Dec 15, 2015

The Mysteries of the Northern Gateway

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A couple of miles east of the Long Man of Wilmington is the village of Polegate, a name which is said to mean 'Gate to the Pool' but which was originally Polgate, which suggests to me a link with the Germanic God, Pol. The later spelling 'Pole-gate' suggests the 'pole', i.e. the North Pole. The hill-figure faces to the North and the twin 'poles' suggest a doorway, thus the Gateway to the Pole. 

That this figure is that of Waendal does not invalidate what I am going to say here, for Waendal or Mundilfore is associated with the Sacred Centre, the World Mill, and is the father of Hama who incarnates upon Earth to bring the Social Order of Race to mankind. The God of Hyperborea was Apollo, according to the Greeks, who came to Greece in a Golden Chariot drawn by Swans. The name 'A-pol-lo' for a sun-god links him to Pol or Baldaeg of the Germanic Folk. Baldaeg is the Son of Woden and Frigg, and thus is a pure god-head, descended from a God and Goddess, whereas other Sons of Woden are the offspring of a God and a Jotun. This is because their role is that of gods of the Dark Age, and thus have to act within the confines of the Dark Age. Pol is the God of the Golden Age - of the Ur-Hyperborea. 

'Seek the land from which the Greeks arose in the Aryan North, in the land of Apollo, of the god Pol, of the Hyperborea near the Pole. This is his homeland too, and the cradle of the Aryan Race.' 

Rudolf John Gorseleben.

The Dark Rift at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy is 'guarded' by the star Deneb in the Constellation of Cygnus the Swan; the Long Man is an earthly symbol of Cygnus the Swan. The Swan is the symbol of Hyperborea, and as I have stated Apollo drove a Golden Chariot drawn by swans. The Swan is the symbol of the Highest Initiation and appears upon both the Caduceus of Mercury and the Irminsul of the Saxons. 

The account of the link between the Graal Mythos and the Long Man tells us that the Gateway or Doorway is guarded by a being as a test for Parsifal (Peredur). In Christian Lore the guardian of the gateway is Peter who has the 'keys' to the gateway; his name means 'rock' or 'stone'. Could there be a link between the White Stone of Ing and the Long Man of Wilmington, both being in the lands of the South Saxons? (See later about the 'key' and the 'stone.)

This gateway is perhaps linked to the concept of the symplegades associated with Jason and the Argonauts, this being the 'crack between the worlds' the Ginnungagap. The 'key' to the opening of the doors was the year 1997. In the Galactic Alignment by John Major Jenkins we find the following -

'It goes without saying that this identifies our own era as significant, during which the solstice gateway gives access, briefly, to the galactic door.'

The year 1997, and not 2012 (which had another significance) was the year in which this 'doorway' or 'gateway' opened. The Solstice Gateway refers to 'Capricorn' (or Sagittarius) which features in the Saga of the Hale-Bopp Comet, which 'opened' this gateway. This is the Gateway of Time that we find called the kalamukha (kala - 'time', mukha - 'gate', 'mouth') which both Guenon and Coomaraswarmy identified with Capricorn. Jenkins states -

'Capricorn is intended to symbolise both the Galactic Centre and the Polar Centre of the older Hyperborean system.'

Beyond these gates lies the Magical Elexir of Immortality, the nectar of infinite vision and wisdom - the Gateway to Thule. The peak of Mount Meru must lie in Capricorn, the North Gate, which is the Pineal Gland in mankind. The Sign of Capricorn is thus identified with the North, the Pole Star, and with Hyperborea.

The Gateway of Time (Kalamukha) is the Gateway of Birth and the Gateway of the Devourer - Birth and Death. There is also here a link to the Divine Twins, since Zeus took the form of a swan to couple with Leda and father Castor and Pollox. Is it also a 'coincidence' that Hengest and Horsa have a sister named 'Swan' (Swana). Thus Hengest and Horsa are associated with the Swan; it is possible that Horsham (West Sussex) is Horsa's Ham

The Cweorth-Rune is the Rune of the Phoenix - the Fire-Eagle, and thus associated with resurrection and rebirth. Jenkins actually gives a close dating to the opening of the 'Sun-Gate' -

'We might therefore be conservatively looking at 1998, plus or minus three years.'

1997 is within this time-frame. When I first mentioned the Hale-Bopp Comet and the Shamanic Initiation I stated that this area was a Time-Clock placed there by Aryan Initiates in ancient times. Even down to the Comet (the comet-shaped long-barrow named Hunter's Burgh), the White Horse, and the Windover Hill Long Barrow, all placed there to awaken a great force in 1997.

We all know how Freemasonry was subverted long ago into a counter-initiation in the service of the Dark Forces of Chaos and Matter. The above symbolism is related to Royal Arch Masonry and has a rather fascinating symbolism. We must remember that symbols are neutral and that many of our symbols have been appropriated for their use. I am going to look at this symbolism in relation to this post -

  • The 'Horn of Plenty' which featured in the Saga of Hale-Bopp; this is related to Capricorn and the 'Gateway to the Gods'. 
  • Next to this is a Solar 'G' symbol.
  • Above the Solar 'G' symbol is a comet
  • On the right inside the arches is a Masonic Compass - or an Ing-Rune (Ur-Glyphic).
  • Above this are Seven Stars.
  • On the 'shield' are the 'Four Beasts' - A lion (Leo), an Eagle (Aquila), a Bull (Taurus) and a Man (Aquarius).
  • The there is the Chessboard or 'Grid' which represents the Earth-Grid and its 'ley-lines' of power.
  • Above the arches are the Son and Moon, and the arch has the signs of the Zodiac.

