Jan 5, 2016

Boycott the Halifax!

via Western Spring

Unless you have spent the last several months hibernating in a cave in Tibet you are unlikely to have missed the incessant television advertising from the Halifax Bank, nor will you have failed to notice that the present campaign features a Black school teacher and community activist – “our kind of man” – and his heavily pregnant White wife (or perhaps she’s his partner, the Halifax would not be so politically incorrect as to insist that their hero should be married).
In an age when broadcasters, and those who advertise on their channels, are anxious always to avoid offence and to be “sensitive” to the concerns of all sections of the community irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, transsexuality (you can fill in the rest of it yourself) there is one glaring omission in the ranks of those who must not be offended, and you know who they (or rather, we) are.

The people who commission such things are one world liberals who do not understand the things which we love – racial and national identity,  our country as our homeland, – and because they do not understand these things they despise them and seek to undermine them. The Halifax advert is only the most blatant of many examples, and it works by making us  so accustomed to racially mixed relationships that we no longer notice them and no longer care.
That such blatant examples can now appear is due to the advertisers’ belief that the process of not noticing and not caring has already gone sufficiently far that they can indulge in this exercise in virtue signalling (hey, look at us, we’re nice, do business with us because we’re the good guys) without having to fear either damage to their profits or the other kind of damage which which might result if they offended other, more sensitive, groups.
Well, let us disabuse them of their belief that they can mount genocidal assaults against the White British (is there any other kind of British?) without suffering consequences. Boycotts work, which is why they are a favourite weapon of our enemies on the Left. Let us make them work for us, let us open up a new front for Nationalism and let it begin with a boycott of the Halifax! Our numbers may be small but they are not negligible and a boycott campaign which caught fire among patriots would soon begin to hurt.
Boycott the Halifax!!

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