Jan 13, 2016

Every Little Helps!

via Western Spring

Following on from Frederick Dixon’s call to boycott Halifax Bank I would like to outline and suggest direct action that will both facilitate this boycott and raise funds for Western Spring and all persons undertaking this strategy. In a similar vein to Small Acts of Rebellion this article –prefaced with the handle “Every Little Helps”– is the first of several such articles proposing small acts of rebellion that we can all initiate.

Here’s how it Works

Nationwide Building Society is offering its customers £100 for every new person the customer recommends to Nationwide and who subsequently switches their present account to them. (Please note that your present account need not be closed and I encourage you to leave it open and dormant to irk your present bank in having to maintain it). If this £100 alone wasn’t impressive, the recommended person who switches their account to Nationwide is also credited with £100. And so, £200 is available for each such transaction. Indeed, “On completion of the switch we will credit your account and the account of the person you recommended with the offer payment by the 20th day of the month following the month in which their switch completes” (see point 7).

So how profitable can this venture be? According to Nationwide’s Q&A, “You can recommend as many friends as you’d like, and they will each receive £100, but we will only pay you a maximum of £1000 in any 12-month period.” Therefore all existing Nationwide customers with the requisite account (see point 3) may recruit ten persons and thus be credited £1000 for their troubles. The ten new Nationwide customers –each receiving £100 for their part in switching– can then do likewise and recommend ten their persons and thus receive their £1000 –so on and so forth. This can be repeated year after year, bringing in considerable financial gain for all parties involved –kinsmen who I hope will follow my example further on in this article.

A short overview of how it works can be found here along with the terms and conditions.

How Do We Do It?

You might not know, from your immediate circle of family and friends, anybody who wants to switch from their present bank to Nationwide. For whatever reason they might be content with whomever they bank with. But if you want to switch your banking to Nationwide –either because presently you’re with Halifax Bank and wish to heed the call to boycott –or you simply wish to get involved in this venture and earn yourself (and hopefully Western Spring) some money– but cannot find someone to recommend you, then please consider the following.

I propose that both interested parties –those already holding the requisite Nationwide account, and those wishing to boycott/leave their present bank and switch to the much-more favourable building society– register their interest with Western Spring who will act as intermediary and facilitator. This will then ensure that neither party –the recommender and the recommended– will be in receipt of each other’s details. Only one person –the facilitator of the transaction– will temporarily be in receipt of said details, after which they will, in the honourable fashion befitting Nationalists, be destroyed. This procedure will allay any concerns surrounding the maintenance of both parties’ private and financial security. On this point it should be noted that the prospective new customers, those seeking to be recommended by a Nationwide customer, need only provide their full name as shown on their current account, their date of birth, and an email address. This is hardly jeopardising information. Alternatively, if you want to undertake this initiative and have friends who hold said Nationwide account, you can contact them directly to facilitate the transaction and simply fill in this form.

For my own part, Western Spring has my details needed for my part in the transaction. If I can recommend ten persons then I will profit by £1000 (£100 per new customer I have recruited). As I said, each person recommended and then switching to Nationwide also receives £100. My intention is donate to Western Spring half of all monies credited to my account by Nationwide. So, if I successfully recommend, say, five people then I shall donate £250 of the £500 credited; if I successfully recommend ten persons then our Cause is £500 better off. I hope too that my example will be followed by those I recommend to Nationwide –either by donating the 50% I have pledged or at least a portion of the £100.

Why Nationwide?

Apart from the obvious financial lure of this initiative there is the prospect of heeding the call to boycott (if presently with Halifax Bank) or exerting retribution for the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the subsequent largesse bailout the banks received that our grandchildren will be paying for. Also, there is a big difference between banks and building societies –with the latter “seen as more trustworthy than their money-grabbing, sales-driven counterparts.

With Nationwide I often see extremely low interest rates (at times much better than their competitors) together with great offers and deals. Online banking with Nationwide is exceptional and all telephone calls are free. Their online communication messaging service is exemplary, with messages answered the next day. Very often fees and charges are waived upon kind protestation (I had last year three £30 charges and £100s in fees rescinded, and I know of at least two other Nationwide members in the Cause who have so benefitted and thus share my considerations). This does not, and will not, happen with banks. Building societies are owned by their membership, not by their stakeholders. To my mind Nationwide is, essentially, the best of a bad bunch.

Also there is the prospect of you becoming a fellow member of the society of Nationwide Building Society. With sufficient numbers of Nationalists as members, this means perhaps we can collectively exert significant pressure and influence as a voting block when opinions are sought prior to the society’s AGMs. For such opinions ought to be expressed: Nationwide –from personal experience; on its website at least– occasionally promotes the phony family of the White woman, her abettor Black man, and the resultant child that looks nothing like either of them. But it should be noted that in Nationwide’s TV adverts –lapped up by cross-legged innocent children sitting before the Idiot Box–such social conditioning is not present. Herein is a big difference.

On a final note we return to Frederick Dixon’s call for a boycott. If you choose to follow my suggestion, switch to Nationwide and earn yourself £100, then after closing the account (or leaving it inactive and tiresome for them to administer, as I have recommended) please contact your respective customer services and state why you have taken your business elsewhere. You might, for instance, give mention of the promotion of miscegenation and the obvious anti-White advertising the bank has employed. Or else, for those wishing to err on the side of caution, you can simply highlight their PC rhetoric.

If enough of us are willing to do this, the venture could multiply and result in exponential financial growth for the Cause and well as profiting the individual. It will of course also deliver a bloody nose to some banks, the majority of which hopefully being the anti-White Halifax Bank and the drug-money-laundering HSBC.

Together we can make a difference –for Every Little Helps.

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