Jan 25, 2016

Donald Trump Masterfully Plays Media

via The Political Cesspool

Teflon Don has played the media like a master during his historic campaign. He instinctively understands that the general public distrusts the establishment media with a passion and have learned to support whatever it is against. Today, like a masterful conductor, The Donald retweeted an image from someone with the Twitter handle “WhiteGenocideTM.”
Washington (CNN) – Donald Trump’s penchant for retweets once again raised eyebrows, after he recirculated a tweet on Friday from a user with the handle “WhiteGenocideTM.”
The profile with about 2,300 followers used the name “Donald Trumpovitz,” linked to a website containing a pro-Adolf Hitler documentary, featured a background photo with red lettering saying “Get the F— Out of My Country” and had a location of “Jewmerica.” The account also includes a photo of George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party.
The account’s Twitter feed was largely a collection of retweets about violence allegedly committed by African-American suspects and anti-Arab posts.
The tweet Trump actually reposted from the user, however, was a photoshopped image of the GOP front-runner’s opponent Jeb Bush, depicting him as a disheveled beggar outside Trump Tower.
As he always does, Trump manually retweeted the user, meaning he copied and pasted the full tweet into his post rather than clicking a button to send the tweet to his followers.
I believe that Trump most likely knew the media would blast him for this retweet which would only solidify his growing base of support even more. The media should have learned by know that it is playing right into his hands, but these editors and “reporters” simply cannot contain their anti-white animus.

To see the media and the cuckservative establishment rendered so impotent has been absolutely awe inspiring! As Jared Taylor shared with me today, Trump has unleashed something that may be permanent. Even if he were to disappear tomorrow, he has let the genie out of the bottle, and that genie will not want to go back inside.

Take a look at these brand new polls as of Friday, January 22.

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In Georgia, Trump commands a whopping 50 % of the vote. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the regime as we know it? Is the rise of nationalism and ethnopolitics now upon us?


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