Jan 22, 2016

A Psychological Interpretation of the Liberal-Left Psyche

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For a long time, I have thought about the Liberal-Left’s state of mind. Puzzled by their actions and their anti-patriotic views, I began a psychological inquiry to find out what exactly is going on.

What I found out was shocking. There is no doubt in my mind that Liberal-Leftism is a mental disorder.

Negative Projection

A phenomenon known as ‘negative projection’ can occur when a person (or group) complains about others but their complaints are often not justified.

Consider this real-life example: someone bought himself an expensive new car and parked it every night in his driveway. He then began to notice large scratches on his car; these scratches were occurring almost every night.

Deciding to catch the culprit, he installed a hidden camera which was activated if anyone came near the car. Finally, the mystery was solved. It was the next-door neighbour!

When questioned by police, the neighbour admitted that the reason for the criminal damage was jealousy. The owner of the new car had done nothing wrong.

This is a classic example of negative projection which is a method of projecting to others anger or hatred which really arises in the self and the person or group at the receiving end of this hatred has done nothing wrong.

Similarly, there is nothing wrong in the British National Party (BNP) wanting to have a moratorium (freeze) on all immigration. Enough is enough! This policy is not only sensible but also necessary for the survival of Britain.

The above policy seems to upset the Liberal-Left whose hatred of patriots is irrational. I would say that this irrational fear of patriots should be called ‘patriotophobia’.

Bear in mind that the Liberal-Left has been indoctrinated by political correctness, a faulty education, the media, and subliminal advertising. However, the Liberal-Lefties know instinctively that the BNP is correct. Therefore a serious conflict has been set up in their minds. This battle between the conscious and subconscious mind produces symptoms such as confusion, headaches, tension and irritability. This leads to anger and a diminishing of the critical thought processes of the Liberal-Left.

This unjustified anger is transferred onto patriotic groups such as the British National Party.


Denial is used to cushion the shock of change when old thought patterns should be abandoned and replaced with new thoughts. The changes that are necessary may be too traumatic for some and, once again, great tension arises.

For example, European leaders have decided to open the flood-gates to Muslim ‘refugees’, immigrants, and asylum-seekers. These politicians are in denial of the possibility of Europe being taken over by Islam (it’s estimated that, on present trends, this will happen in several decades).

History, over the last 1,400 years, shows that there has been relentless Jihad waged by Muslims against non-Muslims. Jihad can take many forms including Jihad by the sword, Jihad by the word, and Jihad by the womb (very high birth-rates versus low birth-rates of the native population).

History also shows that large groups of people (who have very different customs, religions, and culture) cannot coexist peacefully together. Politicians who think otherwise are in a state of denial. If they maintain this denial for long enough, they then become increasingly unstable, calling for yet more immigration and more multiculturalism!

Sadistic behaviour

The Liberal-Left and the Trade Unions support immigration and foreign workers even though it lowers wages and creates unemployment of their members. The Marxist bosses of the Unions know this but they carry on regardless; they have sacrificed the interest of their members on the altar of political correctness.

The Labour Party has abandoned and demonised the white working class of Britain, and poured scorn on British culture and tradition. If the British people complain about being colonised, they are then threatened with all sorts of slur words, and some may even be fined or jailed.

The politicians seem to take great pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on the most vulnerable members of British society (the sick, the disabled, and the white working class). This is sadistic behaviour.

Hysterical Neurosis

This psychopathological condition is usually a defensive reaction whereby the individual attempts to escape or avoids a stressful situation.

The Liberal-Left suffer from this condition and it’s usually characterised by emotional outbursts, and by using slur words against patriots.

After writing on the internet that I agreed with the statement: “A nation without borders is not a nation!” I then stated some common sense BNP policies:

● Stop ALL immigration until we can sort out the mess
● Secure the Borders (exit from the European Union being a necessary step)
● Deport the illegal immigrants (and foreign-born criminals).
● No Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Afterwards, I received this hysterical response:

“You are a vile, beastly, racist, rottenheaded, foolbegotten, pernicious, priggish, perplexing, splitmecrackle, crackmecringle, insane, fascist, devil worshipper of a man!”

All this for daring to suggest that a nation should have the right to control its borders!

The Liberal-Left psyche lies on the border between neurosis and psychosis and it has sadistic overtones.

Unfortunately, many who have the Liberal-Left mindset have ended up in Parliament.

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