Jan 11, 2016

German Men Vow to Protect Women from Muslim Invader Sex Attacks

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Police stand guard outside Cologne Cathedral
where hundreds of women were
sexually assaulted

German vigilante group vows to protect women from migrant attackers as 34 suspects are arrested – including three for gang-raping two teenagers
  • Hundreds of women were sexually assaulted, robbed on New Year’s Eve 
  • The attackers were migrants who taunted police saying: ‘Merkel invited us’ 
  • Three Syrians arrested for raping two teenage girls in southern Germany 
  • Vigilante group ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ has since gained 8,000 followers
  • Threatening notes in German were found on one of the arrested suspects 
Thousands have pledged their support to a German vigilante group which has vowed to protect women from migrants in the wake of the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne.

A week after a mob of ‘drunk and stoned’ migrants sexually assaulted and robbed 100 women on the streets of Cologne, a group known as ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ has gained more than 8,000 Facebook members.

The group says it wants to make the streets safer through ‘presence’ alone but police have warned that ‘searching for offenders is not a job for citizens’.

German police have said 18 of the 31 suspects arrested in connection with the Cologne attacks were asylum seekers.

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