Jan 11, 2016

A Critical Analysis of Jewish Identity

via The Right Stuff

What is the Jewish Identity? To many Jews, it’s a general sense of belonging. While this sounds nice, it is exclusionary, and thus must be critiqued. One cannot be part of a special club and reject the title of bigot. In this current year, being a bigot is simply unacceptable.

How does the Jewish Identity (the JI for future reference) manifest itself? One strong aspect is within the media. As many respected and well established but unspecified people within well respected but unspecified fields people have remarked, the JI results in non-Jews being discriminated against in the field of media. This exclusionary feeling is likely due to Jewish people being raised in an ignorant and bigoted environment. Child abuse may or may not (probably may) be involved.

Just how damaging is the the JI to the diversity so integral to the current culture? Frankly, the JI is a threat to all modern cultures. How can we expect to move forward while an entrenched monoculture (which results from the JI) is stuck in the past? Progress has been held back by the JI. Why do members of the JI behave in such a regressive manner? This is mostly caused by sexual repression within their ranks. The sexual repression results in a stodgy culture of monogamy. We must fix this by pushing free love on the Jewish community, in order to dismantle this repressive patriarchal system of almost puritanical morality.

At the core of the JI is a malevolent supremacy. This is the manifest in their rejection of outgroups who wish to participate and innovate traditional Jewish cultural activities. Why reject diversity and progress within your community if not a false feeling of “betterness”? The root of this problem is, of course, a sexual feeling of inferiority. Mighty psychosexual urges must not be downplayed within group dynamics. As a remedy to this, the JI must be infiltrated with foreign members to procreate with their men and women. That way, the deep psychological psychosis can be treated at the root. This works for reasons.

In summary, the analytical community has come to a consensus. The science is settled. The Jewish Identity is harmful to both those who practice Judaism and those who don’t. As such, it is of the utmost importance to dismantle the harmful ideas that the JI propagates.

The government must subsidize mandatory psychoanalysis sessions for young children. Within those meetings, the youths must be shown that their work within culture is inferior and oppressive to countless outgroups. After that, they must be remedied of their oppressive faith. No longer can the young ones be led astray. Education for Jewish children must push the idea that traditional ideas of “one mate and many children” are outmoded and oppressive. Lastly, we must be sure to push opposite sex members of traditionally marginalized ethnic groups (Africans and Latinos) as desirable mates. Only then can the harmful hegemonic nature of the JI be stomped out, lovingly, from history forever.

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