Jan 27, 2016

4th Generation Warfare for the 4th Position

via TradYouth

White Americans need a warrior for their cause more now than ever before, and you, the humble reader, are at least as well qualified to make make war on their behalf as any other person. But, don’t set off on your Lesser Crusade before understanding how you might go about fighting for it.

War does not always demand violence but it does imply violence in most of its large-scale applications. War on a lesser or non-conventional scale could get along quite well without or with very little violence at all.  This is an entirely reasonable proposition once you understand the manner in which we on the alt-right are predisposed towards.  We are more than activists and shit-posters– we are an intricate network prime for conducting Fourth Generation Warfare and it’s time we started acting like it.

War is a sacred institution, an honor-bound practice that we must treat as a prerequisite for living in the Modern World.  No, I’m not recommending you enlist in one or another armed services (either here or abroad) but rather I’m recommending that you make war for the very Soul of your kin and racial family.

The kinds of technology and manner of fighting that we are now using to wage war have all but relegated our Army and Marine Corps to an over-armed police force. Theirs is no longer the war to fight, but the police-state to maintain. Very soon now warfare will be reduced to a team of neckbeard-fedoras sipping Code Red while drone-bombing Iraqi and Afghani children from a cushioned seat in California.  Modern Warfare is for cowards.

But, fear not… Warfare as an institution demands men of virile character and indomitable Spirit. When our existing institutions for making war become fully unable to permit our men to be men they will seek validation and expression elsewhere. Just as the Knights used the Crusades to validate and prove their manhood, so too will our present man (in whatever sad state he happens to be) find alternative venues to validate his own manhood.

Enter Fourth Generation Warfare.  Whether you like it or know it, the more active parts of the alt-right are perfectly positioned to be the locus of this Happening.  We happen to enjoy that sweet spot wherein we are privileged with political, social and religious dispossession, professional alienation and are universally maligned by Main Stream Media, Hollywood and the education system at large.  There is nowhere for White men to go within the current system and we are done asking for a seat at the multiculturalism table.  Militias will return, the soldier-citizen will return and we will see virile manhood re-emerge from our now placid and docile or broken half-men who call themselves our saviors at arms.