This is an enlarged version showing clearly the Sign of Cancer at the top, the Son and the Moon, the Seven Stars, the Comet, the Horn of Plenty, and the Ing-Rune. 

In this version of the shield we see the Four Beasts (which represent the four signs of the zodiac related to the Precession of the Equinoxes) - Lion, Bull, Man and Eagle. 

The symbolism in the version of the Royal Arch suggests a very ancient knowledge of these times, a knowledge perhaps not understood within modern masonry and its subversive elements. The 'tailed star' is obviously a comet and the Horn of Plenty, linked to the comet, with its appearance in my dream at the time of the Hale-Bopp Comet, seem too much of a coincidence. The 'arch' reminds me of the symbol used of the Goddess Nuit of the Egyptians whose 'womb' would lie around the top area of the 'arch' - the area of the Dark Rift of the Milky Way Galaxy. (The masons often use Egyptian symbolism as well as Jewish symbolism). 

I will take a short look at the subversion involved in masonry later, but for now I would like to point out some very interesting ideas which masonry has, especially the Royal Arch Freemasonry. The 'arch', we are told, represents a doorway or gateway through which passage is gained to 'something beyond'. The archway represents a gateway of transition between the two worlds. This is exactly what I have outlined about the date 1997, the Hale-Bopp Comet and the Long Man of Wilmington. 

At the top of the gateway is the Keystone which is a wedge-shaped stone at the apex of the archway. This, according to Masonry, is related to Hiram Abif, the inventor of the Keystone. Hiram, I am led to believe is known as the 'Widow's Son' which is Horus or Parsifal. It is also likely that the story of Hiram Abif holds the secret of how the Aryan Mysteries were stolen in ancient times from Egypt - this is a story to be told later. 

Note - these last two paragraphs came to light only after I had written the first sections, when I looked through works on Masonry which told of these things. 

What seems very strange, and most likely a product of distortion, is that the 'Keystone' contains the Sign of Cancer which is at its highest northerly point at the Summer Sunwend. Since we are talking about the Northern Gateway then this should be Capricorn/Sagittarius and not Cancer. This area should be the Winter Sunwend. In the script about this, from the York Rite, it is said that the idea that Hiram is the inventor of the Keystone holds a symbolism now lost - in other words much of these secrets are not understood in modern Masonry. 

The Solar 'G' is a well-known Masonic Symbol but I have no real idea of what it means, though the letter 'G' is the seventh letter of the English Alphabet. The 'pillars' may well be the twin 'bands' of the Milky Way, which the figure of Nut suggests in Egyptian Symbolism. This symbol is between the Comet and the Horn of Plenty and must have something to do with these symbols - something that as yet is not understood. (I give an idea below.)

I am going to take a quick look at the counter-initiation and the appropriation of symbolism. Below is another Royal Arch symbol -

The symbol is our own Valknut which has within it the 'Triple Tau' which is said to be the nineteenth letter of the Greek Alphabet and which is a secret cypher for 'Hiram Abif' and for the 'Temple of Jerusalem'. In the British section of the Royal Arch there are Twelve Degrees, each one representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Much of the symbolism is Judaic in original and relates to the Old Testament, with some Egyptian stuff added - or maybe the reverse is the case. It is often said that Masonry originated in Egypt, and with the suggestion that the Aryan Mysteries were stolen by the slaying of the Egyptian Priest-King this makes some sense. 

What I suggest here is that these mysteries were once Aryan Mysteries and that the Hidden Hand of the Dark Forces stole these Ancient Mysteries and subverted them to their own ends. In other words they may hold some hidden truths, but that the symbolism was changed to suit an Evil Priesthood who sought to dominate the Earth through the use of Masonic Lodges.

This is a Masonic Symbol on a sash which reminds us of the 'Google Mail' symbol which features on their email service. This again features the 'Triple Tau' symbol at the top, and the 'M-Envelope' is exactly the same symbol as G-Mail. Indeed, here again we have the Solar 'G' in this very name - G-Mail! These people are so certain of their total power that they now show us their symbols openly! Indeed, the name 'Google' is the slang term related to using the eyes - the Great Eye! Google is the Global Company that has been responsible for 'coordinating' individual information which can be easily monitored - 'Google Plus'. (*)

This letter 'G' or Solar 'G' could refer to 'God' and if we use English Gematria this adds to 26 which is the number of letters in the English Alphabet. Is this really a coincidence, that 'God' contains 'All' and is 'One'? But there were more than 26 letters originally, since to my memory we have lost the a-e and the o-e, which would make 28 letters. The original words 'encyclopedia' and 'orthopoedic' were written with an 'a-e' and 'o-e'. (We have also lost the 'th' and 'ng' which were originally joined but later split, but this seems to have happened earlier.) Why have these letters been dropped? Was this done deliberately in order to make the numbers of letters fit the number of 'God'? 

In the above version of the Royal Arch we see the 'All-Seeing Eye' at the top of the arch, and the symbolism of the chessboard. In relation to the chessboard I am reminded of the one related to the Star-Goddess and the links to the Long Man through Morgana - who seems to be the Star-Goddess. The 'coffin' is symbolic of death and resurrection. The chessboard is the Game of Life played out on the black and white squares of the board - symbolic also of Wyrd. In the Mason's Compass we can clearly see the Ing-Rune. 

