – no doubt David Cameron is repolishing his “this has nothing to do with Islam” speech. But such denial becomes more and more difficult as the atrocities accumulate – and now Paris. There are signs aplenty that the post war consensus is beginning to come apart under the combined stress and strain of mass immigration and the Islamist terror which it brings with it; nationalist forces are rising on the continent and they may well destroy the EU, itself one of the more gross and destructive manifestations of internationalism.

The appalling destruction of two world wars led the West into a fatal error, but the communist East avoided the error and applied the correct formula for the avoidance of conflict – the separation of populations. Areas of Germany allocated for resettlement by Poles and Czechs were cleared of their German populations by a brutal process defended in the House of Commons by the Foreign Secretary, Sir Anthony Eden, as “necessary to achieve racial purity”. Thus it was that a Poland which, before the War, was only 60 % Polish and racked by ethnic dissension – Poles against Ukrainians, Poles against Lithuanians, Germans against Poles, everyone against Jews – is now 98% Polish and very obviously determined to remain so.

It is indeed in separation that conflict is to be avoided because populations which live apart in their own communities cannot threaten the identity or the interests of others. So, as someone once said, “strong fences make good neighbours”. And as someone else said, long before, “blessed are the peacemakers”.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin Exposes the NWO's "War on Terror!"

via The Traitor Within

"We need to be clear about the origin of the war on terror... The attacks that have been continuing to destroy Syria, to massacre its population... were orchestrated by NATO. They have been carrying these attacks out against the civilian population of Syria for four years now...
People in Europe need to understand that There is a war that is becoming global, that is being waged against civilian populations, in particular, it is a a form of new imperialism, neo-colonialism which aims to divide and conquer the European, Middle Eastern and African and the world's population for that matter. To make them submit to a global order that does not serve the interests of most of the people on this planet but that does serve the interests of a very few ruling elites, a very small, tiny and particularly tyrannical ruling elite...

There is a war that is being waged using proxy groups, terrorist proxy groups and THEY ARE BEING USED AGAINST NATION STATES WHO ARE RESISTING US AND ISRAELI HEGEMONY.

They are also being used as a means of disciplining the workforces in Europe. In a period of mass unemployment and austerity you now have terrorist attacks being committed by terrorists FUNDED AND TRAINED BY WESTERN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES...

ISIS IS A CREATION OF THE UNITED STATES, we know that from official sources of the US military themselves, declassified documents from the defence intelligence agency have confirmed that...

And The French government is now attempting to drum up support for more military intervention in Syria... They want to get in on the game. The game is almost lost. The Russians have routed much of Islamic State.

You now have Islamic State militants coming into Europe disguised as refugees. That will destabilise central Europe. And the French government wants to get in on the game in Syria and prop up those so called moderate rebels, there are no moderate rebels, of course, in Syria. There are Al Qaeda and ISIS militants, terrorists who have been beheading people, eviscerating people, absolutely creating chaos and genocide right across the region...

This does not serve the Syrian people, or anyone other than THE WESTERN CORPORATE ELITES AND THEIR GEO-POLITICAL INTERESTS!"
The truth will out, they say.

Too bad that the powers-that-be seem to have forgotten this. Well, thanks to honourable and very brave journalists like Gearóid Ó Colmáin, the facts of the matter are out there now and the rest of us barely have to scratch the surface to find them.

Sadly, many innocents have reaped the ill wind sown by 'US and Israeli hegemony' in recent times. Now it behoves those who would have peace and harmony restored to our world to ensure that the 'very small, tiny and particularly tyrannical ruling elite' who comprise that vicious 'hegemony,' reap an avenging whirlwind.

Aux armes, nos citoyens!

Idiot of the Month: Theresa May

via Alternative Right

Alternative Right's intermittent "Idiot of the Month" award is clearly much coveted in the world of politics. Only this could explain why so many politicians – people normally cleverer than their voters – try so hard to act ridiculous or make the most moronic statements possible. As the prize is a cashless one, with no financial reward, it is heartening to see such competitiveness in pursuit of mere honour, especially when the political class have been fiddling their expenses and taking bribes since as long as anyone can remember.

While it is difficult, with so much competition in the field, to secure this supreme political accolade, there are nevertheless certain sure-fire ways to improve one's chances. One of the best ways is to wait for one of the frequent Muslim atrocities that crop up now and then – like the terrible slaughter in Paris the other day – and then blithely proclaim that Islam is a "religion of peace" while the blood is still drying. Crude but effective! Because this is exactly what British Home Secretary – and affirmative action hiring – Theresa May did recently to secure November's prestigious award.

A mere three days after hundreds of people were gunned down on the streets of Paris, May, who is married and childless like Angela Merkel, came out with this usual bit of boilerplate establishment drivel about Islam:
"The attacks have nothing to do with Islam which is followed peacefully by millions of people around the world."
While the statement is hardly original or unprecedented in its stupidity, May has to be complimented on her timing, which was impeccable. The three-day period that had elapsed since the mass slaughter in Paris was just long enough for plenty of details of the massacre to emerge, fully confirming its Islamic character, but also short enough to ensure that emotions would still be red raw and bleeding.

May’s words were thus able to come across with the astringent impact of salt vigorously rubbed into a gaping wound with a wire brush, thus achieving a new high in crass stupidity and insensitivity, making her a natural for this month’s esteemed prize. Well done, Theresa, Idiot of the Month for November, 2015. May the Gods of Stupidity continue to smile on you.