Fourth-generation warfare is defined as conflicts which involve the following elements:
  • Are complex and long term
    • /pol/ and other Aryan Spergnet actors have orchestrated some of the most elaborate and hysterically comedic anti-liberal counter-culture campaigns ever seen.  These people have been organizing and acting against the Left for years now.  Remember the free-bleeding campaign?…  4Chan.  Remember the #PissForEquality?… 4Chan.  I’m really looking forward to their next elaborate game that will trick the Left into more self-induced public embarrassment.
  • Terrorism (tactic)
    • I use this term loosely.  By today’s standards people are “terrorized” by the simple act of accidentally or even purposefully seeing a Confederate battle flag (even fake and historically inaccurate flags).  Feminists feel like they’ve been raped (as opposed to rape-rape…) if a man stares at them for too long or too hard.  Liberal shabs are claiming PTSD because they wandered onto the internet and were shocked to find that somebody disagreed with their opinion and (gasp!) ridiculed them for it.  Our simple, plain and brazen act of daring to resist the SCJ (Shab-Cuck-Jew) “Will to Degeneracy” is called a veritable violence against society.
  • A non-national or transnational base – highly decentralized
    • 4Chan, 8Chan, and various anti-Degeneracy or anti-Pleb Facebook pages have highly decentralized support bases.  Traditionalist Youth Network’s Facebook page has over 9,000 likes and our Facebook fans are from every state of the Union and dozens of other countries.  And that’s only accounting for our own page.  The chan-boards, Stormfront, VK, Facebook (at least for now), Reddit, Tumblr and other social networks facilitate and enable an impressively high level of organization and communication in spite of their pro-Liberal positions and programs.
  • A direct attack on the enemy’s culture, including genocidal acts against civilians.
    • To be a White Nationalist or to be a Traditionalist of European descent specifically entails a rejection of cultural standards, values, norms and religious practices that are alien to our own people and extended kinship family.  Being an American White Nationalist seems to make us anti-Jew by default because of how deeply Jewish actors and shills have become enmeshed and inter-tangled with our various government bodies and religious institutions.  Additionally, daring to say that you desire a future for White people wherein their politics, social policies and entertainment are not dictated to us by Jews is accused of being an invocation of Hitler and a call for “SIX MILLION MORE!”.  Well, maybe it’s for the best that we let our opposition mistakenly believe that we’ll gas another six million (((Chosenites))).  Their terror (even if mistaken and self-inflicted) is to our advantage.   The alt-right isn’t planning a genocide, we’re planning a future in which we can live with our own people and attend to our own matters with our own laws.
  • Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through media manipulation and lawfare
    • Propaganda is not a single speech-act, but is rather defined by a condition that was achieved after a long string of deliberate, methodical and long-term speech-acts.  Blogging, raiding comments sections on news sites, establishing our own news sites (to include humor and satire) are part of a holistic approach to presenting our desired image to the public at large and teaching or re-educating the public about what it means to be pro-White or a White Nationalist.  Remember the “Animus Curiae” that was submitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit by Attorney Kyle Bristow?  It proved to be a pivotal argument in defense of Traditional marriage and successfully re-instated the ban against same-sex marriage in Michigan. Kyle Bristow of Bristow Law, PLLC has done some impressive work on behalf of Traditionalist Youth Network and I wish him the best of success in his legal career.
  • All available pressures are used – political, economic, social and military
    • Speaking for myself and those with whom I work, we have worked to take control of every tool at our disposal and to bend yet others for the same.  I mentioned this previously, but an aggressive ground campaign for activism and outreach is technically a military action when we must consider the potential for a violent response from our opposition.  The fact that we do not have a military presence in the conventional sense of uniforms, established military hierarchy and officers or other such entailments does not lessen the fundamental fact of what we are: warriors in a sovereign army for our people.
  • Occurs in low intensity conflict, involving actors from all networks
    • The most successful demonstrations and activism or outreach campaigns by the larger White Nationalist and alt-right movement have all involved teams or groups of activists from different groups.  All matters seem to be much easier when a campaign is started and completed in its entirety by a single entity, but there is a certain magic synergy that happens when multiple organizations participate in a campaign.  Traditionalist Youth Network’s most successful demonstration to date involved more than six White Nationalist groups and all of it was organized through Stormfront, Daily Stormer, Facebook and other online communication networks.  Our continued success in the future, for all groups, depends on such cooperation becoming the norm and not the exception.
  • Non-combatants are tactical dilemmas
    • One key differentiation between alt-right activism and Liberal activism is that we do our best to keep “non-combatants” out of the “line of fire.”  This is a very real concern that we must account for when planning our street activism and outreach.  We at TradYouth take our event attendees’ safety very seriously.  Our contemporary opposition, on the other hand, doesn’t mind putting the public at risk.  This is the definition of thuggery and at least so far back as the RNC Welcoming Committee riots in St. Paul we can easily see that the Left relishes the opportunity to put the public at risk “for the cause.”  The Left has always been willing to sacrifice for their cause, but they’re only ever willing to sacrifice somebody else.  That’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make on your behalf!
  • Lack of hierarchy
    • Despite all of our talk about submitting to lawful authority and authentic Traditional hierarchy, the alt-right and fellow travelers lack a visible hierarchy of authority and control.  You will find certain established and notable leaders in the movement with varying amounts of influence, but we are the definition of grassroots organizing and leadership.  We hope that you will choose to embrace and follow this ambitious project here at TradYouth and over at TradWorker, but for the love of all– get involved with something if you identify as a White Nationalist, even if it’s not us.
  • Small in size, spread out network of communication and financial support
    • Our donors, supporters, sympathizers and dedicated network of activists are not from a single region.  We receive letters of support and financial donations from a wide range of people and our audience grows by the day.  We have chapter leaders across three continents and professional contacts from the West Coast, to New York, St. Petersburg and beyond.
  • Use of insurgency and guerrilla tactics
    • We are the insurgency, we do employ guerrilla tactics and we are waging war.  Warfare need not be violent, but you are categorically not waging a war until you must begin to fear for your safety as a consequence of your chosen course of defiance.  The level or intensity associated with our insurgency does not put it outside the scope of warfare.
Still not convinced that we on the alt-right are well positioned for an aggressive and winnable Fourth Generation Warfare campaign in defense of our Faith, Family and Folk?  You should be convinced, but even if you are a true believer by this point it won’t matter if you don’t get involved with something.  You don’t have to support us, but you should support somebody.  Ready to get off the bench and get into the game?  Here are some suggestions to get started: Start a TradYouth Chapter or reach out to one nearby and network with like-minded folks.  Join Traditionalist Worker Party.  If you’re inclined to write, please consider writing something for the blog.  Financially support a group with whose vision you agree.  The game is “on” and you’re playing for the losing team if you can’t muster the courage to get off the bench and get in the game.

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