Jan 29, 2016

If Social Engineers Were Civil Engineers . . .

via BUGS

If EVERY building designed by a civil engineer collapsed, how long do you think it would take for the engineer to be investigated?

Even if the first time around investigators thought somebody else was to blame…

At least after the civil engineer’s NEXT building collapsed an extremely careful investigation would be carried out, right?

But what if the civil engineer never got the blame, and building after building – EVERY single one of them designed by the same engineer – collapses, killing many people……

Any sane observer would wonder what on Earth is going on, right? Why isn’t the civil engineer getting the blame?

Amazing as it sounds, this has actually been happening…

The only difference is it isn’t called civil engineering but SOCIAL ENGINEERING.

Marx designed Communism.

And EVERY communist Workers Paradise needed machine guns and guard towers to stop people from fleeing.

Shouldn’t that tell you something?……

But for those in the religion of Political Correctness these facts do not mean anything.

The same happens for Liberals/Witchdoctors, who use handed-down prescriptions that never work, so they blame OTHERS, especially disbelievers, for the ill-effects.

Those who take Liberals/Witchdoctors seriously, the Cuckservatives, follow right along. These cuckolds, that most derided group, allow any and every stranger to move into their area, to take over their living space while they are degraded.

Shouldn’t that tell you something?……………………

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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