Jan 8, 2016

Immigration Must Stop!: We Are Sleepwalking into a Disaster

via BNP News

We must hope that Trump becomes US President, that will deal a massive blow to the fascist instrument of Political Correctness.

It is used to terrify people into not daring to oppose the conspiracy which rules Europe and the US, aiming to pump enough foreign immigrants into Europe that the indigenous populations give up hope, and surrender to Germany’s fourth Reich calling itself the EU.
Thanks to Blair and Cameron, who have both deliberately flooded Britain with foreign foreigners as a matter of policy, on behalf of their Globalist and EU masters, Britain will indeed be ruled by Sharia law within a few decades’ time, at most – unless somehow we find a patriotic leader.

Someone who will work for Britain and Britons – instead of for the Globalists, whose objective is to flood the UK and all Europe with foreign Third World immigrants, to destroy national identity.

How times change. The elementary fact that national defence requires strict border controls is now being presented as an amazing discovery.

Only a few decades ago, anyone who denied that elementary fact would have been treated either as a bad comedian, or as a mental case, or as the agent of a hostile power.

Britain is a place which grants asylum to someone who walks into Britain through the Channel Tunnel and causes hours of delays and loss of money. Let us not pretend that we have the merest clue of who comes and goes through our borders.

The Government won’t even be honest about how many people are in the UK, They don’t know how many illegals are here. They are dishonest about every aspect of immigration.

Why should we even bother to trust the utterly contemptible EU to close its borders to terrorists? For Christ’s sake Mad Merkel welcomed a million without checks.

The liberal elite have ensured that all legal structures now make it a requirement for the British Government to welcome back all returning jihadis – even lavishing tens of thousands of pounds on sending police officers to fetch them back from Turkey.

Once back on British soil the taxpayer is forced to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds making sure each terrorist is pampered with benefits, food, clothing, support, re-education etc etc.

GCHQ spends at least 1.5 billion of its budget keeping this alien entity under 24-hour surveillance.

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