The 'Keystone' is said to be related to the 'stone that the builders rejected' which seems an odd saying indeed. The 'masons' were 'builders' and maybe this tells us that this 'stone' was rejected by the Masons because they did not really understand the true meaning of this symbolism. The 'Keystone' should represent Capricorn-Sagittarius and the 'Gateway to the Gods', the key to the door into the Otherworld. Here it represents Cancer and not Capricorn - it has been deliberately switched from the Winter Sunstead to the Summer Sunstead. In regard to this there is a key phrase in the New Testament that tells us that 'Jesus' is waxing (i.e. the Winter Sunwend when he is said to have been born) whereas John the Baptist is waning (i.e. the Summer Sunwend when the light starts to wane). 

When I went through the Shamanic Initiation back in the spring of 1997 I was watching the TV with my family and could at one point see letters moving across the screen, letters which no-one else could see! Over and over I said that I could see 'subliminal' letters but no-one else could see them. They were very much like the above 'Occult Symbols' which are a Masonic Alphabet. These are obviously a Secret Code, simple but containing (once again) 26 letters like the normal English Alphabet. 

According to Jenkins the 'Sundoor at the world's end' is the Solar Gateway leading into the next world. This fits exactly with the 'Sun Symbolism' of the Royal Arch, and to the 'Gateway to the Gods' or the 'Gateway to Thule'. If the top of the arch is symbolic of the Pineal Gland then this is the 'Keystone' which is the 'North Gate'. The Twin-Pillars (of the arch and the Long Man) are thus the twin-channels connected to the rising of Kundalini (note the spiral on the right arch). This also goes for the twin-spears on the 'Dancing Warriors', the 'Long Man', and the Finglesham Man. (The 'Dancing Warriors' on the Sutton Hoo Mask are thus linked to the Divine Twins

If we recognise that beyond the 'gates' lies the Elexir of Immortality (Amrita-Soma) then this is connected to the Apples of Immortality which are the Golden Apples of Idunn. We can also connect this area with Valhalla and the resurrection of the Initiated Warriors which must (as Miguel Serrano suggests) be the realm of the Goddess Idunn. She magically 'raises the Dead Heroes' (Einheriar) who partake in the Everlasting Battle, just as Hild does in one of the Norse Sagas. 

The Einheriar are the Initiated Warriors who take up this Everlasting Battle which cannot end until the End of Time. These must struggle against overwhelming odds, through life's tests and trials, through life's hard knocks and defeats, unable to do anything else but get up again and again to fight on. The end is not the aim - the struggle is the aim! 

'We penetrate into the essence of the Mystery: what incarnates is not a 'self' but a HE (that in triumph will be a WE), he is an archetype, a Myth, a Legend, an Archetypal History.'

Manu - The Man to Come - Miguel Serrano.

This is the key to these Mysteries, for the resurrection of the Initiated Warriors is that of the Einheriar who incarnate as an Archetypal Myth and not as a 'man' or 'self'. This is the key to the Spiritual Lineage of the Graal Mysteries, for they are part of this Spiritual Lineage. We have been here before and we shall be here again. This is the secret of Valhalla and the Everlasting Battle. 

This symbol I found on the 'images' for the 'Mark of the Beast' and it seems to relate to a god named 'Nodens' found in the Gloucestershire area of England. This 'mark' represents the Four Beasts and the Precession of the Equinoxes at this particular time of the Cosmic Cycle. Whether 'Nodens' is 'Woden' we cannot tell, but there is a similarity in names. Certainly there is a similarity with Nudd, the Welsh word for 'Mist', but this is pronounced 'Neath' as in the name of the town in South Wales. This 'Mark of the Beast' has nothing to do with the '666' version in the bible, I may add, and the symbolism is very different. The 'beast' refers to the 'Four Beasts of the Apocalypse' which mark the key points of precession, using the Solar Zodiac. This I know to be the Mark of Woden placed upon the forehead of his Initiated Warriors; here he is the Horned One - the 'Great Initiator'.

The Royal Arch symbolism seems clearly distorted when we consider that the Sign of Capricorn - the Horn of Plenty - appears with the 'Solar G' symbol and the Comet. Since I believe that the comet is the Hale-Bopp Comet which was seen in the Northern Skies then this should relate to the Northern Gateway. In this it does not, it relates to the Southern Gateway, Cancer and the Summer Sunwend. The Seven Stars shown in the drawing are definitely not the Great Bear, as their shape does not depict this obvious constellation, so it could thus be the Pleiades which forms a marker for the Galactic Anticentre in Cancer, i.e. the Southern Gateway. 

In Hinduism we have two distinct and opposite concepts -

Devayana - 'Way of the Gods' - This is the period of the year from the Winter Sunwend to the Summer Sunwend, when the light forces are waxing stronger. It is the Solar Way.

Petrayana - 'Way of the Ancestors - This is the period of the year from the Summer Sunwend to the Winter Sunwend, when the light forces are waning. It is the Lunar Way.

The year 2012 seems to have been the time when the Sun was 'reborn' out of the Dark Rift at the Galactic Centre. This would seem to be the real relevance of this date. 1997 was the time when the Northern Gateway was opened and the link to the gods was made, when the Mysteries of HelgiH were revealed and the 'Time-Clock' around the Long Man opened this gateway through the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet. 1999 was the conception of the New Age - the Age of Ing. The 'Black Sun' (Solar Eclipse) 'brought back to life' the ancient god known as Ing, the 'King of the English'. 

In regard to the Seven Stars, the Great Bear or Plough are symbolic of the Polar Mythus, whereas the Pleiades is symbolic of the Solar Mythus which came much later when the Folk-Wanderings took our people ever southwards from the spreading Ice Age. These must be regarded as 'markers' to the gateways, and the Capricorn-Cancer line is the Solstice-Line marking the Galactic Centre-Anticentre. 

