Jan 8, 2016

First Gathering of Pegida in 2016: The Beginning of a Landmark Year

via Carolyn Yeager

This is Jan. 4, 2016, below freezing in Dresden,
and the Pegida crowd looks the same as
always. They are extremely faithful
Live Stream video of the rally

6:30 In Dresden it snowed, it is very cold, minus 4 degrees and windless. The square in front of the Semper Opera fills. The Opera House projects its now-familiar slogan: "We are not a stage for xenophobia".

The Pegida opponents are at the Postplatz having a counter-demo and all around are police buses that have these demonstrators completely encircled.

In the Church of Our Lady today is the traditional prayer for peace. After that there will be a procession and some may wish to join the counter-demonstrators "Dresden Pegidafrei" initiative.

6:48 Siegfried Däbritz opened the rally. He thanked all the helpers and announced Gernot H. Tegetmeyer of Pegida Nuremberg as the first speaker.

6:55 "Imagine there is war and nobody came," thus Tegetmeyer opened his speech. "We are already at war." There are several warring factions. The enemy is actually not only on the outside. He says that there are "enemies inside that masquerade as government and call themselves democrats" (traitors is called out). "They and this regime  must all go", not only Merkel, says Tegetmeyer. He calls for a new political beginning.

He calls for the closure of the border and the restoration of the status quo. He calls for a stop of TTIP and CETA. He calls for initiatives against Islamization, no new mosques and no more Koranic schools - a ban on the Salafi "Lies!".

Tegetmeyer calls "to pull the plug on the asylum industry." Germany can not permanently save the world abroad. "We need to start to save our own little world, before it sinks finally into chaos". He says "they want that we, the Germans, are a minority among many."

"Germany must remain Germany and our language must be German."

Angela Merkel's New Years speech has been a disastrous wrong signal, said the speaker.

"Previously, it was fatherland, today it is Mutti's country. Enough is enough. We will no longer be tolerant. We will disobey and we will prevail."

He thanked the Dresden Pegiden for support. "In Nuremberg, we are pleased when we are 150 people on the street."

Then he proposes that the oath of office include that the politicians and policemen have to talk together. For him it would mean one more thing: "I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the well being of the German people, promote their welfare, protect them from harm, uphold the Basic Law and the laws of the Federation and defend, fulfill my duties conscientiously ... So help me God. "

7:03 Peter O'Loughlin of the Ireland Identity Party is the next speaker.

O'Loughlin says that "criminal refusal of our leaders" is the same everywhere.

"The cultural Marxist dogs and the media dogs" would let loose everywhere. But what are these ridiculous insults that are currently directed against patriotic people compared to saving the millennia of European civilization?

He says we need to work together. The immigrant masses should simply not be here, it will end in tears - for all of us, both for us and for the migrants.

The EU officials have caused all this by importing radical Islam.

7:10 Tatjana Festerling speaks next. All players are at the moment on "business as usual", she says. From the political elite, no change is expected. "Therefore, we will demand a lot in the next year.  For Pegida, the record so far looks very good."

"We are against all predictions still there. And the CDU General Secretary has become so thin-skinned that he answered the very legitimate question of Merkel's intellectual state with "A **** hole". "

"Masses of Muslim young men are just there and, by the way, they also whistle to the moralism of do-gooders", said Festerling. How to look at the Cologne Sex attacks on New Years Eve, which were committed by an estimated 1,000 people. Cologne is paying for "the consequences of the naive silly welcoming culture," she says.

"Pegida is the living memorial of Germany," said Festerling. Even today there are again several foreign TV crews at the Theatre Square. Pegida is perceived as extra-parliamentary opposition to the Merkel government and they want to report it. Foreigners are watching the Dresden activities very closely.

"Pegida is the spearhead in Germany, which provides for a long overdue change in the climate of opinion." She asks the protesters to persevere. Pegida will maintain and help you to get, in one or the other part of Germany, a dialogue with the other European countries.
7:25 The walk is opened. After that there will be a speech by Lutz Bachmann.

8:20  Lutz Bachmann wishes everyone a happy New Year.

It is an exciting political year behind us of wrong decisions of the elites. It was always only spoken of 1.5 million illegal immigrants (? don't know) - a forecast that he Bachmann had already expressed at the beginning of the year.

He expects an invasion of 3 to 4 million people in 2016, considering the geopolitical situation. People from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria currently would make their way.

Then Bachmann begins to talk on the sedition-paragraphs. He would be designated however would be needed. For Pegida it would have no effect. Here, you will always be able to open your mouths against abuses.

Bachmann then played an audio file of a phone call that he published recently on Youtube. He gets hundreds a week of such announcements. It contained vituperation against "Ossis", Bachmann and his entourage. [Ossi is a word for East Germans.]

Such calls were "the result of the reporting of the Lying Press".

Bachmann says he and the others constantly receive death threats and violent fantasies that they no longer even count, let alone speak publicly about them.

8:35 Bachmann announces: On 9 and 10 January some Pegida representatives will travel to Belgium to meet with like-minded European politicians. This will be a landmark meeting, whose results will be presented on January 11 in Leipzig.

He urges "all patriots" to demonstrate in Leipzig on January 11, because this is the first anniversary of the Leipzig Legida.

8:37  The National Anthem is led by Ramona, then Siegfried Daebritz ends the meeting.

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