Jan 8, 2016

How to Prevent Massive Non-White Gang Rapes of Indigenous Whites

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Feral Islam
Tensions are high all over Europe because of Muslim acts of terrorism and rape, the latest ones being the mob attacks on German women in Cologne.

While acts of terrorism will come and go, and may even abate for long periods of time thanks to the efficiency of our surveillance and police states, acts of Muslim rape are much less likely to cease. They will continue to be a regular and recurring phenomenon wherever Muslim migrants are housed, and can be expected to keep tensions between migrants and the locals simmering over.

This is because out of the vast numbers of migrants who have arrived in Europe last year – conservatively estimated at between 750,000 and 1,500,000 – and those who will arrive this year, the overwhelming majority are, and will continue to be, young men. One estimate is that 72% of them are adult men, with just 13% women, and 15% children. Many of the "children" are teenage boys, already feeling the first stirrings of sexual desire, while most of the adult men are in the more sexually virile or incontinent age groups of twenties and thirties.

In other words, the great majority of these "Muslimmivaders" are males of an age at which they think almost ceaselessly about sex, but without any sexual outlets of their own, such as wives or girlfriends.

Added to this, it is a highly significant fact that these young men are moving from societies where women are routinely covered up and jealously guarded to societies where they are allowed to wear whatever or as little as they like, and are unguarded.

The obvious outcome of all this is that those countries that are most accommodating to the refugees can also expect to be on the receiving end of having their women regularly raped.

From a right-wing perspective this is unacceptable for obvious reasons that do not need to be stated, but even from a left-wing perspective this is deeply problematic, as it means that the leftist goal of assimilating these non-Europeans into European society will become even more unrealistic and hopeless than it already is. Areas with large refugee populations are doomed to become increasingly polarized, as locals grow to distrust and hate the incomers and the incomers are taught to resent that.

Rape and sexual assaults, rather than terrorism, will therefore be the factor driving the two groups apart and keeping them that way, with the end result that migrants will become an increasing welfare burden and security risk.

Alt-Rightists, of course, have a simple and elegant solution for all this, but, as we are only a tiny minority politically, it may be more useful to address this problem in terms that our political opponents may be ready to concede, and by doing so gradually push them to a position of reductio ad absurdum.

So, setting aside the obvious solution of deporting the migrants (or locking them up), the only plausible way to prevent this rape tsunami is first to acknowledge the key fact of massive gender disparity among the migrants, and secondly to directly address the problem of sexual needs that this creates.

There are four obvious – and non-partisan – ways in which the problem can be dealt with, namely:

  1. Balancing the number of male and female migrants
  2. Providing local women
  3. Providing alternatives to women
  4. Chemical castration

Balancing the Number of Male and Female Migrants

This would effectively involve "headhunting" young, female migrants in the appropriate numbers from the appropriate countries. However, as these countries tend to guard their women jealously, it would be difficult to bring young women from these countries without also bringing their male relatives.

Also, from the point of view of avoiding future minority status for Europeans, bringing in female migrants to keep the male migrant company would be a disaster. One of the chief complaints about the migrant influx is that it is a major threat to the demographics of Europe. This is true, but it is a lot less true if the vast majority of migrants are male.

In a 1974 speech at the UN, Houari (Mohamed) Boumedienne, the President of Algeria famously said:
"One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory."
Without Muslim women, Muslim men lose their effectiveness as demographic time-bombs. While Germany and Sweden seem to have gotten the worst of the bargain as far as European states go, in the long run they may actually fare better than the UK, where the government has been allowing in smaller numbers, but usually with their own womenfolk.

Providing 'Local' Women

Without enough women of their own, some of the migrants will be able to marry or acquire local women, but the numbers will be comparatively low, while even those that succeed will face exactly the same problems that European men keen to start a family face with European women – demands for "careers" and other forms of "fulfillment" that limit sexual reproduction. Muslim migrants marrying European women will have reproduction rates just as low as European men, or probably even lower, as it can be assumed that many of these interracial marriages will become dysfunctional.

Muslim migrants will be much less able to compete with European men for European women. The allure of their exoticism and their sexual aggression will be more than overbalanced by their average lower intelligence, poverty, communication problems, cultural dysfunction, and other factors.