The mention of 'Morgana' and the 'Star-Goddess' shows that there are yet more mysteries related to the Long Man and to the Hale-Bopp Comet. We have taken this back to the time of At-al-land and even back to Hyperborea in the Far North. The Hyperborea - At-al-land was the North to North-West shift of Hyperborea to Atlantis in the ideas put forward by Julius Evola. This happened over a very long period of time. These mysteries have not all come to light yet but will do so over time.

Muhammad "Jews Are Devils" Ali Was The BBC’s Sports Personality of the Century – But Tyson Fury Is Beyond The Pale?

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Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury was pilloried last week for some of his views about homosexuality and women – his nomination for BBC Sports Personality of the Year being called into question.

For those who have missed the furore – and you must have been on a holiday to Mars to do so – let me remind you what Fury’s views actually are.

Fury believes homosexuality and abortion are wrong and believes a woman is better suited to the kitchen than at work. Views which were non-offensive and pretty commonplace in pre 1960s Britain.

Fury’s background must also be taken in consideration if we are to understand his traditional view on life. He comes from a large Irish traveller background, which holds strong traditional values about things such as sex before marriage.

Fury is also a born-again Christian, his Twitter feed is littered with references to God and his beliefs. He thanked the Lord publically as soon as he dethroned Wladimir Klitschko of his world title belts in Germany a fortnight ago.

Fury is a regular churchgoer and one can conclude that his views about homosexuality, abortion, a woman’s role and sex outside marriage are the norm within many congregations, just as they will be in mosques every Friday.

So why the big furore over a man who holds these traditional values? Why not just accept that we are all allowed to hold different views and what about free speech?

Well Fury has to be shut up because the liberals in Britain today only believe in free speech if they agree with what you’re saying.

 I also think Fury has been treated abominably, especially when you compare it to the treatment handed out to another heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali had far worse views than anything Tyson Fury has said. For example, Ali openly said that black men who have sex with white women should be killed, that the mixing of the races is an abomination and that homosexuality is a white man’s disease. Here is a direct quote:
“All Jews and gentiles are devils… Blacks are no devils… Everything black people doing wrong comes from (the white people): Drinking, smoking, prostitution, homosexuality, stealing, gambling: It all comes from (the white people)”
And that is just a taster of some of the things this man has said. Imagine if Tyson Fury even uttered anything of this sort. He would not only be thrown out of the sport, he’d probably be chased out of the country.

But it gets worse because Ali was also a member of Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam, which was an openly racist and anti-semitic organisation whose members went on to commit a number of terrorist acts. Muhammad’s successor, Louis Farrakhan, was banned from entering Britain few years back due to his extremism. (By the way, he was represented at the time by Labour’s Mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan!)

I’m struggling to understand why Fury is castigated by the liberal press for uttering the values of the 1960s, yet Ali, who said things which are way beyond the pale, is lauded by these same people as a great man.

Ironically, Ali was presented with the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Century in 1999, the award which has been the catalyst to the condemnation of Fury.

Yet when Ali was awarded this honour, there were no petitions to have him removed, there were no threats from other athletes not to attend and no condemnation in the media.

Why was this? Because he’s a Muslim? Because he’s black? Or maybe because he’s old and has Parkinson’s disease? I don’t know, but the hypocrisy concerning the treatment of Fury and Ali stinks.

So from this sorry situation can we deduce that it is fair to ridicule the traditional opinions of a white traveller whereas the repugnant views of a black Muslim are off limits?

Well that’s what it looks like from here.

Peter Sutherland – “The Father of Globalization?”

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If ever there was an internationalist tour de force on steroids salivating as he anticipates the total ethnic destruction of Europe and the West to pave the way for the globalists’ wet dream utopia, it is surely Peter Denis Sutherland, a 69 year-old Irish international businessman.

His resumé in serving in a whole host of business and political roles, much of them revolving around globalization, is virtually too vast to list. Only a fairly brief summary can be given.

To begin with, he is credited with being “the father of globalization”. How’s that for starters?

And how predictable that he should be a staunch advocate of liberal immigration policies and mass immigration into the European Union, arguing that opposition to mass immigration and globalisation is “morally indefensible”.

Earlier this year, Sutherland was trotting out the same old wearisome, cliched rhetoric we’ve all heard from other Europe-destroyers about Europe not taking in enough immigrants.

In summary, the man has “white genocide” written all over him.
  • I am absolutely an internationalist”
  • I am a strong believer in European integration as the taming of nationalism,”
  • The European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine any sense of our homogeneity and difference from others”
  • It’s impossible . . . that . . . homogeneity . . . can survive”
  • She [Angela Merkel] has repositioned Germany as a moral leader in Europe.”

Most recent appointments

Sutherland’s most recent appointments of office have been as the United Nations Special Representative for Migration, in addition to the President of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC).

Further still, Sutherland continues to serve as an Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (since 2010), in addition to serving as the honorary President of the European Policy Centre, a Brussels-based independent think tank (since 2012).

Prior to these appointments, Sutherland served as chairman of Goldman Sachs as recently as June 2015, as well as on a committee of the Bilderberg Group until May 2014, and was Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (Europe) between 2001–2010.

Furthermore, between 2006–2009, he served as vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists.

Past appointments

Not only has Sutherland served as EU Commissioner and head of the World Trade Organization (WTO), he has always been serving as a member of this or that board for this or that organization, even serving on three different boards simultaneously during one period.

In addition to this, in early 2010 he finished a 13-year stint as chairman of BP, Europe’s largest oil company.

Sutherland, whatever position he turns up in, seems to exert quite an energetic and aggressive drive in furthering his interests in both his own personal business affairs and his internationalist agenda.

Upon reading through the Wikipedia article on Sutherland regarding the extensive appointments and positions the man has occupied, in addition to the personal associations he has had with numerous international figures, it truly dawns upon one just how extensive and interconnected this whole internationalist web of evil actually is.

And this web of evil wants you all gone, white man and white woman. Make no mistake about it. Your services will soon no longer be required. The “No Vacancies” sign is now staring you right in the face in your very own lands.

Health status

As stated at the outset of this article, Sutherland is getting on in years at 69 years of age. In addition to this, he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2009, undergoing surgery in addition to a post-surgical bout of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
It is quite difficult to ascertain even an approximate prognosis from this limited information. Generally speaking, all three approaches (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) are used in the management of this condition, with chemotherapy being used to prevent subsequent spread of tumour cells (i.e. metastases).

Views on immigration

As stated earlier, Sutherland is a forceful advocate for mass immigration into the EU.

A summary of Sutherland’s opinions on immigration, together with some quotes, are as follows:
  • EU states should relax restrictions on low-skilled migrants
  • Migration is crucial for economic growth, regardless of what indigenous Europeans think
  • EU countries must cooperate on migration policy together rather than formulate their own individual policies
  • Multiculturalism is both inevitable and desirable
  • The ageing / declining native population in Germany and southern EU states was the “key argument” for immigration
  • “Immigration challenge: Europe’s politicians should accept diverse social communities . . . Europe faces an immigration predicament. Mainstream politicians, held hostage by xenophobic parties, adopt anti-immigrant rhetoric to win over a fearful public, while the foreign-born are increasingly marginalized in schools, cities and at the workplace. Yet, despite high unemployment across much of the Continent, too many employers lack the workers they need. Engineers, doctors and nurses are in short supply; so, too, are farmhands and health aides. And Europe can never have enough entrepreneurs, whose ideas drive economies and create jobs”
  • “Last year, during the Arab revolutions, the EU missed a historic opportunity to begin weaving together the two sides of the Mediterranean.”
  • Sutherland stated that opposition to greater globalisation is “morally indefensible”
So, this is what it is like to peer into the mind of a super-hardcore internationalist, the very “father of globalization” himself.

One thing Sutherland did get right, however, is the ageing and declining population of native Europeans in various parts of the EU. This is something we are all aware of, however, but something which still deserves high priority.

The Jew-centric globalization cabal Sutherland is a part of is little more than a mass-extinction event, hurtling through space towards its intended target, without the slightest level of interest or concern about the millennia-worth of cultural, historical and genetic accomplishment that it intends to wipe right off the map of Europe and the West.

This is their unforgivable crime.

The window of opportunity may be shrinking before us, and white genocidalists such as Soros and Sutherland may be determined, but so are we, and we have everything to fight for.

Besides the desire for more and more material wealth and more and more power, these wretched beings can never be satisfied. In the end they own nothing. Just a hole that can never be filled. Just a needle being driven into the same scarred-up vein over and over again. They might wear suits and might have more than enough of life’s trappings, but it’s never enough.

They believe in nothing. They can never be one of us, they can never be a part of our species.

Just a few more years of lingering on before the twilight of life takes back what had always belonged to it. Just like all of us: empty-handed when we enter this life, and empty-handed when we depart from it. Already, these pitiful specimens and many of their ilk have one foot in the grave.
A former colleague of Sutherland supports his political stance, but said if mass immigration goes wrong, the people responsible for it, like Sutherland, can always escape to Switzerland in a gated community for the rich.”
– White Genocide Project
Well, I suppose he always could flee to Switzerland, but I’m sure that if some friendly folks from Eurabia wanted to drop in for a courtesy visit just to make sure that he and his family were settling in alright, they could always find where Switzerland was on the map. The name rings a bell . . .

Wikipedia – Peter Sutherland: White Genocide Project – Man who aims to destroy Europe’s “national homogeneity”, was appointed to EU for his “internationalist” views:
Wikipedia – Head and neck cancer:

Intimations of Cosmotheism: Aviation, the Cosmos, and the Future of Man

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Charles Lindbergh
Aviation and astronautics were once my prime interests. As a student pilot, at the age of 20, when aviation was much more dangerous than it is today, I concluded that if I could fly for ten years before being killed in a crash, I would be willing to trade an ordinary lifetime for that experience. In the ’30s, I assisted Robert Goddard, the father of spatial conquests. Standing with him on New Mexico plains at the foot of his converted-windmill launching tower, it seemed to me that the greatest adventure man could have would be to travel out through space.

What motivates man to great adventures? I wonder how accurately these motives can be analyzed, even by the participants themselves. When I think of my own flights in the early years of aviation, I realize that my motives were as obvious, as subtle and as intermixed as the waves on oceans I flew over. But I can say quite definitely that they sprang more from intuition than from rationality, and that the love of flying outweighed practical purposes — important as the latter often were.

For instance, I believed that a nonstop flight between New York and Paris would advance aviation’s progress and add to my prestige as a pilot — with ensuing material rewards. In seeking financial backing for that 1927 flight, I argued that it would bring closer the golden era of air transport I felt was bound to come. But without my love of flying and adventure, and motives I cannot even now discern clearly, it was a flight I would never have attempted.

Then, as the art of flying transposed to a science, I found my interest in airplanes decreasing. Rationally I welcomed the advances that came with self-starters, closed cockpits, radio and automatic pilots. Intuitively I felt revolted by them, for they upset the balance between intellect and senses that had made my profession such a joy. And so, as intuition had led me into aviation in the first place, it led me back to an early boyhood interest, the contemplation of life.