Not actually looking for migrant husbands.
Even in the most welcoming countries, with the most accommodating females, the Muslimmivaders are still going to face a severe sexual deficiency that will continue to push many of them into rape and sexual assault.

For this reason, those states "progressive" enough to welcome these "refugees" might also want to consider providing them with sexual release through the employment of professionals, namely prostitutes.

In seven European countries prostitution is legal and regulated. One of these is Germany (possibly because it has always had a lot of young male migrants). The other six are the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, and Latvia. In Sweden, one of the main destinations for the Muslimmivaders, it is illegal to buy sexual services, but not to sell them. All these countries therefore could easily find a way within their existing legal frameworks to provide professional sexual services for young migrant men as a means of placating them and reducing rape.

There are, of course, certain problems involved even with this highly "enlightened" approach. A commonly quoted estimate of the number of prostitutes in Germany puts the number at 400,000 full or part-time prostitutes, with 93% being female, 3% transgender and 4% male. 63% of these are foreigners, with two thirds of that number coming from Central and Eastern Europe.

Prostitute: German coping mechanism.
However, providing sexual services for migrants could provoke outrage from feminists and also demands for equal treatment from other disadvantaged demographics, such as the low-paid, the disabled, the unemployed, legal migrant workers, prisoners, and so on. But even if these groups could be excluded, the increase in demand for sexual services would still be vast and would force up prices, leading to a rise in costs for the German taxpayer. Of course, prices would eventually stabilize and even fall, but only after the number of prostitutes in Germany had swollen to take up the excess demand.

But providing free sexual services like this could also backfire in other ways; firstly by making Europe an even more attractive destination for Third World men, and by stimulating and exacerbating the sexual desires of migrants, who might start seeing all local women as prostitutes that can be had at zero cost.

Providing Alternatives to Women

Another way to deal with the problem of disproportionate numbers of young men, would be to encourage them to indulge in masturbation and other forms "virtual sex." This could be done by ensuring that they have secure private quarters with efficient internet connections and plenty of online porn.

Compared to the above suggestions, this would be a cheaper and more efficient way of solving the problem as the migrants would be performing most of the labour themselves, but this too has its drawbacks.

Frequent access to pornography might only help arouse their sexuality to new heights, with the result that they would then seek satisfaction in the 3D world. Also, watching endless amounts of pornography might lead to increasing moral depravity and mental warping, which could create a dangerous psychological type, drawn into ever more aberrant forms of sexuality.

For this reason, the pornography supplied would have to be carefully filtered to remove anything likely to encourage dangerous tendencies, such as rape porn, and frequent psychological tests would have to be conducted.

Chemical Castration

Prostitution and porn are hardly ideal, because rather than solving the problem, they deflect it. A more direct solution could be provided by some form of "chemical castration." This would, of course, be an affront to the “human rights” sensibilities of Leftists, who seldom think of the human rights of the women and children raped by migrants.

But chemical castration has had a long and respectable history, both in the prison service and the military, for preserving a degree of decorum and decency. Also. in a age of viagra, why should we not also have an anti-viagra if it can improve the situation.

Such sexual suppressants could range from mild "sexual sedatives" to more extreme concoctions. For example, a general mild sexual suppressant could be given to most young, male migrants to make their new lives more comfortable and sedate, while stronger sexual suppressants could be applied to anyone with (a) a criminal record, (b) a conviction for sexually threatening behaviour, or (c) those testing with particularly high testosterone.


Despite the obvious merit and utility of these systems of control, it is obvious that they are all "unacceptable" under present political conditions, so they are unlikely to be implemented. The inevitable result of this will be continuing toxic levels of sexual frustration and alienation among vast numbers of male migrants, exacerbated by the "sexually liberated" culture of Europe. This in turn will result in a steady stream of rapes and sexual assaults, leading to the heavy criminalization of the migrants and growing hostility towards them, making assimilation extremely difficult for all but a handful.

The pressure this will put on the self-esteem of the migrants will not only incline them towards rape and sexual assault, but also impel them towards Islamic radicalization, which, in turn, will lead to even greater polarization and the impossibility of assimilation.

The rape of Europa has just begun. Only through the ideas of the Alt-Right can it be stopped.

Not going away any time soon


  1. There is another solution, which is to expel and or kill them.

    1. That would seem to be the most obvious route.