Gradually I diverted hours from aviation into biological research. How mechanical, how mystical was man? Could longevity be extended? Was death an unavoidable portion of life’s cycle or might physical immortality be achieved through scientific methods? What would be the result of artificially perfusing a head severed from its body? This question, especially, intrigued me and resulted in my working intermittently for several years in the Department of Experimental Surgery of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. There, in collaboration with the great surgeon Alexis Carrel — he developing the operative techniques, and I the design of equipment — I constructed an apparatus that, for the first time, could pump synthetic blood through organs without the entrance of infection.

To me, my years at the Rockefeller Institute involved great adventures. They convinced me that the cycle of life and death is essential to life’s progress, and that physical immortality would be undesirable even if it could be achieved. I found the mechanics of life less interesting than the mystical qualities they manifest. With these conclusions, I began studying supersensory phenomena and, in 1937, flew to India in the hope of gaining insight to yogic practices.

Lindbergh 3

But the approach and explosion of World War II immersed me in military aviation and international politics. Man’s fundamental need of survival, for both individual and group, separated me from projects I would have carried out in peaceful times. After our fighting war was over (I had worked on the production of bombers and fighters, and flown 50 combat missions with the Army Air Force and Marines), the cold war with Russia held me to militarily oriented tasks — the study of new weapons, the reorganization of the Strategic Air Command, the essential need of developing intercontinental ballistic missiles.

I served for seven years as a member of scientific ballistic-missile committees, first under the Air Force and then under the Department of Defense. At the end of this time, with Atlases and Titans in position, with Minutemen coming and Polaris submarines under way, I felt our United States had achieved the indestructible power to destroy any enemy who might attack. But I had become alarmed about the effect our civilization was having on continents and islands my military missions took me over– the slashed forests, the eroded mountains, the disappearing wilderness and wildlife. I believed some of the policies we were following to insure our near-future strength and survival were likely to lead to our distant-future weakness and destruction. Also, I was tired of windowless briefing rooms, Pentagon corridors and the drabness of standardized airbases. I wanted to regain contact with the mystery and beauty of nature.

I resigned from the ballistic-missile committee and declined a position in the new civil agency being set up for the development of space. I decided to study environments, peoples and ways of life in various areas of the world. To make this possible, I returned to my prewar position of consultant to Pan American World Airways.

Wilderness expeditions in Africa, Eurasia and the American continents brought me to an appreciation of nature’s extraordinary wisdom. I found myself in the fascinating position of moving back and forth between the ultracivilized on the one hand and the ultraprimitive on the other, with a resulting clarity of perspective on areas between — a perspective that drove into my bones, as well as into my mind, the fact that in instinct rather than in intellect is manifest the cosmic plan of life.

Then, a few months ago, I received an invitation from Apollo 8’s astronauts to attend the launching of their mission to orbit the moon. This plunged me back into astronautics as World War II had plunged me back into aviation, though for a period of days instead of years. I was literally hypnotized by the launching. I have spent most of a lifetime in close contact with test flying and man-controlled power; but I have never experienced anything to compare to that mission of Apollo 8.

Three miles away from the pad, where I stood watching with free-from-duty astronauts, the size of the rocket still seemed huge. When ignition came, clouds of smoke and flame churned like a storm’s convulsions; and when the sound waves struck me, I shook with the earth itself.

Above that flashing, billowing chaos, the prow of the rocket rose. In it I visualized the three men I had lunched with hours before, strapped into position like test pilots, tensed to emergency procedures and to the dials of the instruments they watched, men actually launched on a voyage to the moon! For a moment, reality and memory contorted and Robert Goddard stood watching at my side. Was he now the dream; his dream, the reality?

During the first seconds of the Apollo’s inching upward, my sensation was intensified by a vision of the last launching I had witnessed, that of a big military missile which rose three or four feet, faltered, and then crumpled into explosion — an explosion seemingly less violent than that smothering the whole aft end of the Apollo.

My body staggered with the rocket’s effort to lift above its tower, relaxed as it leapt upward into air, thrilled as the ball of fire, with its astronauts, diminished in the vastness of space. Here, after epoch-measured trials of evolution, earth’s life was voyaging to another celestial body. Here one saw our civilization flowering toward the stars. Here modern man had been rewarded for his confidence in science and technology. Soon he would be orbiting the moon.

Talking to astronauts and engineers, I felt an almost overwhelming desire to reenter the fields of astronautics — with their scientific committees, laboratories, factories and blockhouses, possibly to voyage into space myself. But I know I will not return to them, despite limitless possibilities for invention, exploration and adventure.

Lindbergh 4

Why not? Decades spent in contact with science and its vehicles have directed my mind and senses to areas beyond their reach. I now see scientific accomplishment as a path, not an end; a path leading to and disappearing in mystery. Science, in fact, forms many paths branching from the trunk of human progress; and on every periphery they end in the miraculous. Following these paths far enough, and long enough, one must eventually conclude that science itself is a miracle — like the awareness of man arising from and then disappearing in the apparent nothingness of space. Rather than nullifying religion and proving that “God is dead,” science enhances spiritual values by revealing the magnitudes and minitudes — from cosmos to atom — through which man extends and of which he is composed.

Forty-two years ago, bucking a headwind on a flight in my monoplane between New York and St. Louis, I tried to look into the future beyond man’s conquest of the air. As the wheel had opened land to modern travel, and the hull the sea, wings had opened the relatively universal sky. Only space lay beyond. Could we ever extend our travels into space? If so, it seemed we must develop rockets and their jet propulsion. Such dreaming and reasoning brought me in contact with physicists, chemists and engineers in the explosives industry — and eventually with Robert Goddard. Who then could foretell that, as soon as 1968, men would hurtle around the moon and back?

Now, again, I try to penetrate the future. What travel may, someday, take place beyond our solar-system space? What vehicles can we devise to extend the range of rocket ships as they have extended the range of aircraft? Scientific knowledge argues that space vehicles can never attain the speed of light, which makes a puny penetration of the universe within a human lifespan; and that, therefore, cosmic distances will confine our physical explorations to those planets which orbit the sun.

As wings and propellers once limited man to earth’s thicker atmosphere, scientifically established principles now seem to limit him to the space-territory of the minor star he orbits. We are blocked by lack of time as we were once blocked by lack of air. Mars and Venus may mark dead ends for spaceship travel, unless we break through physical laws and construct still-more-advanced vehicles.

But by establishing these new planetary “dead ends,” are we cracking open the entrance to another era, as aviation cracked open that of astronautics — one that will surpass the era of science as the era of science surpassed that of religious superstition? Following the paths of science, we become constantly more aware of mysteries beyond scientific reach. In these vaguely apprehended azimuths, I think the great adventures of the future lie — in voyages inconceivable by our 20th Century rationality — beyond the solar system, through distant galaxies, possibly through peripheries untouched by time and space.

I believe early entrance to this era can be attained by the application of our scientific knowledge not to life’s mechanical vehicles but to the essence of life itself: to the infinite and infinitely evolving qualities that have resulted in the awareness, shape and character of man. I believe this application is necessary to the very survival of mankind.

Science and technology inform us that, after millions of years of successful evolution, human life is now deteriorating genetically and environmentally at an alarming and exponential rate. Basically, we seem to be retrograding rather than evolving. We have only to look about us to verify this fact: to see megalopolizing cities, the breakdown of nature, the pollution of air, water and earth; to see crime, vice and dissatisfaction webbing like a cancer across the surface of our world. Does this mark an end or a beginning? The answer, of course, depends on our perception and the action we take.

Every era opens with its challenges, and they cannot be met successfully by elaborating methods of the past. Our technologies become inadequate; but among our sciences — paleontology, genetics, physics, astronomy, atomics — are those that still can point a way, shaping concepts of life, time and space.

We know that tens of thousands of years ago, man departed from both the hazards and the security of instinct’s natural selection, and that his intellectual reactions have become too powerful to permit him ever to return. It seems obvious that to achieve the maximum scope of awareness, even to survive as a species, we must contrive a new process of evolutionary selection. We must find a way to blend with our present erratic tyranny of mind the countless, subtle and still-little-known elements that created the tangible shape of man and his intangible extensions. Through the eons these elements have raised the human complex to a sensitivity which recognizes that both the material and the ethereal are varying forms of basic essence.

That is why I have turned my attention from technological progress to life, from the civilized to the wild. In wildness there is a lens to the past, to the present and to the future, offered to us for the looking — a direction, a successful selection, an awareness of values that confronts us with the need for and the means of our salvation. Let us never forget that wildness has developed life, including the human species. By comparison, our own accomplishments are trivial.

If we can combine our knowledge of science with the wisdom of wildness, if we can nurture civilization through roots in the primitive, man’s potentialities appear to be unbounded. Through his evolving awareness, and his awareness of that awareness, he can merge with the miraculous — to which we can attach what better name than “God”? And in this merging, as long sensed by intuition but still only vaguely perceived by rationality, experience may travel without need for accompanying life.

Will we then find life to be only a stage, though an essential one, in a cosmic evolution of which our evolving awareness is beginning to become aware? Will we discover that only without spaceships can we reach the galaxies; that only without cyclotrons can we know the interior of atoms? To venture beyond the fantastic accomplishments of this physically fantastic age, sensory perception must combine with the extrasensory, and I suspect that the two will prove to be different faces of each other. I believe it is through sensing and thinking about such concepts that great adventures of the future will be found.

Return from Exile

via Radix

Who am I? Who are you? We are everyone and we are no one. We are postmodern consumers who choose our lifestyles based on what we like to buy. We are seen as interchangable parts, if that at all. We are told we don’t have a culture, that we’re lame, that we’re vanilla, that “we got no soul.”

This sort of talk starts to gets to you. Loneliness and increasingly childlessness are common traits among our people. Everywhere you look, we are told to sit down and shut up. Our young people are attacked in their fathers’ once proud seats of learning.

For many, a call to quietism and retreat seems to be in order. But that is just an invitation to go gently into that good night. What we need isn’t some retreat away from our times and the tempests that surround us. What we need is a relighting of the fire of our ancestors in order to rebuild our future.

We are descendents of Achilles and Odysseus, Aeneas and Caesar, Charlemagne and Dante, and yes, even John Smith and Hernán Cortés (as much as our enemies are loath to admit). These men forged onwards to new horizons, defended their people in the darkest hours, and performed deeds that have lived hundreds and thousands of years after their passing.

What we face now is the battle for ourselves. Yes, the storm is brewing on the horizon. Our homelands are being overrun and our ruling class seems ever more impotent. But what we need first is a return from exile.

For the ancients, exile from the polis was a fate worse than death. It meant being cut off from family and community, the lifeblood of one’s people. Aristotle noted that a man outside of society would become either a beast or a god. I hate to break it to you, dear reader, but we are being turned into beasts who masquerade as gods.

We have to return from exile, back to the inner homeland and voice of our people before it’s too late. As Richard Spencer says, we have to “become who we are.” If we don’t, we will never return to that well that drove our forefathers from Troy to the stars!

Wake up! Return from exile! You can go home again!

The Campaign of Global White Genocide Continues

via Transudationism

The middle class isn't what it used to be, as the rich have gotten richer while America's middle-income households have been hollowed out, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center.

The nation's middle class, long a pillar of the U.S. economy and foundation of the American dream, has shrunk to the point where it no longer constitutes the majority of the adult population, according to a new major study.

The Pew Research Center report released Wednesday put in sharp relief the nation's increasing income divide, which is certain to be a central issue in the 2016 presidential race. It also highlights how various economic and demographic forces have eroded long-held ideals about maintaining a strong, majority middle class.
Many analysts and policymakers regard the shift as worrisome for economic and social stability. Middle-income households have been the bedrock of consumer spending, and many liberals in particular view the declining middle as part of a troubling trend of skewed income gains among the nation's richest families.
Median-income voters, particularly non-college-educated men, are also at the core of billionaire Donald Trump's surprising surge in the Republican presidential campaign. His supporters' sense that their once-secure middle-class standing is in danger of slipping appears to be fueling much of the anger against the government and immigrant groups. 

Whites are dying-off too:

Starting around the turn of the millennium, the United States experienced the most alarming change in mortality rates since the AIDS epidemic. This shift was caused, not by some dreadful new disease, but by drugs and alcohol and suicide — and it was concentrated among less-educated, late-middle-aged whites.
We had hints that something like this was happening. We knew suicide was increasing among the middle-aged, that white women without a high school degree were struggling with health issues, that opiate addiction was a plague in working-class communities. But we didn’t know it was all bad enough to send white death rates modestly upward in the richest nation in the world.
Now we know, thanks to a new paper from the Nobel laureate Angus Deaton and his wife, Anne Case. And their findings, inevitably, are the latest ideological Rorschach test in the debate over how to save the American working class. 
Disenfranchised, dying, discriminated against, economically left behind, and persecuted on all fronts by the new international regime occupying Washington, Whites are also projected to become a US minority: 
The nation’s demographics are on a clear trajectory: White people are dying faster than they are being born, which means they are on target to become a minority in the United States in 30 years.
For the third year in a row, deaths of non-Hispanic whites outnumbered births, according to detailed population estimates for states and counties released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.
“This is without historical precedent,” said Kenneth Johnson, the senior demographer at the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey School of Public Policy. “The minority population is growing, and the non-Hispanic white population is not.”
Whites currently account for 62 percent of the population but 78 percent of deaths, according to Johnson’s analysis.
Their median age — half are older and half younger — has hit an all-time high of 43, said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution. For the first time, whites are in the minority among children under the age of 5.
“Since 2010, the overall under age 20 population is declining, while working ages and especially seniors are growing,” Frey said.
White populations under 20 declined in 46 states — in all but Hawaii, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota and the District of Columbia.
“So we are having an older white population, with whites, once again, showing a minority of births,” Frey said. “These new estimates — showing declining white births, minority white toddlers and pervasive losses in the nation’s under age 20 white population — indicate that future generations almost everywhere will be increasingly made up of minorities.”

Republicans as a Buffer between White Democrats and Black Democrats

via Alternative Right

This map (a copy of which can be found here) takes the standard red-blue map of how people voted at the last presidential election, and then factors in race (and for some reason Mormonism!). The key thing to emerge (aside from the fact that the Mormons are well on their way to creating a breakaway state) is that Republicans exist as kind of buffer or intermediate zone between between non-Whites who vote Democrat and Whites who do so, and probably help "facilitate" the latter.

The local demographic dominance of Blacks in certain areas revealed by this map correlates closely with the belt of Democrat-voting counties that stretches throughout the Old South, while the demographic dominance of Mestizos/Hispanics correlates equally well with the belt of Democrat-voting nibbling at the edges of the map in places like Florida, Southern California, and along the Rio Grande.

The next belt of Democrat voters are the Whites up in the North, in areas like New England, "Scandinavian America," and the Pacific Northwest. This is shown on the main map in red.

With a few exceptions, the White Democrats and the non-White Democrats are effectively separated by a vast sea of Republican-voting Whites, which shows up on the above map as white.

This clearly shows what we in the Alternative Right have long known, that Democrat-voting Whites don't actually care much for their fellow non-White Democrats. Yes, that's right, White Liberals are the worst kind of racist, the dishonest type; and if they lived in closer proximity to their fellow Dems they would no doubt insulate themselves from them by adopting the "soft racist" views typical of the Republicans whom they affect to despise. Denial and exceptions might be possible on the individual level, but on the grand scale, who are you kidding?

When Texas Flips

On the red-blue voting map, the role played by Texas is interesting. With its Republican-voting Whites, it effectively divides the Democrat-voting Black belt from the Democrat-voting Hispanic belt. But the main map also reveals that the "red dominance" here is very brittle as a large number of these Texas counties have populations that are over 25% Hispanic (and presumably growing), while some of them also have large numbers of African Americans.

It seems only a matter of time before Texas flips over into voting Democrat. When this happens the pattern of White Republicans separating White Democrats from Democrat-voting non-Whites will become even more apparent.

One obvious conclusion to draw from this is that Republicans, in some or several ways, actually facilitate other Whites voting Democrat, and that if White Republicans did not exist, neither could White Democrats.

This is entirely consistent with the logic of what the Democrat Party now is, a soft racist, anti-White party and therefore only a luxury that can be afforded by Whites who live in securely White areas. When Texas flips, this awkward equation may start to unravel.